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Pokemon Battle Academy Redo

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Slipomatic, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Aurora Harper

    Aurora stood rather awkwardly as Rachel attached her hands onto Rick's abs, rubbing over them. What's gotten into this girl? she thought incredulously.

    "Are you excited?" Rachel suddenly said, snapping Aurora out of her thoughts. "Wha-? Oh, um, yeah, I guess..." Aurora muttered, feeling even more awkward.

    Aurora turned away, turning her focus on which Pokémon to use. Cyan was in a coma (unfortunately enough), using Blaze was just outta the question, and she was almost certain that Luna's body structure would male it impossible for her to sink into the water. So that left...

    ...Mr. Flapper.

    "Shoot," Aurora muttered under her breath, reaching for her Murkrow's Pokéball. Mr. Stone had been stupid enough to tell her that Cyan would be alright in a simulator that was dangerous...

    ...Thinking about it, Aurora hadn't told Mr. Stone about Cyan yet.

    Aurora made her way to his Espeon, who was lying next to the beach, resting idly. "Hey, I've got something to tell you," Aurora whispered, quietly yet sharply, gently kicking Espeon to wake her up.

    "What?" she answered, yawning.

    "Tell Mr. Stone that his simulator almost killed my Vaporeon, and that he should be expecting a call from my father soon," Aurora said angrily.

    (OoC: Was that bunnying? If so, sorry. Anyway, Aurora can talk with Pokémon, sooooo...)
  2. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Ooc- Sorry I’m late with posting this,

    Cory Royce

    Cory was the last one out of the class after Mr. Jones had given the first few students out of the machine new instructions. He casually walked back to his dorm room; he truly didn’t care whether he found the egg or if he would win next week’s challenge. Opening his dorm room, he tossed his belongings onto his bed. Instead of grabbing his swim trunks, Cory moved the mouse around on his desktop until the screen saver disappeared. He sat down and spun around in his chair as the Crusader site opened up. After logging in, Cory scrolled down through a list of students and opened Aurora’s. This was his time to update some profiles. He scrolled through her page until the Pokémon section appeared. He clicked on the image of Cyan the Vaporeon and added some details. Expecting to lay and egg and possibly injured. Confirmation pending, he quickly typed up. After scrolling through some other profiles which he updated, Cory finally logged off and searched for his swim shorts. Once found, Cory quickly got changed into his black swim trunks. He grabbed a Poké Ball off of his bed and a towel from his closet. With everything set, Cory locked his room and left the building towards the beach.

    Of course, Cory was the last person to arrive at the beach. He couldn’t see anyone else, but he knew he was the last since there were only two breathing tools left. He dropped the towel on the shore and called out his Servine. Without a word, Cory grabbed the two breathing aids and gave one to Servine, and put the other in his mouth. He took his shirt off and strolled past Espeon, and into the water. Followed by Servine, Cory began to swim out into the ocean.
  3. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    PBA Beach/Ocean

    Aurora said, "Wha-? Oh, um, yeah, I guess..." I guess Aurora was awkward on what I had done to Rick. Oh well. Then Aurora stood up and made hew way over to Espeon and wispered something in her ear. Rachel really wanted to know what she said, but private things were private. Plus, Mari and Tim were alking up on the beach. Mari looked pretty as usual. Tim was suprisingly cute shirtless. Rachel really hadn't payed him no mind, being the other boys in the group, but Tim was really cute. Mari had found herself a good boyfriend.

    Right behind them was Roy. He blushed slightly as he approached us. Then he sent out his zizagoon. All of this happened while Rick was apparently laughing off the awkward situation that just took place. Now that Rachel thought about it, it was kinda of funny. She smiled. Then there was a voice. A male voice one like she never heard before. It wasn't a human voice, but at the same time it was. The last thing was that no one had said anything, but everyone had heard it, and looked as bewildered as she was.

    The voice said, "What is so funny Mr. Jones. You are interrupting my peace." Rick was the first one to guess where the voice was comming from. Not that he said anything, the realization came over his face. Almost immediately, she could see it happening with Aurora. Still, Rachel and the others did not know where it was coming from. Then it spoke again, "Of course the last one would be late, but I would like you all to move." All of the sudden, breathing tools were forced in everyones mouth.

    Then whatever it was spoke again, "Begone. I will send Julia and Cory in once they arrive until then, I would like my peace." All of the sudden, we were all floating in the air. There was a blue outline around us. Was this psychic. What pokemon could... Then Rachel realized it was Espeon. She said, "Espeon wai..." But she couldn't finish. The epseon sent out a psychic blast the flew all of them into the water far away from shore. They all came crashing down in the water.

    It took a couple of seconds to get her bearings back right. Then she looked around at the others. Where would they start looking. We hadn't devised a plan yet. Rachel then heard another voice say, "can you hear me." Rachel was really getting tired of Psychic stuff, but it was obvious that this was from Rick. She replied, thinking, "I can hear you." Some of the others responded as well. "Ok. So what are we going to do to find this egg. We have a Psychic, a person who can talk to pokemon, do we have an egg finder on our team as well?
  4. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    Good thing I put my crutches down, Roy thought to himself as he swam towards the rest of the group, they'd make swimming even harder. A minute earlier, he'd released Ziggy and was sitting on the warm sand of the beach, and the next, a strange voice was talking to him in his head.

    "Begone. I will send Julia and Cory in once they arrive until then, I would like my peace." It had said, and suddenly Roy was flying over the ocean with the breathing apparatus in his mouth. He noticed that there was a slight blue glow around him, but before he could make anything of it, it disappeared and he was in the water.

    As he swam towards the group he realized that there was no way of communication for planning. Coincidentally, that was the exact moment another voice contacted him.

    Can you hear me? the voice, which he recognized as Rick's, asked.

    Uhh, yeah, I hear you. Roy responded along with a few others. Then Rachel "spoke".

    Ok. So what are we going to do to find this egg. We have a Psychic, a person who can talk to pokemon, do we have an egg finder on our team as well? She said. Roy thought for a moment, then joined in.

    What if we split into groups? He thought, hoping the others could hear him, That way we'd be able to find the egg quicker? Thoughts?
  5. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Academy

    "That way we'd be able to find the egg quicker? Thoughts?" said Roy. It was glad that he changed the subject, what Rachel said kinda of hurt him. It was the way she said it. Ok, so now being a psychic was a bad thing. Rick knew the first day they met, she didn't like him. Had that not changed over the week. It really saddended Rick that it hadn't.

    Anyways, back to the task on hand. "Well, right now we have an even number of people. So we can put Tim and Mary together. You guys will officially be called the lovebirds. Aurora and Roy can be together, well call them team cool. Which leave Rachel with me. Cory and the other girl can join a group or create their own whenever they get here. Anyone have a problem with that.

    There was a meaning for the way Rick created the groups. For one, even though Rachel probably didn't like him, she and Aurora never really interacted. He didn't want them fighting underwater. Plus, she didn't want Rachel getting between Roy and Aurora. Roy was his Bro and Rachel needed to learn her place. Plus, it gave her a chance to actually get to know Rick. If she still didn't like him, then so be it.

    Addressing the group, Rick said, "I have never used my powers like this before, and don't know how it will effect me, so after this, I am going to turn it off and we will have to go by body language ok? Ok then lets split up." With that, the groups went their separate ways.

    PBA Academy

    Espeon said, "Cory is swimming toward them. I just sent Julia towards Aurora and Roy. Should we start the plan?" Seth replied, "Yes. Let us see what these children are made of. Give them a five minute head start, then send the water pokemon after them."

    Seth smiled and sat in his chair. Only three other students had managed to win. The others were still struggling with their battles. He wondered how those eight would fair.

    Five minutes later, twenty-one different water pokemon set out for the groups. They diverged into three groups of seven and then went around, planning their course of attack.
  6. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    PBA Academy

    Rachel was angry. She would have been fine with anyone else but Rick. It is not that she didn't like him or anything. It was just that, his psychic powers freaked her out a little. Not that being a Psychic was a bad thing. It just wasn't natural. Plus she wanted to be paired with Roy. Of course he would be with Aurora. Rachel thought that Rick was trying to push Roy to Aurora. Rachel remembered that something had happened between the two in the last week. She just wasn't sure.

    Rachel was traveling behind Rick with horsea beside her. Immediately when they broke off into their subgroups, Rick had taken off. He was a faster swimmer than Rachel. He slowed his pace so that she could follow behind him. Ralts was still hanging onto his shoulder. He apparently couldn't swim by itself. Rachel looked at horsea. In the past week, they had become really close. Hopefully, this would continue. Even though Horsea still didn't like contest, he was warming up to them.

    Rachel looked around. They had started swimming northwest closer to the island to look for the egg. However, they had not seen any pokemon. Rachel loved water pokemon, and wanted to see them in their natural habitat. Yet, non had appeared. This was very weird and made her somewhat nervous. It was way to quiet. Were were all the pokemon. Then Rachel saw a glimpse. Something was approaching them. It wasn't a pokemon that Rachel had ever seen. Rachel was scared. "IT IS A SEE MONSTER!!!" she said to her self and shouted into her mouth breather thing. Apparently, Rick must have heard her. Through Telepathy or sound she didn't know. But he turned to where she was staring.
  7. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    Aurora and Roy can be together, well call them team cool. Roy blushed the moment he heard those thoughts. Roy wanted to swim up to Rick him and smack him in the face.

    Is this some sort of sick joke? He thought to himself, praying to Arceus that nobody else was listening, He knows I like her, I can barely look at her without blushing! So why would he put me through this torture? sighing through his breathing device, then listened back into Rick.

    I have never used my powers like this before, and don't know how it will effect me, so after this, I am going to turn it off and we will have to go by body language ok? Ok then lets split up. With a nod, Roy swam off, Ziggy and Aurora close behind

    After a few minutes of swimming, Roy stopped for a rest, not really realizing how heavy his cast was. He and Aurora hadn't communicated at all throughout the swim, so he felt pretty awkward. As slowly began descending towards a nearby boulder, his least favorite Pokemon decided to show up; a big, nasty Tentacruel, who's tentacle nearly hit him in the face. He signaled for Ziggy, but the small Pokemon was busy fighting a Vaporeon. He looked back towards Aurora, then beyond her towards a Sharpedo rapidly swimming towards her. Roy turned around, pointing towards it to get Aurora's attention...

    ...then felt the sharp sting of the Tentacruel's tentacle.
  8. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce

    Cory knew that he and Servine had reached roughly the 200 meter mark when someone else's thoughts had started to invade Cory's mind. Cory shook his head wanting to get rid of it. All the talk of psychic people he had heard growing up he waved off as some fools tale. Now it appeared someone had actually broken into his most personal place, his mind, and he was not happy at all. Finally he had no choice as the alien thoughts continued into his head.
    "Well, right now we have an even number of people. So we can put Tim and Mary together. You guys will officially be called the lovebirds. Aurora and Roy can be together, well call them team cool. Which leave Rachel with me. Cory and the other girl can join a group or create their own whenever they get here. Anyone have a problem with that.

    Cory's eyes narrowed as he continued to swim, it was Rick. He was sure to include Rick's little gift onto his profile.
    "I have never used my powers like this before, and don't know how it will effect me, so after this, I am going to turn it off and we will have to go by body language ok? Ok then lets split up."
    Cory smiled, Good, no need for freaks. Bad enough some of the claims of what people can do. He continued to swim, finally diving under water. He prefered to look on his own, but if he ran into someone he supposed he could be part of their 'team'.
    Cory looked back at his Servine and motioned to dive deeper. As he dove deeper, he heard a scream from the surface. He stopped in mid swim to see what it was.

    Apparently it was Rachel who had scream something that sounded like a muffled sea monster. Cory felt like face palming, of course it wasn't a sea monster. It was probably some Pokemon. Sure enough, Cory looked harder through the water and saw a murky figure approach Racel and what appeared to be Rick from below. Squinting, Cory thought it may have been a Swampert.
    "Servine, leaf tornado" Cory gurgled through his breathing device.
    Servine did as told, and started to form an underwater leaf tornado. Being underwater, it took more effort to get the leaves into an actual tornado and the result was a mini whirl pool on the water surface. Servine brought the leaf tornado around and slammed it into Swampert just underneath Rachel, bringing the mini whirl pool with it. Cory in the meantime had swam back to the surface.
    "Looks I'm stuck with you. You guys okay?" he said, panting slightly. "And you, don't ever do that with my mind again". Cory said this last little bit while pointing at Rick, "Not cool"
  9. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Academy

    All of the sudden, the pokemon became visible. It wasn't a sea monster, but it was a swampert. Wow Rachel could be a scardey cat. Rick would have laughed had it not been for the fact it was headding straight for them. So the pokemon wasn't going to be friendly, well that wasn't RIcks problem. Let the battle begin. Right before Rick could attack, a leafstorm came right out of nowhere. It caught the swampert is a whirlpool like leaf thing and sent it away. So this must meant that..

    As if answering his question, Cory swam up. They were all at the surface now. The whirlpool had forced them up. Cory removed his breathing tool and said, "Looks I'm stuck with you. You guys okay?" He was panting slightly. He didn't swim all the way here did he. "And you, don't ever do that with my mind again". He was now pointing at Rick. But Rick was confuesed. What had he done to Cory's mind? "Not cool." Rick was still bewildered.

    Then he understood. Rick must have somehow included Cory in the conversation against his will. Meaning, Cory had swam out here. Was that Espeon pmsing today. Wow. Just wow. Anyways, Rick was just communicating with everyone. Why did his group have to be compromised of people who kinda of hated his ability. Its not his fault. Blame the parents. Anyways, they needed to look for the egg. Rick still didn't know why Professor Seth couldn't do it, but oh well.

    Rick said, "Sorry, I won't do it again. Ok. Lets go searching." With that Rick dove back into the water. Before he had even gone twenty feetin depth, an ice beamshot right over his and Psy's heads. He looked to where it had come from and the swampert was back. Really. What had we done to it. Next to it was a miolitic. Rick had heard things about Miolitic's beauty, but it was just even more so in person. Espically in its natural habitat. Right now, Rick was regretting taking Seth's offer. Now they were fighting against two powerful pokemon. This should be fun.

    All of the sudden, there was a gurrgling noise that sounded like a charging of sorts. Rick looked left and dove deeper, just missing a hyper beam. "What the hell. A Gyrados." Rick thought. Ok so it was time to battle. Snivy and Cory could handle the swampert easily. Miolotic had a high sp def, so it was not a place for Rick to battle it. So Rick went for Gyrados. Hopefully, Rachel was a good enough battler to take out the miolitic.

    Rick sawm towards the gyrados. Then it cam charging at him. It barred it's teeth which turned to ice. Ice fang huh. He waited until it got close enough, Then nooded his head. Ralts sent out a thunderwave followed by a shockwave. They both hit gyrados inrapid succession. It flew back, but recovered. This pokemon was strong. It swam as fast as it could, and the used whirlpool. Psy used confusion to hold the whirlpool steady, but it still succumbed to its power and was flown off of Rick's shoulder. Rick sparred a glance which was his undoing. The Gyrados took this time to use wrap on Rick. It was squeezing a little too tight. Rick lost his breathing tool. and was now holding his breath upon being squeezed. Was it really going to endlike this.

    All of the sudden, both Rick and the gyrados were shock by shock waves over and over again. Rick was used to electric attacks from playing with the pikachu, but a gyrados wouldn't be. It got shocked five times and thelet go of Rick, fainting, and falling to the ocean floor. Psy swam up beside Rick and gave him his breathing thing back. Rick put it in his mouth and turned to the others. They were swiftly beating their opponents as well. Rick guessed that he could just watch, and see their battling styles. For some reason, Rick was forming a headache. Was it because of the two tight squeeze. He didn't know. It was just a little ping. They needed to find the egg and get out of the water before more pokemon came and attacked them.

    OCC: This was my thounsandth post. Go Me. *starts dancing*
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
  10. Ambre

    Ambre Power of Water

    OCC: If I still had my old account. I would be around 3000.


    Rachel followed Rick as he dove underwater. Then, an ice beam came soaring right between them. It froze the water between her and Rick. Rachel was about to tell horsea to use headbutt, but a hyper beam removed the ice. It scared Rachel so much that she swam backward into Cory. Even though she didn't mean too, she still felt Cory's chest. It was strong just as she imagined it to be. She didn't have time too look at his abs though. Rachel immediately saw Rick going towards a gyrados. That left a miolotic and swampert. She wasn't sure if her horsea could handle either of them. However, she knew that Cory could make quick work of swampert, and could help her if need be. Plus there was Rick and his Psychicness.

    So Rachel looked up at Cory, who she was against, smiled, put her arms around his shoulders, curved into a ball, and used him like a spring in order to launch faster at the Miolitic. Horsea came up beside her, and she grabbed him. He pulled them both speedily past the miolitic down further into the depths. The Miolitic turned around and chased after them. It was pretty quick. However, Rachel knew all about water pokemon, and was not about to lose easily. She let go of horsea and turned around. Miolitic looked both at horsea and her then began to charge horsea. Too bad miolitic would be to slow.

    Horsea used rain dance. A big ball went up through the water into the air. Clouds started to form and then it began to rain outside the ocean. Horsea glowed a light blue. Swift swim was kicking in. Rachel motioned with her left hand, and horsea was off. He used whirlpool, making the Miolitic spin round and round. Then it used icy wind. Normally, icy wind isn't a frezzing move, but for some reason, when Dusk and Horsea used it, it could freeze their opponents. Maybe some weird genetic thing.

    The Miolitic was frozen in a picture capturing way. Then it broke free and used wrap on horsea. Horsea was stuck. Miolitic was charging a hyper beam, and horsea looked paniced. Then an idea happened to rachel. She made a motion with her head flinging it back and forth. Horsea immediately understood and started hitting Miolitic with the back oh his head. Immediately miolitic cried in pain and let go. It had been poisoned by Horsea's poison point. Now it was angry. Horsea used headbutt and backed away.

    The miolitic reared its head and used ice beam. Which the horsea doged. It let out a hyper beam. It doged this again. The poison was taking effect, all horsea had to do was keep doging. However, during one of the doges, horsea got hit with an aqua tail and was flung back towards Rachel.She caught it and watched in horror as the Miolitic charged up a hyper beam. There was no time to dodge. However, the mioltic closed its mouth and just fell to the bottom of the sea. It fainted? It seemed the poison had succeeded. That was lucky.

    Rachel swam up to see the other two had already finished.Of course she would be the last one. The rain on the surface was clearing up, and horsea was losing his glow.They minus well get looking for the egg. Rachel pointed somewhere towards the bottom and inclined her head. She wanted to go this way to look for the egg. She had a hunch that it might be over here. Hey, she might even by psychic. Rachel would have chuckled had it not been for the fact it was nearly impossible to do so.
  11. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Cory Royce

    Rick had looked confused, as if unsure what Cory was talking about. Give me a break Cory thought, he had to know what he had done.
    “Sorry, I won't do it again. Ok. Lets go searching." Rick said as if finally understanding what Cory meant. With that Rick dove back underwater. Cory was treading water, catching his breath when suddenly a formation of ice erupted near where Rick and his ralts had dove. Apparently the Swampert was back, with a Milotic. Crap Cory though, I doubt there’s no coincidence that Mr. Jones was too lazy to fetch the egg in waters with powerful Water types. Suddenly after a gurgling noise, a hyper beam shot towards the surface. A Gyrados appeard and Rick had dove deeper to avoid its attack. Rick swam after the Gyrados, and the next thing Cory knew Rachel, who had swam up against him after he surfaced, had threw her arms around his shoulders and used his chest as a spring board to launch herself along towards the Milotic. What the hell is up with her? Cory though. He quickly put his breathing device back in his mouth and swam after the Swampert. The Swampert had given chase to Rick, so Cory decided to lure him away. Turning to Servine he motioned his hands in a whip like motion. Luckily for him, Servine understood and two vines appeared around his collar. The vines slowly made their way through the water and started to whip Swampert on its back. The Swampert turned around angrily and shot an Ice Beam at them. The water around Cory turned a frigid cold and then ice. He and Servine barely missed it. If he or Servine were to be caught, it most likely would mean the end for them.

    With Swamperts attention, Cory started to swim away from both Rachel and Rick. He looked back every once a while to make sure he wouldn’t be frozen to death. After what he judged was a safe distance, Cory stopped swimming and faced the oncoming Swampert. The Swampert spewed out another Ice Beam, and Cory yet again barely managed to dodge it, almost losing an arm. Cory wasn’t sure how to make a motion for Leech Seed right then and there, so he took out his breathing device while underwater and with his remaining oxygen did his best to shout Leech Seed. Without waiting to see whether Servine did it or not, Cory shot to the surface for air. As soon as he broke the surface, he took a deep breath, rammed the breathing device back in and dove underwater to see Swampert thrashing around as vines were sprouting around its body, restricting its movement and absorbing energy. Happy and ready to finish the battle before Swampert were to break free, Cory twirled his index finger in a circle, indictating Servine to use Leaf Tornado. Cory could swear he saw a small smile on Servine’s face as his Grass-Type Pokémon formed a tornado of leaves around his tail. Servine swung the tornado, and again the mini whirlpool it had created, and slammed it as hard he could underwater into the Swampert just as the Swampert started to break free. The super effective move was too much for Swampert to handle and Cory watched as their opponent slowly drifted down towards the bottom of the ocean.

    Finally done with the Swampert, Cory returned to the surface with Servine to see where Rachel and Rick had gone. He grimaced as he saw Rick bobbing on the surface further away than Cory had wanted. Cory started his swim back towards Rick, followed by his Servine. Today was definitely a day where Cory would get a lot of exercise. As he approached Rick, Rachel surface having finished off the Milotic.
    “Probably should get looking for that egg” Cory said, he wanted this ordeal to be done and over with. As he said that, Rachel pointed in a direction towards the bottom of the ocean.
    “Might as well” Cory muttered. Before another could say a word, Cory dove back down underwater toward the ocean floor, putting his breathing device back in. He hoped that they, or anyone for that matter, could find the egg quick and that the Gyrados, Milotic and Swampert didn’t recover too fast and come back. He remembered the Tentacruel attack of the first day. That seemed like ages ago. With a determined look on his face, he kicked harder and swam further from Rick and Rachel.
  12. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    OOC: You twit.

    Aurora Harper

    Aurora saw Roy pointing at her, and gave him a confused look. A fraction of a second later, she realised that he wasn't pointing at her, but rather behind her - and she saw a huge shadow rapidly swimming towards her.*

    A Sharpedo.*

    Panicking, Aurora turned back around, and, to her horror, saw Roy struggling within the strong grasp of a Tentacruel's tentacles. The memory of her first day at the Academy flashed into her mind, and her instinct first told her to swim away as fast as she could.*

    But she couldn't leave Roy behind. He could possibly die under here.*

    But then she remembered the Sharpedo.*

    Aurora only had time to let out a muffled scream from her mouth as she saw the Sharpedo's fangs advancing towards her, ready to rip her apart...


    Aurora had no idea where she was.

    She could make out patches of blue and green, and maybe even white... but nothing else.*

    Maybe... Were they voices? They sounded strangely familiar...

    The voices faded away, only to be replaced by a new, more welcoming voice.*

    "Aurora..." the voice gently whispered to her, like a deep, enchanting lullaby. "Welcome..."

    "Welcome back... I missed you, darling..." the voice repeated softly. Aurora could hear clearly now, but she still couldn't make out anything.*

    All of a sudden, there was a flash of bright light, and the patches of colours disappeared. Instead, the world turned white, and Aurora could make out a glowing figure in front of her.*

    "Mum...?" she murmured. Could it be...?

    "Aurora..." the figure said, gently gliding towards her. She looked like a real angel from heaven, with feathery wings and a long, white dress... Just like what Aurora had imagined all angels would look like.*

    Indeed. The figure was her mother.

    "I love you..." she murmured, kissing Aurora's forehead lovingly. "Always... And for ever..."

    "I love you too, mum..." Aurora whispered softly, the faintest hint of a smile appearing on her face.*

    Then everything disappeared.*


    (((Aurora's dead! Yay!*
    Aurora: Why are you celebrating?
    Me: So that I can bring Julia into the scene! Anyway, I was getting too inactive...
    Julia: Yay!
    Aurora: *sigh* What a great excuse.*
    Me: Anyway, you're dead. I had no other choice, okay? Anyway, I feel a bit sorry for Roy, lol. And Aurora herself, too. But really, I was kinda sick of her...
    Aurora: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?
    Julia: *snickers*)))*
  13. Lucario9

    Lucario9 The Power of Aura

    Roy Hopper

    Roy yelped in pain as he felt the Tentacruel's stinger wrap around him tightly. He could practically feel the poison seeping into his veins. But he suddenly remembered Aurora, and the Sharpedo racing towards her. He turned around...

    Just in time to see the the helpless girl's body, lifeless and bloody, sink to the rocky seabed. It was at the moment that all other feelings that weren't rage left his body, which he first directed towards the Tentacruel that had him in his grasp. He grabbed onto the stinger and pulled himself towards the ugly jellyfish pokemon, and began beating it mercilessly.

    He didn't care if it was animal cruelty, and he certainly didn't care about the poison that could easily kill him. There was too much rage and adrenalin flowing through his body. Once the pokemon loosened its grip, he kicked it with his broken leg, which probably wasn't the best idea but he still didn't care, and swam to the surface. Ziggy had just finished off the Vaporean, and was following right behind him.

    Then he remember the Sharpedo. Roy shakily released Anubis from his pokeball, who went straight for the shark pokemon with several different fighting-type attacks. Meanwhile, Roy swam back down and grabbed Aurora's empty body. Her skin was completely pale, and her eyes were closed tightly, never to open again. He desperately began swimming towards the surface, knowing that he had only seconds before the poison would kick in.

    He wasn't going to make it. Still at least ten yards away from the surface, he could feel his mind going blank. He closed his eyes, knowing very well that the chances of him coming out alive were slim.
  14. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    PBA Academy

    It was taking the students a little long to retrieve the egg. It had been forty minutes. Someone had to have come by it by now. Seth had let the class go for the day. Most of them were tired, and he had done all that he wanted with them. He was just now glaring out at the sky. It had rained a little. No doubt from a pokemon using rain dance. He expected the students would encounter battles. Hm, maybe it was too tough of a mission. Maybe Seth should have gone and retrieved the egg himself. Nah, that would be too much trouble.

    Then espeon entered his mind. "Sir, we have some trouble, we have a student near if not dead, and one that is poisoned and has fainted in the water. Should I save them?" Hmm, three guesses who this would be. It was either Rachel, Roy or Aurora. The rest very well knew how to take care of themselves. "Bring them out of the water. I am on my way." With that, Seth sent out Alakazam. "Teleport." Without question, they were teleported to the beach. In front of Espeon were a dead looking lifless Aurora and a unconcious poisoned Roy. Of course it was these two. He shouldn't have let them go. They are always causing trouble.

    "Alakazam." At once Alakazam understood. He used teleport and took everyone but Espeon from the beach and teleported them to the hosipital. The nearby nurse was extremely alert and called for a code blue. "The boy is poisoned. He'll be fine once we cure that. As for the girl, take her to ICU stat." With that, he carried Aurora's lifeless body to the ICU chambers. The doctors and pokemon immediately went to work on healing her. Seth feared it might be a little to late. There was only a certain amount of time a person could be "dead" before reviving them wouldn't work. Unless.

    To the disgruntlement of some of the nurses and doctors, he walked over to Aurora's head and connected their minds. It was as he fear. He had this same feeling when his wife died. Her mind was gone. However, since it was probably Seth's fault, he was going to work on bring her back. However, Seth know it was more than likely in vein. Then a voice popped in his head. "Sending Julia to the hosipital."

    PBA Academy

    Rick didn't know why, but he felt apart of him had died. He just didn't know why. Cory was leading the group down into the depths. They were very deep now. They hadn't encountered anything since the trio earlier. However something caught his eye. He swam up to Cory and pointed to the right. He then took the lead and dove further down at an angle. At the bottom, he saw a blue with white dots egg. Was this what they were looking for? There were no other pokemon around, so it must be it. Rick picked up the egg, and led the way back to the surface. It took a couple of minutes, but they reached the top. He wondered about the others. Then started swimming back to shore. That was until something grabbed him and pulled him under the water. When he opened his eyes again, he was face to face with seven pokemon. The one holding him was a Jelliecent. The one that surrounded him, Cory, and Rachel in a circle were alomola, Samuroot, Floatzel, Empoleon, Huntail, Gorebyss, and a kingdra.

    Rick was thinking now why Seth didn't want to retrieve this egg. There were too many dangerous water pokemon.
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    Cory Royce
    AS Cory led the trio into deeper water, closer to the ocean floor, Rick swam up beside him. Cory looked to see what Rick wanted, and turned his gaze into the direction that Rick was pointing. Cory was looking at an egg with blue and white dogs. That must be the Dratini egg. Rick then took the lead and dove down towards the egg. Cory started to follow in case a Pokémon were to appear, but hung back. He looked around for Rachel, and pointed down to Rick. Rick had picked the egg up and made his way for the surface. As soon as he saw Rick swim up with the egg, he followed suite and swam up as well.
    Once they broke the surface, Cory yanked off his breathing device and took a deep breath of fresh air. He waited a bit before following Rick and Rachel swim back to shore. As he swam in behind, he suddenly saw Rick yanked underwater. What the hell was that! Cory swam faster to reach Rachel and Rick when he too was yanked underwater. Barely having time to but his breathing device back on, Cory found himself back to back with Rick, and surrounded by many Pokémon. Cory looked around the circle, what to do now?

    First thing Cory decided was to get to the surface. But then he wouldn’t be able to see his enemies. He decided against it and swam up. He already felt the tug of a Pokémon trying to drag him under again, but he had just enough time to scream, “HELP!” before being dragged under again. There was no way he’d be able to fight off these Pokémon with Rick and Rachel. They looked to strong and there were seven of them. No wonder Mr. Jones sent them to get the egg, he was too afraid of getting himself hurt.
    Cory looked to Servine and twirled his finger around. He had to try at least something. Servine did as told and started a Leaf Tornado underwater. Quickly, Servine brought the tornado of leaves around hitting Huntail and Gorebyss, but when it came to Empoleon, Empoleon stuck out its wing and shattered the tornado. It then responded with a Hydro Pump. The next couple of seconds then slowed down for Cory. He saw that the Empoleon wasn’t aiming at Servine or Cory. Instead the powerful water attack was aimed at Rick, who was holding the egg. In one swift movement, Cory broke the small Poke ball off the necklace he was wearing and recalled Servine, at the same time with his free hand; Cory shoved Rick to the side. As Rick was shoved to the side, Cory took the Hydro Pump in the gut. The force sent Cory flying out of the water, and then he landed with a loud splash metres behind the group of Pokémon surrounding Rachel and Rick. Cory groaned and then started to slowly descend to the ocean floor.
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    PBA Academy

    We agreed to do this why? This was the thought going through Ricks head when Cory was hit with a hydro pump and blown away. This mission started bad in the first place. They should have just...

    Then Rachel, Rick and Cory were flying back toward shore. Cory looked on the verge of uncounciousness. The water pokemon were traveling behind them with Rick and Rachel's flying beside them. Rachel looked weary aswell. After two minutes they were back on the beach. Rachel fell into Rick, and he grasped her. All of the sudden, the water pokemon started firing attacks. However, they were all stopped by a Light Screen. Rick looked towards Espeon and saw it concentrating. Then it unleashed a Psychic attack that sent all of the pokemon flying. With that, an Alakazam came and teleported them to the hosipital. Espeon stayed behind to fetch Tim and Mari. Immediately, Cory was taken to an emergency room. Rachel was taken to a check up room. Rick was taken to a different check up room. That is when his headache erupted.

    PBA academy

    Seth had tried his hardest, but Aurora slipped through his grasp and passed away into the void.
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    Omg major recap please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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