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Pokemon Battle Academy Redo

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Slipomatic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    ((OOC: I ish too lazy to edit my post, so just pretend Roy never saw Aurora or Cory))

    Roy Hopper

    After wandering around trying to clear his head, Roy gave up. There was too much on his mind at the moment, especially where Aurora had gone. He went to her dorm and knocked on the door, but got no answer. Shrugging, he went next door to his dorm, went inside, and plopped down on the bed. He turned on the TV and flipped through channels, hoping to find a good show before Irene found him and gave him more detention. Suddenly, the screen went blank, then turned back on with what seemed to be a message. It read "Join the Crusade, Roy."

    "What the heck?" He muttered to himself as he flipped the channel rapidly. But no matter what channel he turned to, the message was being displayed. He pressed the power button on the remote, but instead of turning off, the picture changed. Photos and information of him and his family- including his deceased father- popped up, further frightening the trainer. Roy jumped off the bed, ran over to the wall, and yanked out the cord from the electrical outlet. Thankfully, the screen went blank, and Roy let out a sigh of relief, then immediately became frightened again.

    What was that? he thought, And why was my entire family's personal info on there? He immediately turned, ran out the door, and made his way the headmaster's office
  2. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce

    Cory took a step back in surprise as Rachel gave him a hug after letting go of Rick. Oh, she’s that kind of person, Cory thought as she asked how he was feeling.
    “Fine now. The nurses gave me some medicine.” Cory responded as she let go of him.
    "Oh, so you guys are going to have another battle. That is awesome. Can I referee? PLEASSEEEEEEEEEE."
    Cory looked at rick, unsure how to answer as he had never encountered anyone that eager to referee a battle. Especially one between two Pokémon that have never battled before. He was about to slowly saw sure, but Rick beat him to the punch. He also suggested doing it by the dorms instead of the hill.
    “Sure, my dorm is closest let’s go there” Cory said, as the trio started to descend the hill.
    "Ok Joy ready to..." Rick said to a bouncing Joy. Cory had to chuckle at the young Eevee.
    “Out you come” Cory said, tossing a Poké Ball into the air. Riolu proudly materialized and bounced over to Joy once he saw the Eevee.
    Cory walked over to one side of the battle area Rachel’s Sneasel made using a combination of quick attack and scrapping its claws on the ground. Rick and Joy stood on one side and Riolu and Cory took their positions on the opposite side.
    "Ready when you are. Let’s get serious Joy." Rick said indicating he was ready.
    "This is a one-on-one match between Rick and Cory. There will be no substitutions, no outside healing, and no outside help. You may begin." Cory still wanted to laugh at how serious this was.
    “Alright Riolu let’s start this with Quick Attack”
    Riolu started to sprint forward as fast as he could, a faint white light trailing behind him as he head at the young Eevee.
  3. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    Pba Dorms

    Rick was going to make the first move, as per his strategy, when he realized that he didn't know Joy's moveset. Crap, could he be anymore screwed. Well. Going on the day that Joy hatched, what he saw was that Joy knew detect and helping hand, non of which would help her win the battle. What should rick do.

    “Alright Riolu let’s start this with Quick Attack.” Cory had started with the first attack. Riolu started to sprint forward as fast as he could, a faint white light trailing behind him as he headed for Joy. Well, the suprise would be on Riolu, "Joy use detect." Joy didn't respond, would telepathy not work with her. He tried two more times quickly, she still didn't respond. It must be because of her youth finally, Rick just said outloud, "Joy use Detect." Her eye glew faintly,but because of the wait she had taken a critical hit and some nasty damage.

    Now what was it going to do. Joy had gotten up and she and Riolu were now facing each other. Quickly, Rick whiped out his pokedex and scaned Joy. Joy was panting a little.

    Pokedex anounced: "Evee, the evolution pokemon. Its genetic code is unstable, so it could evolve in a variety of ways. There are only a few alive. It has the ability to alter the composition of its body to suit its surrounding environment. It is an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to the environment in which it lives. Radiation from various stones causes this Pokémon to evolve. Because its genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes. Eevees know moves are tackle, helping hand, Wish, and detect."

    Wait, if there are only a few alive, why does it feel like everyone here has one. Anyways, wish now that will come in handy. "Eevee, use wish." Suddendly shooting stars flew over the campus. Everyone took notice of them. "Now use detect." Eevees eyes began to glow again ready to protect itself. After two minutes, light surrounded eevee, then popped like a bubble, and eevee looked much healthier. Eevees eyes stopped glowing, so detect was wearing off and Rick knew he couldn't use it for a while again. "Quick, Tackle."
  4. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    ooc- Sorry it's short and took a while

    Cory Royce

    Cory watched as his Riolu closed the distance on Joy. Is he going to do something? Cory thought as Riolu neared dangerously close to the Eevee. At the last second, Rick finally ordered Joy to use Detect. The Eevee’s eyes glowed faintly and Riolu struck. However since Rick had waited too long, Joy’s Detect was too slow and Riolu’s attack landed square on. After taking a critical hit, Joy got up to face Riolu.
    Cory waited for Rick to make his move, but was disappointed to see him take out his Pokédex to learn Joy’s moves. As Joy panted, the Pokédex listed Eevee’s entry and her moves.
    "Eevee, use wish." Rick finally ordered.
    Cory looked up as what appeared to be shooting stars appear faintly in the afternoon sky.
    “Riolu, Quick Attack” Riolu gained the same momentum as before and dashed at Joy.
    “Now use Detect”. Joy’s eyes yet again glowed faintly, protecting her from Riolu’s Quick Attack.
    Finally, a light surrounded Joy which then popped similar to a bubble popping. Rick then ordered the healthier Eevee to quickly use Tackle as the Detect wore off.
    “Riolu, Force Palm” Cory ordered as Joy neared closer to his Pokémon. As Joy was launched herself at Riolu, Riolu outstretched his arm, a white light starting to faintly glow. Riolu’s paw caught Joy in the chest as he released the energy from his paw, sending the Normal-Type tumbling back. Happy that the move worked, Riolu cheered with a grin illuminating his face.
    “Awesome” Cory said, entranced by the Pokémon’s happiness “Let’s try Vacuum Wave”
    Riolu shot a look to Cory that clearly read an ‘Are you sure?’. Cory nodded and Riolu gulped as he raised both of his arms. Riolu moved his paws in a circular motion, building up some energy. When Riolu brought the energy down, sending it at Joy the energy slowly started to dissipate. Barely any of the energy left created by the Vacuum Wave managed to hit Joy, to the extent that it was like someone poking her with their finger.
    “Better luck next time” Cory muttered, “Quick Attack again”
  5. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    OCC: It's ok. I think we are all just busy. Also, I am about to give the teachers something to do. If slip doesn't mind. If he doesn't like it, I will edit it. Flame Mistress ost of course would lead to this.

    PBA Dorms

    Riolu hit joy square in the stomach with force palm, sending her straight back towards Rick. Then Cory ordered Riolu to use vacuum wave. Rick still needed sometime before Joy could use detect again. It seemd like this battle was Cory's. However, something peculiar happened. The engery from vacuum wave didn't hit Joy squarely. It was liked someone flicked her. “Better luck next time” Cory muttered, “Quick Attack again.”

    Still not enough time to use it again. "Joy tackle, go." Joy and riolu ran straight for each other, then hit hit with a loud thunk. Both pokemon were sent sprawling away from each other because of the impact. However, Joy went a little bit further because of the momentum. "Now use wish." Once again shooting start went through the afternoon sky.

    Cory was readying his next attack, but eevee was too damaged to take another hit. Quickly Joy did something on her own, she charged straight for Riolu on her own. "Stop being reckless." called Rick. It looked like she was about to use tackle. In mid step before she hit Riolu, she stopped and jumped on his head. This knocked him to the ground. The she started doing backflips on riolu's back. "What the heck are you..."

    Rick felt overwhelming peace and power within himself. He couldn't tell what it was. He looked back on the battlefield to see blue strings of electricity moving toward him. Ah, it clicked. Joy was using helping hand on Rick to calm him down and make him focus. Maybe this pokemon was smart afterall. Another energy popped around Joy, and she was healed. Well this was going to be a drawn out battle. Rick had to remeber to thank Joy afterwards.

    Joy bounced of Riolu and stood squarley looking at him. Then a glint appeared in her eyes. She could now use detect again. Great, now they had a counter for that force palm. After this battle, Rick needed to teach Joy how to dodge.


    "Ok. Ok. I thought we should do that too. Thanks." Storm hung up the phone on Lance. He turned back to Aurora. "Thank you for bringing this to me. If you don't mind I will hold on to this. I must ask you to not tell anyone about this please." With that, he dismissed Aurora. As she left, Seth came in. Great, he could get the teachers in a hurry. "Hello Seth, I have a favour, can you collect the teachers."

    Seth responded, "Sure. Mr. Sun is still teaching his class, but I can get everyone else. Espeon, will you lead Irene here. Umbreon, get Mr. Scott." He then sent out Alakazam. "Can you go get Ty Ashford and Richard Gospodin." Espeon and Umbreon went out the door looking for their respective teachers. Alakazam used teleport to find them. "Do you mind telling me what is going on."

    Tidal Storm responded, "All in good time."

    OCC: I don't plan on him telling the full truth, just getting the professors to be on alert for something unknown. I can change if you want me to slip.
  6. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    ooc- I hope it's okay that I bunnied Umbreon and Joy a little. I can change if you need me to.

    Cory Royce

    “Joy, Tackle. Go!” Rick called out, ordering his Eevee to attack. Joy ran straight at Riolu, then hit him with a loud sound. Both young Pokémon were sent sprawling from Joys attack. Riolu did his best to brace himself, as Joy went further due to her momentum.
    “Now use Wish” Rick ordered.
    Cory made a face, more than anything did he hate the strategy of healing and then using a protecting move. Cory looked up as starts were barely seen in the cloudless sky.
    “Riolu, Quick Attack!” Cory shouted, wanting to finish the battle as Joy looked to be quite weak. As Riolu charged Joy, Joy did her own thing and charged Riolu instead of listening for a command from her trainer.
    “Stop being reckless” Rick called out.
    As Joy charged Riolu, she did a quick stop and jumped on his head. Knocked to the ground, Riolu was unable to get up as Joy started to jump on him.
    Cory looked on the battlefield confused as blue strings of electricity emitted from Joy’s backflips headed towards Rick. But that looks like Helping Hand Cory thought, Why would she use that on her trainer?. Once again, the Wish took affect and Joy regained some health. As joy regained her health, she jumped off of Riolu, staring at him.
    “Riolu let’s finish this. Quick Attack followed by Force Palm” Cory ordered, not wanting a long battle. After all this was the first time battling for each Pokémon. Cory needed a way to stop Rick and Joy from using their Wish and Detect combo. If he could interrupt a wish, or predict a Detect all he needed to do was land a super-effective Force Palm or two. Riolu nodded confirmation to Cory’s order, and charged Joy again with a faint white light trailing behind him. However as soon as he neared the Eevee, Joy used Detect as ordered and took no damage from the Quick Attack. Riolu gathered himself and struck out at Joy with his paw, white light and energy protruding from it.

    Aaron Scott
    Scott sat behind his desk preparing for his class on Thursday in three days. He looked up to see his Infernape and having a practice battle with his Gliscor. He turned back to his papers when he heard a sound at the door.
    “Infernape get it” he said, not looking up. Infernape stopped using Flamethrower and walked over to the door, grunting. He opened the door and saw an Umbreon standing there.
    “Infernape” he stated.
    Scott looked up, looking at the Umbreon. “That’s that telepath’s Umbreon” he mumbled. Scott put down the papers and walked over. The Umbreon indicated Scott to follow. Scott sighed, since he had nothing better to do he decided to see what Mr. Jones needed.
    “Gliscor return” Scott said, recalling his Pokémon, “Let’s go Infernape”.

    Infernape and Scott followed the Umbreon through the halls, towards the main office. The Umbreon walked into Mr. Storms office and went back to its trainer.
    “Mr. Storm, Mr. Jones. How may I be of assistance?” Scott said, acknowledging his colleagues and taking a seat.
  7. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    OCC: Its no problem. I was thinking it was a little to uphill for Rick to win anyways. After all, he is not supposed to be some excellent trainer. They're attending this school afterall. Also, Amber gave me permission to bunny her character when the battle ended.

    Pba Dorms

    The riolu quickly recovered and started speeding to Joy. Another quick attack. Well detect will fend of that when he gets close, Joy can use tackle. Rick had realized by now that his was an extreme uphill battle. There was almost no way that he could win. The only thing he could do was stall and hope that riolu tired itself out.

    Joy quickly doged the Riolu's attack. "Use tackle." When he said this, detect ended and Joy lunged for Riolu. Then Rick noticed a white palm. "Quic dodge." It was to late. There was no way for the inexperienced eevee to change direction mid flight. The palm hit joy squarely in the face, and joy was sent flying towards Rick. It was a susprisngly strong hit. Rick took a couple of steps onto the battlefield and caught Joy before she hit the ground. She was a little out of her senses. This battle was over.

    Rachel said, "Eevee is now unable to battle." She raised her hand in the direction of Cory. "Cory and Riolu are the winners." Joy finally came back to her senses looking ready to fight. However, Rick knew she was too worn out. "That's enough Joy. Why don't you take a rest." Joy whined a bit. Ahh the engery of newborn pokemon. If only they could always stay this cute.

    Then Amber said, "Before you return your pokemon bring them to me." With that, Rick placed Eevee in front of Amber to see what she was about to do."

    OCC: Not sure what she was going to do after. I think I have a good guess. Also, I am going to teleport the other teachers here because I am not sure if Jarcorbii is still apart of the rpg.

    PBA Room

    “Mr. Storm, Mr. Jones. How may I be of assistance?” Scott said, acknowledging his colleagues and taking a seat.

    "Mr. Scott. I was wondering the exact same thing. We are waiting on the rest of the teachers except Mazu. Last I heard, his battles were still going on." Seth said.

    Alakazam teleported back to the room with Ty Ashford and Richard Gospodin. It looked like by force because the two teachers still seemed to be dazed. "Good job alakazam. Return." Alakazam went back in his pokeball. "Sorry to drag you guys here, but Mr. Storm has something he wishes to convey to us. It looks like we are only waiting on Ms. Irene."
  8. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    "Okay, so I make a left and- oh this is hopeless!" Roy exclaimed in frustration as he looked at a map of the school. Out of all the blunders he had made in his life, getting lost on his way to the headmaster's office was among the biggest. He looked around the apparently deserted hallways. He saw no movement, until out of the corner of his eye he saw, to his relief, a janitor about to enter a nearby classroom. He ran over, hoping for some assistance from the man.

    "Excuse me, could you possibly tell me how to get to the headmaster's office?" He asked. But instead of an answer, he got a laugh. A very, VERY creepy laugh. The apparently not-janitor turned around and pulled a pokeball out of the pocket of his likely stolen uniform. Roy took several steps back. The man's hat covered his eyes, but what could be seen was a large, sinister smile going across his face.

    "Wh-who are you?" He asked shakily as he released Blu from her pokeball. But the moments the small Pokemon materialized it was snatched up in a sack held by another, more feminine-looking "janitor". Roy took a step forward, but was struck in the back of the head by yet another "janitor", knocking him to the ground. The third jumped over him, joining his two comrades. They each pressed a button on their pokeballs, releasing three very mean-looking Pokemon: A Houndoom from the first man, a Starmie from the other, and a Breloom from the female.

    "Wh-what do w-want from m-me?" He stammered as he struggled to stand up. But as soon as he was stable on his feet, the Pokemon simultaneously fired a flamethrower, solarbeam, and hydro pump respectively at Roy. The blast sent him flying, causing him to crash through a nearby window. Had he not been on the first story, his bones would've likely been shattered by the way he fell flat on his back. Not that the impact of the fall he had wasn't painful. He felt a sharp pain in his chest, and the blood pouring from multiple cuts all over his body as his world went black.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2011
  9. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Irene Lopez

    Irene walked through the corridors casually, with Seth's Umbreon at her heels. Lessons were over for the day, and she had plenty of time to reach Tidal Storm's office. No need to hurry, she thought, as she stopped and looked at the map again. For some reason, she felt like a detour; detours were fun, and you almost always found interesting things you'd never imagined to even exist in that area.

    Her words proved themselves true when she heard a scream, a crash, and a thud, right around the corner. "What the..." Irene muttered under her breath, her slender fingers instinctively reaching for her Pokéballs. Irene caught a glimpse of three human figures, along with a Houndoom, a Breloom, and a Starmie, who were soon recalled to their Pokéballs.

    "Stop right there!" Irene yelled, emerging from the corner. However, to her shock, Irene realised that the three humans had disappeared in a matter of seconds. Bewildered, she looked around the room frantically, and to her horror, found Roy unconscious after being joy by what seemed like several attacks, seeing his singed yet damp body and clothes.

    Irene knew that there was no time to waste. "Charcoal, come out quickly and carry Roy!" Irene commanded, sending out the powerhouse of her team, Charcoal the Charizard. He grunted obediently, and gently scooped Roy's broken body up. "To the infirmary, quickly," Irene said, and the two of them - plus Seth's Umbreon and Roy in Charcoal's arms - changed their destination and began sprinting towards the way they came from.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Mari's class had long since finished, and she had a lot of time to kill. She was wandering the halls, staying outside the battle strategy class, waiting for it to be over and for Tim to come out. Eventually, she saw the door open, and she saw her friend come out.

    "Finally! What took so long? My class ended long before yours did."

    "Sorry, two people were taking a really long time battling, and the class is almost over anyway. A couple of other people have also left, so I quietly slipped out. I like battling and all, but I want to be participating, not sitting around watching."

    "Well, all that matters is that your out now. Well, we have the rest of the day free, what do you want to do now?"

    "I dunno." Tim answed. "We never really explored this place when we got here, so I don't know what there is. I'm sure we can figure something out." The two friends walked out of the hallway together.
    "You idiot!" Said the Female of the trio. Why are you attacking ramdom kids like that?! Do you want us to get busted?! Oh by the way..." The female took a Pokeball from the feminine looking guy, and exchanged it with one of the ones she was carrying. "I think we got our Pokeballs mixed up. The Breloom belongs to me."

    "I had no choice. He would've blabbed to the headmaster about us if we let him continue." Said the large muscular man who owned a Houndoom.

    "Like he's not going to now!" The female who owned a Breloom shouted angrily. "If we didn't have our mons cover your ***, who knows what could've happened!"

    "Ladies, please. You're both very pretty, but can we please stop arguing. We do have a mission to accomplish." Said the efeminate looking man who owned a Starmie.

    Then the sound of footsteps could be heard. Immediately followed by a voice, "Stop right there!"

    "Houndoom Smokescreen quick!" The muscular man commanded his Pokemon. A thick black smoke spewed from his mouth that obscured the vision of any witnesses, while the trio made their escape. As soon as they saw the coast was clear, they stopped running. "Hm...now where could those things be?" The female asked.

    "We should split up. Hopefully one of our spies within the school has some useful information." The feminine looking man said. "We should also ditch these uniforms. They're probably looking for us now."

    "I agree, this uniform sooo not my style." Complained the woman.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2011
  11. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    ooc- Sorry it's short

    Cory Royce
    Cory watched, as Joy managed to dodge Riolu’s Quick Attack. Rick then ordered Joy to use Tackle. However as she lunged for Riolu, the Force Palm came and hit Joy square in the face. Surprisingly for both trainers, it was quite powerful. Joy was sent flying one way and Riolu the other. Riolu picked himself up, as he received the small end of attack, he stumbled around and looked at Cory. Cory gave his young Pokémon a small smile. Joy on the other hand, was sent further and Rick stepped onto the battlefield to catch his Pokémon before she slammed into the ground.
    "Eevee is now unable to battle. Cory and Riolu are the winners." Rachel said, raising her hand in the direction of Cory and Riolu. Upon hearing about his victory, Riolu started to jump up and down in the air overjoyed. He ran over to Cory’s side and gave his right leg a hug. Cory started to walk over to Rick and Rachel when she asked to bring their Pokémon to her before they recalled them. Cory looked down at Riolu, dancing around his legs as he walked and then back up to Rachel. He tapped Riolu’s head, indicating he could go. Riolu bounded over to Joy, happy as could be and started wanting to play with her.
    “What do you need them for?” Cory asked questioningly.
  12. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    OCC: Sure. I'll take control of Mazu until Slip can comeback. I'll male a post for him later.

    Pba Dorms

    “What do you need them for?” Cory asked questioningly. Well, he had a right to ask. Who deliberately asks for two worn out pokemon. "Just watch. Come out Hope." Happiny was sent out of her pokeball."Along with being a co-ordinator, I also wanted to be a nurse. However, I think all of the nurse Joys have that covered. So, I'll just stick with being a co-ordinator."

    Rachel turned her attention back to the two pokemon. "Hope, use Aroma Therapy." A sweet scent went through the air. The pokemon became relaxed, and their injuries healed a little. "Now use refresh." With that, their injuries were restored a little more. "You know Rick, if you want too, you can use wish to finish healing the pokemon. Happiny does not learn softboiled until it becomes a chansey. We don't know how to get her to evolve. But whenever we find out, happiny is ready to evol..."

    All of the sudden there was a crash. All three of them looked towards the school. Roy lay on the ground. "What the." Then they saw Irene from the window send out a charizard, pick up Roy, and with an Espeon, they rode towards the hospital. "What in the world is going on. Come on guys, we have to make sure that Roy is ok. Return." With that, Rachel returned Hope to the pokeball, and she started sprinting to the hospital. She muttered, "Why is someone picking on our group."

    OCC: short post is short.
  13. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce

    "Just watch. Come out Hope." Rachel told Cory as she sent out her Happiny, “Along with being a co-ordinator, I also wanted to be a nurse. However, I think the entire nurse Joys have that covered. So, I'll just stick with being a co-ordinator.”
    “Hmmm” Cory muttered, looking at the small pink Pokémon and remembering that her picture from the Crusaders mentioned she had a Happiny. What’s she up to?
    “Hope, use Aromatherapy “Rachel ordered, turning her attention to Joy and Riolu, "Now use refresh."
    As Hope used Aromatherapy, Riolu calmed down and sat down on the ground looking at the Happiny. Once he was healed from the Refresh, Riolu was once again hyper and full of energy.
    "You know Rick, if you want too, you can use wish to finish healing the Pokémon. Happiny does not learn Softboiled until it becomes a Chansey. We don't know how to get her to evolve. But whenever we find out, Happiny is ready to evol..." Rachel started, but was cut off by a sudden crash. Cory scooped up Riolu and turned to see where the sound came from. To his horror, Cory saw Roy crash through a window and fall to the ground. Cory immediately started to run over to where Roy had followed. As he ran, he saw that co-ordinator teacher call out a Charizard. The Charizard scooped up Roy and then flew off with Irene and an Espeon sprinting behind it.
    "What in the world is going on? Come on guys, we have to make sure that Roy is ok. Return." Cory looked behind him to see Rachel behind him, returning Hope and then started to sprint.
    “Oh by the way, Happiny evolves when it holds an Oval Stone and when the time’s right I suppose” Cory called back as he ran, “My boss at the ranch I worked at raised one”.
    Cory turned his gaze back to the front as he ran towards the infirmary, holding Riolu firmly in his arms. Why is Roy one of the ones always involved in something drastic Cory thought as he ran, Not only Roy, but this group of people I’ve acquainted with seems to be epicenter of disaster.
  14. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    OCC: Ok I think I have something for storm .

    Pba everywhere

    Rick watched as Hope healed his and Cory's pokemon. "You know Rick, if you want too, you can use wish to finish healing the Pokémon. Happiny does not learn Softboiled until it becomes a Chansey. We don't know how to get her to evolve. But whenever we find out, Happiny is ready to evol..." Then there was the crash Roy lay on the ground. Then there was Irene. She sent out a charizard. It picked up Roy and she along with an Espeon jumped on and was riding to the infarmy.

    Jacob said, "What is with people getting injured at this academy. And it being our group." Rick responded, "I don't know. However, I have a feeling that we will figure out soon enough. Then, Rick, Cory and Rachel were sprinting to the hospital. Cory said, "Oh by the way, Happiny evolves when it holds an Oval Stone and when the time’s right I suppose” Cory called back as he ran, “My boss at the ranch I worked at raised one." Rick responded, "Yeah. We need to find a stone. Where going to need one if injuries like these keep happening." After a couple of minutes they arrived at the hospital.

    Before they walked in, Rick thought of something. He sent out Rose. "Hey girl. I need you to go get Mari, Tim, and Aurora." The Rose used dig and was gone. rick knew that underground, Rose could find all three in a couple of minutes. He knew the others would probably question why he did that. "They are his friends too. After that fall, they have a right to be here."

    With that, he turned around and walked in. Irene and Espeon where no where to be seen. Rick ran up to the counter and asked a nurse, "Hey, did you just see where a lady and an injured boy went too?"

    PBA Classroom

    Mazu had walked in the classroom. "Sorry I'm late." He said. "A battle was taking really long to finish. What do you need me and the rest of my colleagues for." Seth then got a message from Umbreon. "Irene and Espeon are flying to the hospital with Roy. He was injured by some random strangers."

    Seth spoke up. "I just got word from Umbreon that Irene is taking Roy to the hospital. Apparently being injured by some strangers. However, through Umbreon and Espeon, she will be able to hear our conversation." Umbreon immediately told Espeon to enter Irenes mind, and tell her to go someplace private. "I believe that Espeon and Irene are now in a private place. So what do you wish to tell us."

    Storm looked a little worn out. He took a breath, then a long exhale. He stared at each of the teachers then said, " There have been some instances at the school. Lance is coming by tommorow to find a rare Dragon pokemon. He said he is going to stay for a while. So, I want everything to run smoothly. There have been numerous instance where kids are being hurt. Therefore, instead of letting this happen. Seth, you and Scott are assigned to the Zapdos dorms and must watch over them throughtout the night. Irene." Umbreon nodded to say that she was getting the message. "You and Mazu will watch the Mol-tress girls dorms. There is a separate wing for you Mazu so you won't have to walk into inapporate circumstaces. I am pretty sure you two." He said pointing to ashford and Gospodin. "Can figure out what dorms your watching. Also, if you are not teaching, I want two of you stationed outside the classroom. Tomorrow, Irene and Mazu will be outside of Gospodin's class. As for you." He inclined to Seth and Scott. "You will go with Lance. you duties start tonight. As of the incident that just occured. I want you all to round up the students and send them to their dorms until dinner. That is all." With that the teachers left.

    Pba Office

    I think it is to early to tell the teachers what is going on. Even though I know their backrounds, this group, the crusaders, is surrounded in mystery. Anyone of them could be a member. I think it would be better if i didn't tell tem yet. However, I think Lance can probably get Jones and Scott to help without revealing what is going on here.
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  15. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    (OoC: ROY NEVER FELL OUT OF THE WINDOW. It never says that in L9's post. Anyway, he would've died from both the attacks and the fall if he'd fallen from a place two or three storeys high like that (at least, I think it is that high).
  16. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    OOC: He did fall out a window, but it was on the first floor so the fall wasn't too bad....we should probably edit these at some point so we don't get in trouble
  17. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    Pba Academy

    Week 2-Wednesday 6:00am

    Rachel awoke. It was the second week of school and things seemed to be settling. Last week started of hectic but settled down nicely. Everyone had either evolved or caught a new pokemon. As for Rachel, Hope evolved and was now a beautiful chansey. She thanked Cory so much for his help. After he told her about the stone, she bought one in the market. In the battle during Ashford's class, it evolved and now new softboiled. A perfect healer for her team.

    Roy had been released for the infarmy two day later. He was now walking on crunches. It was good to have him a little back to normal. Yet, they were in different dorms. Rachel was stuck with girl's who were just super preppy. It was not fun, and sometimes, she snuck out to zapdos dorms to have fun with Cory and the gang. She had to be really careful, for the teachers were now standing guard outside the dorms.

    She didn't know why, but their were rumors that an organization was attacking students. This may have been the case for Aurora and Roy. No one was sure. It was dark outside, and class didn't start for another hour. She got ready, took a bath, and went to the window. She saw, like every morning, Rick was running across the island. He was very athletic. She wished she could see him, Cory, and Roy shirtless. They probably have some great looking abs.

    At 6:30, she grabbed her pokemon and left the room. She was the first one in the cafeteria. She wondered if she would enjoy Seth's class. It was just introductaory last week, but he said something was planned for this week. She wondered what it was about. After a couple of minutes, she saw the others walk in and join her.
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  18. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    Pba Academy

    The Academy had started off frenzied, but settled rather nicely. By the end of the week, Rick had caught a Ralts and named it Psy. A boy pokemon was what he needed. The the boy-girl ratio was back to normal. Plus, Rick loved Psychic pokemon. He hoped eevee would evolve into an espeon. He knew that Joy wanted to be on two. Why not. She got to see Seth and Mazu's everyday. They were both very strong, and very courageous. She looked up to them.

    Psy was a very laid back pokemon. It was a powerhouse. It took rick all three of his pokemon to catch it. It made quick work of Joy, she couldn't get a wish in. It decimated Rose with Magical leaf. Jacob just barley held on, and the pokeball just barley stayed closed. It was the first time that Rick actually had to catch a pokemon, and it was very exciting. Other than that, the classes went by smoothly. Teachers had been placed by the student dorms. For protection. Seth and Scott were assigned to his dorms, not a big deal. Rachel would sometimes sneak over to talk with him, Tim, Roy, Aurora and Mari. Rick knew the teachers just let her go though, and it was not of her own brillance.

    5:30 am

    Rick woke up. He did some strectches, the by six, he was out jogging around the island. His normal routine. He needed to stay in shape. Rick noticed the Seth was up earlier than him running, and was back to his post when Rick left. Rick guessed that even teachers needed to stay in shape.

    He was back in his room at 6:20. He took a bath with eevee, who loved being in the tub with him. She espically loved the bubbles, which Rick found nice. At six thirty, he was fully dressed and went to the cafeteria. Immediately, he spot Rachel. She seemed comfortable, and was already eating. Rick only had thirty minutes before the class, so he went, got food, and joined her. "Did you sleep ok?" He asked. Then he saw other students make their way into the cafeteria. All faces were becoming familar now. Then he spotted their group of friends coming in.
  19. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    Roy sat up in bed, smacking his alarm clock until it shut up. It was 5:50, which gave him enough time to get to class without worry. Which he needed, because walking with crutches and a broken leg took up a lot of time. That wasn't the only injury he got from his run-in with the not-janitors: several stitches, three broken ribs, and a few third-degree burns were also taken care of in the infirmary, but the broken leg was the most major.

    The first day he spent in the infirmary, he had been worried about one thing and one thing only: what had happened to Blu. His memory of the attack was very weak, but several bits-and-pieces stayed in his mind, like first guy with the pokeball, the other guy putting Blu in a sack, and the glass window shattering around him. Luckily, a miracle came in the shape of a small, dog-like pokemon.

    During his first night in the infirmary, the pokemon showed up with a badly-beaten Blu on it's back. It quickly ran off again, but it didn't stay gone. The next morning, it showed up again, this time with an armful of oran and sitrus berries. The pokemon, which he learned to be a Riolu thanks to a borrowed pokedex, continually showed up, until the day of Roy's release, when it came to him holding an old and dirty ultra ball. Roy got the message and quickly caught it, nicknaming the pokemon "Anubis".

    After being released, Roy's life began to become a bit more normal. He went to class, trained his pokemon, and visited his friends. Both Blu and Ziggy became substantially stronger, and Anubis proved to be quite the powerhouse. He enjoyed spending time with his new friends, and they, unlike the people he lived by in Fortree, actually made him feel liked. He thought about that every time he look at his cast, which was completely covered in signatures and "get well soon" comments. He still had a crush on Aurora, and he knew it was pretty obvious.

    He took a shower, grabbed his supplies, and began making his way to cafeteria. In his pocket was his "new" pokedex, which really wasn't all that new. It was a generation I dex, and had obviously been pre-owned as seen by the several dents and scratches. He entered the cafeteria at around 6:30, and saw several people already there, including Rachel and Rick. He made his way over to them and sat down at their table, lying his crutches on the ground. "Good morning guys" he somewhat groggily.
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  20. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    (OoC: Just copying Roy's schedule here...)

    Aurora Harper

    Second week of school...

    Time had seemed to creep past for the first week, especially on the first day, when everything was so hectic, and unfortunately for Aurora, she had been in the middle of them all. The second week had gone pretty smoothly so far, in fact.

    Cyan had evolved into a Vaporeon - she had fiddled around with a Water Stone she had found on the beach, and within a minute or so, she'd gone from fluffy beige puppy to blue canine mermaid - and thankfully, no harm had been done to her unborn baby. She expected the Egg to arrive in a few weeks or so, at the very least... Luna had actually become friendly to her teammates, thanks to Mr. Flapper, but still remained hostile to others. Oh well, at least there had been an improvement.

    Aurora woke up with a loud yawn, stretching hr arms. Her Pokémon were all still asleep, Cyan and Blaze curled up like a ball near Aurora's bed, Luna floating midair while still snoozing, and Mr. Flapper was perched up on the windowsill. All was calm - well, at least, for now.

    Aurora took a shower, brushed her teeth, dressed into her clothes, and combed her hair until it was as shiny and silvery as anyone could imagine. She woke up her Pokémon, who all stretched and yawned as well before warming themselves up with a (very loud and annoying) game of Tag. It was the same old routine she had kept since her second morning in the Academy.

    "So, today is Pokémon Type Usages...?" Aurora muttered to herself as she packed all she needed for school. "Mr. Jones seemed pretty nice when I'd first met him..." Without another word, Aurora exited her dorm room, and left behind her a pretty messy room with bits of paper littering the floor - the aftermath of the game of Tag.

    When she entered the cafeteria for breakfast, she recognised Rachel - she was okay, but she acted pretty strange when she was anywhere near Rick or Roy - and Roy, the boy who obviously had a crush on her. Just to see his reaction, Aurora made her way to the seat next to Roy and smiled at him. "Hi, Roy!" she greeted warmly.
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