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Pokemon Battle Academy Redo


Scouting Legion
Akoto Yenron

"Ah! Yoy-yo!" Aktot exclaimed as Yo-yo was thrown back from a psychic attack. Xatu then started flapping it wings sending out a powerful Ominious wind attack. It sent Yo-yo back even more.

"Fight it Yo-yo! Use multiple Iron Tail to blow it way at least to let you proceed closer!" Akoto shouted.
Yo-yo began swinging his glowing tail, blowing away some of the ominous wind allowing Yo-yo to proceed slowly toward Xatu, still taking the damage.

"This'll suprise him-" Akoto thought to himself.
"Yo-yo quickly, ThunderWave!"
Yoy-yo fired off a ThunderWave attack when it was close enough to Xatu, hitting it and causing the possibility of paralasis.
"Thats are little sneak attack when fighting opponents. Didnt think an Aipom would know an electric attack huh?" Akoto said to Mazu.


Eon Collector
Mazu Sun

Mazu watched as aipom pounded forward slowly towards Orlorn. He considered letting him overshoot by letting Orlorn cease his attack, but before he had a chance to put it in motion, aipom let loose a thunderwave, causing Orlorn to stop attacking as it dealt some damage to him and adding a chance of paralysis. Mazu just shook his head as Akoto seemed to be gloating a bit about his aipom’s moveset. However, he did have a few words to say as he felt a small breeze blowing his way.

“Perhaps, I didn’t know that aipom had thunderwave, but gloating never gets you anywhere. Besides, Orlorn here doesn’t really have to move much to utilize an attack. Besides, I think the winds forecast your demise. I was hoping you'd realize the first move right off the bat though.” As soon as he finished saying that, a beam came down from behind Akoto’s direction, heading towards aipom at high speeds, leaving very little reaction time as the beam was nearly upon him.


Scouting Legion
Akoto Yenron

Suddenly, after Xatu got hit with the ThunderWave, Mazu said something about gloating, and hoping Akoto would notice something earlier.
"Notice? Notice wha-" Akoto said when he was interupted by a beam that came out of nowhere and headed straight toward Yo-yo. He was hitt with the beam and fell to the ground.
"Yo-yo! Argh, that must have been from when Xatu seemed to be meditiating earlier!" Akoto thought to himself.
Yo-yo had the strength to get up, but he was definitely tired.
"This Maze person is much stronger than we thought........no. Yo-yo can still battle, and i know he wants to win too." Akoto thought to himself.
"Alright, time for another one of our special moves! Yo-yo, use iron tail and swing it to spin rapidly!"
Yo-yo's tail started glowing, and he started winging it, causing him to spin at a papid speed. He became a spinning blur.
"Now charge toward Xatu!"
Yo-yo sped toward him, zig zagging left and right, and we he became close enough Akoto shouted-
"Now ThunderWave!"
Yo-yo unleashed a ThunderWave while spinning, and it sparked everywhere along with his iron tail.
Yo-yo's managed to land a forceful swing of the iron tail on Xatu's face, sending it flying toward Mazu but hitting the floor.
Aipom ceased the spinning, but was kind of dizzy.
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Gold E Lox1

Elegent Power
Steve Gully
S.S Maria

Steve walked along the edge of the boat feeling as calm as the ocean around him. He walked towards a door not really knowing where it led he was just trying to fill in the little time that remained on this trip to the academy. When he looked around he saw a few people sitting down eating food. Looking around he saw multiple food selections from different companies around the perimeter of the large room. He was in the food court although he wasn’t to overly hungry he wondered when the next time he would have food after they landed. So he grabbed a plate of pizza with some soda and had himself a little meal. He observed his surrounding while he sat alone. Looking at all the people around him he knew he was looking at his classmates and future competition to the top. And by the look of it, that was okay with him. Once he was done eating and awkwardly looking around he threw out his trash and continued exploring the boat. He passed the lounge where some people were sitting and chatting about the useless and uninteresting to him. In the distance Steve heard the faint sounds of a battle. Finally, something that he enjoyed more than walking around like he was an outcast. He hustled toward the noises of electricity and small explosions. When he rounded the corner there were two Pokémon, a Xatu and an Aipom going at it.

"Now this looks interesting."


Eon Collector
Mazu Sun

Mazu was thinking a little bit. The spin helped increase damage output along with adding thunderwave to add electrical properties to it. It was a very strong technique, but very risky as it had a good chance of missing. Perhaps he should have said me first when aipom started the iron tail, but he would be paralyzed. But now was a good time to make use of aipom being dizzy. Orlorn managed to get itself back onto its feet looking very angry and at the same time wearied, but still able to battle. He then gave a command to him, “End the battle by using psychic. Although paralysis is working against you, fight against it. Use your mind alone as psychic doesn’t require physical movement, just your eyes to target your opponent."

He watched as Orlorn struggled a bit before managing to using psychic, picking aipom up and then slamming him down hard on the boat deck before blasting him away. Orlorn then cringed as the paralysis shook through his body, causing massive discomfort and distraction from the battle.


Scouting Legion
Akoto Yenon

"Yo-yo!" Akoto exclaimed as the Aipom was picked up by strange energy and slammed to the fground, then flung away.

Yo-yo landed near Akoto, tired and exhausted from the battle.
"Yo-yo.........Mr.Maze, please stop the battle. My Aipoms had enough." Akoto said as he looked up at Mazu. Even though Aipom had been beaten, and was very tired, the little monkey couldnt help but have a smile on his face from such a great battle. Akoto picked him up and held him in his arms, with Yo-yo still being somewhat awake.

Akoto walked from his side of the battlefield over to Mazu and his Xatu.
"Umm.......thank you for a great battle. Yo-yo and Jolt had a great time fighting you and your strong pokemon. We were way out our league when fighting you so *Long yawn* , I think were just gonna.......*Yawn* go to our rooms now.....me my pokemon are......tired." Akoto told Mazu. His laziness was starting to kick in. He started to head away from the battle field, now somewhat drowzy.

Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
OOC: Sorry I haven't been here lately

Elaine Sare

When a sudden Dark Pulse disrupted their battle Elaine spun around and sen out Wilbur. "Wilbur use a Confuse ray on these two hooligans."

"Wing-Wingull!" Wilbur replied emitting yellow rings from his mouth towards The boy and his Zorua confusing them.

"Anyway Muck use an Iron Tail!" the Sheildon then attempted to attack the Roselia with his shining metal Tail.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Mari Vilum

Mari really wanted to slap this girl. The comment about hating Co-ordinators already pissed her off. On top of that, Instead of waiting for a battlefield to become available like everyone else, she kicks out two other kids who were in the middle of a battle. Then, when the boy tries to get his field back, she has her Wingull use Confuse Ray on them. "Who does this girl think she is?" Mari thought. "I don't do that, and I actually have money. She clearly doesn't." Noticing the girl's appearance.

Mari really wanted to win. Unfortunately, Elaine had sent out a Sheildon, a Steel type. None of the Pokemon on Mari's team had moves that could deal with Steel types. So, she had to use a different strategy.

"Roselia return!" Mari said, recalling her Pokemon after she got hit by an Iron Tail attack. "Jigglypuff, you're on!"

The Balloon Pokemon at her side immediately jumped onto the field. She blew a kiss at the Sheildon. Suddenly, the Steel type became infatuated. He looked at Jigglypuff with hearts in his eyes, which made Mari giggle. The move Jigglypuff had just used was Attract.

"Seems like your Sheildon is infatuated with my Jigglypuff." Mari teased. "Jigglypuff, why don't you give him a Sweet Kiss."

Jigglypuff proceeded to kiss the Sheildon on the cheek. This made him giddy and confused. He tried to kiss Jigglypuff in return, due to his infatuation and confusion, but Jigglypuff stepped aside. Causing Sheildon to trip, and hurt himself in his confusion.
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Who did this to me!
Jackson Wells

"So this what going to school feels like.Maybe I should let my pokemons out. Ya they should explore the ship." Jackson thought. "Go Scythe! Go Icicle!Go flames!" Jackson yelled. Suddenly a scyther, a litwick, and a sneasel popped out a 3 pokeballs. "You guys and girls can go explore the ship. Scythe, remember to take care of Flames." Jackson said to his pokemons. "Don't go to far guys, and find me 10 minutes before the ship reaches the acadamy." Jackson told his pokemons. "Scyth-ter!" replied his scyther as he and the other pokemons explore the ship.
"Now what should I do know?"wondered Jackson as he was turning around. "Seems like your Sheildon is infatuated with my Jigglypuff." A girl said. "Jigglypuff, why don't you give him a Sweet Kiss."
"Cool a pokemon battle!" Jackson said. "Mind if I watch?


The Power of Aura
Roy Hopper

"Ziggy, get back here!" Roy yelled, sprinting down the hall. He began to slow down, then stopped, putting his hands on his knees and panting.

"I'm in trouble now," he thought to himself, "if I don't find Ziggy, Ty and Alex are going to kill me!" He began walking again, passing by a boy holding a bag of food. Roy then stopped flat in his tracks.

"Of course!" he yelled out loud, attracting a few looks from trainers passing by. He then turned and ran up to the nearest trainer, a boy who was watching the battle between Mari and the girl that challenged her. "Excuse me," he asked, "Do you know where the kitchen is? It's extremely important that I get there as soon as possible!" Realizing how rude he sounded, he quickly corrected himself. "By the way, my name is Roy, what's yours?"


Well-Known Member
Cory Royce
Cory raised his hands quickly to block the rings of confusion emitted by Wingull's Confuse Ray.*
"That's enough" Cory said calmly as Zorua turned around in confusion. He reached into his pocket and retrieved a Poke Ball.*
" Zorua, return" he said, as a red beam of light shot out and dematerialized the dazed Pokemon. He shoved it back into his pocket and brought out his third Poke Ball.*
"Who do you think you are? A princess or something?" Cory said, still remaining calm, "I've had enough of you"*
He flicked the Poke Ball in his hand lightly into the air as he enlarged it.*
"Ssservine" the Grass Snake Pokemon hissed as he materialized on the deck.*
"Servine use Vine Whip!" Cory order pointing at a Shieldon and Jigglypuff.*
Without hesitation, two vines shot out of Servine's collar and wrapped*around the two battling Pokemon, stopping their immediate actions.*
"Now, Leaf Tornado!
Servine jumped up and begun to spin on his head with his tail straight up in the air. As Servine spun his body, a large tornado of various shades of green appeared at the end of Servine's tail with light green leaves whipping around.*
"Serrrr" Servine muttered to keep a hold of the forming tornado of leaves. Servine spun on to the side of his body, swinging around the leaf tornado.*
As Servine crashed the tornado on to the two Pokemon, he jumped up into the air, as the leaves slowly separated. As he swiftly floated back down among the remains of his move, Servine landed right in the middle of the Sheildon and Jigglypuff.*
"Servine!" he muttered in satisfaction that he accomplished the move.*


Who did this to me!
Jackson Wells

Jackson was watching a battle just then a boy showed up."Of course!" he yelled out loud, "Excuse me," the boy asked Jackson, "Do you know where the kitchen is? It's extremely important that I get there as soon as possible!" Jackson looked up to see a boy about his age looking nervously at at him. "By the way, my name is Roy, what's yours?" said the boy who's name apperently is Roy. "Hi im Jackson, and no i dont know where the kitchen is. Why do you ask?" Jackson said hoping that they can be friends.


The Power of Aura
Roy Hopper

"Hi I'm Jackson, and no I don't know where the kitchen is. Why do you ask?" the boy answered.

"Hi Jackson, nice to meet you." He then realized he'd gotten off topic and quickly snapped into focus. "Oh right, well, my Zigzagoon ran off, and he can smell his favorite food from a mile away. So I was thinking that if I found my way to the kitchen, I could make it and he'd come running. But I have NO CLUE where the kitchen is on this huge ship! You think you could help me find a way to make some grilled oran berries with honey?" Roy really hoped this boy could help. The last thing he wanted was for Ziggy to be left on the ship when everyone got off at the island.


S.S Maria Deck - Jasmine Rajah

With her blue faced Zorua in tow Jasmine Rajah walked onto the deck to look what all the fuss was about. She didn't care for battles much, she didn't mind battling but wasn't exactly a fan of it either, still there was nothing better to do and she could get some insight in her future classmates. She watched the two battling trainers with mild interest in her eyes, maintaining a rather neutral expression.

Rouki looked at the fight with more enthusiasm, he wished was in it but he knew there was little chance his trainer would fight, perhaps even if she got challenged. Mostly to kill time the Zorua slid behind Jasmine and then, after confirming she wasn't paying attention to him, took on the form of his trainer himself. It wasn't a perfect disguise, he still had his blue facial markings and the end of the fake Jasmine's hair was tinted blue

Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member

When Muck fell he was covered in dirt and started spazzing snapping him out of his confusion. Suddenly out of nowhere a Vine Whip grabbed muck and Jigglyuff. When the boy she pushed out of the way said he had enough. She responded, "I may not be a princess but my brother is Steven Stone is my brother, and please don't ask about the name difference my mom has these weird family traditions, and I'm fed up with you too. So lets battle! Jigglypuff Girl lets call it a draw. Ok Zorua Boy 1-on-1 winner gets to be right." Elaine then grabbed a pokeball from her belt and sent out Wilbur who quickly dropped to the floor sleeping. After 5 seconds Willbur finally reacted. "Ready?"


Well-Known Member
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Cory Royce

"I may not be a princess but my brother is Steven Stone is my brother, and please don't ask about the name difference my mom has these weird family traditions, and I'm fed up with you too. So lets battle! Jigglypuff Girl lets call it a draw. Ok Zorua Boy 1-on-1 winner gets to be right." Elaine had said as Cory's Servine had interrupted her battle. She then called out her Wingull who happened to materialize sleeping

"First off, I'm Cory. Not Zorua boy." Cory started, getting frustrated, "Secondly, I don't care who your brother is. Just because you're family with, what a champion or a former champion, doesn't entitle you to do what you please. Also, if you are related to Steven Stone, shouldn't you actually be decent at battling?"
Cory rubbed his left arm, a thing he generally did when his anger and frustration started to surface. He couldn't believe how this girl could be so rude and arrogant. It just baffled him. Cory had met his fair share of trainers that he despised, but this was something Cory had rarely encountered. He glanced beyond the battling deck to the ocean, hoping that they would arrive at the school soon. The sooner they arrived, the less he had to deal with her. He quickly glanced at his Servine, making eye contact with his Pokemon. Servine returned the look and walked back to his trainer, standing beside Cory while staring intensely at the Wingull hoping to battle the Seagull Pokemon.

"No I won't battle you. You can't just challenge someone and assume they want to battle you in the first place. We don't need to battle to determine who is right and who is wrong. It should be clear as to who's right if you learned manners while growing up. Besides, I wanted to battle him" Cory said , pointed at Ryouta while trying to hold back his frustration.
"That, and I don't feel like wasting my time on people like you."

Cory smirked, he knew that he too was being rude at the moment but he didn't care. He turned his back on Elaine and started to slowly walk away.
"Sorry Ryouta, I don't think we'll be able to battle at this moment. Perhaps we can try to battle once we get to the school."
Cory looked back at his Servine who was still glaring at Wingull.
"Come Servine, let's get something to eat"
Servine cast one last look at Wingull before turning around to follow his trainer to the cafeteria.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Mari Vilum & Tim Wolfe

Mari recalled her Jigglypuff, and casually walked away, while the girl got into an argument with the boy with the Zorua and Servine. She stayed close by, to listen to what they were saying. The boy, who's name was Cory, pretty much said what she wanted to say. Of course, Mari would've beaten her in a battle first, to teach her a lesson, then give a lecture. But it didn't matter now.

Mari then walked off to find where Tim went. She didn't have to look too far. She found him back at the entrance to the stadium. All three of his Pokemon were fully healed, and out of their balls. In his hands he had what looked like an Ice Cream cone. It had two big scoops of vanilla Ice cream, with blue sprinkles assorted on it. There was a swirl of whipped cream on top of them. One of the scoops had a light blue straw in it, which Tim was sucking on. The cone was also a shade of light blue, and had a wide rim to carry the ice cream.

"Hey Timmy." Mari said. "How'd your battle go?"

Tim stopped sipping his ice cream and said, "Pretty good. It ended in a draw. After we got our Pokemon healed, Roy went off, and I found an Ice Cream stand on this boat. What about yours?"

"Eh, mine also ended a draw." Mari said casually. "I wonder when we're gonna get there? We've been on this boat for a while now."

(OOC: The ice cream cone is supposed to look like a Vaniluxe, without the faces.)
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Flame Mistress

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Aurora Harper

Aurora decided to wander away on her own, and talk to Miss Irene. She must be a master Co-Ordinator, after all. However, the words were quite stuck in her tongue when she tried to speak, as she was simply too nervous to.

Irene Lopez

Irene was idly watching the eager teenagers battles when a girl of about fourteen walked up to her, but said nothing, just shuffling her feet. Noticing her, she smiled. "Hi! Are you a Co-Ordinator as well?" Irene asked.

The girl finally opened her mouth. "Yeah. I'm, um, Aurora - that's pronounced auuu-rora - and I'm gonna be taking Co-Ordinating lessons."

Irene grinned at that. "Well, seeing as you're my student, I might as well just show you my Pokémon!" she exclaimed, throwing six Pokéballs in the air. A Pokémon emerged from each one; a Mightyena, a Raichu, a Chatot, a Charizard, a Froslass, and a Chikorita. "Meet the team: Blacky the Mightyena, Sunshine the Raichu, Chatterbox the Chatot, Charcoal the Charizard, Crystal the Froslass and Flora the Chikorita!" she introduced, as each Pokémon - except Charizard, who looked very harsh and tough - gave their battle cries.

"Charcoal seems very... cold-hearted," Aurora commented. Irene's smile turned into a sad frown. "He wasn't this bad, he has always been on the tough side, but not this... cold," Irene said. "You see, when I visited Peofessor Elm in Johto - he is, in fact, my second cousin's uncle's brother-in-law - and Charcoal met a Meganium called Ivy there. He fell in love, and we thought things would improve, Ivy even laid an egg between them, but then-" Irene wiped a tear from her eye - "-in the night just before I was going to leave and also take Ivy with me, Professor Elm's lab was raided by Pokémon Thieves, and Ivy died trying to protect her egg." Irene wiped another tear from her eye. "We only found out in the morning, and by the time we found her, it was already too late... Since then Charcoal kinda closed off his mind, and became harsher than ever. Only his offspring - Flora the Chikorita - seems to be able to make him at least smile."

Aurora had a sad look on her face as she scooped the Chikorita up into her arms. "She's just like me," Aurora murmured. "A girl whose mother was killed by criminals when still very young..."


Jasmine Rajah

The outburst of Cory did not surprise Jasmine much, she too threw a rather hostile look at the uncouth girl who interrupted their battle. "What a lack of manners." The raised her brow thinking about what Elaine had bragged with. "Steven Stone? I've never met him but from what I have heard he is not a vile troublemaker, unlike you." With her smarmiest smile the turns around and heads for the cafeteria as well, not even waiting for the girls response.

Rouki turns back into his own form as soon as Jasmine turns around, then follows his trainer. He was more than disappointed that the battle stopped, but he didn't seem angry at anyone for it.


Aura Fist
SS Maria

"Uh whats going on?" Ryouta asked as the girl with the jigglypuff stepped back.

"I may not be a princess but my brother is Steven Stone is my brother, and please don't ask about the name difference my mom has these weird family traditions, and I'm fed up with you too. So lets battle! Jigglypuff Girl lets call it a draw. Ok Zorua Boy 1-on-1 winner gets to be right." The girl said.

This girl is related to the Steven Stone, woah. Ryo thought still mad that he wasnt getting a battle with Cory. Will he accept this challenge? The girl sent out a wingul that appeared to be sleeping.

"First off, I'm Cory. Not Zorua boy." Cory said, obliviously getting mad at the girl. "Secondly, I don't care who your brother is. Just because you're family with, what a champion or a former champion, doesn't entitle you to do what you please. Also, if you are related to Steven Stone, shouldn't you actually be decent at battling?"

Ryouta laughed. He didnt imagine that Cory could get so mad even if he had just met him.

Cory denied the battle a walked away. "Sorry Ryouta, I don't think we'll be able to battle at this moment. Perhaps we can try to battle once we get to the school." He said looking sad. After that he walked into the kitchen to get something to eat with his servine.

Ryouta looked confused as Cloud pointed to the girl. Ryouta just shook it away. "Come on Cloud lets just go."