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Pokemon Battle Academy Redo


The Power of Aura
(OOC: I thought so too, so I'll go with that.)

After calming down and taking his anger out on a few Tentacruel, Roy walked over to the very dazed-looking Aurora, hoping that she'd forgive him.

"Aurora, I just want you to know, that I am INCREDIBLY sorry for everything that happened. You tried to save my life, and you almost drowned because of it. And if that hadn't killed you, the poison might have. I just want you to know, that I am going to do every possible thing I can to make it up to you." He turned around, realizing how many Tentacruel there were. "I think we should head inside, the teachers seem to have things under control. Blu, are you okay?" He asked his Pokemon.

<Yeah, I'm fine, I actually feel a bit stronger now!> The Swablu said, flying to its trainer.

"Well that's good to- Did I just understand you?" He said, somewhat in disbelief.

<Umm, yeah, I have no idea how though!> She said, just as dumbfounded.

"Well with the day I've been having, I'm not so surprised." He then turned back to Aurora. "Did you want to head back inside now?"
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Aurora Harper

"Should we head back inside now?" Roy asked.

Aurora glanced at the Sludge Wave crashing towards them, splashing people with gunk, she stared at Roy with an are-you-kidding-me look. "Uh, hello?" she said. "Do you really think that there is a choice?" However, Aurora smiled after this. "Also, apology accepted," she told him.

Inside the building, it was complete chaos. Teachers were trying to calm panicking students down, and also preparing their Pokémon for battle. "Woah... This place looks like some massive Anderson Shelter," Aurora muttered.

The place was actually grander than she had expected it to be - well, it was more on the modern side, however. Electric chandeliers, corridors leading to classrooms with very high-tech looking gadgets, and there were several plasma bulletin boards as well. Compared to that, her father's two mansions looked very... Dull... And old-fashioned.

"Well, we might wanna find out our dorm rooms first," Aurora thought, but remembered her Eevee's seemingly incurable illness. "Actually... The Pokémon Centre." However, at that point, Blaze released herself from her Pokéball, and exclaimed, "She's pregnant!" joyfully.

"She's WHAT?" Aurora yelled, earning a few stares from the others.


The Power of Aura
Roy Hopper

"Also, apology accepted," she told him. The moment those words left her mouth, Roy became the happiest person on the planet.

"She...forgives me?" He thought to himself, "After she almost died because of me, and she doesn't hate me for it? She's got to be the nicest person on the planet! And she's kind of pretty too. No, stop thinking like that, you don't like her like that. Do you?"

"She's WHAT?" Aurora yelled, ending Roy's train of thought.

<Pregnant? Oh that's what they were talking about! But I thought babies were a gift, why is Cyan so sick?> Blu said, still not completely understanding what was going on.

"Wait who? Oh right, your sick Eevee from earlier! That actually explains quite a bit" He said, no longer thinking about what he was a few moments before.

"I have to remember to sit down with Blu and have a talk with her." he thought to himself.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Mari and Tim

"Fan of Ice types perhaps?" A girl with a Pikachu asked Tim as she was Volt tackling Tentacruel.

"Sort of, I like using weather in general." Tim answered.

"All students clear off!" The Co-ordinating teacher shouted. "This is a job for us teachers, it's too dangerous for you guys."

Tim recalled his Pokemon and obliged. Mari was about to say something but Tim grabbed her wrist and ran back into the building before she could finish. "We don't have time for that." Tim said like he knew what she was going to do. Mari then sighed, returned her Pokemon, and ran off with Tim.

(Short post is short.)


filch some swag
OOC: Jeez. So much happened in the span of like.. a day! Sheesh! XD

Dara Radke, Pokemon Centre

Just as things were about to get better, they had turned even worse. The Tentacruel apparently had friends and these friends weren't too happy about the other three being defeated. Kyuu and Waruta were once more willing to jump into battle. The two took a position of offense while Mimi peeked between Dara's legs, scared of all the commotion. She covered her eyes with her ears and clung to Dara's calf. However, Dara was given other instructions. The teachers had taken control of the situation now and a few of the students were battling impressively.

"Help them to the Pokemon Center" he said motioning to Aurora and Roy. "The rest of you lot, get to the Academy and let the teachers deal with this."

Dara didn't need to be told twice. Helping Aurora up, she attempted to take her to the Pokemon Centre. However, it was much too difficult for her to try to carry both Aurora and dodge all the craziness that was around them. Waruta and Kyuu tried as well, but the mist from the ocean and sand going everywhere was just too much for the poor things. Mimi retreated herself back into her Pokeball and Dara returned Waruta. With some help, the three students made their way inside the Pokemon center, completely soaked.

"Arceus, it's a mad house out there! And now my uniform is drenched! Ah!" Dara felt like crying, but held it in. She tried to straighten her skirt so that nothing embarrassing would be shown, but it was more difficult then she had hoped it would be. No one would bother looking anyways, right? Waruta and Mimi returned back out of their Pokeballs and let out sighs of relief. Everyone was now safe inside of the Pokemon Center.

Looking over to the two trainers, Dara wanted to introduce herself formally, but before she could, Roy had began to give a heart warming apology. Those two really seemed to care for each other. Dara thought for a moment on how nice it would be to have a boyfriend.. perhaps an attractive mysterious type or a teacher! Shaking her head, Dara went back to reality as she heard Aurora's exasperated scream once her Vulpix had begun speaking.

"She's WHAT?" Aurora yelled, earning a few stares from the others.

Dara tilted her head in confusion.

"W-Wait.. I thought Swanna's brought the babies to the Pokemon..?! But that's great!" She clapped her hands together.

Kyuu shook her head in disapproval and Waruta did a face palm. It seemed Dara's Pokemon were smarter than she was.

OCC: Sorry this seems a bit rushed. I wasn't sure entirely what to say.
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Gold E Lox1

Elegent Power
(OOC: Sorry for the delay, school just started up again, you know.)

Steve Gully

Seeing that the Tentacruel had been taken care of, Steve turned his attention to migrating off the boat with the rest of the Trainers and Coordinators. It was madness everywhere on the ramp getting off the ferry. Steve just sat back and let the mass of people swarm off the boat onto the island. With a red light from his belt his Murkrow, Feather appeared above him flapping her wings joyfully.

“Mur!” She cried with a joyful screech.

“Yeah, I honestly have no idea where we our room is.” This entire time, Steve had been acting relatively calm. This was very uncharacteristic of him, being his usually eccentric self. This new mold was about to be broken. Once the last few people exited the ramp and began their short journey to the academy, Steve looked around a surveyed the area. Now that there was nobody in the area it was time to let the beast out of the cage. He looked to his equally wacked flying Pokémon flapping next to him.

“Let’s go, you crazy bird!” Steve took off running off the ramp and onto the island. He began pushing his way through people and that’s when his little bird grabbed him by the back of his sweat shirt and lifted him into the air, flapping with all her might.

“Higher Feather! To the Sun!” Feather did her best but unfortunately, Thunder Cat was not a go and they slowly sank to the ground until Steve’s feet set on the ground. Feather was still flapping like there was no tomorrow, her eyes closed tight.

“Enough. We landed.” Steve murmured with a disappointed scowl.

“Mur? Krow…” The little bird was just as sad.

“We can fly together some day, but until then… Race yah!” Steve took off running again only this time off the beaten path on the grass that was beside the road. Feather on his tail, he wasn’t stopping for anybody.

Zero Nexus

Stand up, go for it
Laura Santaro and mandy Redorit, S.S. Maria/Academy Dock

As Laura and Mandy walked off the boat next to the boy who approached them, Mandy's eyes narrowed at his awkwardly stupid question. Mandy suddenly smirks. "Naaaaaahhhhhhh, we're not. We're secretly posing as students and in our backpacks are disguises so we can dress up as clowns and massacre the whole academy with chainsaws."

Laura gawps. That was overly sarcastic, even for Mandy. Laura nudges Mandy out of the way and shakes Evan's hand. "Ignore her. I'm Laura, this is Mandy."

Mandy blinks at Laura. "Just kidding!" then turns to Evan and sticks her arm around his shoulder. "You here alone sweetie?" Mandy smiles and winks. "If you ever get bored or lonely, come by my room any time you feel like... i get bored REAL easily..."

Laura rolls her eyes and drags Mandy off him. "You're a wh*re." Laura eyes up Evan closely and smiles. "I bet you're a great battler though... i'd definately like to see what you're made of!"

Mandy laughs and turns away. "And you called ME a wh*re..." Laura just smirks and elbows Mandy in the stomach, who just laughs it off.

Laura's attention drifts away for a minute when she notices Darren, the darkly-dressed boy she met earlier, walking off the boat. Laura turns to Mandy and Evan. "Mandy, come with me! Sorry Evan, nice to meet you, i'll see you around!"

Mandy groans as Laura drags her away in Darren's direction. Mandy turns back to Evan as Laura drags her, smiling the whole time. "Bye, Evan." mandy says quietly.


Wrath of Fire
Somewhere on the island.

Rick walked into the building to allow the teachers the space they needed to complete their task. Inside he heard Aurora say "Actually... The Pokémon Centre." Then Blaze popped out of its pokeball and exclaimed. "Vul, Vulpix."

Rick: "Is it me or did that vulpix just mention pregnancy."

Eevee: "Yup, she said pregnancy." Rick turned back to look at eevee, who he just noticed was still on his shoulder. "What's a pregnancy?" the new born eevee asked?

Rick: "I'll tell you when your older." Rick was thinking how he couldn't believe that this eevee heard that. Next, came a loud exclamation. "She's WHAT?" Aurora yelled. Jacob came out of his pokeball and exclaimed, "What's with all of the commotion. You know I don't like pokeballs. But pokeballs plus loud noises is too much."

Being that eevee and Jacob both had sharp ears, they heard the questions of other pokemon and trainers.

Blue: "Pregnant? Oh that's what they were talking about! But I thought babies were a gift, why is Cyan so sick"

Another girl in the room said ""W-Wait.. I thought Swanna's brought the babies to the Pokemon..?! But that's great!" She clapped her hands together. One of her pokemon tilted her head while the other did a facepalm. Apparently, they both were smarter than their trainer.

"Wait who? Oh right, your sick Eevee from earlier! That actually explains quite a bit" Roy said. Ok seriously, based on what Blu said, Roy would need to have "the talk" with her. On the other hand, "What am i going to tell eevee" Rick thought.

Jacob looked up and already knew what thoughts were cursing through his mind. He gave a look that Rick knew to mean lie or change the subject. So Rick, took the first option. To lie.

Rick: "See eevee. A preganacy is when a pokemon is not feeling as well as they should. They may become overweight until they feel better. It is a sign of maturity."

Eevee: "I want to get pregnant."

Rick: "You will when your older." Then Rick looked over to the person who's pokemon were smarter than her. "Yup when, your about three years older."

Eevee: "Three years."

Rick: "Yes so no more questions. Lets go congragulate the trainer and pokemon to be." Rick walked over to Aurora and Roy. "Hm Roys is a nice person. Hopefully we can become roomates. Of course in Mol-tress dorms." he thought. "Congrats Aurora. Something came out of this hectic..." Aurora gave him this angry look. "Scary" Rick thought. Then a tall man converged beside him.

(OCC: Now enters another teacher.)

Seth Jones
Battle Academy

Seth had arrived at the battle academy a week early to prepare for the students. Well that is what he kept telling himself. He knows he really arrived because he was impatient to see his son. There were so many ways to approach him, but which would be correct. It was just...

A horn joged him out of his random mumblings. The boat was here.

Espeon: "Are you ready to go meet him or not."

Seth: "Yes. Lets Go." Espeon and Umbreon jumped up and went to either side of him. He left his room and started walking towards the harbor.

Espeon: "Hm this is interesting. So many rare pokemon these trainers. Some fossils, a bunch of eevees and zorus. This is really interesting considering how rare these pokemon are and..."

Seth: "What is it."

Espeon: "There are two trainers here that are able to completely understand pokemon speech. Moreover, they have the ability to talk to pokemon with telepathy. The same powers as you although. It would seem that the girl does not know how to use the telepathy, while the boy doesn't know how to use his power to dicpher speech. It comes and goes with both of them."

Seth: "This is rather interesting. However, with all of the rarities. I wonder what Lance really called us all to this Island for. Espically me. Something is up, and I have a feeling we will be finding out soon. Should we put protection on these two trainers."

Espeon: "No, Riyu's pokemon already watch over Rick, and the girl is well protected. Many boys have a tendency to watch over her."

Seth: "Fine then lets..." Then he saw all of the tentacruel. However, they were decimated because of a Dragonite's Thunder. A dragonite who he remembered to be the principles. "Well we missed a fight." Lets follow the students into that building over there.

Seth walked into the building to see his son, Rick. He looked just like Seth and was athletic too. He had an eevee and cyndaquil beside him.

Espeon: "Hm, an eevee. Like father like son. Keep yourself composed. Also, the girl by him is the other girl with the power."

Seth composed himself and walked over to the two boys and girl. "Congrats Aurora. Something came out of this hectic..." His son paused mid-sentence. He walked beside Rick. He was three inches taller than him, give or take one, so Rick would eventually catch him in height. However, he turned back to the girl, who you could obviously tell was mad about the situation. She did not know her pokemon was pregnate.
So, he would try to make her feel better.

Seth: "So, your pokemon is expecting. This is a great gift. I hope your are proud of her, and may the pokemon come out blessed. My name is Professor Seth Stone. May I ask for yours?" This girl would be too nice to turn down a teacher. "Moreover, what type of pokemon is expecting?" Espeon then jumped onto Seth's shoulders to get a good look at these students. "Hm, I hope Rick grows to like me." Seth thought.

(OCC: Long post is long. Had to introduce Seth so he would just appear out of knowhere. Rick and Roy as roomates will make this more exciting. Lastly, how wil Rick and Aurora's powers play into the storyline. Will they be kidnapped? This should be good.)
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Skye Hawkes
Academy Dock

As Skye stepped out of the boat, she felt a comforting breeze. She smiled. Then she saw other trainers stepping out, talking with their friends. I wish my friends had come to the Academy... Skye thought. Then Skye felt Piku giving a sharp tug on her socks. "Huh?" Skye looked down. "Pii Pichu!" Piku pointed to another trainer. "Oh, that's Tim, the trainer I talked to earlier!" Skye went up to talk to him. "Hi, I didn't get to properly introduce myself before. I'm Skye, and this is Piku." Skye smiled at Tim sweetly.

Zero Nexus

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Laura Santaro and Mandy Redorit, Academy Dock

"Darrennnnnnnn!!" Laura cheers as she runs up to the darkly-dressed boy from earlier.

Darren sighs as he realises the loud and overly-friendly girl from earlier was once again disturbing him, but he didn't want to appear so rude around all the other students. "...Hello."

"Who's this?" Mandy whispers.

"I met him on the boat this morning." Laura replies, also whispering. Laura turns back to Darren and points to Mandy. "This is my foster sister i was talking about this morning." Laura gestures to Darren for Mandy, then vise-versa. "Mandy Redorit, Darren Tentrack."

Upon learning Darren's surname, a cold chill goes down Mandy's spine. Her face goes blank. She gulps hard. "T-Tentrack!? ...c-could he... could he REALLY be-!?

Darren wasn't at all interested in the girls' presence, but Mandy's sudden change in expression was enough to make him wonder. "The hell's up with you? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Mandy realises how she must look, and shakes her head and suddenly returns to her normal look. "It's nothing. I must have ate something that didn't agree with me... Hoenn does the WORST fast food..."

Laura scowls with curiosity at Mandy. "Wierdo." She turns back to face Darren. "ANYWAY... do you know where we're supposed to go now that we're off the boat?"

Darren sighs deeply and shakes his head. Not because he didn't have an answer, but because he honestly didn't think the girls were THIS stupid. "You didn't read the pamphlets they gave you as you were getting on the boat, did you?"

Laura scratches her head. "Pamphlets... OH! Now i remember, but we kinda threw 'em away... we just thought they were "welcome to the academy!" information or something we already knew."

Darren nods. "You're half right. They listed all the basic need-to-know details, but o the back it states what you have to upon exiting the boat."

Mandy gently slaps Laura across the head. "Well done, genius!"

"It says that once you exit the boat, you have to go into the main building and register yourself on the student database." Darren continues. "Just go to the desk and tell them your name and details. They'll give you your lesson timetable and tell you what your dorm and room number is."

Laura sweatdrops and rubs the back of her head in embaressment. "Oh... right..."

Darren raises an eyebrow. "I assume you already know your dorms though?"

The girls nod. "We're in the Mol-Tres dorm, but we dunno what rooms."

"...Good for you. I'm in the Artic-Uno dorm." Darren says with a straight face. He succeeded in trying to conceal his joy at not being in the same dorm as them.

Laura tilts head and frowns. "Awww... we're not in the same dorm?"

Darren sighs and turns back to the road towards the academy building. "Shocking, isn't it?" Darren starts to walk off.

Laura's eyes widen and she runs back towards him. "Hey! Where you going? Wouldn't it make sense to at least get our timetables together?"

"We're in different dorms." Darren replies, without turning around or even stopping. "My dorm gets our timetable at the back entrance, you get yours at the front."

Laura blinks and nods, still slightly confused. "Uh... okay! See you later Darren!" Darren doesn't even look back.

Laura turns to face Mandy. "Okay... we should probably go get our info now." Laura gestures in the direction of the entrance where their dorm gets their timetable.

Mandy nods, still sweating. "Sure..." Mandy was still deeply disturbed upon learning Darren's surname. She couldn't decide whether it would be best to keep an eye on him, or to stay well away from him.
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Dont, move, a muscle
Evan Redwood.

"You idiot." he thougth to himslef. "Of course there going to the acadamy. Why else would they be on the ship?" One of the girls repsonded to him. "Naaaaaah, w're not. We're secretly posing as students and in our backpacks are disguises so we can dress up as clowns and massacre the whole academy with chainsaws. He looked at her quizicaly. He still isn't good at social skills, but he was pretty sure she was being sarcastic. Like 99.9% sure

The other one nudged her friend out of the way and said "Ignore her. Im Laura, this is Mandy." She shook his hand and he blushed a little. "Just kidding." Mandy said, and put her arm around him. "You here alone sweetie?" Mandy smiles and winks. "If you ever get bored or lonely, come by my room any time you feel like... i get bored REAL easily..."

Now Evan was blushing intensly. He was probably redder than Flare's fur. A girl had never really approached him like this before. Laura dragged her friend off him and said. "You're a wh*re." Laura eyes up Evan closely and smiles. "I bet you're a great battler though... i'd definately like to see what you're made of!"

Mandy laughs and turns away. "And you called ME a wh*re..." Laura just smirks and elbows Mandy in the stomach, who just laughs it off. All of a sudden, Laura grabbed her friend and said "Mandy, come with me! Sorry Evan, nice to meet you, i'll see you around!" Mandy groans as Laura drags her away in Darren's direction. Mandy turns back to Evan as Laura drags her, smiling the whole time. "Bye, Evan." mandy says quietly.

Evan watches them go. When he saw Mandy mouth the words "Bye Evan" he waved a little too enthusiastically and said "um Bye Mandy, bye Laura." but they were probably out of earshot.

He smiled. First day of school and he almost had a girlfriend. But then he had second thoughts. "What if she's just flirting with you to use you? Its happend before." he thought. An intercom announcment blarred accross the ship. “We apologize for the swarm of tentacruels attacking. WE have arrived at the Dragonite Harbor of the Pokemon Battle Academy Island. Will all passengers please exit through the ramp once docking is completed. We hope you enjoyed the trip on S.S. Maria.”

"Tentacruel attack? When did that happen? Come on guys lets go.... WHERE'S PACHY?!?!." Flare and Chop looked at each other a shrugged. "Come on, lets start looking. I bet he would try to get off the ship."

"Chop use Foresight to see if he's still on the boat" Chop's eyes glowed as he looked through the walls trying to find Pachy. After a few minutes of this, he shook he head no. "He's definetly off the boat then."

Evan followed where Mandy and Laura had gone to get of the boat. He saw them in the distance talking to some punk guy he didn't recognize. As much as he wanted to go talk to them again, he needed to look for Pachy.


"Ugh. we're never gonna get off this ship are we." he muttered. He watched as Evan was talking to the 2 other human females. Pachy has plenty of respect for Evan, but when human girls are involved, he just fails.

Pachy felt a small vibration travel through the ship. "Did you guys hear tha.." he started to speak to Chop and Flare, but saw they were smirking at the shade of red Evan's face turned as one of the girls put her arm around him. "Figures, when things need to be done, I'm the only one left to do it."

He walked out on to the deck of the ship. From there he saw the remaining tentcruels running into the ocean. Signs of an epic battle were everywhere. "OH COME ON! I MISSED THE MOST EPIC BATTLE BEFORE THE SHIP EVEN DOCKED?!?!" He growled. He walked off the ship, hoping to find a stragling tentacruel, but he had no luck.

He walked by a group of trainers and pokemon to hear a baby eevee exclaim, "I want to get pregnant." He laughed so hard he fell on the ground. Leaving the group behind, he walked past a pile of boulders to see a tentacool climbing out of the ocean.

"Beware! We of the tentacruel clan will poison and drown all our enimies!" it exclaimed."Sign, well, its better than nothing. Bring it on Jelly boy!" Pachy retorted and leaped at the tentacool, impacting it with an Iron head attack. He looked to see where it landed but could not find it. Pachy then noticed that the tentacool had used wrap and was clinging to his back. "Avast. ye landweller, or I'll smit thee." Pachy rolled to the right to shake it off, and said "What are you, some kind of pirate?" He launched a bulldoze attack at it, followed by a take down.

"What now jelly boy?" said Pachy. The tentacool then leaped at him, grabbing him with another wrap. It then used toxic, followed by bubblebeam. "AHHH" Pachy yelled in pain.

OOC: Anyone feel free to save him. Or not, Evan will find him soon anyway.


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@Everyone - I need to do a recheck on who is still in the rpg, and check on number of male/femal characters before posting which dorms will have who. Also, I will confer with delta and see about other things. But just a word of suggestion, could we lay off on weird encounters? :) I don't have a post ready, but I will post whenever I get the time and school isn't being annoying. Sorry for dragging this out longer than it needs to be going at.

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Aurora Harper

The man who had congratulated Aurora, whose name was Seth Stone, asked for her name. "Aurora Harper," she said, deciding not to thank him back. "Studying Co-Ordinating Skills."

At this point, Aurora just wanted to get out of this busy crowd and find her dorm room, so that she could have a bit of peace and quiet. "Um... Excuse me," she told the others, as she set off to find out which dorm she was in.

Although she found no information about the dot rooms, she did find a nice, quiet place in the building - the lavatories.

Quietly, she slipped inside into one of the cubicles, and sent out her Eevee. "Cyan, chat time," she said.

"Now, Cyan," Aurora started talking, "When was the last time that you had contact with a male?"

"T-two w-weeks ago," the terrified Cyan replied anxiously.

"Oh... That time when we visited that annoying brat's house?" Aurora recalled that time when she visited her father's colleague's mansion, who lived with his very prim-looking wife who had a posh accent, and his snobby-looking daughter who liked to toss her golden curls around while nocking others.
She especially seemed to like calling people names - like calling Aurora Ghost Girl. At least she got her back by infecting her Poochyena with a "prank" virus, which she bought in a joke shop. Apparently it made the victim different-coloured.

And apparently, it could be passed through genes.


"Cyan, did you mate with a...?"

"Poochyena," she replied.

"Holy crap," Aurora muttered.

(OoC: Wonder which colour Cyan's offspring would be, lol. And wait, so you're telling me that we have two ships?)


filch some swag
Dara Radke

Dara was about to congratulate Aurora when a teacher approached. He looked rather handsome and strong, having two evolutions of Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon respectively. He seemed to have a close bond with his two Pokemon. Dara was impressed, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks. She figured he didn't even notice her, as he was concerned with Aurora and Roy. There was a striking resemblance between the two, and Dara instantly caught on. What his relationship was to Rick, she wasn't sure at all.

"S-So you're one of the teachers..?" Dara stuttered, feeling embarrassed and lighthearted at the same time. She couldn't believe she found a teacher attractive. Especially one that was slightly older than her.

Kyuu hopped in front of his Espeon and stood in awe at the Pokemon. It was so regal yet so strong. Kyuu let out a sound of approval, and Dara picked Kyuu up and blushed even more.

"Please excuse her... She's just really excited." Dara petted Kyuu a bit hard, her way of disciplining her actions. Kyuu just heaved a sigh of relief. Dara stood there in silence, a bit unsure of what else to say.

"Oh yeah um.. my name is Dara... Dara Radke!" She chimed.

Waruta tugged at Dara's skirt, hinting that something was up. She looked around and noticed Aurora had left the Pokemon Centre. Dara bowed to Mr. Jones and apologized.

"Ah, so sorry. I better go and see what my dorm is as well! Perhaps you'll have me in class..?" Dara laughed and exited the Pokemon Centre. She waved back to the teacher, a bit shyly. Kyuu hopped out of her arms and she followed Aurora.

"H-Hey Aurora! Can you wait up please?" Dara yelled, gasping a bit to catch up with the girl.

"I know you must be feeling some different emotions with your Pokemon being pregnant. Are you going to do all right..?" She asked, concerned.

OOC: Aww she has a crush! XD

Delta Hunter

The G-Rank MH
OOC: just as a note, i might be able to compile the dorm list today, and post it tonight. Silpomatic left me in charge of it, so prepare for some intresting combo's. Remember, you fates are in my hands....mwhahahah....


Wrath of Fire
(OCC: Ok, well lets get this plot moving. Wow hermones are flying high.)

Seth Stone
Some Random building

Seth waited for aurora's reply. "Aurora Harper, studying Co-Ordinating Skills." Hm, she had decided to not say thank you. This girl is either very angry, or finds me weird. "Um... Excuse me," she said. Then left the group.

At this time, another trainer approached. She looked to be 4'11 or 5'0. She looked rather childlike. However, she had this air about her that made him believe that he was older than Rick. If Rick was fourteen, this girl was atleast fifteen or older, even though she didn't look it.

"S-So you're one of the teachers..?" she stuttered. Than an eevee hoped infront of espeon and stared at him in awe. "Please excuse her... She's just really excited. Oh yeah um.. my name is Dara... Dara Radke." Hm so the girl's name is Dara. Dara then bowed and apologized to me. Hm, for what, we had only just met. "Ah, so sorry. I better go and see what my dorm is as well! Perhaps you'll have me in class..?" she said. Then she walked away from this little group.

Seth: "Umbreon, go follow Dara. Make sure that she makes it ok to the academy so that she doesn't get hurt. The road getting there is tricky."

Umbreon: "Will Do." Then Umbreon was off after the girl.

Espeon: "Hm well these you people's hormones are high. You have the girl Dara, who has a chrush on you. Then you have your son and Roy, who both have a crush on Aurora."

Seth: "Yup, hormones in full blossom. Well, thats puberty for you. I mean you remember how Riyu and I..."

Espeon: "Yes I remember that very well. Now I am going to go follow Aurora and make sure everything is ok. I don't want her getting in any more trouble after all she has caused today. A tentacruel attack, I swear." Then Espeon jumped off of Seth's shoulders and left following Aurora.

Seth turned back to Rick. "Let me see your eevee young man." Rick, seeing as Seth was a teacher, handed it over. "Well, after all of the drama of today, the eevee has been born healthy. No need to worry about it." Rick breathed a sigh of relief. "Now, all trainers gather around." All the trainers nearby came towards Seth. Seth then took out a pokeball from the necklace he wore, enlarged and sent out Alakazam. "Alakazam, please teleport us to the academy so that we won't have any trouble."

Alakazam: "With pleasure."

Alakazam then used teleport. Everyone arrived in a building with a grand opening room. Seth looked around to see a couple of students already in the room. Everyone was now present except a couple of teachers, the president, Aurora and Dara. "Ok so espeon and umbreon will bring those two here, so we won't have anymore event for today. Good." "Thank you alakazam, return." Alakazam was returned, and the pokeball was placed back on the necklace. Now Seth addressed the students. "None of you are to leave this room until the teachers and I dismiss you. We are about to give you your dorm rooms. So be patient." Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw both Aurora and Dara walk in followed closely by Umbreon and Espeon. Great, now every student was present.

Espeon and Umbreon ran to Seth's side, but told him that they could not tell what had transpired. Both trainers had told them not to say anything.

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Cold turkey.
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Aurora Harper

Just when Aurora finished her private conversation with Cyan, a girl, standing at about 150cm, rushed into the bathroom, panting.

"I know you must be feeling some different emotions with your Pokemon being pregnant. Are you going to do all right..?" She asked, concerned.

"Well, yeah, we can cope, I mean, she's old enough to have offspring anyway," Aurora replied. "By the way, I'm Aurora Harper. And you?"

"Dara Radke," she replied.

"Well, thanks for being concerned about me, Dara," Aurora replied, though she was not smiling. Actually, she didn't feel that she should've followed her all the way here, but at least she should be grateful for it.

Aurora walked out of the lavatories, and headed straight to where the others were. "Well, no dorm info, but I have a feeling that they're gonna be up soon," she announced. However, she was thinking to herself, "Wow, these people are real slowcoaches. When on earth will the dorms be up?"

Irene Lopez... Well, more specifically, Crystal and Flora

"What's pregnancy?" the young Chikorita asked her godmother, Crystal. "What happens when you're pregnant?"

"Well, when a mummy Pokémon and a daddy Pokémon love each other very much, they decide to mate, and that's when the mummy Pokémon becomes pregnant, which means that she has a baby in her stomach," the smiling Froslass explained to Flora.

Flora tilted her head at this. "Won't the baby keep growing until it bursts out of the mummy Pokémon's stomach?" she asked, making Crystal giggle.

"No, you silly sausage," Crystal answered. "The baby is inside an egg, and after two months, the egg comes out. It then takes another month for the egg to hatch."

"How do they mate then?" the curious Chikorita asked again.

"Well..." Crystal began to say, feeling rather awkward. "I've never mated before in my life, so go ask your father."

So Flora went, and repeated the question to Charcoal. He just shook his head.

"You'll know when you are older, dear Flora," he softly told his daughter, holding her up with his hands. "You'll know when you're older."

And at that point, Charcoal could not prevent a big teardrop rolling down his orange face, as memories of his beloved mate, the Meganium, began to roll into his mind.

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