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Pokemon Battle Academy!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Night Avenger, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon



    The city scape produced the most amazing colors and variety of things, Sui decided.

    Riding in the Metro Bus that travelled from the outskirts of the city to the northern part of it (where the middle-class resided), the Battle Academy group (or what was left of it; many had gone off to the National Park or places in the city to experience this grandiose place) was heading towards the Goldenrod Gym. The Normal Master, Whitney, was the gym leader there and as part of their tour of Johto, the Battle Academy freshmen were visiting every major Gym possible. Of course, the main form of travel was bus (seeing as it was the least expensive and most efficient in terms of energy conservation) and therefore, students got the opportunity to observe their surroundings from the windows whether they were dazzling, grotesque, beautiful, or unbelievable. Sui was one of these students and although Blackthorn City was much like Goldenrod in terms of grandeur, it had decided to take a "classical" thematic when Sui had left and therefore he became so fascinated with the new style that he almost forgot about the old one. Goldenrod, however, offered the opportunity for the alabaster-topped male to gape at gigantic skyscrapers, bizzare TV screens involving much MORE bizzare commercials, Slowpoketail dealers and skyscraper-jumping daredevil Pokemon such as Breloom. In fact, there were so many interesting things that Sui had to force himself to look away in order to return to reality. Cloudy, who was the only Pokemon fit to reside out of her Pokeball in the bus, was still indulging herself in the many sights of the city (after all, she had only known the island's landscape and nothing else) and released a startled cry when the bus pulled to a stop in front of the Goldenrod Gym. Laughing, Sui's hand rose to pet her and she crooned in content soon afterwards.

    "C'mon girl...nothing to be afraid of...we're just stopping, that's all," Sui soothed with a gentle tone. Stroking her still as he stood up, he heard Gary say, "Students, we are now here at the Gym. Whitney the Gym leader is not as young as she was, so she now has a second Gym leader that she is training. Unlike Bugsy who still had youth after 40 years...Whitney doesn't, so behave out of respect please. After we introduce ourselves, or have a small battle or two, we will go to Whitney's ranch, each of us will get one pint of milk each - NO MORE!" He emphasized with a sharp jab of the finger. "This is a business, after all, and I can't have my students make Grumpigs out of themselves. Now get out in an orderly fashion -Whitney is still cold at me for last year's mishap.....All that milk wasted....So, behave my students, and we will be invited to her ranch. It's a shame though we are only allowed to bring home one pint each of this milk..." The senior professor mumbled regretfully. "Miltank are also sensitive, so don't spook them!" The professor shouted wildly. Sui chuckled slightly and made the "loco" finger motion with his head turned towards Cloudy, who chirp-laughed in agreement. Getting off of the bus, Sui followed two understudies of the Gym into the wonderful Goldenrod Gym.

    The first thing Sui noticed was how plain the Gym looked. It appeared to have the setting of an indoor garden and home at the same time - a wondrous aroma spilled in from the kitchen door in the corner and left many of the students in a drooling wake, which would have included Sui had he not eaten lunch but a couple of minutes ago. The plants formed rings around the room, giving off a pristine smell that indeed showed their health. Understudies of the gym walked around, tending to things like the walls and the floor - Sui realized that THIS was what a gym was all about - the top notch facilities, great people, etc. However, the young teen had no time to think about it as he advanced with the group, Cloudy on his shoulder. When the arena emerged, Sui was immediately enthralled and taken in by the setting of the professional Gym Leader. The seats and stands, the plain walls, the dusty battlefield, the cool air...everything captured him in its grasp and he couldn't help but gape at the sight. Soon his attention was transferred to an old woman who limped in, a 23-year old, very pretty black-haired woman trailing her - so the old woman was Whitney, and her sexy companion was her student.

    "Oak...You spineless git, you still haven't paid me back..." Whitney grumbled in that "cruel old people" tone. The professor rubbed the back of his head sheepishly - the debaucle sure was embarassing for him. And it was - discussion spread throughout the group and was quickly hushed by the speech of Prof. Oak. "Well...we've just had a large group of students lately so we nee-"

    "You cost me $20,000 - don't make any excuses!" Whitney shouted, grumbling still. Gary decided not to argue any more (more white hair was never good) and introduced the students to Whitney. "Students, this is one of the best trainers of Normal pokemon in the world, Whitney...she manages the Goldenrod Gym franchise and is training Miss Ayame, who is 23 years old and becoming a powerful leader herself. She and I will demonstrate how the cuteness of Pokemon can influence a battle greatly -"

    Ayame cut him short with her cheerful, bubbly tone. "Well, Professor Oak...I was thinking I'd use..." She tossed her long black hair around lightly as she turned her head from side to side. "That trainer for my demonstration." Unbeknownst to Sui, Ayame had been paying attention to see who was the most attentive and Sui was that person. Pointing at himself and receiving a nod in return (the rest of the male students grumbled statements like "Lucky" and "What a pain..." and the female students immediately stopped gushing and glared at him), Sui walked up there shyly. It was such an honor to meet a professional trainer like Ayame, he thought as he shook her hand, introducing himself and returning Cloudy.

    Sui sat on the side of the battlefield that the jealousy-infused students were watching from while Ayame sat on the side with only one spectator - Whitney, who cheered confidently and coughed from the extravagant effort afterwars. Getting into his battle "gear", he tossed Needler's pokeball with a cheerful cry of, "Let's go Needler!" and smirked confidently. Ayame laughed and tossed the ball for her Jigglypuff, causing murmurs to spread out through the crowd that dissipated immediately when Ayame ordered, "Strength on the ground, Jia!" The pink puffball struck the ground with a charged palm, causing a wave of dust and energy to go towards Needler. Immediately enranced by the opposition's beauty, the Cacnea would've gotten hit had it not been for the shout of "Dodge, Needler!" that Sui shouted. Shaking his head, Needler immediately released a whole bunch of Poison Stings at Sui's command, the nigh-invisible needles flashing in the flourescent lights of the gym. However, surprising everyone, Sui told Needler to continue launching Poison Stings as he advanced. Getting near the defensively-positioned Jigglypuff, Needler was informed with a shout of "Dynamicpunch!" to attack and when he was pulling his fist back, Jia knew what to do - she blinked her eyes and did a cutesy pose (Attract). Needler's arm stuck itself in the ground as he stared at the Jigglypuff with hearts in his eyes - suddenly, the opposition was so much more pretty and attractive then before! The gratification, however, fell short of the powerful Double-Edge that struck him smack dab in the face and knocked him out cold, spinning hearts still in his eyes. Squeezing Needler's ball, Sui returned the Cacnea with a red laser and strode over to the middle of the field, shaking Ayame's hand. "Nice match, cutie," the in-training Gym leader said flirtatiously. Sui blushed slightly and mumbled, "You too," before returning to the stands.

    Ayame then began to give a lecture about how beauty and cuteness or handsomeness can influence the outcome of battles and contests. Sui listened intently while thinking, Wow...she's an awesome trainer. As soon as he finished praising her in his head, Ayame offered the usual student's battle or two. The whole group (save the adults) rose their hands eagerly, and the tall woman bit her fingernails, looking around and thinking about which one to choose. Maybe Lexy, Sui thought silently.


    I have a proposition to make for everyone.

    Night Avenger, although you are a pretty good GM, you aren't being as assertive as you should be. Your level of RP'ing, although decent, is not what many of us would like to have for a GM. You know everything that we should have for the areas and you indeed have some creative ideas but the thing is some of the best people we have come in here going like, "wtf happened?" We need some kind of regulating force around here and well...the three main "good" posters that i talk to, Ben, Rachel, Hyuu say that I should have control of this RP. I too, agree, but understand that we're not trying to offend you. If you could make your BEST post possible, on the same topic (going to the gym and a battle) so that we can compare out skill levels that'd be great!

    People who are reading this message: I would like you to compare NA and I's posts in general. Whose is better? Whose is more balanced? Who do you think is more open to ideas? Obviously, this is my opinion, but I think that I am better and that other people and I can regulate this RP better than NA. Although NA has been an absolutely wonderful and great person for this RP, I think that because we have such a diverse selection of RPers we can make much better progress if we have new management. NA, if leadership goes to me, you don't have to leave at all - in fact, I'd love for you to stay.

    Obviously, I won't post like this everytime, but this is my best post that I feel I can put here. If NA follows what I ask of him (he may choose not to and kick me, I don't really mind), then you guys will be able to compare the two of us and see which one you prefer. I sincerely hope that you guys can make the decision and regardless of the result will be happy.

    Thanks for reading,

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2006
  2. JirachiandLucario

    JirachiandLucario Well-Known Member

    Sean was on the ranch waiting to get Waterball some milk. To Seans surprise a Magby ran infront of him as he was getting Waterball milk and took some. A kid walked over to the Magby and patted him on the head.
    "Hey!" Sean said angrily "your Magby took Waterball's milk!"
    "Uh, yeah so what?" the kid said.
    "Well I want it back so I can give it to Waterball " Sean said pointing at Waterball who was in his hands.
    "Make me give it back to you!." the kid said.
    "Fine we'll battle for it winner gets the milk!" Sean said
    "Okay fine." the kid said. "Oh and by the way Im Torch."
    "I'm Sean" Sean said as they walked to a small battle feild in a patch of grass.
    Sean set down Waterball who ran to the middle of the feild across from Torch's Magby.
    Without any warning Torch started off.
    "Blaze use Ember!" he yelled. Blaze, Torch's Magby, shot many fire balls out of it's mouth.
    "Waterball! Bubble!" Sean cried as Waterball sent many bubbles out of his mouth. The two attacks colided with neither hitting their opponent.
    "Now use Fire Punch!" Torch commanded. Blaze's fist burned with fire as he brought his fist down to hit Waterball. Just then Waterball remembered a lecture Sean had given him.
    "Waterball you need to learn how to use common sense. Heres an example, if we're in a battle and a pokemons going to attack you with a scratch attack instead of me telling you to dodge you should just do it any way."
    End of flash back.
    Blaze punched at Waterball who instinctivley dodged. Blaze was shocked when he punched the air.
    "Now Water Gun!" Sean said. Waterball shot a blast of water out of his mouth which hit blaze making him skid along the grass a couple feet.
    "Is that all you got?" Torch asked. "My Blaze is a much higher level then your Waterball. Theres no way one weak Water Gun will take him down. Now Blaze use Ember at full power!"
    Blaze had recovered and was building fire in his mouth. He released the Ember which was much bigger than las time.
    "Bubble!" Sean commanded. Waterball used a bubble attack which colided with the Ember and popping. Waterball was hit with the strong Ember attack falling to the ground.
    "Yes!" Torch said triumphantly. "We won!"
    "They haven't won yet Waterball. Get up and show them what your made of." Sean said to Waterball. Waterball stood up and started to glow, he was evolving. Waterball changed shape growing taller and sproutig arms and hands.
    "Marill!" He said.
    "What the?" Torch said shocked at Waterball's sudden evolution. "Blaze Ember at full power again!"
    "Quick before he can charge it up use Water Gun!" Sean yelled. Waterball shot a much more powerful blast of water from his mouth than last time. It struck Blaze knocking him of his feet and unconcious. Waterball pulled his glasses over his eyes in triumph.
    Torch ran to Blaze and woke him up. They then walked and stumbled over to Sean and Waterball.
    "Hey I'm sorry for acting all rude earlier. Heres the milk and I hope we can make up." Torch said.
    Sean reached for the milk and grabbed it. The two then shook hands as well as Waterball and Blaze.
    "Well I'll be seeing ya" Torch said as him and Blaze walked away to go get their own milk.
    "Wow Waterball I can't Believe you evolved." Sean said picking up waterball and giving him the milk which he could now hold.
    "Marill!" Waterball said hapily.

    OOC: that was alot of writing phew!"
  3. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

  4. JirachiandLucario

    JirachiandLucario Well-Known Member

    Well if you wern't mean then you would have given back the milk and we wouldnt have battled. So it was for dramatic effect.
  5. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess that's okay.But that reminds me of when somebody is quit made me a bullie.
  6. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    well No offense SUicune, but you do seem sorta like a bully:


    1. untentionally abuse pokemon, give them no rest, and always battle, pokemon aren't tools

    2. You aren't social

    3. You always win, and are forced to loose when we ask you to loose

    4. Your pokemon are too powerful

    5. because he said so
  7. Pokenatic92

    Pokenatic92 Im walking away now

    ooc: im gonna do something before and then i'll arrive at whitney's ok?

    Tiago looked at the huge city thta he called home. Not to long ago he left his home to head for BAI. The one thing Tiago wanted to do was to go see his family. Tiago told the Porfessor that he would meet them at the gym after doing some things. Tiago ran and ran until he finalyl arrived at his house. It was right near the Huge Goldenrod mall so he couldn't miss it. Tiago entered the door to see his mother watching her favorite soap opera with his aunt who arrived there moment before he did. "Guess who it is?" His mother was startled and turned around. "Don't scare me like that Tiago....Tiago! What are you doing here?". "I'm here with some others on a field trip, I decided to stop by here before heading towards the gym." "Tiago, how much money do you have." "About 1156 pokedollars left." "Well heer Honey, maybe this will help your expenses at the mall." Tiago's mother handed him 2000 pokedollars. "Thanks mom!" He then turned his attention towards his aunt. "Aunt May, is Jim here?" The aunt turned her attention from the TV to her nephew." Yes, he is outside traing his pokemon" Tiago grinned. "great, i can get some battling in hopefully, well, I'm gonna go now, goodbye." he agve his mom and aunt a hug and went outside. He saw Jim training his Torkoal. "Hey Jim, you up for a battle?" Jim was suprised to see his cousin and grinned. "Sure thing. I'm gonan use Torkoal here." "Great, then go Pinch" and with the release of Pinch the battle began.

    Torkoal started by using Curse. It enhanced his stats which started to make Tiago nervous. "Pinch, up your defence, use Harden." Pinch used Harden which added a harden layer to his body, upping his defence. Torkoal began to release a smog. It hurt Pinch a little but not to much. Due to the smog, it was ahrd for Pinch and Tiago to see. They heard an atatck being called but didn't hear which. Sudenly an ember came through the smog hitting Pinch directly. The curse raised Torkoal's attack enough to make a fire type move create damage on a water pokemon. "Pinch we have to make this quick...focus on making a powerful Bubble attack, enough to knock him out with one hit." Pinch began to focus on sending all his power to create a powerful bubble attack. Torkoal didn't waste time and sent in more embers. Pinch was able to dodge them with ease. Pinch finally mustered up enough energy and unleashed a massive bubble attack. Torkoal was unable to dodge it. It created a big explosion once it hit. After the smoke cleared it showed that Torkoal was ko'ed. "Yay Pinch...good battle Jim, but I got to go." "Ok, see ya Tiago" Tiago entered the huge mall and went to the items floor. There he picked up 2 antidote, 2 Paralyze heal, and 2 Full Heal. He left the mall and went into Whitney's Gym. He then caught up with the rest of the gang
  8. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Look, you are a great RPer, maby the best I've ever seen, but NA made this.If it wasn't for him this wouldn't exist.This is a controvercial two sided arguement.sigh.
  9. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    i appreciate NA for starting this

    but what i'm saying is that his management is insubstantial right now. we need improvement - and NA's not providing it. certainly if we told him it might work, but we don't know for sure. from what i'm seeing (it may be completely different), NA is not what we should have right now if we want to advance - he is an rp'er that fits the level of this rp, but myself and others KNOW that this RP has so much potential to become something great - thus we need someone that is better than him.

    hence, me (not that i chose myself, the others chose me)
  10. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Yes, but NA does something that some people can't handle.He doesn't abuse his power.He doesn't say YOUR FIRED!!! all the time, this is a tough one.
  11. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    but i don't do that kind of sh*t either.

    dude i've been in crazy RPs before and believe me - this is just the lower block on the management level. LJ rps require an ENORMOUS amount of work - and I can tell that the managers are working their a*ses off.
  12. robynblclark

    robynblclark uh...

    Sakura boarded the trolly. She kept staring at Revi every couple of minutes. She felt like she seen or knew him from somewhere other than the acadamy.
    She got the tought out of her mind as they were aproaching the gym.
    Sakura got out and went in the gym. She hadn't seen Whitney in a while. Well atleast it seemed like a while to her because she used to visit her everyday before she went to the acadamy. She let out Serino and he hopped on her shoulder. Sakura spotted Whitney and ran over to her ignoring the battle that was about to begin between Sui and Ayame.

    "Hi Whitney"said Sakura happily

    "Hi Sakura I never knew that you were coming on the trip"replied the gym leader

    "Well yeah I came I wanted to visit my home town" she said

    "Well maybe we can talk later about it when we go to the ranch"said Whitney

    "Okay Whitney"said Sakura

    She then looked over towards the battlefield. She hoped this would be a good match.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2006
  13. Hyuu

    Hyuu Under the sea

    “Yahooooooo!” Revi shouted, running around the grass field with a wide grin, enjoying the feeling of wind pushing against his hazel hair. Absol, Lunatone, and Pidgey watched with a slight twitch, finding his behavior entirely inappropriate… They were also quite surprised that he could run after eating like he had to fill a bear’s stomach with no signs of nausea. Lunatone was carefully guarding the pint of milk he had received from Witney and her apprentice, since Revi trusted him the most; Absol would more than likely steal the entire glass and Pidgey… would not have been a good guard, stuck to the ground like a rock.

    So, he left his trust in Lunatone while he pivoted on his feet like a delirious idiot, grinning madly in the open space. It was so nice, so unlike Battle Academy Isle that had multiple trees popping out of the ground nearly every inch. He was lost in his game, feeling like a child again as he whipped around in circles with his arms extended outwards, pretending he was an airplane. Childish pleasures… he was guilty of still loving to act like he was an airplane. It brought back so many good memories.

    But the memories were interrupted as he tripped over his feet, falling flat onto the ground with a hard thud. He looked sideways at the gym and saw Whitney through a window, discussing something with someone unfamiliar to him… well, somewhat unfamiliar. There was an annoying feeling that he had seen her before, but he dismissed it easily. Toggling on whether or not to see Whitney, he grinned as he thought about how annoyed she might be.

    Returning Lunatone, Absol, and Pidgey, he picked up his pint of milk and walked into the gym again, where he was given the sight of the end of a battle. He clapped along with everyone else, pretending he had been there all along, before making his way to Whitney with a derelict smile, similar to a five-year-old prankster. Upon sighting him, Whiteney frowned at the boy and stopped her conversation for a while; squinting to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating…

    “Yo, Whitney!” Revi greeted with a wave, his grin broadening as Whitney’s frown deepened and she just sort of gave Revi a well concealed glare that only he could see. Revi sat on the other side of the Goldenrod occupant (Sakura), though there was no chair, and smiled up at the old lady.

    “Hello Revi.” She muttered in an unenthused tone. Revi looked at the other girl who seemed to know Whitney well with one eyebrow raised.

    ”I don’t think I’ve met you…” He said tactlessly.

    “And you won’t be corrupting her, thank you!” Whitney shouted in outrage.

    “All right, all right. Well, if you’re curious, I’m Revi.”
  14. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    OOC: I agree I'm not the best RPer but you won't take over this RPG. However, you do have some good points and you're active so… I'm making you a proposal:
    Seeing that you know how to administrate RPGs and make good, descriptive posts and I am creative for starting things like field trips and stuff (and now you'll see what'll happen when we are coming back to the academy), also I had the idea of the RPG and started it, so I'm giving you the co-ownership (not like the club co-ownership which is low ranged, you’ll be at the same level I am). Deal?
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2006
  15. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    OOC:That does sound pretty resonable.
  16. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    i'll agree, however I am setting these conditions down.

    1) I can re-establish the "rules" for this RP ie make it harder for bad posts (I'm looking at you, Suicune).
    2) The five of us (YES, FIVE - you, Ben, Hyuu, Rachel and I) share equal power, therefore making it a simple majority to decide things (meaning that if you are not there, then the four of us can pass decisions regardless). However, we will not INITIATE things without consulting people that aren't there - that way we can make changes or just not do that at all.
    3) I want an RP sample from everyone that's not us. The best that they can do, because I can't stand people making bullsh*t posts anymore - I want these samples so that I can see what's their level and their "average" rp'ing level.
    4) The three of us (Rach, Hyuu and I) want Suicune out unless he comes up with a compromise for us. Should you not agree to this, we'll just boot ourselves and we have another RP that's pretty much this idea only that it'll be better and more fortified because of the competent management.
    5) We want you - yes, you, Night Avenger - to make more descriptive posts and be a better RPer. We don't care if you don't post often...we just want you to do the best that you can in your circumstance.

    That's all.
  17. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    (OCC: I was gone on a trip for my birthday, it was a surprise......)
    Miriam went on the trolley.

    I hope no one sits by me. she thought. Then a minute later, maybe I do want someone to sit by me, I don't know how long the ride'll be...... Miriam kept her pokemon in their pokeball as to save their energy. She decided to think of battle strategies and go over type weaknesses and advanteges and also to go over pokemon and their special abilities.

    (OCC: Okay, I know this post kind of sucks and all, I'll get rid of it if you want...) I originally posted something a lot different, but it turned up I posted it late and a million other posts came before mine!!!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2006
  18. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    OK, I agree but you might wanna tell Suicune what do you want him to compromise himself to do in a descriptive and exact PM or post :D
  19. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

  20. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    no, i want him to post here what he promises to do so that he can ensure all of our participants that he'll be working to improve himself to those standards. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm sure some people would be more comfortable if he did so.

    Also: Ashes, JirachiandLucairo: I need you guys to have, at the very least, paragraphs, etc.

    EVERYONE BUT THE MODS: I'd like an RP sample; doesn't have to be long, just has to show your abilities in the best way possible for you.
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