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Pokemon Bachelorette

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Gaze upon the slayer
*Spoken in a Sean Connery accent*

Mah boy, your shpirit hash given thish thread tha gift of lyfe, mah shon.

I'll make next contest before the week is over.

Oh, right, Loser's Corner, I suppose...

Oh, I'll wait 'til Friday.


Gaze upon the slayer
I'm doing something similar.

Okay, Overdue LC time:


;466; Yea?? What's up?!?

Me: You're out due to SLIGHTLY unpopular vote.

;466; GAH! Whatever, this place is dead anyway!

Me: You're right... it is. TIME FOR A REFURBISHMENT MONTAGE!


Okay, nothing is right. I'm going to copy and keep the first post of this thread on my desktop, in case this thread disappears...


Ice cold...
This is a sad, sad day. Don't die Pokemon Bachelorette! (How can me and AC be the only posters here in five days? *cries*)

;471; : *is sitting next to the worlds biggest bed and the entire Bachelorette franchise is on it*
;471; : *Smacks Bachelorette franchise on chest* Don't die!!!

The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light
Come on!!! Is it the bachelorette?? WE NEED TO POST!!!!!!!


I'm a Chuckster!
Stevens for listening to Nevets, when all of those chemicals could of easily killed him.

;424;: glglfrgh! *starts knocking down numerous chemicals onto himself with his tentacles to try and change back*


;190;: What the- *another falls on his head*


;424;: *has his tails where his arms should be, and his arms where his tails are* .......

Many hours later, and many, many poofs.

;424;: Hmm....this one changes me back, this one makes me a squid, this one devolves me, this one gives me the ability to read minds, this one turns me into a random Pokemon, this one gives me wings, this one gives me gills, and this one makes my tail-hands really big. *labels all* Okay, now to bring these back to the shelf.

*carries all of them back, but the one that turned him into a random Pokemon falls off and hits chamo, making a big cloud of smoke*

;424;: Oops. I wonder what she'll be.....
When the smoke clears...

;455;: AAAAAAHHH!!! What happened to me?!
;424;: Don't worry, I can change you back-
Me: Not now, Ambi. It's contest time! And this is the part I like to call...

;179;: Mom, Dad, come out and introduce yourselves!
;181;: Hi, I'm Marie's mother, Angie.
;326;: And I'm her father, Pete.
;179;: It's because of Dad that I can use Reflect.
;444;: Well, it looks like we've got somebody who likes to pig out!
;326;: *laughing* He's a riot!
;181;: Pete is a jolly guy (not his nature, his personality), so he should be real easy to please.
;179;: Come on down and say hi, guys!

;291;: Hi, I'm Ash.
;181;: Nice to meet you. Care to tell us a bit about yourself?
;291;: I'm smart, and I'll take care of Marie.
;326;: Not too much with small talk, but you seem like a nice guy.

;181;: You're Elvis, right?
;039;: You may be right, I may be crazy, but I might just be the lunatic you're looking for...
;181;: Come now, don't degrade yourself like that.
;039;: Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends...
;326;: A singing Jigglypuff who doesn't put people to sleep. Very nice.
;039;: Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream...
;326;: Spoke too soon... *falls asleep*
Me: *tosses Pete a Chesto Berry*

;424;: *a-la Troy McClure* Hi, I'm Ambipom. You may remember me from past seasons like Season 1, Season 3, and Season 12.
;326;: Nice Phil Hartman impression.
;424;: Thanks. I'm an entertainer, mostly.
;181;: An entertainer? That'll keep Pete happy. Anything else you'd care to mention about yourself?
;424;: This is my 6th time on Bachelorette, so I know how to keep women happy.
;326;: *thinking* Charming and entertaining... *to ;424;* Can I come to your next gig?
;424;: Sure.

;309;: Hey there, possible in-laws! The name's Steven!
;326;: You sound like a cheery guy. Anything else you wanna say?
;309;: I have a shiny twin brother named Nevets.
;181;: That sounds nice.
;309;: Yes. It's been a pleasure to KILL YOU ALL!!!! *roars*
;326;: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *jumps out of his pants and runs upstairs*
;309;: Nevets! We have company! Show some restraint!
;181;: *backs away, then runs upstairs with Pete*

;181;: Hello, young man. what's your name?
;166;: Ummmm... uhhhh, Tipp.
;326;: Calm down lad, you don't have to be nervous. It's not like we're gonna eat you or something.
;166;: Uhhhh... I like to use Comet Punch. Wanna see me demonstrate?
;326;: Um, I'd prefer that you wouldn't.
;166;: COMET PUNCH! *breaks a nearby glass bowl*
;181;: My good bowl! *starts to cry*
;326;: There there, honey. *comforts Angie*

;181;: *after calming down* Hi there. What's your name?
;444;: Carlos. I'm a comedian.
;326;: Hey, there! Care to tell us another joke?
;444;: Okay. How many Torkoals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
;326;: I don't know!
;444;: *dumps slime on Pete* Mr. Curie, you've just been SLIMED!
;181;: Can someone come clean this up, please?

;081;: Hi, I'm Melvin.
;181;: Nice to meet you. What do you do?
;081;: I study food chemicals and how they determine the taste of food. *holds out a casserole dish* Care to try my latest creation? *lifts up the lid, and it looks like the inside of a Miltank*
;181;: *trying not to retch* Uh, what is it?
;081;: Chicken and dumplings. (now 100% chamo-chan-free!)
;326;: I'll try it. *tries a forkful* Wow! It's really good! Hey, Angie! You gotta try this!
;181;: Okay. *eats some* You're right, Pete! This is delicious!
;081;: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope I can show you some more of my creations.
Alright, folks! You know the drill by now! Vote!

;455;: Hey! What about me?!
Me: Oh, alright, I guess I'll change you back. *uses the proper potion*
chamo-chan: Thanks, ZL!
Me: You're welcome. *turns around to walk away, but runs into the shelf, and the wing potion falls on me*
Me: Yahoo! This is awesome! Red Bull, eat your heart out!
(Sorry if this was on such short notice. I'm just trying to contribute.)
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The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light
Oh, tough contest...

Maybe Tipp, for INTENTIONALLY breaking the bowl.


I Crush Everything
I'd like to vote Tipp off, but since it's so obvious somebody WANTS him gone, I'm going to vote Carlos the garchomp off for calling himself Gary.


I Crush Everything
In that case, I'm voting Steven off for freaking them out. Nevets is going to get him into trouble some day.


I Crush Everything
In that case, I'm voting Steven off for freaking them out. Nevets is going to get him into trouble some day.

king of blue

That's me!
I vote Steve, because he has a "murdurous" other personality


Steven for scaring the parents...
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