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Pokemon Battle Academy Redo

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Slipomatic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Pokemon Battle Academy
    GM - Slipomatic
    Co-GM - deltakurumiru4
    Sign-ups are still open. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=537262

    The world of pokémon. Filled with excitement and adventure, Ash and his friends Brock and Misty, travel the world, with Ash aspiring to be a pokémon master... but we don't like that story anymore. We at Pokémon decided to actually let years pass, and three years after that, out new story begins.

    Run by Lance of the Elite Four himself, the Pokémon Battle Academy has become the most talked about thing in every region. Trainers from around the globe have gathered at Slateport City in Hoenn, just to enter this facility. It is mainly designed for medium level trainers, with tutors, and many battling classes alike. Beginners are also welcome, with the simplest classes and specially trained tutors. Specialized contest teachers are also present at the academy to teach aspiring coordinators the basics surrounding combinations and appeals. Teachers are hand picked by Lance himself, with the idea of Strategy, and Power in mind. The Battle Academy definitely is something that an aspiring trainer does not want to miss out on.

    However, Lances true intentions in the creation of the academy are spread amongst rumours. They say that Lance is looking for one trainer, who he will call upon to do him 'a favour'. Other rumours say that Lance will be holding a tournament, and winner gets a shot at the elite four of any region he/she chooses. There are many other theories surrounding this, but one not well known one holds a lot of truth.

    A secret organisation, known as The Crusade, have recently come out of hiding. Their intentions in the past were to revive a certain pokémon, which was held in a fossil. Now this may seem simple to ordinary Fossil reviving technology, but this one was different. It required three gems, or “Relics”, to be able to revive this pokémon. Its power was said to rival the power of Arceus, with the ability to change its type and resist attacks of certain types. Its power however was not as great as Arceus, and they modified its genetic makeup. Special forces managed to hunt the crusade down eventually, and put a stop to this. A few members escaped, including the leader, fled and went into hiding, while the Fossil was put in a museum. However...

    Friday 13th, June. The date was no coincidence, the date the fossil was stolen. Security tapes from the museum showed a strange man wearing a black cloak, staring at the fossil. It was midnight. The hooded figure stepped forwards, somehow passing through the rope that guarded it, and did not set off the security alarms. He raised his arm towards the fossil, and picked up the frame which contained the fossil. Still, no alarms. Almost strolling out with the fossil, the man turned to the camera. The darkness of the room hid everything apart from a dark green eye, and the pale skin surrounding it. The fossil had been stolen by someone.

    Now if this rumor were to spread, people would think to themselves, “Why the battle academy then? What’s the point?” This is the reason the rumor isn't popular. It was just a hunch to them. But to Lance, it was more than that. You see, supposedly, the three relics to resurrect the fossil were hidden on the island. Lance was one of the few people that knew this, the only others being Cynthia and Alder. The Battle academy was a disguise, and protection of the relics.

    And you as a trainer, are to become part of this great Academy, and furthermore, be part of possibly one of the greatest story's to ever be told in the world of Pokémon. You find yourself in slateport city, having taken a boat, plane, car, or any form of transport. You have already signed up for the academy prior to the trip, and you have exactly 30 minutes before the boat leaves. You may have time to socialize beforehand, but most should logically be done on the boat, or after you are placed into your dormitories (dorms). There are 4 dorms; The Artic-Uno Dorm, rooms designated 1A, 1B, etc, The Zap-Dos dorm, rooms designated 2A, 2B, and... you get the picture. The fourth dorm is the Teachers Dorm, which is self explanitory. They are each located on four different parts of the island. The island is divided into 4 sections. There are three spits of land branching off from the island, the dorms being situated at the tip of each spit. When you get off the boat, you will arrive at a place called Dragonite Harbor, which has stalls with pokéballs and merchandise, and holds fairs occasionally. Wild pokémon do live on the island, but in small numbers, so catching pokémon is limited. So, here we are in slateport city. You must be nervous, because you're about to become part of this academy.

    1. All serebii rules apply.
    2. Maximum of three characters per user.
    3. The RPG will be rated PG-13, so be mindful when making up the sign-up
    4. No Bunnying unless stated otherwise.
    5. You must pm me or delta for requests to catch a pokemon. We will have chances where students and teachers (with less than 6 pokemon) can catch pokemon.

    Akoto Yenron - Trainer (@MiGo)
    Halt Jones - Trainer (deltakurumiru4)
    Marianna “Mari” Vilum - Coordinator (Mon1010)
    Timothy "Tim" Wolfe - Trainer (Mon1010)
    Roy Hopper - Coordinator (Lucario9)
    Ryouta Azuka - Trainer (ryodragonite)
    Sori Saiki - Trainer (ryodragonite)
    Elaine Sare - Trainer (ShadeAce)
    Aurora Harper - Coordinator (Flame Mistress)
    Laura Santaro - Trainer (Zero Nexus)
    Cory Royce - Trainer (istorm)
    Jasmine Rajah - Coordinator (XinonYena)

    Mazu Sun - Battling Strategy II (Slipomatic)
    Richard Gospodin - Training Techniques III (jacobii)
    Aaron Scott - Battle Styles and Analysis II (istorm)
    Irene Lopez - Pokemon Coordinating (Flame Mistress)


    Mazu Sun
    Slateport Harbor

    Mazu had arrived early at the harbor. Very few were standing at the dock where the S.S. Maria was docked. He walked towards the end of the pier and looked out into the sea, watching the sun reflection rippling through the calm sea. Although he was going to be teaching at the academy for his first year, he held onto the fact that perhaps he would find some trainers who might shine through and become a top trainer. He just hoped they weren’t an annoying bunch of trainers though, eager for battling with just using brute power to win. Maybe that was why he disliked people in general, always using pokemon for their own greed. A few wingulls flew out from the harbor, flying out into the sea as they went about looking for breakfast at the sea.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2011
  2. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    "So this is Slateport City." said the blond teenage trainer, stepping off of the small ferry that had just arrived from Lilycove.

    "It's not much compared to Lilycove, but compared to Fortree it's huge! Don't you agree Blu?" he asked the small blue pokemon that was resting on his shoulder.

    "Blu! Swablu!" The small bird pokemon cried, just as excited as Roy was.

    "So I wonder how much time we've got before the ferry leaves?" He asked, walking along the dock.

    "I mean, we still need to find it, and--" Suddenly, a loud fog horn sounded from the boat next to them, causing the Swablu on his shoulder to fly off and hide behind his leg.

    "Don't worry Blu, it's just a fog horn, it won't hurt you!" He scooped up the startled pokemon in his hands and continued. "Poor Blu," he thought to himself, "I mean, if she gets scared by a fog horn, how is she going to survive in an academy full of loud kids? Heck, how am I going to survive?" Not paying attention where he was going, Roy walked straight into a middle-aged man with white messy hair who was staring off at the sea, nearly knocking the man right off the dock.

    "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention where I was going! Are you okay? Sorry I almost pushed you in! Sorry again!" he hastily said trying to prevent the man from becoming too angry with him.
  3. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    Elaine jumped off the Wailmer that belonged to the kind man in Sootopolis City and shooed it back home. She was on her way to Slateport from the beach when a boy rammed into her. "What was that for!?" she demanded.

    "Sorry," replied the boy, "I'm just trying to get one of the last spots for the Battling Academy." When he finished he sped off.

    "Battling Academy!" Elaine exclaimed.

    From above Slateport City the first thing to draw your attention today was the Wild Tauros charging through the crowds towards the docks. Though it wasn't a Tauros it was Elaine Sare. When Elaine arrived at the S.S. Maria there was a long line with a sign pointing to it saying last minute sign-ups 2 spots left. "WHAT!?!?" Elaine quickly realized what had to be done and sent out Wilbur. "Supersonic!" Wilbur fired a Supersonic at the line confusing everyone. Elaine then pushed through to the front were there was one last registration paper and a dazed boy, the one from before, with the other one. She quickly filled it in and handed it in.

    Elaine then found herself on Route 10. After being told she had 30 minutes she ran off to catch a 3rd pokemon. While searching for an Electrike she finally found there was only 10 more minutes. When she was about to throw a pokeball a Minun got in the way. The Minun quickly popped out and slowly turned towards Elaine with an evil look. Elaine sent out Wilbur but he was quickly defeated by a Spark. Next she sent out Muck(a.k.a. Schmuckums) whose Take Down was about to hit when he stopped because of a mud puddle. After Muck ran back and wouldn't battle Elaine sent out a barrage of pokeballs still trying to get Electrike.

    When Elaine only had 5 more minutes her last pokeball was about to hit the Electrike. The Minun thought This trainers not too bad, but she'll still ave to prove herself and jumped at the pokeball being captured. "What!?!?!?" exclaimed Elaine, "Whatever you will be Minny." As Elaine started walking back back to the ship she looked at her Pokenav and saw she had 4 minutes. She started running.

    Again from above Slateport City there was another wild Tauros seen. Again it was Elaine. When she was at the top of the landing platform the boat had already left, but Elaine was sprinting and jumped. She was flying through the air with her incredibly tired Wingull. When he fainted and was just a few inches away from the railing.

    NOTICE: This post is detailing Elaine's time use do not try to keep up just carry on
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  4. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    OOC: Shade Ace, I hope you recieved my pms. No warnings for now, but just remember what I said and please edit the post.

    Mazu Sun
    Slateport Harbor

    The fog horn blared, distracting him a bit from staring out the sea. A sudden impact on his back caused him to lose his balance and almost fall off the dock. He was about to reprimand the young blond teenager about running around precariously when he was beaten to the punch by him apologizing for running into him. Instead, he settled with scolding him. “Apology accepted, but next time, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Now, do not let me be in your way.” He moved away from the edge of the pier and walked a bit towards the bench closest to the edge and set his backpack down on the ground beside the bench and sat down on the bench. He pulled out his black pokegear from his pocket and checked the weather near slateport. After a few moments, the screen displayed that the weather would be fairly calm and clear, which was a good thing.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Mari Vilum & Tim Wolfe
    Slateport Harbor

    Mari entered the harbor, after spending time shopping at the Slateport Marketplace. Walking alongside her was her Jigglypuff. Walking some distance behind the red haired girl was her friend Tim, who was carrying several shopping bags filled with things Mari had bought at the marketplace. Sitting on his shoulder was Casty, his Castform.

    "See Tim, we're right on time." Mari said. "The boat hasn't even left yet."

    Tim caught up with her, then he put all of the bags down. "Do I have to carry all of these all the way to the academy?" He asked while catching his breath. Mari walked fast, and he had to carry all these bags. "They're kind of heavy."

    "Well, why didn't you say something? Here give those to me."

    Tim handed her the bags. She then threw all of them into her fairly small purse. Surprisingly, everything fit in there, and the purse did not appear bigger or heavier, as Mari carried it with ease. Tim eyes were wide with shock when he saw this.

    "What? You didn't know? All the purses, backpacks, and stuff are made by Palkia Bags inc.. You can put 999 Pokeballs, 999 copies of different Pokemon medicines, 999 copies of all the TMs and HMs, 999 of all the berries, a bicycle, a fishing rod, and you'd still have room for more. Best part is, it doesn't put any additional weight on the bag. You're backpack is made by them too by the way."

    Tim facepalmed when he heard this. He wished he had realized this fact sooner.

    (How else do you explain the bags in the games being able to carry that much? xD)
  6. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt Jones

    Getting off the the Cycling Road, a tall male teen collapsed his bike back into his bag before heading towards Slateport. His fedora was tilted slightly, enough so that anyone walking by him would not see his face. Once Halt reached the dock, his hat vibrated slightly, startling a few random people around him. "Its okay Scuttle. There is nothing to be afraid of. As soon as we are on the ship, i will let you out." cued Halt to his hat. Walking towards the beach, Halt saw a white haired man sitting on a bench. Walking on the Sltaport path, Halt positioned himself behind the man, and got a good vantage point to look at the man's pokegear. Clear and sunny....good digging weather. However, the school would most likely be pretty against an architectual dig on the grounds.

    Wait....maybe this guy was a teacher....nah, he's most liekly someone's dad or uncle. Not a teacher, thats for sure. Walking towards the bench, Halt nodded to the man before sitting a few seats away, looking towards the ocean.
  7. jacobii

    jacobii Third Wheel in J#+IB

    Richard Gospodin

    Richard Gospodin was slowly walking down the wooden dock to the S.S Maria. The sun shined down on the glistening water, and it felt like a perfect day for upcoming trainers to begin a new chapter in their journey. He recalled a similar day when he boarded the ship to Violate City for his first teaching job. At that time his lessons were faulty and needed improvement, but they were good enough to teach a thing or two to somebody who would go on to collect 8 gym badges. He remembered how potential and natural talent Lara had.

    This would be his 12rh year at the academy. He has had enough experience with kids and pokemno to know how to bring out the best in any student and their relationship with their pokemon. He was cautiously optimistic about this year. Looking around he saw that the trainers already deeply cared about all of their pokemon.

    He noticed a short kid with dirty blond hair and a few blemishes on his face comforting his Swello. When Richard turned around, suddenly the boy bumped into him. The first thing that he noticed about the kid up close was the simple way he dressed. He just threw on a t-shirt and jeans. ”I swear some of these kids have never worn a nice pair of clothes in their lives.”

    "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention where I was going! Are you okay? Sorry I almost pushed you in! Sorry again!" Said the boy.

    “Don’t worry, boy. I’m fine, but you got my blazer a little dirty."

    The kid quickly walked away. "Some teenagers are just so awkward." Richard thought to himself.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2011
  8. @MiGo

    @MiGo Scouting Legion

    "Hmm......this place reminds me of Olivine City. Don't ya think Yo-yo?" Akoko asked

    "Aiiipa!" -Exclaimed Yo-yo

    Yo-yo was obviously excited and couldnt wait to start battling!

    "Now now Yo-yo, we cant battle until we are on the boat. Lets just walk around for a bit, but not stray too far from the boat. We wouldnt want to miss it." Akoto told Yo-yo

    "Aiiiii......" Yo-yo sighed. He jumped onto Akoto's shoulder.

    They walked around for a bit, exploring Slateport.

    "Hey.....Yo-yo?" Akoto asked quietly

    "You know that problem.....we have been having with Frosty? About the Razor Claw? Do you think that maybe......" Akoto stopped and paused.

    "Ai?" Yo-yo said in confusion.

    "......I know evolving Frosty will make him become more powerful,.......but he refuses to use it and evolve........" Akoto said to himself with Yo-yo listening.

    ".......I feel bad about the arguement we had with him......but........what should we do? All i want is whats best for him, but i know he wants to become stronger........"

    Akoto had stopped talking after that and just stood there.

    Then he quickly snapped out of it.

    "!!! Oh, sorry Aipom.
    Well, maybe someone on the boat can help us with our situation.......well lets just keep walking for now."

    And with that they continued to explore the city.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  9. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper - Slateport Harbor

    “Apology accepted, but next time, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Now, do not let me be in your way.” the man said as he began to walk towards the nearest bench.

    "Thank you sir, I will!" He quickly began walking down the pier, and into a market place, his Swablu flying close by. On his way, he saw a boy with a pokemon that looked like tiny living storm cloud that he knew to be Castform, and a girl who had what appeared to be a big pink ball with huge blue eyes, a pokemon he didn't recognize, standing next to her. As he passed, he saw the girl put many large shopping bags into her relatively small purse. The girl spoke a few words that he couldn't make out, which resulted in the boy slapping himself on the forehead surprisingly hard. He was about to enter the more busy part of the marketplace, when he realized that his pokemon was no longer at his side.

    "Huh? What, where are you Blu?" He looked around frantically, when he looked back the the boy and girl. Next to the boy's Castform was Blu, appearing to be engaged in a conversation.

    "Well that's odd," he thought to himself as he jogged over, "Blu doesn't even converse with Ziggy, let alone a pokemon she's never even met before." When he reached the two, he realized it might be rude to grab his pokemon and run, so he decided, against his wishes, to strike up a conversation.

    "Umm, hi." he said nervously. "My Swablu was having a little chat with your Castform. That's a really neat pokemon by the way!" Realizing that he might have sounded rude, he quickly corrected himself. "My name is Roy, and this is my pokemon Blu. What are yours?"
  10. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    Ryouta and Sori
    Slateport city

    "Hurry up Ryo, were going to be late!" Sori exclaimed as he jumped out of the car. Grabbing his bag he impatiently jumped up and down. "Alright Im coming calm down." Ryouta exclaimed as he grabbed his bag along with his partner Cloud the Riolu. "Thanks for the ride mom and Ill see you soon." Ryouta closed the door as his mother wished both of the boys good luck.

    "Thanks for the ride Mrs. A." Sori said as he turned around and passed through his partner. "Gastly gas." The Gastly smirked. "Sheesh how many times have I told you not to do that Gastly? It feels cold when you go though me!" Sori waved his hand through the ghost pokemons body. Cloud just rolled his eyes. "Well bye boys and have fun" The car pulled away. "Bye mom."

    Slateport port

    "Where here." Ryouta sighed as they got to the port. "And were not even late." Looking around he noticed that there werent many students here yet. Lets see theres a tall round guy checking out some old dude, two kids peering into a bag and some kid already getting into trouble with a teacher, great so are these some of the kids Ill have to hang with? Ryouta thought as Cloud tugged at his leg. "Rio, riolu." The small dog like pokemon was pointing at Sori who was already on his way to conversing with someone.

    "Hey Im Sori." Sori said grinning ear to ear. He was holding his hand out to the bigger kid with the hat on. "Woah whats that under your hat dude? Are you like sick or something?" Sori laughed.

    "Great Id better stop him before he gets himself into trouble." Ryouta said walking towards the bench.
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Tim Wolfe & Mari Vilum
    Slateport Harbor

    Tim looked to his side, and saw Casty engaged in conversation with a Swablu. The boy had wondered where this Pokemon came from, or what the two Pokemon were talking about.

    He got the answer to his first question. A blond teenage boy approached him. "Umm, hi." The boy said nervously. "My Swablu is having a chat with your Castform, that's a neat Pokemon by the way!" Before Tim could respond, the boy realized he forgot to introduce himself. "My name's Roy, and that's Blu, what are yours?"

    Tim smiled. "Thanks. I got him from my dad. He was a scientist at the Weather Institute." Tim paused for a moment, he grew sad after mentioning his father, but he quickly perked up again. "Your Swablu's pretty good too. I'm Tim, and this is Casty." He said, patting his Pokemon on the head.

    "Ahem! Aren't you forgetting someone?" Mari said, gesturing to herself.

    He then pointed to her with his thumb. "The girl next to me is my friend Mari."

    Then Mari pointed to her Pokemon.

    "And her Jigglypuff. So, I'm guessing you're here to go to the Pokemon Battle Academy too?"
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  12. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce

    Cory Royce stepped out of the Slateport Pokemon Center and made his way slowly toward the Slateport Harbour. He made a quick mental note of where his belongs were. Poke Balls in right jacket pocket, ticket in left;his wallet in his right back pocket of his dark blue jeans and his food, medicine, spare set of clothes and a handful of empty Poke Balls were in his courier style bag strapped to his back. That was everything he needed for now. Everything else he could buy at the Academy.

    Cory walked rather fast, and in no time approached the edge of the market. He stood in awe as he gazed at the multitude of the stalls that littered the area.
    "Hey kid, you gonna buy something?" a gruff voice bellowed out of the nearest stall.
    Cory came back to reality and realized he was staring at a stall. He stepped closer and picked up what he imagined to be a small carved figurine of a Blaziken.
    "I was just admiring your wonderful artwork"Cory lied
    "Huh, thanks. So you gonna buy it?"
    "No" Cory stated and walked away. He didn't have the time to be shopping for souvenir junk, he needed to board a ferry to some island.
    Slowly making his way to the pier, Cory would stick his hands into the pockets of his black and white sports jacket to make sure nothing was stolen without his knowledge.
    Finally, just as a fog horn blared, Cory found himself at the harbor. He scanned the water for his ship, the SS Maria, and quickly found it. He noticed that quite a few trainers just like him stood scattered in the harbor. These must be my classmates. He slowly made his way towards the ferry to board the vessel.

    Aaron Scott

    Aaron Scott shuddered at the sudden sound of the fog horn. Being on the deck of the SS. Maria didn't help either.
    Pathetic he thought to himself. Having been around trains for his entire work day while living in Nimbassa City, he should have been used to the unexpected horns. As he leaned against the railing of the upper deck facing the pier, he eyed the young trainers that began to slowly fill the harbor. He turned his head to his left to look at his Infernape standing next to him.
    "What do ya think" Scott said gesturing to the people below, "do ya think any of them will give you a run for your money?"
    "Innn-fernape" came the determined response.
    Scott chuckled and looked back at the crowd,"Thought so"
    He turned around leaning with his back on the railing now, and looked up at the sky. He thought to himself of what he would be doing now if he hadn't taken this ruddy teaching position. Right now I could have been battling with one of the Subway Masters or better yet, watch the city from the Ferris wheel. But no I'm stuck in Hoenn, teaching bunch of of mediocre children. Yay. Scott shook the thought from his head and turned back to look at the harbor. He noticed a small stand selling drinks a mere 150m from the ferry.
    "Hey", he told his Infernape while flattening his brown hair with his left hand, "let's go get something to drink"
    Scott smiled and made his way down to the lower decks and back onto the pier. He quickly checked the time on his C-Gear and headed towards the stand with his Infernape at his side.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  13. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt Jones

    Halt was quietly thinking about the school and digs when a boy, not yet a teen, walked in front of him and asked about his face and hat. God, if he's his roommate...."No, i prefer it when people walk by me and don't ask me about my health or my hat. I like to think that people have the maturity to walk by someone and not question them about their hobbies or heath. I tilt my hat to show that i do not wish to speak with people. Go away, little child" said Halt in a mocking tone. He tilted his hat again, and ignored any more questions.

    OOC: sorry, its a little short, but i wanted to post this mourning.
  14. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper - Slateport Market

    "So, I'm guessing you're here to go to the Pokemon Battle Academy too?" Tim asked after introducing himself.

    "Umm, yeah, I am. I'm going to take coordinating classes so that way I can become top coordinator in Hoenn. My pokemon aren't really the strongest, but when it comes to contests, Blu can't be beat!" Roy turned to look at his Swablu, but realized that it was talking to the Castform again.

    "Hmm, that's so strange. Usually Blu's really nervous and shy around other pokemon, including my own. But she actually seems to like your Castform and... what was it? Jigglypuff? Sorry, I've never actually seen one before, does that mean it's rare? If so you're very lucky to have one!" Realizing that he hadn't showed them all of his pokemon, he reached into his pocket and pulled out an old pokeball with a poorly-drawn smiley face done in black marker on it. He then pressed the button on the front, releasing in a flash of light a small brown and white raccoon-like creature.

    "This is my other pokemon, Ziggy." he said, pointing at the Zigzagoon. "Well, technically he belongs to my brother and sister, but they lent him to me for my time at the academy." Suddenly, another loud foghorn blared, coming from the direction the S.S. Maria was in.

    "Do you think that's our ship?" he asked the two. "Maybe we should head over there, we wouldn't want it to leave without us!"
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Mari Vilum & Tim Wolfe
    Slateport Harbor

    "Umm, yeah, I am. I'm going to take coordinating classes so that I can become the top coordinator in Hoenn. My Pokemon aren't really the strongest, but when it comes to contests, Blu can't be beat." Roy said.

    "I'm going too, as a trainer." Tim said.

    At the mention of contests, Mari's eyes lit up. "I'm also taking coordinating classes. Which means we'll be having classes together."

    "Hmm, that's so strange. Usually Blu's shy and nervous around other Pokemon. Including my own. But she actually seems to like your Castform and...what was it? Jigglypuff? Sorry, I've never seen one before, does that mean it's rare? If so, you're very lucky to have one."

    "That doesn't surprise me." Mari said with a giggle.

    "What are you talking about?" Tim asked.

    "Don't tell me you haven't noticed? Your Snorunt, my Jigglypuff, now this Swablu, Casty has quite a way with the female Pokemon if you know what I'm saying." Mari teased. "Anyway, to answer your question, sort of. I do know there are Jigglypuffs in Hoenn, but they're not exactly common. And thanks. I've had her since I was little."

    Roy then sent out his other Pokemon, a Zigzagoon. "This is my other Pokemon, Ziggy. Well, technically he belongs to my brother and sister. They lent him to me for my time at the Academy."

    Before Mari and Tim could say anythihg, a loud foghorn blared suddenly. It was coming from the direction of the S.S Maria. Do you think that's are ship?" Roy asked. "Maybe we should head over there now. We wouldn't want it to leave without us!"

    "Good idea." Tim answered.

    And so, the three trainers, and they're Pokemon made their way to the ship. The Pokemon seemed to be having a lively conversation as they did so.
  16. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry that I'm late. D=

    Aurora Harper


    "Dammit, I'm late!" Aurora thought to herself in frustration as she sprinted towards the dock as fast as she could, but it was no use. She would never reach the dock in time.*

    "Ugh... Luna, come out! I need your help!" a Drifloon emerged from one of Aurora's Poké Balls. "Use Gust!" Luna smirked, as she carried her trainer above all the others while using Gust to blow them out of the way. People grunted and groaned as they fell, and some yelled after the two even though Aurora was still mumbling sorries to the crowd. "Ha! You know how much I love doing this, Aurora!" Luna cackles in a devilish way as yet again more and more people were knocked over.*

    At last the dock same into sight. "Okay! Luna! Stop now! We're here! Now -" Aurora had no time to finish off as in the blink of an eye, Luna stopped using Gust, making the two drop towards the earth, with Aurora screaming and Luna laughing. She managed to catch her trainer just before she hit land, then dropped her again, laughing. "Oh, their faces! Their faces, when we totally pwned them!" Luna cackled.*

    Dazed, Aurora slowly stood up, and saw the ship just in front of her, with three, very bewildered trainers staring at her - one girl and two boys. "Uh... S... Sorry," Aurora stammered in fear as she half-expected a wrath from one of the trainers. She slowly tried to back away, only to stumble and trip upon one of Luna's string-like legs. "Return," she said weakly, then turned to look at the three trainers.*
  17. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    As the three trainers boarded the ship, something unexpected and quite random occurred: A girl, around Roy's age, appeared to fall out of the sky, get caught by a strange balloon-like pokemon, then dropped again, the pokemon laughing and cackling the entire time.

    "Uh... S... Sorry," she said as she tried to stand, only to trip on one of the pokemon's extreme thin legs. She then said a weak "return" as she called the pokemon back into its pokeball, and turned her head towards the three trainers.

    "A-are you alright?" Roy asked, confused by the whole experience. "Do you want me to get a doctor or something?"

    "Blu! Blu Swablu!" The small pokemon cried, cowering behind Roy's leg after being scared by the strange girl.

    "Hey guys, I'm going to go find some help for her." he said as he began walking farther into the ship.
  18. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Aurora Harper

    "No! No, I'm alright, I-I do this all the time... Well, my Drifloon does..." Aurora tried to stop the boy, in fear on him bringing her more trouble; her motto was to never trust anyone, after all. "L-look, I'm fine, s-sorry to disturb you, I'll just be going, and -" Aurora caught sight of the little Swablu, and immediately proceeded to examine it. "A Swablu... I've never seen one before. So rare in the north part of Sinnoh," she commented in an interested tone.*

    "I'm Aurora. Sorry about me and my Drifloon - we thought we were late..." Aurora started to say, but she immediately regretted it. She hardly knew this boy! He was a random stranger! She shouldn't be talking to him! Well, it was too late anyway, and he seemed kinder than others, so Aurora let that one pass. "Roy," the boy introduced himself. "From Lilycove City." Aurora strangely found this Roy boy nicer than the others; someone who she could really... Trust. Amazing. Her father's plan seemed to already be working.*

    After a few minutes of chatting, Aurora noticed that Cyan, her Eevee, had gone to play with the other Pokémon; a Swablu, a Jigglypuff and a Castform; then she suddenly remembered the other two trainers as well.*
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Tim Wolfe & Mari Vilum

    Tim looked and saw an Eevee, that most likely belonged to this girl who had fallen from the sky and landed in front of the group, playing with the other Pokemon. Before he could say something, Mari spoke first.

    "Ohmigosh, I love your Eevee!" Mari cooed. "I've always wanted one. Eevee and their evolutions are all the rage right now. Plus, they're adorable. I've been asking daddy to get me one, but he says they're incredibly difficult to find, and incredibly expensive to buy. He's got millions of dollars, I don't see why it's such a problem to just buy me one, but whatever." She shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, before I forget, I'm Mari, and that's Tim." She said pointing to Tim. "That's my Jigglypuff, and his Castform. So, I'm guessing your going to the Pokemon Battle Academy too, if you flew all this way on a Drifloon. So let me ask, Trainer or Coordinator?"

    Tim just smiled politely. Mari pretty much said everything there was to say.
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  20. Slipomatic

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    OOC: If at this point, you haven't posted yet on the harbor and it is your first post. Simply make your first post be in one of the rooms on S.S. Maria. Also, if you guys want to battle right now, battling will be done after the boat sets off.

    Mazu Sun
    Slateport Harbor

    Mazu sighed as the area started filling up with more students and teachers. It was starting to get a bit too noisy for him. He picked up his backpack and started walking towards the ramp to the ship while it let out another blast from the horn. He flashed his ticket at the sailor as he passed by him and waited for him to check him off before heading up the ramp. He made sure to avoid bumping into anyone on the way up and walked onto the ship. There was a sign on the wall with simple directions, “Head left for rooms. Head right for the battle field, and please do not use large pokemon or heavy pokemon for battling please.” He headed right towards the battle field section for he intended to study any trainers who felt like battling each other. He had no business with the students heading towards the academy yet and he intended to not make it known that he was a teacher. But he won’t deny a challenge to a battle if someone would be foolish enough to challenge him.

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