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Pokemon Bachelorette

Discussion in 'Games' started by chamo-chan, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    By technicallity, Unown should lose.

    he DID make a soufle, after all...


    Steve: Well, Gardevoir, what did you think of the cakes?

    Gardevoir: I totally pigged out. Felt great though.

    Steve: Which ones did you like in particular?

    Gardevoir: I like sweets, so it was hog heaven for me. I must admit, however, that Dragonite's cake and Swalot's cake. Something naughty caught my eye, though. While eating Espe's cake, some of it dropped on me and from the corner of my eye, Blazos and Unown stared at the spot. ):<

    Steve: Big points off, there. Who is your favorite contestant now?

    Gardevoir: Between Dragonite, Espe, or Swalot. The others are either nice enough, or on my nerves.

    Steve: Alright!


    Marty: Say, nice pecks, toughie. You need tickets to see those guns?

    Blazos: Watch it, man!

    Marty (Ohhhhhhh, this **** pecks!) So, why did you enter the contest?

    Blazos: Simple! Gardevoir caught my eye and I responded. After all, who could resist these pecks?

    Unown: Who couldn't?

    Blazos: Excuse me?

    Unown: Nothing, thinking about really hot Alakaz- I MEAN, female Bronzongs.

    Blazos: There isn't such thing as a fema-

  2. .......I thought Unown was French (and when did he become a homosexual)?
  3. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Marty? That's another interviewer and Gardevoir's friend.

    Wherever did you get that idea?
  4. silverdragonlaura

    silverdragonlaura Go with the current

    Okay then,
    after the voting ;201-m; got the most votes,
    so he is out.
    and about the immunity, there was a 4 way tie with immunity between ;190; ;316; ;390; and ;149;
    there fore no one wins immunity.

    theswampertgirl: im sorry ;201-m; but you've been voted off.

    ;201-m; : vat?!! that eez impossible!!!!

    theswampertgirl: im sorry but we ask you to leave the premises at once.

    ;201-m; :........ well you know what!? I dont need this! I was only faking that french accent! so Ha! *teleports away*

    theswampertgirl: ...... that was weird.......

    chamo-chan will start the next round!
  5. Theme song "Here in your arms" By Hellogoodbye.

    Okay then folks,
    Here is the next round!
    This time, the competition is. . . .. . . . .DANCING!!!!
    Everyone gets a chance to dance with the lovely Gardevoir, start the music theswampertgirl
    *theswampertgirl starts the music*

    ;172; : Begins to dance the salsa with Gardevoir, he twirls her around and dances expertly, (much to the other Bachlor's surprise.)

    ;190; : Aipom does some disco moves and does the split. Gardevoir is impressed that he didn't hurt himself. (the other bachlors are stunned.)

    ;316; : He hip-hop dances with Gardevoir, unfortunatly Gardevoir doesn't know how to hip-hop but ;316; teaches her. It turns out she's good at it too!

    ;149; : Ballroom dances with Gardevoir, somehow there is a spotlight on them and the lights are dimed down. (the bachlors are a bit jelous but keep their cool.)

    ;196; : dances a waltz with her, Espe is a bit nervous but Gardevoir reasurres him that it will be alright, the dance went smoothly.

    ;257; : He begins to riverdance with Gardevoir, surprisingly she is an expert at it, they both continue on for more than an hour before Gardevoir gets tired, ;257; stops and lets her rest.

    ;390; : begins tap-dancing but then starts doing the worm and other various dance moves for some reason. Gardevoir is impressed that he is able to accomplish all the moves without getting hurt.

    *music stops, everyone gathers at a table to drink punch*
    Okay, thank you DJ theswampertgirl.
    Now, start voting off those bachlors!
  6. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Marty: SOOOOO nice to talk to you after all this time, Gardy!

    Gardevoir: I missed you too! What was Cabo like?

    Marty: There were SOOOOOO many cute guys! But you are my main interview right now! Now, being your long time friend, who would you say was the best dancer?

    Gardevoir: Jeez, that's like asking if a Magikarp could ever defeat a Magikarp. They were all great.

    Marty: Okay, then et me rephrase: who was the worst in your opinion?

    Gardevoir: They were all great. I couldn't single one out like that, Marty!

    Marty: Oh come on, PLEEEEEEEEEASE?

    Gardevoir: No, Marty! Don't make me use Shadow Sneak!

    Marty: Okay... :(

    Gardevoir: Marty, don't make that face.

    Marty: :(

    Gardevoir: Marty... >:<

    Marty: :,(

    Gardevoir: SHADOW SNEAK!

    Marty: AIEEEEE! Just joking Gardy, jeez!


    Steve: Hello everyone, I am here with Unown.

    Unown: Yo, sons. I am back and PO'd to the max, dawg!

    Steve: Right... well, tell me, why did you pretend to act French?

    Unown: Homey, da French be getting all the b**ches!

    Steve: Not all of them, though. Why did you join under false pretenses?

    Unown: Dawg, don't be using dem big words and weird***** small words!

    Steve: you know what? Just get out.

    Unown: Oh, it's cuz I'm black, huh?

    Steve: No. Just get out, you S.O.B.

    Unown: Oh, don't MAKE me break out Secret Power!

    Steve: JUST GET OUT!

    Unown: SECRET POWAH!

    Steve: ZAP CANNON!

    Unown: O_O
  7. .......Strange interview, It was funny :)
  8. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    ok since all were very good i made a randomizer vote and it was 2 so i vote aipom
  9. Sponge

    Sponge Well-Known Member

    I vote for Dragonite, I kinda get the feeling he likes making the others jealous, but maybe that's just me.
  10. I vote blaziken. He must have made gardevoir really tired.
  11. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    I vote Chimchar for doing no REAL dance at all.
  12. 1 for Aipom
    1 for Dragonite
    1 for Blazos and
    1 for Chimchar,
    Keep Voting!
  13. CrimsonWyvern

    CrimsonWyvern Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll vote "in character" again.

    Dragonite: Chimchar should be the one to leave. Not only did he not even dance with Gardevoir, which is quite disrespectful, but his showboating appears to make obvious that he doesn't much care for Gardevoir.
  14. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Weel, this means that Chimmy is out.

    Furtherore, I am going to employ a new person, one who will "Forcibly remove" ther losers is they become annoying.

    Gardevoir's Flygon friend, Marissa!

    She knows Dragon Pulse, Sandstorm, Hyper Beam, and Giga Impact.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2007
  15. silverdragonlaura

    silverdragonlaura Go with the current

    Chamo-chan is busy right now, so she left this to me.
    after much consideration!
    we have decided (and by we i mean the voters)

    ;390; is out!

    theswampertgirl: im sorry ;390; but you have been voted off. any words before you leave?

    ;390; : well I cant believe i got voted off! I thought my mixed dance routine would be a hit!

    theswampertgirl: well i'm afraid it wasn't.... but still! you are good chimchar! you'll eventually find that special someone!

    ;390; : *sniffles* thanks.
    theme song plays: "Here in Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye. (chamo-chan chose the theme song.)

    Okay next round!
    only 6 bachlors are left!
    the next competition will be a kissing contest!

    Bachlors: Yay!!!!

    ;282; : okay then boys, time to-

    ;207; : MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *snatches her away*

    ;282; : EEEEEEEK!!!! HELP!!!

    Chamo-chan: uh-oh! that evil Gligar kidnapped Gardevoir! Bachlors! save her!!!!

    ;172; : Flies through the air using his cape and cuts off Gligar's escape route.

    ;207; :turns and flies in a different direction

    ;190; : leaps into the air and tries to get Gardevoir out of Gligar's grasp.

    ;207; : manages to knock aipom down.

    ;316; : panicks when Gligar swoops down next to him but then uses an acid attack to blind Gligar.

    ;207; : Flies blindly around. let's go of Gardevoir

    ;149; : manages to catch Gardevoir and then sets her down nearby.

    ;207; : attacks Dragonite.

    ;196; : stops Gligar's attacks using Psychic.

    ;207; : is dazed.

    ;257; : beats up Gligar then ties it up.

    theswampertgirl: are you okay Gardy?

    ;282; : I-im Okay.... thank you everyone, for saving me...

    Chamo-chan: unfortunatly we will have to cancel the kissing competition, but! you can vote off the bachlors on their heroic skills! meanwhile, i'll be taking Gligar to prison.

    ;207; : .........................

    Start voting!
  16. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer


    But first, the interviewers and Marissa have some things to say.

    Steve: MEGA PUNCH!

    Marty: SILVER WIND!

    Marissa: ICE BEAM!
  17. pichu didn't do anything. He just flew around.
  18. super pichu

    super pichu Pichu is PIMP!

    Gulpin for paniking
  19. More Information on Gligar.
    Unfortunately, by the time I reached the Prison, He died....


    We Hardly Knew Thee (Seriously, you just came out of nowhere and got attacked by lovesick pokemon who where about to be kissed....)
  20. CrimsonWyvern

    CrimsonWyvern Well-Known Member

    (Dragonite's vote reasoning)
    Dragonite: I'm not happy to say this, as he is not a bad person, but Gulpin's panicking nearly got Gardevoir harmed by falling from Gligar's grasp, and I'm worried that his panicking may be more fatal to Gardevoir in the future. I feel somewhat bad about it, but I must vote for Gulpin's removal.
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