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Pokemon Bachelorette

Discussion in 'Games' started by chamo-chan, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    *Spoken in a Sean Connery accent*

    Mah boy, your shpirit hash given thish thread tha gift of lyfe, mah shon.

    I'll make next contest before the week is over.

    Oh, right, Loser's Corner, I suppose...

    Oh, I'll wait 'til Friday.
  2. Glacier99

    Glacier99 Ice cold...

    saving from 4th page. come on. where is everyone?
  3. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    I'm doing something similar.

    Okay, Overdue LC time:


    ;466; Yea?? What's up?!?

    Me: You're out due to SLIGHTLY unpopular vote.

    ;466; GAH! Whatever, this place is dead anyway!

    Me: You're right... it is. TIME FOR A REFURBISHMENT MONTAGE!


    Okay, nothing is right. I'm going to copy and keep the first post of this thread on my desktop, in case this thread disappears...
  4. Glacier99

    Glacier99 Ice cold...

    This is a sad, sad day. Don't die Pokemon Bachelorette! (How can me and AC be the only posters here in five days? *cries*)

    ;471; : *is sitting next to the worlds biggest bed and the entire Bachelorette franchise is on it*
    ;471; : *Smacks Bachelorette franchise on chest* Don't die!!!
  5. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    Come on!!! Is it the bachelorette?? WE NEED TO POST!!!!!!!
  6. Relax you guys.

    Does someone want to do the next contest?

    Because if not, I can tomorrow, or sometime this week.
  7. ZangooseLord

    ZangooseLord I'm a Chuckster!

    When the smoke clears...

    ;455;: AAAAAAHHH!!! What happened to me?!
    ;424;: Don't worry, I can change you back-
    Me: Not now, Ambi. It's contest time! And this is the part I like to call...

    ;179;: Mom, Dad, come out and introduce yourselves!
    ;181;: Hi, I'm Marie's mother, Angie.
    ;326;: And I'm her father, Pete.
    ;179;: It's because of Dad that I can use Reflect.
    ;444;: Well, it looks like we've got somebody who likes to pig out!
    ;326;: *laughing* He's a riot!
    ;181;: Pete is a jolly guy (not his nature, his personality), so he should be real easy to please.
    ;179;: Come on down and say hi, guys!

    ;291;: Hi, I'm Ash.
    ;181;: Nice to meet you. Care to tell us a bit about yourself?
    ;291;: I'm smart, and I'll take care of Marie.
    ;326;: Not too much with small talk, but you seem like a nice guy.

    ;181;: You're Elvis, right?
    ;039;: You may be right, I may be crazy, but I might just be the lunatic you're looking for...
    ;181;: Come now, don't degrade yourself like that.
    ;039;: Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends...
    ;326;: A singing Jigglypuff who doesn't put people to sleep. Very nice.
    ;039;: Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream...
    ;326;: Spoke too soon... *falls asleep*
    Me: *tosses Pete a Chesto Berry*

    ;424;: *a-la Troy McClure* Hi, I'm Ambipom. You may remember me from past seasons like Season 1, Season 3, and Season 12.
    ;326;: Nice Phil Hartman impression.
    ;424;: Thanks. I'm an entertainer, mostly.
    ;181;: An entertainer? That'll keep Pete happy. Anything else you'd care to mention about yourself?
    ;424;: This is my 6th time on Bachelorette, so I know how to keep women happy.
    ;326;: *thinking* Charming and entertaining... *to ;424;* Can I come to your next gig?
    ;424;: Sure.

    ;309;: Hey there, possible in-laws! The name's Steven!
    ;326;: You sound like a cheery guy. Anything else you wanna say?
    ;309;: I have a shiny twin brother named Nevets.
    ;181;: That sounds nice.
    ;309;: Yes. It's been a pleasure to KILL YOU ALL!!!! *roars*
    ;326;: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *jumps out of his pants and runs upstairs*
    ;309;: Nevets! We have company! Show some restraint!
    ;181;: *backs away, then runs upstairs with Pete*

    ;181;: Hello, young man. what's your name?
    ;166;: Ummmm... uhhhh, Tipp.
    ;326;: Calm down lad, you don't have to be nervous. It's not like we're gonna eat you or something.
    ;166;: Uhhhh... I like to use Comet Punch. Wanna see me demonstrate?
    ;326;: Um, I'd prefer that you wouldn't.
    ;166;: COMET PUNCH! *breaks a nearby glass bowl*
    ;181;: My good bowl! *starts to cry*
    ;326;: There there, honey. *comforts Angie*

    ;181;: *after calming down* Hi there. What's your name?
    ;444;: Carlos. I'm a comedian.
    ;326;: Hey, there! Care to tell us another joke?
    ;444;: Okay. How many Torkoals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    ;326;: I don't know!
    ;444;: *dumps slime on Pete* Mr. Curie, you've just been SLIMED!
    ;181;: Can someone come clean this up, please?

    ;081;: Hi, I'm Melvin.
    ;181;: Nice to meet you. What do you do?
    ;081;: I study food chemicals and how they determine the taste of food. *holds out a casserole dish* Care to try my latest creation? *lifts up the lid, and it looks like the inside of a Miltank*
    ;181;: *trying not to retch* Uh, what is it?
    ;081;: Chicken and dumplings. (now 100% chamo-chan-free!)
    ;326;: I'll try it. *tries a forkful* Wow! It's really good! Hey, Angie! You gotta try this!
    ;181;: Okay. *eats some* You're right, Pete! This is delicious!
    ;081;: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope I can show you some more of my creations.
    Alright, folks! You know the drill by now! Vote!

    ;455;: Hey! What about me?!
    Me: Oh, alright, I guess I'll change you back. *uses the proper potion*
    chamo-chan: Thanks, ZL!
    Me: You're welcome. *turns around to walk away, but runs into the shelf, and the wing potion falls on me*
    Me: Yahoo! This is awesome! Red Bull, eat your heart out!
    (Sorry if this was on such short notice. I'm just trying to contribute.)
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
  8. Oh, thank you ZL~ :'D

    (lol, Carnivine.)

    Anyway, thanks.
  9. Glacier99

    Glacier99 Ice cold...

    Nice contest. I guess i'll vote for Tipp for breaking Angie's good bowl.
  10. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!

    Tipp. For being Impulsive and breaking a bowl.
  11. bob_is_cool

    bob_is_cool back again...

    i'm voting for steven 'n nevets for scaring the parents
  12. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    Oh, tough contest...

    Maybe Tipp, for INTENTIONALLY breaking the bowl.
  13. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    I'd like to vote Tipp off, but since it's so obvious somebody WANTS him gone, I'm going to vote Carlos the garchomp off for calling himself Gary.
  14. ZangooseLord

    ZangooseLord I'm a Chuckster!

    Oh, sorry. I'll edit the contest right now.
  15. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Marty: Who the hell is that Scizor? I wouldn't mind a scissor with HIM.
  16. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    In that case, I'm voting Steven off for freaking them out. Nevets is going to get him into trouble some day.
  17. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    In that case, I'm voting Steven off for freaking them out. Nevets is going to get him into trouble some day.
  18. king of blue

    king of blue That's me!

    I vote Steve, because he has a "murdurous" other personality
  19. ZangooseLord

    ZangooseLord I'm a Chuckster!

    Okay, folks, here's the tally so far:

    Tipp: 3

    Steven/Nevets: 3

    Carlos: 1

    Again, sorry for getting Carlos' name wrong, octoboy. I was thinking of Gary, the Gabite/Garchomp from Season 1.
  20. Dittoman97

    Dittoman97 Piplup?

    Steven for scaring the parents...
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