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Pokemon Bachelorette

Discussion in 'Games' started by chamo-chan, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    ...I guess I can't blame Tipp...

    Changing vote to Steven-Nevets!!!
  2. ZangooseLord

    ZangooseLord I'm a Chuckster!

    Well, then, that's five.

    ZL: Steven, could I speak to you in private?
    ;309;: Sure.
    ZL: Sorry to say this, but... you've been voted out.
    ;309;: Awww, man. I hope you're happy, Nevets... What did you just say?!
    ZL: Um... you've been voted off...
    ;309;: You're making me angry, ZL... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...
    ZL: Uh-oh...
    ;309;: Nevets, please, don't do this... ATTACK!!! *lunges, then is shocked* Hey, what gives?!
    ZL: Oh, yes, I forgot to mention... I put a shock collar around your leg every time Nevets does something threatening.
    ;309;: Um, thanks, I guess... see ya.
  3. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Oh, great, do that after he leaves.

    If you gave me time to do it, I could post the next contest.
  4. Alright then.

    I'll do the contest following this contest.
  5. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Okay, so how about a nice day at the park? Everyone, get your parking gear!

    *everyone heads down to the park*

    Spycams activate.


    ;291;: sat on the swings, not doing much
    ;039;: stepped into a nearby bar, and began singing Pianoman, and as he did, surprisingly, most of what he sang actually happened
    ;424;: played his guitar, before walking into a fish and chips store, eventually leaving in an ambulance due to the fish turning out to be pufferfish
    ;166;: looked agitated for the whole time, and when he backed into a camera, he threw a blanket over it
    ;444;: told jokes to passing people, making them laugh, but he got a little too friendly with a girl, who turned out to be Max, the rhyperior's girlfriend
    ;081;: saved Carlos from a very unpleasant encounter with Max, but got bashed himself, and was left with quite a few springs coming out of him


    ;166;: Wait a minute... Where's Marie?!?

    ;424;: *has returned from the hospital* Wasn't she just here?

    ;081;: Look, a note... *reads* Dear losers, your bachelorette has been kidnapped, unsigned.

    ;444;: OH NOEZ! What will we do?!?!?

    ;039;: How could this happen to me?!?!?

    ;166;: Hey, quit singing, and start helping! We need to find Marie!!!


    ;291;: whizzed through the city, attempting to scope out Marie, but didn't find her
    ;039;: started singing Help, and S. O. S. as a distress call. People gave him coins, but didn't offer much help. He gave the money to ambipom to use it to help find Marie
    ;424;: used Elvis's money to hire a helicopter to search for Marie
    ;166;: went in the helicopter with Ambipom to help look for Marie, but accidentally pushed Ambipom out of the helicopter, giving him another trip to the hospital
    ;444;: asked Max for help, but got socked
    ;081;: tried to round everyone up, because he knew something they didn't


    ;424;: *is getting carried off in a stretcher*

    ;081;: Ambipom! Where are the others?

    *everyone comes to Melvin*

    ;081;: I just found something out! The back of the note reads where to find Marie!

    ;444;: *smacks Melvin upside the head* You idiot! We could've found her all that time!

    ;039;: *points to watch* Time is waiting! We've only got four minutes to save the world! No hesitating! Grab a gun, and grab the girl!

    ;166;: Guys, Elvis has a point! If we don't save Marie soon, who knows what they're going to do to her!

    ;081;: Quick! To the old factory!!!


    ;466;: Well, I guess since I'm off the show, I should get back to my work. *raises axe* Oh, I'm just choppin' trees...

    ;185;: *heart almost goes into cardiac*

    ;331;: *leaps between sudowoodo and Paul* Stop, dude! You can't harm the trees! They're our friends!!! *hugs sudowoodo* Kill the tree, and you'll have to go through me!

    ;185;: Get off me! You're prickly!!!

    ;291;: *flies in, carrying Tipp* !!!

    ;166;: *hops off Ashton's back* Paul! We need your help! Marie could be in serious danger!

    ;466;: All right! Let's save Marie!!! *slings axe over shoulder and heads towards the factory*


    ;444;: *opens the factory door* Marie?!? Marie, where are you? Oh, what if we're too late?

    ;039;: It's neeever too late! There's gotta be a beeeetter waaay!

    figure dressed entirely in a factory suit: Muahahaha!!!! I shall use these marreeps' brilliant wool coats to make a fortune off of sweaters!!!

    other mysterious figure: And there's nothing you meddling kids can do about it!!!

    ;179;: Heeelllp!!!!

    ;179;: Heeelllp us, y'all!!!!

    ;179;: DON'T HELP US!!!

    ;081;: Don't help? Ok... *prepares to walk out*

    ;291;: *grabs Melvin by a screw, holding him back*

    ;166;: He didn't mean to say that! Now, mister baddun, prepare to meet your match! *flies over to the cloaked figure, and starts comet punching him*

    ???1: *gets out blowtorch, and scares Tipp off with it, but gets hit by a blur*

    ;291;: *flies into the other figure, at top speed, then scoops up Mickey, and flies off with him*

    ???1: Don't let him get away!!!

    ;039;: *starts sneaking towards Marie*

    ???2: *whips out pellet gun, and starts shooting at Elvis*

    ;039;: Hit me with your best shot! *dodges the shot* Come and Hit me with your best shot! *rolls out of the way* Hit me with your best shot! *dodges* Fire awaaaaay!!!

    ???1: *tapes Elvis's mouth*

    ;179;: *is very close to the shearing machine* Help!!! I'm next!!!!

    *all the power turns off*

    ???1: What? What happened to the power?

    ;466;: *licks chops* Ah, I do love a good bit of electricity!

    ;444;: You're going down!!! *goes towards the cloaked figure*

    ???1: *whips out an enormous vaccum, and sucks Tipp, Carlos, Elvis and Melvin up*

    ???2: Wait a minute, where's the little guy?

    ???1: We got the little guy!

    ???2: No, not the ladybug, the other one!

    ;291;: *scoops up the vaccum, and lets everyone else go, then pulls Marie and the Texan mareep in the blink of an eye*

    ;179;: Watch out for the...

    *cinderblock falls on Ashton's head*

    ;291;: @_@

    ???2: *bounces up and grabs Marie, then puts her back into the machine, then grabs the vaccum, and sucks everybody up* It's over, guys...

    *the vaccum suddenly gets oblitherated, and everyone is freed*

    ???1: What the?

    ;309;: You picked the wrong time to mess with Marie!

    ???2: Steven?

    ;309;: That's Nevets to you! *punches the cloaked figure down, then gestures to a de-powered electrical device on the floor*

    ;466;: *burps*

    ;291;: *comes to*

    ;179;: Hooray for Nevets! He passed the next challenge!

    ;291;: ?????

    ;179;: That was my dad!

    ;326;: *takes off mask* Fooled ya there, didn't I?

    ;122;: *takes off mask* I was testing my new machine! It isn't a shearing machine, it actually was designed to make ledian turn pink!

    ;166;: What? *turns pink* Oh, man!

    ;122;: My plan is a success!!!

    ;222;: Daddy, maybe we should let them go now.

    ;122;: Okay! See you around!

    ;166;: Great, now I'm pink.

    Nevets: You look girly!!!

    Steven: Shut up, Nevets.

    *everyone goes back to the studio*


    Voting time!!!!
  6. Oh come on. Melvin is supposed to be smart.
  7. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Now Tipp's going to be a bad fighter, because of no effort values. Evolving by rare candy makes for a fat evolved pokemon (and a snorlax with bad teeth).
  8. king of blue

    king of blue That's me!

    I'll say tipp, because he pushed ambipom out of a helicopter, after he was already hurt
  9. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    ;424;: *has a broken leg, arm, and a bandage around his forehead* I know Tipp didn't mean it. But I think I will vote off Melvin. I mean, come on. How does a robotic genius not read the back of a kidnapped note?
  10. ZangooseLord

    ZangooseLord I'm a Chuckster!

    WOW. That was... probably the best contest ever in Pokemon Bachelorette history. Relevant, intense, a ton of cameos, and of course, really funny.
    Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to vote off... Elvis, for taunting the "bad guys" and for not being much help with his distress signal.
  11. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Oh, right, bugs don't get fat. Except for Heimlich.

    Carlos, Tipp, Melvin and Elvis all have one vote.
  12. The Baron of Fate

    The Baron of Fate Has seen the light

    I think that Elvis should go. He did NOTHING.

    On a completely different hand, I think that Paul should come back in, for helping to save Marie.
  13. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    I vote Elvis for being useless
  14. Glacier99

    Glacier99 Ice cold...

    I vote Melvin. How can you be considered smart if you don't even chek the back of a ransom note?
  15. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    That was a reference.

    But I dunno about that last episode... It appeared ZangooseLord didn't like Tipp much...

    Crap, we're losing Elvis! Come on, guys, you need music!
  16. Jimb113

    Jimb113 Psychic Master

    tipp should win cos he is harsh and funny
  17. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Dammit, the game's going down!

    I think that's three votes for Elvis! Not good!

    ;039;: Lord have mercy on me, Lord have mercy on me, Lord have mercy on me, Lord have mercy on me! You know that you like my style, you know that you like my style, you know that you like my style, you know that you like my style!
  18. Glacier99

    Glacier99 Ice cold...

    Rescuing from third page... Again.

    While I'm here I might as well do a tally.
    Carlos- 1
    Tipp- 1
    Melvin- 2
    Elvis- 3
  19. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    I vote for Carlos the Gabite. He did NOTHING of value. AT ALL.
  20. ScorpioStarmie

    ScorpioStarmie Concert Headbanger

    I am voting Melvin he's an idiot. He's too gawky and weird.
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