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Pokemon Battle Academy!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Night Avenger, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    RPG Discussion Forum (all members MUST join)
    OOC: We are finally starting! Sorry for taking so long. Well so some things need to be said. I will control Gary, I will, sometimes, control the teachers (for example, I will give the homework). Also, you are able to get any pokemon, even if its shiny, but no oobers. Not even once. Also, you can have a max of two shinies, you can't release one shiny just to get another one. You can't. Also, pokemon can't evolve the day you got them, take a week at least. So now... Have fun!!


    The sun was shining over the sea. A new day had begun. But not any normal day. It was the day of the Pokemon Battle Academy opening. As the ferry transporting the students crossed all the way from Slateport to the Battle Academy Isle, the students were getting everything ready. One of this students was Santiago.
    "Now, where the hell did I leave this thing..." he said as he ran all over his room.
    "Excuse me sir, we are reaching the BAI. Please get ready." announced a sailor entering the room.
    "I know.. I know..." he mumbled. "Yes! Here it is!" A Luxury Ball was shining in his hand. "Phew... I thought I had lost it."
    "We've reached the BAI port. Students, get down by starboard." the PA announced.

    All the students were standing at the port, the sun burning their skin, the salty breeze from the sea passing through them, softly.
    "Welcome all of you students! I personally have come here to meet you. As you may all know, I'm Gary Oak, a pokemon professor." said a man with a childish look in his face but with the evidence of the years that had passed through him.
    "Breon!" said his little black cat pokemon. "Umm..." He approached the students, sniffing them as to meet everyone of them.
    "Hahaha, you can stop that Umbreon!" said Gary, apparently amuzed by the confused face of the students who were hoping to find a serious, old man. "Well.." said the pokemon professor, clearing his throat. "Who is Santiago?"
    "I am sir!" responded the boy with the luxury ball.
    "You look like militaries... Come on, relax a little!"
    "Ok, prof!" said Santiago smiling.
    "That's better!" laughed Gary. "Ok, here's your pokemon."
    "Houndour! Houndour!" said the hellhound puppy running around his new trainer.
    "And here's his pokeball, he likes you so it won't be any problem catching him!" said Gary stretching a pokeball to Santiago.
    "OK." said Santiago, taking the pokeball and putting it in his backpack. "Go Luxury Ball!" the Houndour was instantly caught.
    "OK... The pokeball was for that but whatever..." said Gary. "Miriam?"
    "Here I am!"
    "Here's your pokemon and pokeball!"
    "Squirtle! Squirt!" said the little blue turtle.
    "Go Pokeball!" the Squirtle was caught too.
    "Call me Lexy!" said a girl standing in fornt of the professor.
    "OK, Lexy, here's your pokemon and pokeball!"
    "Eel? Seel seel!" said the little sea lion.
    "Pokeball!" the Seel was also caught.
    "Dreavus! Misdreavus!" said the little banshee pokemon, impatiently.
    "Here I am." said the girl receiving the pokeball. The Misdreavus was caught.
    "Mia. Here's your Togepi." said Gary smiling. "And your pokeball."
    "Hey! A Togepi!" said Mia, taking the pokeball and catching the pokemon.
    "Yes, prof?" answered a boy that looked worried.
    "I heard everything about your family. The answer is in this pokemon."
    "Looootad!" said the little lotus kappa.
    "Pokeball!" Lotad was caught.
    "OK, next." Gary smiled. "I mean Lucas!"
    "Yeah?" said a boy with a brown T-shirt.
    "Have your pokemon and pokeball!"
    "Ooonix!" said the wyrm pokemon.
    "Wow! An Onix!" said the student hurrying to catch the pokemon.
    "Yes sir?" said a boy with short arms.
    "Here, you have your pokemon." said Gary, smiling at the kid that was struggling to keep up with a normal life.
    "Khan? Kanga!" said the kangaroo pokemon.
    "Go Pokeball!" the Kangaskhan was caught.
    "Serenity, come here."
    "Umm I already got my pokemon, sir."
    "You do?"
    "Yeah, it came holding the pokeball and something told me it was mine."
    "Ralts!" said the little psychic pokemon besides her.
    "OK, so... Tyco?"
    "Quil!" said the equidna pokemon running towards his new trainer. "Cyndaquil!"
    "You know what, everyone that doesn't have a pokemon get a pokeball." said Gary Oak. "Will?"
    "Here I..." he was sent flying by a headbutt from his playful Bagon who in no time was caught.
    "Chiko!" said the Chikorita running to his trainer and playing with his pokeball.
    "Jordan?" asked Gary. "Be careful, approach him slowly."
    "OK." said Jordan walking slowly to his Mime Jr, who turned around and formed a barrier between them.
    "Mime mime!" said the Mime Jr. taunting.
    "Go Pokeball!"
    "Mime?" said the Mime Jr. as he was caught.
    "Psy? Duck." the Psyduck fainted. Gary looked at the duck pokemon. "Just catch him... Ben? I heard that you liked contests, a lot, so I'm letting you choose what type of contest you wanna be in."
    "Vui!" said the little fox pokemon jumping towards his trainer.
    "An Eevee!" he said catching the pokemon.
    "Tiago? Here's your Tyrogue! Think on what you want to evolve him."
    "Ty! Rogue!" said the little fighter, running towards his trainer.
    "Torch?" asked Gary.
    "Mag! By!" said the Magby running towards his trainer and spitting fire.
    "Rebecca?" asked Gary smiling when he read the paper. "So you like to help huh? Look behind you."
    Rebecca turned around to see a Lapras at the beach. She instantly threw the pokeball at the plesiosaur pokemon.
    "Hyde? Look at the beach too." said Gary. A Carvanha was there, jumping.
    "Cool! A Carvanha!" said Hyde catching the pokemon.
    "Cain and Ezekiel? Here are your pokemon. Sneasel is yours Cain, Zangoose is yours Zeke, just try to separate them, they've become pretty close friends." said Gary laughing as the trainers pulled their pokemon. "Let's see... Kaili?"
    "Huh?" said Kaili, who had been thinking while looking at the horizon. "I mean, yes sir?"
    "Here's your pokemon, a Vulpix." the kitsune pokemon slowly walked to her trainer.
    "Vul... Pix!" said the pokemon as she was caught.
    "Now, let's see... Sui?"
    "Yeah?" said Sui, looking everywhere tring to find his pokemon.
    "Swablu!" said the little bird pokemon flying towards his new trainer.
    "Sir..." said a girl walking towards Gary. "I think you forgot me!"
    "Huh?" said Gary who was about to leave. "What's your name?"
    "Revi." said the girl feeling a breeze behind her. She turned around.
    "Absol..." exclaimed the ying yang pokemon, analizing his new trainer.
    "Pokeball, go!" said Revi catching the pokemon.
    "So, I didn't forget huh?" said Gary, now walkign to the group of trainers with their new pokemon. "Girls follow your teacher, Mrs. Annabel." said Gary pointing to the purple haired lady.
    "Follow me ladies." said Annabel leading them to their dorms.
    "And for the boys, your eacher, Drew will guide you to your dorm."
    "Come here, follow me." he said walking along a path that lead to the boys dorms.

    At their dorms, each trainer found five pokeballs and one note saying: "Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Academy."
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2006
  2. EifiBurakki

    EifiBurakki The Sacred

    I wanna join but i have a question. Do the teachers just give the pokemon to the students are can i just pick any pokemon?
  3. Hyuu

    Hyuu Under the sea

    OOC: Absol, lol, the Pokemon with a reputation slated in chaos. I thought I might get that or a Whismur. ^^ I like the choice.

    *Is a little annoyed* Revi will be a little loud and active for a boy, but he’s a boy now (and always will have been, all right?)
    Anyways… Glad it begins!

    Some people jumped with nerves for the first day of school, feeling insecure about acceptance and toughness. They would be high strung with needless tension and self-questioning, just not confident in how they’d fit in a desk of sort. Revi… well, Revi was on the bed of his cabin, already use to the sultry rocking of the boat. At first, it had been discerning and Revi had found he tripped a lot because of it, but now the swaying was quite nice and peaceful.

    But all good things had to come to an end.

    Knock! Knock! Knock! “We’re landing at the port of BAI Island!” A bellowing sailor’s voice shouted systematically, before darting to the next cabin door. Very lazily, Revi pushed off the cotton bed, and looked around the room slowly, giving time to regain his composure. He sat up and rubbed his slated emerald irises. Port…? The word echoed in his mind for a minute before the meaning of it dawned.

    “Port! We’re at the port!” He exclaimed, half in shock and half in excitement. he stood up immediately; drifting a bit because of his still-present drowsiness, and quickly went to gather his things. By a few minute’s time, Revi had a wheeled baggage in his right hand and a large backpack strapped along his shoulders. And, just in time.

    “We’ve reached BAI port! Students, the ramp will be located to starboard!” The announcement jolted anticipation from Revi, who realized that he was heading to the Pokemon Battle Academy, where he would learn directly under some of the greats. Not that Revi had any particular experience with Pokemon, he just liked it when he got to play with his older brother’s Pokemon and the idea of being a trainer with independence and little restriction was quite appealing. For the next term, he was going to be here, studying vitally and learning how to calculate what strategy to do…

    Yeah right. Well maybe, but Revi wasn’t really all that much of a tight-fisted person. He would prefer to buddy up with people than study with vigor during his free time.

    The boy set off to the ramp after making sure his shirt was orderly looking, the emerald vest was securely on, and the leather belt he liked to wear was also secured. Revi waltz to the starboard and deported. It was such a fast process… Revi hardly had the time to realize that it happened, what with the bustling of eager students and the shouting of the sailor to calm down. But after that hazardous event, they were all out and gathering around Professor Oak the Second, Gary Oak.

    Gary was kind but rather quick with handing out Pokemon, having many students to give their fitting partners too. Revi was surprised when he hadn’t heard his name amidst Gary’s shouting for Pokemon, so when there was silence from Oak, he had to ask if perhaps he’d skipped over him. There was a short sequence of questioning but things were in order after Revi quickly found his partner… or rather, his partners found him.

    A breeze ruffled his emerald vest and the boy turned around to marvel his emerald eyes at an Absol. A Pokemon with dangling white fur, grown longer to the point there was some excess but it did not look heavy and it, in fact, was parted to reveal the leathery skin of its face and paws. A crescent horn jutted from the side of its head. It watched Revi with analytical crimson orbs, probably judging him where he stood.

    “Errr… Is it a boy or a girl?” He asked, clueless, his voice louder than he would’ve liked it though he was proud he wasn’t blushing. Absol snorted and the little opinion meter in its mind probably dropped a few bars.

    “Female.” Gary answered shortly, before lifting his head and yelling instructions for the girls and boys.

    “And for the boys, your teacher, Drew, will lead you to your dorms.” Revi complied immediately, calling Absol to follow as he gathered towards Drew.
    Revi had picked a room immediately with a bed by the window, finding that he woke up easier when the sun was directly on his face. Revi saw the pokeballs on his cabin, next to his bed, picked up the note beside them, and read it aloud.

    “Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Academy,” He grinned merrily, turning around to lock eyes with his Absol, “There’s much to learn.”
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2006
  4. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    *Yay, i can have a shiny eventually. I wont get it yet but basically keep going after it to try and fail*

    Kassy stood watching her new pokemon float around her obviously observing her. Eventually the ghost pokemon stopped at eye level floating in front of her as the girls were being led away by a purple haired woman. As the girls all walked out of the corner of her eye Kassy noticed something glinting a golden brown colour. A Bellsprout but was oddly coloured. Before she could ask about it, it had already run off. "Miss Anabel arn't Bellsprout usually yellow coloured."

    "Yes, why?" She replied.

    "Because i just saw one that was a golden brown. Is that normal?"

    "Well if i was you i'd keep it secret and try to catch it those are really rare pokemon." The group still kept walking. Misdreavus was inside its pokeball now.

    Inside her room she let Misdreavus back out whilst she looked around. She eventually found five pokeballs. "Cool. New pokeballs. I guess this means I've got what i need to catch that Bellsprout. I'll wait till later to go out."
  5. -HZ-

    -HZ- Member

    OOC: A Zangoose? Haha, I thought you had said Zigzagoon. XD

    Zeke stood, with his hands in his pockets, and scowled, it was a sunny day today but it was windy, and he hated the wind. He listened as several names were called out, and their pokemon. A small, silver haired boy was standing near him. He laughed inside, his height was something that he was very proud about.

    He looked at the various pokemon that had been doled out. A Houndour, a Squirtle, and a Kanghaskhan to a peculiar boy with short arms, among various others. Inside, Zeke felt sorry for the boy with the Kangaskhan, in a kind of way. Soon, more were given out including a Tyrouge, and finally a Carvhanna.

    He heard his name being shouted out, along with another boy's. Two pokemon came rolling over to them. He assumed Cain was the short one. The proffesor said something about the Zangoose being his, so he said to Cain,

    "Get your pokemon off mine," he said while putting a pulling away the Zangoose, "Shorty.." He turned to his pokemon.

    "Hm.. I think i'll name you Scythe. Yeah, Scythe." Zeke smiled, and patted Scythe. Soon, a teacher told the boys to go their dorms, and so they did. He lied down on a large single bed. On the pillow were 5 pokeballs, so he placed them on his belt. His Zangoose wandered about, and he smiled.
  6. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity was sitting on the boat with a serious bored look on her face. At least ten guys had come up to her, some talkative, some shy, some cocky and then the cirtain few that had been above cocky. All she had to do was glare at them and they took that as a signal to go away. She sighed. people in groups were chatting away and laughing it up. Seeing as though Serenity was probably the only person from Azalea town, she was all alone.

    "I hope I don't get a Slowpoke when they give us pokemon..." She said. Just then, a Ralts walked up to her with its ball in its hands. "Hello little fella," She said. The Ralts grimaced. "Okay, little girl then. Are you lost? Don't know where you are?" She asked. The Ralts nodded but then floated into Serenity's arms and cried happily. "O-kay. You know, you're a cutie. And something tells me I might have gotten first pick of my pokemon...either that or you teleported here...ah, well." Serenity said, tickling the Ralts.

    "We are now reaching the Battle acadamy. Please insure none of your belongings are left here. Thank you." said a sailor passing through.

    "That's us, Ralts," Serenity said.
    Serenity hopped off the boat with her new Ralts by her side. Some people were staring at her and Ralts, and talking in hushed tones but serenity didn't notice. They all stood in lines when it was time to collect their pokemon. Then it was Serenity's turn.

    "Serenity, come here." gary Oak, the founder, said.

    "Uh, I kinda aleady have this pokemon. I found it on the boat and something told me it was mine. Please let me keep it!" She pleaded with Proffesor Oak. Ralts lept into her arms and looked at him with the exact same expresion. He nodded. "Oh, yeah!" Serenity shouted, swinging the ralts around and hugging it.

    "Ralts!" Ralts cried.

    "Oh, sorry, ralts. I didn't know I was choking you," Serenity said, loosening her grip on the pokemon. She walked up to the teacher, Mrs Annabell, with ralts still in her arms. She followed her to the dorms and entered with the other girls. As she saw her bed, from all her things beside it, she fung onto it and sighed. Ralts hopped on the bed happily and Serenity pulled up a peice of paper that was underneath her.

    Welcome to the Battle Acadamy! It read.

    "Home sweet home for the next 12 months, eh Ralts?" Serenity said.

  7. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    OOC: Yay! It has started! But I have a question! Can we teach our Pokemon TM's and HM's?

    Mia was sitting on a bed in a cabin of a big ship, sailing from Slateport to BAI. Her black leather backpack was standing on the floor, all packed and ready. She looked in the window and saw a big beautiful island. A man on the pier was waiting for them...
    "Gosh, I'm so nervous..." - thought Mia - "Can't wait to see the school!"

    "We've reached the BAI port. Students, get down by starboard." the PA announced.

    "Oh, my!" - shouted Mia. She grabbed her backpack and ran out of her cabin. She mingled with the crowd of other pupils who were going outside...

    All the students were standing at the port, the sun burning their skin, the salty breeze from the sea passing through them, softly.
    "Welcome all of you students! I personally have come here to meet you. As you may all know, I'm Gary Oak, a pokemon professor." said a man with a childish look in his face but with the evidence of the years that had passed through him.
    "Breon!" said his little black cat pokemon.
    He started to handing out different Pokemon to students.
    Mia was standing among the croud of students, nervously waiting for professor to give her a Pokemon.
    "I wonder, what this school is going to be..." - Mia was deeply in her thoughts and only her name snapped her back in the reality!
    "Mia?" - said Professor Gary Oak, smiling.
    "Yes, it's me!" - Mia flipped her dark-blonde hair and smiled back.
    "Well, meet your first partner!" - Mia's heart started beating faster - "A Togepi!"
    "Togi-Togi-Pree!" - said a little egg Pokemon!
    Gary Oak threw Mia a PokeBall. Mia caught it.
    "Oh, aren't you a little cutie! Come here!" - Mia picked up Togepi and hugged it!
    "Togi!" - Togepi was really happy!
    "I'll see you later!" - said Mia and withdrew Togepi in a PokeBall!
    Professor Oak continued giving Pokemon to students. When it was finished, the group has been divided by girls and boys.
    "Girls, follow your teacher, Mrs. Anabel!" - said Gary Oak, pointing to a purple-hared woman.
    "Good morning, ladies! Follow me to your dorm!" - said Annabel...

    Mia entered her room. It was really nice: light and clean. Mia smiled, unpacked her bag and let Togetic out.
    "Hello, cutie!"
    "Togi! Togi!" - Togepi floated and jumped in her hands.
    "Aww, so we're friends now! Right?"
    Then Mia noticed something on the bed-side table: 5 PokeBalls and a note: “Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Academy"
    Mia grinned: "This day is getting better and better! Well, I should check out my neighbour!"
    She went out with Togepi and knocked the other door.
    THe door opened. There stood a girl about Mia's age with a Misdreavus, floating behind her.
    "Hi! I'm Mia and this is Togepi! We're your neighbours! And you?"
  8. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity stood outside of her room when a guy strode up to her, trying to be cool.

    "Ralts-use confusion!!!" Serenity, yelled, paniking. Ralts used the attack and the guy was hurdled into the wall. She sighed but then laughter was heard next to her. She turned around to see two girls, one with a Misdrevus and one with a Togepi. Serenity blushed. "I didn't mean to do it that hard..." She said. Ralts laughed and jumped into her arms. "Hi, I'm Serenity, pleased to meet cha neighbours!" Serenity said, laughing along.
  9. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Having just received his Pokemon, Ben, or 'The Benmeister' by his future contest alias, looked down at the Pokeball that he had caught his new found friend in it. Or, at least, he hoped they could be friends. Whilst Ben was not a 'I believe in my Pokemon' sort of person, he did view his Pokemon not as a way to give the trainer success, but for them to co-exist with each other and, over time, become pals. Emphasizing this, Ben decided that keeping his new Pokemon locked in a Pokeball was not the best way to go about the beginning of their relationship together. And so, Ben held out his Pokeball, crying 'Go, Eevee!'

    A flash of light blinded Ben for a second, before Ben looked downwards and saw his new Pokemon, Eevee. It looked, simply enough, like a brown fox-type creature with a white mane, and it was referred to throughout the Pokemon land as the 'Evolution' Pokemon, due to the fact that the little brown Pokemon had five different evolutions, all of which could be obtained through different means, be it with stones, happiness and on odd occasions shards. However, having just received his new Eevee, Ben was not focused on the way he would evolve it in the future as he was more focused on the fact that he now had a Pokemon. His first Pokemon, nontheless. And since Ben had many a time seen one of the greatest co-ordinators that ever came from the land of Hoenn, May, use her own Eevee to great effect, Ben came to the conclusion that there was not to have been a better choice for a starting Pokemon.

    Ben noticed that his Eevee bore a rather happy expression on its face. Ben hadn't encountered many Eevees in his lifetime, but the ones that he had encountered always shared the same sort of emotions, a happy, childlike state, and this one was obviously no different. But whether it was to stay like that throughout their partnership was yet to be known...

    Ignoring that, Ben crouched down to talk to his new Pokemon.

    'Hey, Eevee. I'm your new trainer, Ben. I hope we can soon become pals. What have you always wanted in life?'

    Eevee responded with a silent, quizzical 'Vee...', as if to indicate that it had no idea.

    'Does performing in contests sound good to you?' Ben asked, to which the Eevee smiled, showing that it was to be a good idea. Eevee then leaped onto Ben's shoulder, facing forward.

    'Hmm...' Ben pondered 'what to call you...'

    Studying the Eevee, Ben attempted to figure out whether this particular specimen was male or female. But it wasn't too hard to find out, as just from the appearance of its groomed fur, Ben deduced that it was indeed a female.

    'Okay, Eevee, how about I call you Sophia?'

    Eevee gave a positive response in the form of 'Eev!'

    'Well then, it's nice to have you on the team, Sophia!'

    Ben was suddenly interrupted by the voice of the headmaster, Gary Oak. 'And for the boys, your teacher, Drew will guide you to your dorm.'

    And to this, Ben's eyes lit up. Drew was nearby! Ben had always idolized Drew, since he was a kind co-ordinator, but not to the brink of being too 'Pokemon friendly' as some trainers and co-ordinators tend to fall into the stance of. As all the males of the academy started to exit the room single file after Drew, Ben suddenly realized again that it was the Drew. And so Ben joined near to the back of the line, Sophia still on his shoulder, looking out of the side of the line towards the front where he attempted to find Drew, or 'Mr. Drew' as he was known in the academy. He could catch a few glimpses of the side of him, but that was not enough. Ben had to talk to him! On his shoulder, Sophia sweatdropped anime style.

    When they had reached the boys' dorms, Ben didn't go in at first, but instead, tried to find Drew. Drew was standing by the entrance to the dorm, welcoming the new students to their new home for the next period of their lives. Ben, nearing the back of the queue, was almost through his dorm when Drew informed him 'I hope you enjoy your stay at the academy.'

    Ben froze. Ben knew that it was just the casual greeting that he was giving everyone, but it was Drew. Drew! Ben instantly turned to face the teacher.

    'Mr. Drew! It's actually you!' Ben uttered, lost for words.

    'The one and only,' he replied 'at least, I think I am.'

    Ben was struggling with what to say, but Drew spoke for him.

    'Yeah, I've gotten this in the past, where kids like you run up to me and then can't find the right words to say. Well, I know what you want to say, and I'll respond with the fact that if you keep working at it, you'll become a great co-ordinator.'

    Ben was suprised at Drew's intelligence, and was partly relieved that he didn't have to ask anything.

    'And even if you're struggling,' he continued 'that's what the academy is about! In fact, I'll even give you something as a gift. Consider it a 'starting item'.'

    Drew fumbled in his bag and pulled out a berry. He tossed it to Ben, who caught it with both hands.

    'That's a Walmel Berry,' Drew stated 'you can use it to make a Pokeblock, and...'

    '...the Pokeblock is Sweet and Bitter,' Ben interrupted 'thus boosting the Cute and Smart ranks. But mainly Cute.'

    Ben was mildly pleased for making that smart remark.

    'Don't talk when the teacher is talking!' Drew exclaimed. Ben and Sophia froze in fear. But then Drew continued 'Nah, I'm just kidding, it's great that you have knowledge of Pokeblocks. That's one of the first steps to becoming a good co-ordinator.'

    Ben and Sophia breathed a sigh of relief.

    'Get going into your dorm now,' Drew stated 'and don't forget to blend that berry!'

    Ben chose not to respond, but smiled happily as he walked into his dorm. He noticed Sophia was showing the same facial expression as himself.

    'Looks like I'm rubbing off onto you already, Sophia,' Ben told his Eevee, before it, as usual, smiled back.

    Ben began to approach what seemed to be his bed, as all the other beds were taken what with Ben taking the time to speak with his idol. As he neared the bed, Sophia leapt from Ben's shoulder onto the bed before walking around on the spot, as a cat would do, before laying down. Ben deduced from Sophia's actions that it most likely had a Jolly nature, and he sure hoped so, for if it did it would surely love the Pokeblock that Ben was to make from his new Walmel Berry.

    On the bed, Ben noticed five Pokeballs laying there. At first he was curious as to why they were there but then he realized that they were to catch Pokemon in the future. Ben sweatdropped at his own stupidity before he noticed a note in the middle of the Pokeballs. Picking it up, he looked at it and it read 'Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Academy.'

    Ben gazed out of a nearby window. He was finally here. At the Pokemon Battle Academy. Although battling was not to be his main priority. For it was this day that Ben would always remember as the day he took the first steps towards becoming a co-ordinator.

    And he was going to be the best damned co-ordinator the world would ever see.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2006
  10. Dragonite Trainer

    Dragonite Trainer Pokemon Breeder

    Lucas followed the teacher Drew to the boys dorms with his Onix in its pokeball clipped to his belt. Walking around Lucas found a dorm that he liked.
    "Ah this will do perfectly."
    Lucas threw his belongings on to the bed. He walked over to the pillow and picked up the five pokeballs. Looking at the note Lucas clipped the pokeballs to his belt. Lucas unzipped his back pack that he had on his bed and took out a black hat. Putting it on his head he tilted it sideways and walked out the door. There were a bunch of guys wlaking around trying to find their dorms. Lucas walked across the hall and knocked on the door. A boy named Zeke answered. He had a Zangoose.
    "Hey man you got any extra pillows or anything like that cause they only gave me one."
  11. darkpkmn fan1

    darkpkmn fan1 Well-Known Member

    Daniel looked down at the five pokeballs in the dorm.
    "Wow, i cant beleive it. I got a lotad. Its grass and water. My family problems may be solved. Five pokeballs to make my own desisions with" he said in a quiet voice. Daniel unloaded his stuff out on to his bed from his bag. The stuff he had packed where mainly clothes. As he tipped out his belonging, two brown paper wrapped rocks fell out. Both had a small paper tag attached to them. The first was a shinning green stone. The tag read, "A leaf stone.
    Use it well. Sis" The other read "A water stone. Use it well. Dad".

    "Wow. Some special stones from my family. Wonder if anyone will know what they are for" he thought to himself.
    Daniel quickly made his bed, changed his clothes and walked out of the dorm.
    "Well, hope it likes me" he said as he released his pokemon.
    "Lotad" said the small lily like pokemon as it checked its suroundings. "Lotad" It repeated. Lotad finally loked at Daniel. Its eyes rolled up and down him. It then, after checking him out, jumped and sort of floated gracfully into his arm.

    "Hi lotad, im your new trainer" Daniel was pleased to say.
    Lotad gave a friendly cry.
  12. squirtleking

    squirtleking Defender of Justice

    Alex gazed up at his pokemon as it smiled down at him, seeming happy with her new trainer. All Kangaskhan were female, and kept a young baby in their pouches.

    "Well, Kangaskhan, looks like we're going to be partners!" he said happily. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected to receive such a rare and powerful pokemon - in all honesty, because of his disability, he had been expecting to be given a Magikarp.

    "I guess Professor Oak doesn't discriminate between students like so many others," he said as he and Kangaskhan followed the other boys to their dorm.
  13. -HZ-

    -HZ- Member

    Zeke looked towards the boy who had just entered his room.

    "You got an Onix didn't you?" He laughed. "They suck.. and no, I don't have any pillows extra.. now please, get out. He said, and slammed the door shut.

    'Stupid intrusive people..' He thought to himself.

    "Zan.. Goose." Said Scythe who was lying on the floor, snoozinfg lazily. Zeke stood up, and emptied the contents of his bag; clothes, some potions he had bought, and a picture of youngver version of himself, smiling, next to a woman and a man. Scythe walked to him and nuzzled his leg. He picked the pokemon up and said,

    "I'll never let you go."
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  14. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Kassy noticed two girls introduce themselves with her. "I'm Kassy. So we got a cutie and another one." Kassy said about the Togepi and Ralts. "All i got is a creepy ghost." Midreavus gave her a dirty look with that. "I'm joking Mimi. Oh yeah i like giving pokemon nicknames by the way."
  15. darkpkmn fan1

    darkpkmn fan1 Well-Known Member

    "Well, come on then lotad. Shall we go and make friends" Daniel asked lotad. The two of them walked along past some other rooms and finally made it to where other trainers seemed to be chatting. Lotad and Daniel didnt really want to disturb anyone so Daniel knelt down and started to play with lotad. Lotad was jumping about and gliding around him.

    "Ha ha thats enough lotad, i feel tired. Lets just sit here for a bit" Dan told his good friend lotad. Lotad crawled up on too daniels knee and fell asleep,.
  16. Canis Lupus

    Canis Lupus Well-Known Member

    OOC: I"m late! I was sleeping while it started....

    BIC: As Joseph unloaded the boat, he watched alll the other people get their Pokemon. He waited for his name to be called with patience."Joseph?"
    "Chiko!" said the Chikorita running to his trainer and playing with his pokeball. "A Chikorita!" he yelled, picking the small Pokemon up. "I'm gonna name you Chika!"
    "Chika!" she squeaked. As he followed the other trainers toward the dorms, he noticed the beautiful land. He looked up at the academy. It was very majestic, with it's beautiful walls. He followed the other people to the dorms, and walked in his with a smile. "Chika! Chika!" Chika yelled. She hopped out of Joseph's hands and onto his bed. He smiled, and pulled his luggage along. Chika helped him unpack his stuff, and soon, it was all done. He pulled out his backpack and peered inside. His parents had left him money. He grinned. Of course they would send him money. He searched through to find a picture of his family, some mints, and some potions. "Come on Chika!" he yelled to her. She jumped off the bed, and she followed him out the door, to where all the other trainers where.
  17. Spriteman

    Spriteman Sometimes a bit rude

    (( YAY! Mime Jr. is my favourite pokemon! Oh, and sorry I'm late, I had to sleep :S ))

    Jordan hopped off the boat, with the peculiar clown pokemon in the pokeball, which was squirming a lot. 'Well, this is the place,' he thought to himself as he brushed his long, brown hair from his face and letting the small clown pokemon out in front of him, and putting out a hand to see if it would shake it.
    It made a barrier to block him going anywhere near it. "I guess its a start, it ain't taunting me anymore..." He say with a heavy sigh, just as the little clown pokemon turned around and stuck its tounge out at him. "I stand corrected..."
    'I had to get the demented pokemon, the others were all friendly, but no, mine had to be a little bugger.' I thought to myself as I walked onwards, following the guide, when a thought occured to me...
    "I guess I'll give you a nickname... Lets see... MJ?" The Mime Jr. looked around, and stared blankly at him. "How about... Micheal! Yeah, Micheal sounds a good name."
    The little mime pokemon seemed reluctant to like the name, so just walked on, not giving away any hint it wanted attention. "Have it your way..." he muttered as he readied his pokeball and returned it, and walked on to his dormatory... 'I just hope it doesn't happen to him...' he thought to himself, thinking of that horrible event. The fact he had had a Mime Jr. before hadn't occured to him, and the excitement of getting the pokemon had completely blown over him. He just stood there, a tear forming at the courner of his eye.
    After about fifteen seconds, he wiped his eyes, and walked into the large building, and was guided to the boy's dormatory. He picked a bed, and liyed down, letting the mime pokemon out to play on the floor. "Micheal, you just have fun, I'm gonna have a bit of a rest." And with that, he grabbed a book and started reading, the story enthrawling him as he
  18. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    "Torch, here's your pokemon." said Gary Oak, the Academy's founder while giving me a Magby.
    "Awesome!" I yelled.
    He really liked getting a Magby because being from Lavaridge he loved fire pokemon.And he had never seen any Magby yet.Then Torch and the other boys folowed Drew to their dorm.
    "Were here," Drew announced.
    Torch walked into the dorm.
    "It's pretty nice in here," Torch said.
    He noticed 5 pokeballs on the table.
    "I could go out and catch pokemon on my first day but, I think I'll train you Magby!"Torch proclaimed.
    "Magby!"Said Magby.
    "I think I'll call you, Blaze."Torch told his Magby.
    "Mag!"said Blaze as a sign of approval.
    "Then let's go train!"Torch proclaimed exxitingly.
  19. Spriteman

    Spriteman Sometimes a bit rude

    (( Question: Do we pick what pokemon we find, or do we need an owner to say o_O ))

    "Wa-wah?!" Jordan mutters are he wakes up, but notices Micheal at the of his bed, sleeping. "I guess I'll have to wake him up," He muttered as he gently roused it to wake up a little, then lifted it up, cradling it as if it were a baby, and took it downstairs, his pokeball on his belt. "C'mon, we're gonna get some training done."
    They walked outside, to a huge garden, were a few trainers were battling wild pokemon. He looked around for a pokemon or two, but to no prevail. "I guess we'll have to hunt harder," He said to Micheal as it jumped from his arms and started mimicing what Jordan done. He was beginning to warm up to him.
  20. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    "Mag!"said Blaze oviously happy because he wants to battle.
    They set off deep into the forest.They saw some pokemon as they were going but they ran away.Then they saw one that wouldn't.
    "Maw!" said a wild Mawile.
    "Wanna battle?" Torch asked.
    "Maw!" Mawile said, then it unleased a Bite Attack.
    "Dodge and use Leer!"
    Blaze dodged and it's defense lowered.Mawile used Astonish and it hit.
    "Blaze!"Torch yelled.
    Blaze then got up.
    "Use Ember!"Torch commanded.
    The ember hit and was super effective.Mawile attempted another astonish but it missed.
    "Finish it with Ember!"Torch said.
    The attack hit and Blaze was the victor.
    "Yeah Blaze!" said Torch happily.
    "Mag!"Blaze said, also happy.
    "Let's go back to the dorm" said Torch.
    And they went to the dorm.
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