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Pokemon Battle Academy Redo

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Slipomatic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Mari & Tim

    Contrary to almost everyone else, Mari and Tim had a pretty normal week. They didn't get sent to the hospital, they weren't attacked, nothing. Tim was glad things were normal for a change. Mari however, was hoping for a little more excitement. Time seemed to go by rather fast, it was already the middle of the second week of school. In the time that had passed, both Mari and Tim had obtained new Pokemon.

    For Tim, he caught a Pikachu he nicknamed Rei. The way he got her was rather interesting. While strolling the beach one day one afternoon when classes were over, he found a Pikachu in the water, surfing the waves. She even had her own little surfboard. Right there, Tim knew he had to catch this Pikachu, and immediately challenged her to a battle. However, she would not allow herself to get caught so easily. She put up when heck of a fight against Tad the Lotad. Eventually, she was weak enough to be caught, so Tim threw the Pokeball and caught her. She was not thrilled about it, and still isn't. Tim hopes she'll warm up eventually.

    Meanwhile, Mari managed to find and capture a wild Eevee on the island of all things. Eevee's were all the rage at the moment, and it seemed everyone and their mother seemed to have one. This Eevee seems to be a bit of a prankster. It used Attract on all of Mari's Pokemon (All Female) and made them give him their Poffins Mari given them. When the Pokemon found out what happened, you bet they were mad. So they tracked it down, when they found it though, it used Charm and Fake Tears to make itself look cute and innocent, causing the Pokemon to forgive him. Mari, impressed with this Eevee's style, had to have it for herself. So, she had Jigglypuff put him to sleep, then she threw the Pokeball, and caught him.

    Now it was Wednesday, and time for another class. Pokemon type usages. Mari was liked this class, only because it was one of two classes where she and Tim were together. After they got ready, the two met each other in front of their dorm, (Their rooms were right next to each other.) and they went to class together. On the way there, she made a point to grab Tim's hand, he didn't object to this at all, even if he did turn a shade of bright red when she did this. While still holding hands, the two went to the classroom and sat next to each other.
  2. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce
    Cory spun around in his chair behind his desk. Checking the time stamp on his laptop, 5:43, he got up and decided it was time to start getting ready for class. Over the past week he had only been in contact with the Crusade once. They gave him instructions to mask his IP address while on his laptop and a URL to a private site where he could update the Crusaders. And that’s exactly what he did. As everyone either caught a Pokémon or evolved one he documented it on their site. Even the two changes to his own personal team. In the past week Cory managed to finally evolve his Snivy during his Thursday class and on the weekend catch himself a Golett. He encountered Golett while walking along the island through the forest. It was an odd sight to see a Pokemon like that in the area so Cory knew at once he had to catch it. It was a fairly decent battle, with Cory's Zorua having enough of a challenge. In the end Golett willingly became a part of Cory's team so he was pleased. However, Cory wanted to find out why such a Pokemon inhabited the island. Unsuccessful yet, Cory believes Golett may have been a stowaway Pokemon on the ferry.

    Surprisingly, Golett and Zorua got along very well and Zorua even calmed down slightly to the point that Zorua now spends more time outside of its Poke Ball than it used to.
    Cory had to smile as his four Pokémon slept together in the far corner of his room. He walked over to his bathroom and had a shower. Once he was done, he quickly got changed and slowly woke his Pokémon up. Servine was the first to wake, and waited for Cory’s orders. Zorua gave a small protest at first, but soon did a stretch and was running around Cory’s feet. Riolu and Golett woke with no problem at all.
    “Phew, a good morning so far” Cory muttered glad there was nothing wrong so far. He grabbed his Poke balls off of his desk and returned Zorua, Golett and Riolu. Thinking about the past week yet again, Cory had to admit that Riolu was becoming quite the powerhouse. With some extra training after classes he soon mastered Vacuum Wave and appeared to be slowly learning a new move soon.
    “C’mon” Cory said, motioning for his newly evolved Servine to follow. The two left Cory’s dorm room, with Cory locking it behind him. Exiting from the Artic-Uno dorms, Cory took a breath of crisp fresh air as they made their way to the main building. At precisely 6:32am Cory and Servine walked into the cafeteria among many other students. He quickly got in line and grabbed some food. Spotting some of the people from the group he was a part of, Cory made his way over to their table.
    “Good morning” he muttered as he sat down. Ever since Cory had begun helping the Crusaders he found he became quieter than usual. He shrugged it off and realized he had Mr. Jones today. To Cory, Mr. Jones seemed weird. It appeared almost that he was following their group, and always having something to comment on. Especially towards Rick. Cory made a mental note to read Mr. Jones’ file tonight. Maybe there was something in there that explained it all.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2011
  3. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    "Hi, Roy!" he heard a sweet voice say to him. He turned, and found himself looking into the eyes of Aurora.

    "Hey Aurora..." he said absent-mindedly. He quickly looked away blushing, realizing that he was starring. He began to pick away at his food, just as Cory sat down with his breakfast. However, another thought was nagging in the back of his mind. He had still yet to tell anyone about the images and files that popped up on his TV the day of his attack, and it was eating away at him bit by bit.

    Roy opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again. He picked up his crutches, mumbling "I'm going for a walk" on his way out.
  4. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Academy

    Rick was finished eating when he heard Roy say he was going for a walk. Usually Roy was Joyous when Aurora was around. During the last week, Rick had realized that it was wrong to interfere with an obvious relationship that was blooming between Roy and Aurora. Not that that had stopped Rachel. I think unknown to their owners that Blaze and Dusk had teamed up to get Rick and Aurora together aswell as Roy and Rachel. However, Blue and Cyan had teamed up for Roy and Aurora to be toghter. Rick had quietly slipped into the background and hoped that soon, the pokemon would stop interferring with the trainers lives. Rick would find a girl someday.

    Anyways, there was the question of Roy, he had never just gone that distant with Aurora. Roy and Rick had become good friends, minus the one argument they had over Aurora, and he wanted the friendship to continue. The argument wasn't a yelling one, it was more like a discussion. He said outloud, "Did anyone notice that was weird, even for Roy. I'm going to talk to him, meet you guys in the classroom."

    With that, Rick stood and left the table. He saw Roy walking around the corridor. After a few seconds of watching him, he went under Roy picked him up, and put him over his shoulder. Roy couldn't fight back because of his incapacitated leg, but he soon realized who had picked him up. It was a good thing the Roy was Six inches shorter than him, or carrying him around would have been a little more difficult.

    Rick turned and said, "Sorry to intrude on you thoughts, but we have ten minutes to get to class. We are on the ground floor and have to make it to the third floor, so I don't think you would make it by yourself on time." Rick was not going to take any objections from Roy. He turned around and headed to the stairs. "Roy, we are friends right. You would tell me if something were bothering you. So what is bothering you." Rick paused mid stride waiting for Roys answer. He saw the others exit the cafeteria. He was out of sight from them as they turned and went up the stairs. "Its just you and me, so you can tell me anything bro."
  5. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    PBA Academy

    Rachel ate her food and saw how Roy left. After a pause, Rick got up and followed him. They had blossomed a great freindship throught the past week and it was only growing stronger. Rachel had the same friendship blossoming with Dara and Mari. She and Aurora had become rivals in co-ordinating. Also, they were both battling over Roy's heart. It was obvious the roy liked Aurora, but that didn't mean she would give up just yet. Well the is the appearance that she gave to everyone. In truth, Rachel had just about given up on Roy. He was head over heals for Aurora, and Rachel was pretty sure that that was not going to change.

    Rachel turned back to the table. "Did anyone else notice that the two lovebirds skipped breakfest with us." Many were guessing that Mari and Tim were going out together. It wasn't a proven fact yet, but the way they held hands said it all. "Also, how come Roy and Rick just left their food here. That is just being mean to the janitors." Rachel got up, threw their trays out as well as her own, then waited for everyone else to finshish. With that, they all walked to class. Some people in a discussion, some weren't. Class for some reason was on the third floor today. She felt bad for Roy. Maybe he and Rick were already in the classroom. After climbing the stairs, they entered the class to see Mari and Tim sitting next to each other. Aww, the two lovebirds. Yet, Rick and Roy weren't there.

    Hopefully, Rick and Roy would be there quickly. They only had five minutes until class started. With that, Rachel took a seat next to Mari and asked, "So how was the night at Zapdos dorms. I wish I was in there with you guys." Rachel said this every single day to them. It was just infurating that she was put in a separate dorm from her knew frieds. Oh well, she had learned to cope. But the statement had become a form of greeting.
  6. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    (OoC: Your post technically bunnies my character, but oh well, means less work for me, lol.)

    Aurora Harper

    After finishing her breakfast, Aurora made her way to the Type Usages classroom, all the while trying to figure out why Roy had left so suddenly like that. She knew that it was impolite to intrude in other people's personal matters, but what if it was about her?

    Shaking the thought away from her head, she took a seat near Julia. She was glad to have at least*her as a friend. All the other girls were in big groups, gossiping about the latest news, while Aurora was left out of the big circle, with only Julia as company. She'd grown pretty close to her since the first day of school. "Hey, Aurora!" Julia exclaimed brightly, waving. "How was it this morning?"

    "Not bad, I guess," Aurora replied simply, "but my Pokémon - barring Cyan - had a little game of Tag, which pretty much messed up my whole room... Apart from that, nothing much, except that Roy just suddenly went on a walk when we were eating breakfast. He's not usually like that..."

    "Oh, so you care about him, don't you?" Julia teased, which resulted in a whack to her head from Aurora. "For god's sake, if you're looking for a true couple, look at Mari and Tim..." Aurora said, rolling her eyes. "Just look at them. They're all smiling at each other and sitting next to each other - not to mention, I swear to Uxie's closed eyes that they were holding hands today," she added with a smirk.*

    Julia s******ed at that. "Knew that the time would come some day," she giggled, wolf-whistling loudly at Mari and Team, making it obvious that she knew they liked each other, and she noticed their cheeks turn into a shade of beetroot red as others joined her, while Aurora was struggling to keep her laughter suppressed inside her.*

    (OoC: Remember Julia? Well, she's back. SU coming soon... I know I don't really need to post it, since Mon and I are the new GMs now, but still.)
  7. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Academy

    The week had passed by quickly for Seth. After the mishap of the first two days, it was rather uneventful. He stayed in shaped, and of course looked after his son. He was planning ways to get to know him better. Right now, he had to put that out of his mind and be a teacher.

    Seth walked into the classroom. "Settle down everyone and take your seats." Seth had all of the students in his class today. However, what he had planned for them they would probably either like or hate. "Welcome back to types and usages. I hope you have all had a great week." He looked over the class and saw to face missing, Roy and Rick. He sent out Alakazam. "Go get them." With that, the Alakazam teleported away. There was a reason why Rick was meeting on the third floor instead of the first. He walked over to the wall and pressed a hidden button.

    The classroom began to shake as a hidden compartment of the room began to be revealed. In it, there were tube machines, with little pokeball holders beside them. "I wan't all of you to return any pokemon you have out. After this, go to one of the tubes and place all of your pokemon in the pokeball holders beside them." As the class did what he said, Roy and Rick appeared. "I am so happy that you two could join us. Now follow the exact provisions of your classmates." It took a minute for everyone to complete the instructions. Once finished, they all stood outside the tubes. "Now everyone step inside." They did as they were told. The doors of the tubes closed around them. Seth saw a student having a panic attack. Claustrophobia. How unpleasant. "Don't worry. You will be fine." Once the doors were fully closed, a gas was released, and one by one, the students were put into a dreamlike state.

    Seth went over to a microphone by one of the machines that powered the rest. The students would now be in a terrain they are most familar with. If they were raised on a farm, the would be looking at a farm and etc. When Seth spoke in the microphone, to the students, it sounded like it was coming from all directions. "In this battle, I am going to put you against one of my pokemon. There will be atleast one of your pokemon who has a type stronger than that of my pokemon. I want you to exploit that type. You will need to use all of your pokemon." Focusing on Aurora's tube, "That includes Cyan." He then went back to everyone, "You will fight 4 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 depending on what pokemon you have. You will be graded on how effectively you fight the opposing pokemon. When you see it appearing, you may begin."

    Seth walked up to the first Tube. He remembered the conversation he had with all of his pokemon before. They were only to go at forty percent strength in order to give the other students a chance to win. However, against Rick, Rachel, Aurora, Cory, Roy, Mari, and Tim, they were to go at seventy percent strength. After all, they were the brightest people a this school. With that, Seth picked up a bag and began placing his numerous pokemon into the final pokeball slots. "The first eight trainers done come see me." was the last thing Seth said before the battles started.

    OCC: If your not understanding. This is like the pokemon simulator they used in Pokemon xd Gale of Darkness. Here are the pearings.

    Aurora's pokemon vs. Blazkien
    Cory's pokemon vs. Chandelure
    Mari's pokemon vs. Dugtrio
    Tim's pokemon vs. Golurk
    Roy's pokemon vs. Excadrill
    Rachel's pokemon vs. Camerupt
    Rick's pokemon vs. Breeloom
    If your npc wants a pokemon, you can create one for her flame. If Dara post something soon, I'll give her a pokemon.

    Now don't just make it super easy, the battles are supposed to be challenging. =p
  8. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    As he made his way down the hall, Roy was thinking to himself. Why do they want me? he thought, And were the thing with the TV and the attack connected? Suddenly, he felt someone grab him causing him to drop his crutches and almost kick the person in the spot no man wants to be kicked in. Had he not seen Rick's face as he was being carried along, Rick would've lost the ability to have children for the rest of his life.

    "Holy crap, Rick, a little warning please?" Roy said, struggling to get free. Unfortunately, the combination of a broken leg and Rick being several inches taller made it that much more difficult.

    "Sorry to intrude on you thoughts, but we have ten minutes to get to class. We are on the ground floor and have to make it to the third floor, so I don't think you would make it by yourself on time." Rick said. It was obvious that he wasn't letting go, so Roy gave up on his struggle. Rick then spoke again as they went down the stairs. "Roy, we are friends right? You would tell me if something were bothering you. So what is bothering you?" Rick stopped walking, awaiting a reply. But Roy remained silent, not wanting to talk about the incident. Behind them, people began exiting the lunch rooms, headed to their classes. Still persistent, Rick spoke again. "Its just you and me, so you can tell me anything bro."

    Roy let out a sigh. "Alright Rick, I'll tell you," By now, they were standing in front of the door of the classroom, "but after class, alright?" Roy then got himself down and hopped on one foot to his seat, just now realizing that his crutches were lying.

    After Seth began his class and gave his instructions, Roy stood up again and made his way over to the tubes. He hopped inside, and the doors closed around him. Before he could do anything, a gas was released, putting him into state of deep sleep.

    A moment later, Roy opened his eyes to find himself in an empty, data-like world with nothing but a pokemon battle field in it. Immediately, a voice began to come from all directions, specifically the voice of Seth. "In this battle, I am going to put you against one of my pokemon. There will be atleast one of your pokemon who has a type stronger than that of my pokemon. I want you to exploit that type. You will need to use all of your pokemon." He said. He talked quietly for a moment, as if he were talking to a specific student. He then began again. "You will fight 4 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 depending on what pokemon you have. You will be graded on how effectively you fight the opposing pokemon. When you see it appearing, you may begin."

    As if on cue, a pokemon appeared on the other side of the field. Roy pulled out his pokedex, identifying it as the ground- and steel-type excadrill. Immediately, Roy began to formulate a strategy. So ground and steel... he thought to himself, Anubis is my best bet. Roy pulled out the ultra ball containing his Riolu,, and pressed the button, releasing the small dog-like pokemon.
  9. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    (OoC: Beware of ultra-long post, guys...)

    Aurora Harper

    The last thing Aurora remembered was inhaling a gas that made her drift off to sleep...

    When she opened her eyes again, Aurora found herself in what seemed like Snowpoint City, just without most of the buildings and the people. Is this a nightmare? she thought, looking around, confused. What was she supposed to do now?

    Suddenly, a familiar voice came from nowhere, making Aurora practically jump a mile with fright. "In this battle, I am going to put you against one of my Pokémon." Aurora recognised the voice as Mr. Stone's. "There will be atleast one of your pokemon who has a type stronger than that of my pokemon. I want you to exploit that type. You will need to use all of your Pokémon. That includes Cyan, Aurora. You will fight 4 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 depending on what pokemon you have. You will be graded on how effectively you fight the opposing pokemon. When you see it appearing, you may begin."

    Just then, a Blaziken emerged, which Aurora assumed was Mr. Stone's for the battle. Without hesitation, her hands reached for her Pokéballs. "Cyan! Blaze! Luna! Mr. Flapper!" Aurora shouted, and one by one, they each emerged as a red beam of light from their respective Pokéballs, then materialised into their Pokémon forms with an excited cry.*

    "You all heard Mr. Stone, right?" Aurora asked in a whisper, making sure that the Blaziken couldn't hear, and all Pokémon nodded enthusiastically. "Good," Aurora replied, continuing. "Now, Cyan, I want you to get in there first, and quickly use Sand-Attack to lower Blaziken's accuracy. Then, while he's still immobilised, you, Blaze, use Confuse Ray on him. Now, I'll leave the rest for you two, hopefully, Luna and Mr. Flapper - Luna, you're a Ghost-Type Pokémon, so Blaziken's most powerful Fighting-Type Moves won't do any good on you, not to mention you can put it to sleep with Hypnosis then use Dream Eater, and Mr. Flapper, keep on using Flying-Type Moves if Luna gets injured seriously. If either one of you faint, I'll have Cyan substitute for you guys. Fine with that?" All Pokémon - barring Blaze - cheered eagerly, while Blaze had a shocked look on her face and stared at Aurora with big, teary eyes.*

    "Blaze, I just don't think that pitting a Fire-Type against another one is a very good idea, okay?" Aurora told her Vulpix, who nodded sadly.*

    Aurora smiled. "I promise to use you next time," she added, then turned to her other Pokémon. "Ready, guys?" Aurora shouted, and everyone exclaimed their names while raising their paws/wings/strings for a group high-ten.*

    "Okay, Cyan, let's kick things up with a Sand-Attack!" Aurora commanded.*


    Everything was on track so far - Blaziken was asleep, and had been affected by Dream Eater and Gust from Luna and Mr. Flapper several times, and Blaziken's health had been reduced to half.*

    Things started going downhill when Blaziken woke up.*

    Before anyone could do anything, Blaziken had already prepared a Blaze Kick attack and had knocked Drifloon down to a third of her HP. Drifloon tried to use Hypnosis again, but it was too late: Blaziken launched another Blaze Kick attack, and Luna fell down to the (luckily) soft snow below, knocked out from the hit.*

    "Luna!" Aurora cried, rushing to the side of her Drifloon, and quickly withdrew her to protect her from any further harm. "You did great, Luna," she whispered into the Pokéball, and put it in her pocket, reaching for another one immediately.*

    "Your turn, Cyan!" Aurora exclaimed, with sheer determination visible in her twinkling eyes. Cyan emerged from her Pokéball with the same kind of determination as her trainer. "Vapo!" she said.*

    "Start off with a Water Pulse!" Aurora ordered, hoping that Cyan's newly-learnt move - she had learnt it last Sunday when Aurora had called her father to tell the news of Cyan's evolution, and he had given to her as a gift the TM03, which contained Water Pulse - and Cyan immediately obeyed the command, forming the ball of water and launched it before Blaziken could react. Mr. Flapper followed up with Gust with the order of Aurora, and *Blaziken was hit again, though he managed to escape the attack a few seconds later. To Aurora's dismay, Cyan's Water Pulse hadn't confused Blaziken at all - instead, it was everything but confused.*

    "Water Pulse again!" Aurora yelled, but this time Blaziken was one step ahead of her, and launched a Swift attack at Cyan. The attack cut straight through the Water Pulse, and to her horror, drove straight into her belly. Cyan screamed in pain and collapsed onto the floor, curling up into a ball.*

    But she definitely hadn't given up yet.

    Mustering up the last of her strength, Cyan spit out a Shadow Ball this time. Combined with the power of Mr. Flapper's last-minute-prepared Air Cutter, Blaziken finally gave into the attacks after trying to protect himself with his arms and collapsed onto the snow with a thud, the heat from his body melting some parts of the snow and sliding towards Cyan's body. The water came into contact with her battered body, and Cyan sighed for a moment, before closing her mouth again.*

    Aurora knew that Cyan had just managed to escape the grips of death.*

    She also knew that Cyan's baby was in trouble.*

    The world around her dissolved into a million grains of snow - literally - and Aurora found herself back in the classroom. She was the first one back, unsurprisingly enough - after all, the battle had only lasted a good ten minutes or so.*

    But there wasn't any time to waste. She found herself carrying Cyan's body upon arrival, and she knew that she had to act fast.*

    "Mr. Stone, as you know, Cyan is pregnant, and, and, she, got hit by, by a Swift attack, from Blaziken," Aurora tried to explain in between sobs. "Please, please let me take Cyan to the Pokémon Centre!"
  10. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce

    Cory had finished eating quickly, without saying a word to the others. Ignoring them, he got up and headed off to class after cleaning up his dishes. He slowly walked through the hall, shuffling his feet. The more time he spent alone, he found himself thinking more and more about the Crusaders. The questions never different, just different answers Cory thought up. It was always, why and how. Why me? Why now? And just how? Before he knew it, he was at the door to the classroom. He had taken one of the longer routes through the building and was positive he was one of the last people to arrive. He recalled Servine to his Poke Ball as he made his way to a seat in the far back, passing many of the people in his group of friends. He sat down, and no sooner than 30 seconds did Mr. Jones start, walking into the classroom.
    "Settle down everyone and take your seats. Welcome back to types and usages. I hope you have all had a great week." Mr. Jones walked over to a wall and seemingly pressed a button that caused the classroom to shake. Suddenly a hidden compartment was revealed with a bunch of tube-like machines. Each machine had a Poke Ball holder beside them.
    "I want all of you to return any Pokémon you have out. After this, go to one of the tubes and place all of your Pokémon in the Poke ball holders beside them." Cory got up, and slowly made his way to the machines. Where are Rick and Roy? he thought as he mad his way. Looking around, he saw them instantly appear.
    "Now everyone step inside." Cory did as he was told, and watched as the doors closed around him. A gas was released and Cory found himself dozing off.
    With a startle, Cory found himself back in Unova on the ranch he had worked at. He turned around, confused at first when suddenly a voice came from everywhere and anywhere. It was Mr. Jones again. Cory looked to the sky, probably a dreamlike state he thought probably using Fennel’s technology
    "In this battle, I am going to put you against one of my Pokémon. There will be at least one of your Pokémon who has a type stronger than that of my Pokémon. I want you to exploit that type. You will need to use all of your Pokémon. You will fight 4 vs. 1 or 3 vs. 1 depending on what Pokémon you have. You will be graded on how effectively you fight the opposing Pokémon. When you see it appearing, you may begin."

    Cory found his Poke balls right where they were supposed to be, and tossed them all out into the air as he called each of his Pokémon out. As the Chandelure appeared, Cory grinned.
    “Piece of cake” he muttered.
    As the Chandelure hovered and spun in the air, Cory began formulating a plan. Servine’s moves wouldn’t be that effective and Riolu wouldn’t be able to touch it.
    “Riolu return” Cory called out, returning the small Pokémon, “Servine, Vine Whip and grab a hold of it. Zorua, Dark Pulse and Golett use Shadow Punch when I say so.”
    Servine did as he was told and fired off two vines from his collar as Zorua began forming a Dark Pulse. As the vine’s shot forward, the Chandelure spun around using Calm Mind as well as burning the vines with the flames on its head. However, as it was spinning, Cory ordered Zorua to release its Dark Pulse and for Golett to use Shadow Punch. The dark orbs or aura shot from Zorua’s mouth landing perfectly on the Fire-Ghost type Pokémon. While Golett pulled back one its arms as purple and black energy appeared around it. With his purple and black outline arm, Golett punched forward releasing the energy from his arm in the shape of a fist. The Shadow Punch landed for another super effective hit.

    “Good job” Cory muttered, determined to be the best in his class, “Get ready, its Chandelure’s turn.”
    With that, Chandelure spun round, releasing Shadow Ball’s from each of the “candle holders”.
    “Take cover!” Cory ordered his Pokémon. “Servine try to use Vine Whip to destroy those Shadow Balls. Zorua try and counter with your own Shadow Ball. You too Golett.”
    Zorua and Golett did as told, but there were too many Shadow Balls. Zorua took a hit and was knocked back quite far. A super effective Shadow Ball was about to hit Golett when suddenly a Vine Whip shattered it. However, seeing how open Servine was, Chandelure stopped with the Shadow Ball and sent an Inferno Servine’s way. With not enough time to get a good Protect up, Cory shouted quick orders.
    “Golett, protect Servine and block that Inferno. Servine use Leaf Tornado quick. Zorua, get in the middle of that tornado and use Faint Attack. Then Golett use Shadow Punch again.” Cory hoped this would be enough to take out the Chandelure. As Servine started gathering a tornado of leaves around his tail as soon as Golett jumped in front of the flames, Zorua jumped in the cushion of air at the center of the storm. Servine swung the tornado around, crashing it into Chandelure. With most of the leaves burning on contact, the Chandelure saw Zorua coming had enough time to dodge its attack and send a Shadow Ball at the three Pokémon. Zorua crashed to the ground near a fence while Servine skidded backwards, being partially protected by the remaining tornado of leaves. Golett on the other hand didn’t take the move so well. Golett had been sent flying away from the battle, clinging to stay in the battle.

    With his Pokémon all over the place and all having taken a lot of damage from the multitude of Shadow Balls earlier, Cory had to think of another plan. He had to get close to Chandelure, but avoid it using that bombardment of Shadow Balls. He grimaced as he remembered Chandelure also had managed to get up a Calm Mind at the start of the battle. No wonder his Pokemon took so much damage, while Chandelure had taken not nearly as much even with those super effective hits.
    “Servine and Zorua, Double Team Time” Cory shouted finally thinking of a strategy., “Golett, Mud Slap” As Cory sent out his orders, Zorua leaped off the fencing, transforming into Servine. As he landed, both Zorua and Servine created multiple copies of themselves. At the same time, Golett began spinning on the ground, sending dirt flying at Chandelure. As Chandelure braced the attacks and countered with Shadow Ball, Zorua and Servine crept closer to their opponent. Golett took the Shadow Ball but much better than before as the dirt softened the hit. Distracted by the flying dirt, and the remaining copies of Servine, Chandelure wasn’t sure where to attack.
    “Servine, now Leaf Tornado” Cory ordered, anticipating something to happen. Sure enough as the Leaf Tornado struck the Chandelure, it burst into dust. Servine looked surprised as his clones disappeared but Cory wasn’t. Cory thought he had spotted Chandelure use Substitute right after it had attacked Golett, and his guess had been correct.
    “Zorua, now’s your chance. Use Faint Attack.” Still in the guise of Servine, Zorua jumped out from behind the real Chandelure and struck it hard.
    “Finish it with a Shadow Punch Golett” Golett did as it was told and attacked the shocked Chandelure with Shadow Punch. With the Chandelure fainted, the world around Cory disintegrated. Cory smiled smugly as he came back to the classroom pretty much at the exact same time as Aurora, maybe a millisecond difference. Happy with himself, Cory walked over to Mr. Jones to receive further instructions.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2011
  11. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    OCC: Too Tired to make a post for Rick. He is just coming out after Cory.
    Pba Classroom

    Seth watched as Aurora was the first to come out of the Tube. He had watched her battle and was highly upset. He knew why too. However, she did not know that he was expecting something like this to happen. Out next was Cory. Then a couple of seconds later was Rick. These trainers were definately good. He had to give them that. Aurora was to first one to reach him.

    "Mr. Stone, as you know, Cyan is pregnant, and, and, she, got hit by, by a Swift attack, from Blaziken," Aurora tried to explain in between sobs. "Please, please let me take Cyan to the Pokémon Centre!" To her shock, he just laughed. Seth knew this would bewilder the girl, so he decided to speak. "Your Vaporeon is fine Ms. Aurora. I am guessing you forgot to realize that this is a simulator. However real the effect were in there, they will only effect your mind." He still did not see Vaporeon recover. "However, if you continue to believe something is wrong, he body will inevitably take over, and cause something to go wrong. If you still want her looked at..." At the precise moment, Nurse Joy and a Dr. for the infarmy walked in. Nurse Joy said, "We are set up in the next room."

    Seth replied, "Excellent. Now Ms. Aurora, if Vaporeon is still ill, you can hand her to nurse Joy. If you are filling ill, then you can go with the Doctor to the next room. Otherwise, I would appreciate if you, Mr. Cory, and Mr. Rick would take seats against the wall while we wait for four more classmates to finish.

    With that, Seth dismissed the girl to do as she pleased. He was thoroughly impressed. Ten minutes even for Aurora. 10:06 for Cory, and 10:26 for Rick. They came pretty close in time. He wondered who would come out next. Maybe they will be able to eat lunch. That is if they can perform the next task just as quickly.

    2 Minutes passed. Rachel walked out of the Machine. She was officially timed at 12:43. Still a pretty good time considering the pokemon they were facing.
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  12. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Aurora Harper

    If it was a simulator... Aurora thought as she nodded briskly and hurried to the infirmary next door, how come Cyan... How come Cyan isn't healthy, like she should be?" Just to make sure that Cyan was the only one not healed, Aurora sent out Luna, who had been knocked out in the battle. She looked fine and healthy, curiously looking at Aurora. "Why did you send me out? I was trying to sleep," she scoffed, and returned to her Pokéball.*

    "But... Why Cyan?" Aurora muttered under her breath as she arrived at the infirmary and was greeted by Nurse Joy, then explained the situation to her.*


    Nurse Joy returned from the emergency room with a worried look. Aurora immediately stood up, hoping that there would be good news. "Is Cyan alright? And the baby? She can recover, right?"

    Nurse Joy just continued to look at Aurora sadly. "Unfortunately, I think that Cyan has slipped into a coma, I know that it was a simulator, but somehow the effects must have remained upon returning to this world..." Nurse Joy noticed that tears had begun to form on Aurora's eyes, and tried to comfort her. "No, no, it's not like she'll die!" she added with half a smile - not an encouraging one, at least.*

    "But... But the baby..." Aurora sobbed, tears now freely running down her pale cheeks. "Will... Will it be alright?"

    Nurse Joy put a comforting hand on Aurora's shoulder. "I think the doctors at the Pokémon Centre should be able to perform a Caesarian section so that the Egg can be delivered safely... It will need to be in the incubator for quite a while, though," Nurse Joy added, and Aurora's face fell. At least the Egg can survive," she thought, trying to stay positive.*


    Aurora sat down glumly back in the classroom. Great, now she was back to square one; crazy things were happening again.*
  13. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Classroom

    At 14:23 Mari exited the machine. Followed Closely by Tim at 14:30. Lastly at 14:58, Julia exited the Machine. Lastly, Roy exited the Machine at 15:38 fully completeing the seven Seth thought he needed to go. Everyone else was still struggling with their battles, so Seth decided to go ahead and send this group on their Mission.

    Mostly, everyone was sitting quietly, but Aurora looked Angry, no doubt angry at Seth. Maybe he was a little too nonchalant about the vaporeon thing. Oh well, the vaporeon needed to learn how to battle even through this circumstance.

    With that Seth addressed the class. "All right. Here is what I am going to have you guys do. First, I want you to go to your dorm rooms and change into your swim wear. After that, You guys will meet me on the beach. All of you will be diving into the ocean to find a dratini egg. I recieved a report from a swampert that the egg has been left alone, parents have abandoned it. In that matter, we need to capture it, and bring it back so that the pokemon can be raised in a healthy environment."

    Seth then sighed. "Also, I was planning on giving the egg to one of the students after next weeks lecture/challenge. I thought it might be a good experience for you guys to possibly battle against water pokemon. Only use pokemon with a type advantage. If you don't have one, use a neutrual type. The only exception to this rule is if you have a water pokemon, which can utilize this environment."

    Seth looked at all the students. "If any of you have a fear of water pokemon or the depths of the water, you better speak now. If you feel," Seth was addressing Roy, "that you cannot complete the task based on your leg, you have the option not to go." Then he addressed the whole class. " The egg is about 200 Meters away from the shore. Espeon will use its Psychic powers to drop you out towards the egg, which you must then find. It will be up to you to swim back." Seth the gave a cheekly smile. "Espeon will be their to monitor your progress and help if neccessary. I will have a breathing tool that converts water to air for you at the shore of the beach next to Espeon. Please try not to injure yourselves and die. Lastly, you are responsible to making it to lunch on time. If you don't it is not my fault if you don't eat. If you have no other questions, you are dismissed."

    With that, Seth turned back to his computer, put on some headphone and began watching the battles.

    Pba Classroom

    To Rick, Seth seemed entierly to calm on this matter. Us students did not know what pokemon were down there. Moreover, Ricks two strongest pokemon could not stay powerfull in water. Joy would be to hyper. So it was going to be up to Psy to help. Rick still wasn't sure how he responded to him though. So this might just be his downfall. Rick, after finally accepting the orders was the first to leave. At the door, he glanced back to see Seth watching thirty battles on the screen. How he did that, Rick wasn't sure. Rick then turned and addressed Roy, "Would you like help going downstairs. I'm asking because I don't want you almost hurting me again." Rick said it in a joking matter, remembering how Roy almost destroyed his future of reproducing. Rick then gave a Coy smile.
  14. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    Pba Classroom-Dorm-Beach

    Rachel listend to everything that Seth said. getting a Dratini egg would be exciting. She was winning next weeks challenge for sure. Then he mentioned food and death. Death, she was afraid off, but missing lunch. NO WAY!! She heard Rick pause to help Carry Roy. Those to had bonded quite a bit. Anyways back to FOOD!!!. With that, she ran, edged by Rick saying excuse me, Then ran down the steps. Out the door she flew. Then she realized, Moltress dorms were the farthest from the beach. Darn, she would need to make it.

    After about three minutes, she was in her dorm room. She pulled out her bathing suit. It was white with blue starts two piece. She quickly put it on. She looked at herself in the mirror. Rachel was a little self-conciousness, but put it out of her mind for food. She left her two pokemon at the room and ran to the beach. Somehow, she was still the first to arrive, even though it was just right outside Roy's dorm. Maybe Rick had carried Roy afterall. Anyways, did the others not realize how long it might take to find the egg. There was only one hour until lunch, and it only lasted for an hour. We needed to move.

    At last, Rachel spotted the Espeon. It was lying strectched out on the beach. Next to it were breathing convertors. They were yellow. She would only be needing one because she would be using horsea. The others still weren't there, and Rachel realized her Rush was for nothing. She sat next to Espeon waiting for the others to arrive.

    OCC: Short post is Short.
  15. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    Roy was the last of his group of friends to exit the machine. The battle hadn't been too difficult, but the fact that Excadrill used dig every other time it attacked certainly dragged it out. In the end, it had been Ziggy who got the win, using surf to flood the mole pokemon's tunnels. After exiting the dream-inducing tube, he sat quietly at his desk. He notice Aurora looked both upset and really angry, since she had a few lines from tears on her face but was constantly shooting menacing looks at the teacher. Roy figured he'd ask later, and turned his attention to Seth who began talking.

    Seth explained the "mission", then turned to Roy. "If you feel that you cannot complete the task based on your leg, you have the option not to go." He said, then turned back to the class and continued explaining. After the instructions were finished, Roy started thinking to himself.

    Would doing this be a good idea? he thought, remembering what had happened the last time he'd gone for a "swim" in the water around the island. But he also remembered that his cast was water-proof, and Ziggy was a great swimmer, well I guess I could do it... Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted as he walked out of the classroom, by none other than Rick.

    "Would you like help going downstairs. I'm asking because I don't want you almost hurting me again." He said jokingly. Roy chuckled a bit, then answered.

    "Nah dude I'm good. Too bad Blu's so small, I'd have her fly me..." Roy smiled, grabbing his crutches which somehow ended up leaning against the wall, apparently left there by a nurse or a janitor. He then slowly made his way to his dorm, Rick walking beside him.


    Naturally, Roy was the last to arrive at the beach. Changing clothes alone took at least five minutes, and by the time he made it to the beach everyone was already waiting. He couldn't help but blush slightly when he saw Aurora in her bathing suit, but luckily managed not to stare...too much. He released Ziggy from his pokeball, grabbed a water-breathing device, and sat down in the sand, tired from standing on one leg.
  16. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Aurora Harper

    Mr. Stone rambled on about the quest to find the Dratini Egg, yadda yadda. Aurora's mind soon sidetracked to thinking about Cyan and her egg, yet she somehow managed to remember everything that he said.*

    A bathing suit was something that Aurora lacked. She had never considered that she would need to swim for a lesson, for obvious reasons - but then, this was the PBA, the craziest academy ever known to mankind (well, at least, to Aurora). She decided that she'd just go in her normal clothes - she did have other clothes, after all.*

    Wait. She had almost forgotten the fact that she was the daughter of one of Sinnoh's most successful and wealthiest businessmen.*

    After a quick trip to the Pokémon Centre, a difficult negotiation with her father, and an even more difficult search for her bathing suit, Aurora was finally in a sky-blue swimsuit, with a matching blue dressing gown to "protect her from suspicious men", as her father had said.*

    "If only Cyan could be here with me..." Aurora murmured, as a large tear rolled down her cheek. Pushing aside her stray thoughts, she decided to head to the beach. Thankfully, she certainly wasn't the last one there when she arrived - she could immediately see that Rachel was the only other person there. Not even Julia, who was pretty organised, had come. Espeon was lying idly on the sand, yawning and waiting for the others to join her.*

    Aurora immediately took this up as a chance to befriend Rachel - she and herself hadn't really formed a bond, and Aurora was desperate to make another friend who was a girl. "Hey there," Aurora greeted, rooting around her mind until she found a topic to discuss. "So, the culprit who froze me hasn't been found yet, have they?" Aurora frowned a little bit as she remembered that first day of school when she was mysteriously frozen by someone - or something, for that matter - and all that trouble with those funky Crusaders had forced the little 'investigation' of Miss Lopez to be postponed to a later date.*
  17. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Dorms/Beach

    Rick walked beside Roy all the way back to his dorms. Roy's came up first, but a couple of doors later, Rick was in his room. He completely undressed and put on some swim trunks. They were the same shade of red as his hair, and had little Torchics and Cyndaquils on them. He hoped people didn't view them as childish.

    Rick went over to the mirror. He looked himself over. He had a six pack forming. I guess that was pretty good. Even though he had an athletic build, from the front he did look kind of skinny. Rick sighed. Well, he might need to do more weight trainning if he wanted to gain weight and muscle. However, he rubbed his stomach, the abs were comming in nicely. I guess all that running does the trick.

    "Way not the be a narcissict."said Jacob. He was a little angry he couldn't go with Rick. Rose and Jacob liked helping, but Rick needed them to watch eevee in the room. Rick replied, "I'll only be gone an hour if that. The one I am really worried about is Roy. If we have a current, he is going to need help. Plus this will give me time to bond with Psy." With that, Rick left his pokemon and walked over to the beach. Only Rachel and Aurora had arrived first.

    Rachel looked beautiful in her bathing suit. It was very pretty. Not overly flashly, but not too childish either. With Aurora, you could only see part of her bathing suit. She was wearing a dressing gown covering herself up. Still, she looked beautiful. The two were having a conversation. That was good. They really hadn't been talking since this little group was formed. Instead of interuppting, Rick slowly went by espeon, and stood next to it. He looked at the sea waves until the others arrived.
  18. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    PBA Beach

    "Hey There." Someone had just called out to Rachel. The voice was unmistakeably female. Since this sounded familar, only one guess who. Rachel turned around to see Aurora. It looked like Aurora actually wanted to talk to Rachel. Not that this was a bad thing. Rachel and Aurora really hadn't talked at all since the beginning. So, it really was weird to be having a conversation with her. If Aurora wanted to be friends, Rachel minus well try too. Rachel replied "Hey."

    "So, the culprit who froze me hasn't been found yet, have they?" Aurora frowned a little bit. She must be remembering the incident. Rachel really felt sorry for Aurora, but she attracted a lot of accidents. The tentacruel, the freezing, Cyan and the baby, she was just a recipe for disaster. Rachel replied, "No, they haven't yet. Personally, I think it was those crusaders who attacked Roy. We will know soon though. I hear Ms. Irene will start the investigation when she finds a bit more free time." Rachel wanted to talk about something other than that depressing subject.

    "Anyways. So are you excited to go find the Dratini egg. I have never been diving before, so I am completely excited. What do you..." The Rachel noticed Rick standing on the other side of Espeon. "Wait, when did you get here." Rick turned to face her. He did have really beautiful eyes. The blue was just mesmerizing. He was shirtless, only wearing his red boardshorts with Torchics and Cyndaquils on them. It looked kinda of childish, but you he got a pass.

    Then, the was his body. More importantly, his abs. Rachel knew that Rick could possibly be a male model, but Boys his age usually hadn't developed abs yet, which just made the all the more attractive. Rachel stood up and walked over to him and rubbed her hand over them. Rick looked a little creeped out, but Rachel had to see. Yup they were real. She took her hand off them and looked directly up. "Wow, how did you develope that at your age. Sorry for creepping you out, but I had to make sure those were real."

    Then Rachel remembered Aurora wanting to be friends. She turned back and asked her, "Are you excited?"
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Mari and Tim
    PBA Beach

    Mari and Tim were among the last to arrive on the beach. It took so long because Mari had to decide on what swimsuit to wear, she had so many to pick from it was really a difficult decision. While Tim stood by and waited for her to finish. Eventually, she setteled on a red two piece, with a red cover-up over it. she also had on a pair of sunglasses and sandals. Tim had on a pair of dark blue board shorts and sandals. In Mari's opinion, he had looked good shirtless. He wasn't too skinny, but he wasn't overly muscular either. Mari was weraring suglasses, so Tim didn't notice her stealing glances at him from time to time.

    When they got there, Tim was releievd that they weren't completely late. Mari sent out her Feebas and let her swim in the water. Untill she evolved, underwater things like this were the only place where Mari could use her. Tim was going to use Rei, his newly captured Pikachu. Unfortunately, she still wasn't happy about being captured, and she refused to cooperate with him. Since he really wanted to get this Dratini egg, he decided to use Tad, his Lotad. He was Water type, and also part Grass so he would still have a type advantage here. Plus, Tad would really appreciate playing with Mari's feebas anyway.

    (There's not much for them to do really. :/ I'm definitely throwing in some NPC's later.)
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  20. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Beach/Ocean

    One thing Rick noticed, Rachel and Aurora were talking. The next thing she was on top of him rubbing his stomach. Rick was bewildered. It was a very awkward experience. Then Rachel stopped and looked like she had reached a conclusion. She said, "Wow, how did you develope that at your age. Sorry for creepping you out, but I had to make sure those were real." Wait, she thought that Rick had painted them on. Rick had to laugh at that.

    Rick turned around. Everyone but Cory had arrived. Mari and Tim had released their pokemon into the sea. Both water pokemon. So a couple of the breathing tools were unneccessary. Rick the thought about what just happened to him. He started laughing. What a weird group they had. Then a voice spoke. Everyone on the beach heard it. "What is so funny Mr. Jones. You are interrupting my peace."

    Rick paused to see where that came from. No one had said anything. They looked just a confused. Then it spoke again. "Of course the last one would be late, but I would like you all to move." All of the sudden, Rick found the breathing tool in his mouth, as did the others. There was a blue outline around it. It was then he realized that it was espeon. Espeon spoke again saying, "Begone. I will send Julia and Cory in once they arrive until then, I would like my peace." With that, Espeon used psychic, picked all the pokemon and trainers present up, and tossed them in the sea. It was a floating to the spot. The espeon litterally threw them at it with a Psychic blast. Rick landed with a hard flash and began going down.

    In the water, Horsea, Zigzagoon, lotad, and feebas swam freely. Psy came to rest of Rick's shoulder not being a good swimmer. Aurora was getting ready to release her pokemon. Then Rick realized that the group had not come up with a plan for finding the egg. It would litterally be impossible to talk underwater without dying. Unless. Maybe it could work. If he could communicate with pokemon, maybe he could communicate with humans. Rick reached out with his mind to the others and said, "can you hear me?" Hopefully the could.

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