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Pokemon Bachelorette

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The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light
Man, we are never going to get anywhere are we...?


Gaze upon the slayer
Carlos- 2
Tipp- 1
Melvin- 3
Elvis- 3

The tally is now evened up.

I would change my vote, but I stand by it, and REFUSE to sheep along with the other drones who are voting for the EXACT SAME REASONS as above poster.


I Crush Everything

*feels dwarfed knowing that AngryCaterpie would likely post a humourous picture as opposed to my measly all caps*

But, yeah. If nothing else, copying and pasting somebody else's vote should be illegalized. If you're going to be all monkey see, monkey do on the voting, at least take the effort to re-word your vote.


Page of Heart
.........Melvins out.

;081;: Doo doo doo doo...*beeps* Uh oh. *runs into a nearby bathroom*


;081;: *oil is heard dripping into a bowl* Uhm....occupied?

Me: Are you in here? *opens*

;081;: Aah! *faints*

Me: Ah! *closes door* Melvin's over here!

;464;: *stomps over*

;081;: *opens one eye* Phew, I think they fell for it.

;464;: *opens door*

;081;: .........*faints for real*
-runs in-

Back after one whole week.

Sorry about that guys.


I'll make a Valentine's day contest later today~
Those are all good ideas.

I think I'll go with the third one~

Chamo: *comes out dressed like a giant heart*

;179; : Hahhahhhahaha.

Chamo: Shut up....it's for Valentine's day....:c

Time for each of the bachelor's special valentine's day date~

*near the fountain*
;291; : *stands quietly next to Mareep, with an anxious face*

;179; : Wow, the fountain sure looks pretty~
*gets out a penny*

;291; : ? What is that?

;179; I’m gonna make a wish~ *tosses the penny in and gives another one to Ashford* Your turn.

;291; : *tosses it in*

;179; : Weellll, what did you wish for?

;291; : I wished….I can..be…with…with….with. with withwithwith. *starts mumbling*

;179; : mmhmm?

;291; : O/////O *faints*

;179; : ?

*sitting under a tree*

;039; : You’re beautiful~

;179; : *giggles* Thanks Elvis.*shyly kicks hooves* soooooo, what do you like about me?

;039; : What I like about you, you really know how to dance

;179; : wow, that’s really nice of you.

;039; : I love you and that’s all I really know~

;179; : ^^
;039; : Every breath you take, Every move you make..

;179; : w-what?

;039; : Every bond you break, Every step you take..

;179; : uuuhh….

;039; : I’ll be watching you~

;179; *backs away* WOAAAAAAAAH, that’s too creepy. *walks away slowly*

;039; : O.O ….Baby don’t hurt me~ no more~

*In a bar*
;179; : The food is delicious here~

;424; Thanks~ This is my favorite place.

;179; So what was the gift you wanted to give me?

;424; : *gets out a guitar* This one’s for you babe~

;179; : Aww,~ *swoons*

;424; : *strums strings* Ahem! *looks out at the audience*

;179; : :3

;424; : "Hey there Mareep, Whats it like in New York City? Im a thousand mile away, But girl tonight you look so pretty, Yes you do~ "*continues to sing*

;179; That was beautiful.

;424; : Tha- *is swarmed by ravenous crowds of fan girls*

;179; : Ambipom!

;424; : Ahrhhrhhg *swallowed by the crowd*

*near the lake*
;166; : The lake looks pretty tonight.

;179; : It sure does~

;166; : *gets out some chocolate* I made this……..for you….

;179; : *takes it* Thank you. *nibbles*

;166; : Well? What do you think?

;179; : ……*eats the entire box of chocolates*

;166; : Oh mai geez!

;179; : Hey! You got more~ *grabs the other boxes behind Tipp and eats the chocolates* CHOCOLATE!!!

;166; : …….are you alright ? O.O

;179; : NEED MOAR!!! *eats more chocolates*

;166; : o.o….. *runs away*

*At the studio*
;444; : Well, I’m glad you had fun with everyone else Mareep.

;179; : Thanks.

;444; And I got something for you. *brings out a giant Paper Heart* I made it.

;179; : oh thanks~

*heart starts to shake*

;179; What the-

*a chip n dales Machoke comes out*

;067; : *starts to strip*

;179; Oh dear….*faints
;444; :………………………You were supposed to come out AFTER I say “but there’s more!”

;067; Sorry about that man.

;444; *sigh*……………..put some clothes back on……

;067; : sorry. *walks away*

;444; Mareep?

;179; : @.@


Chamo: Well that was an excellent Valentine's day contest.

;179; : Did you get anything for today?

Chamo: >.>;;; Of course I did~

*later that night*

Chamo: *crying and eating ice cream while watching a chick fick* *sniffle* start voting....


I Crush Everything
Ok, Elvis kind of messed up here, and Ambipom changed the song, which is kind of dumb (especially since it didn't even fit the tune). But I must say, Carlos took the cake. Hey, Carlos, you know how I know you're gay?

My vote goes to Carlos for hiring male strippers, not only being obscene and making himself look homosexual, but also screwing up by making others do the work of turning the lady on instead of doing it himself. Seriously, Marie could have gone off with the machoke.

Also, speaking of Elvis and Ambipom, should either one of them get voted off, I claim the right to LC them.

Chamo, I feel your pain. I was feeling pretty lousy today too. I mean, what's a valentines day when you can't even see the girl you like? *pouts, then puts an arm around Chamo's shoulder*
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I Crush Everything
Come on, Elvis is sometimes hard to understand! He probably just meant he's always going to watch over her.

And he's planning on winning, who'd stalk their spouse?


Ice cold...
I vote for Carlos. Hiring a Male Stripper for a girl you like? That just leads to her running off with him and leaves you broken hearted.


Concert Headbanger
I will vote out Carlos b/c he hired male strippers. Seriously he's a little too... up front with that. Carlos could have atleast stripped for her and not someone else. :p


I'm weird accept it
the Gabite should go. his entire thing consisted of one thing which made the bacholerette faint.


I Crush Everything
Dammit, we lost Angrycaterpie. Dumb sig nazis.

I'll get rid of the shark.


;444;: Ya?

Sorry, dude, but you're out. Marie found your actions disturbing.

;444;: Sorry.

But there's a consolation...

;444;: Really?

;067;: You've got me now!!! *runs after Carlos*

;444;: Oh, sh*t!!! *runs*

;067;: *persues Carlos*
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