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Pokemon Battle Academy!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Night Avenger, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    OOC:I made n attempt of joining the forum.But I never got a activation email.I can only use one email so could you please send me that email.I can't login or post.I tried getting a new email but I couldn't.Please send me the activation email ASAP.I'd make a battle or socialize but I have major writer's block.
  2. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Getting lost was, to put it simply, not what Ben and Sophia had in mind when they decided to take their own little mini tour of Johto. However, due to unforseen circumstances, mainly the fact that the duo didn't even own a map, that's exactly the route they had taken. As Ben and his Pokemon proceeded through the darkness that was Mount Mortar, they found themselves stumbling over many rocks.

    'Man, this sucks,' Ben told his fox like Pokemon 'you would've though they'd make a safe route through this cave for pedestrians, but apparently not. A bit crazy, no?' As Sophia also pondered the curiosity of the situation, Ben decided 'Oh well, we might as well use this as a training challenge,' and he called out Richard and Emily. Richard proceeded to happily flit around the room into the cave wall and Emily cowered slightly at the cave's might before hiding behind Ben's legs.

    'Aww,' Ben commented on the small mud fish 'don't be frightened, Emily! There's nothing to hurt you!'

    Famous last words. Ben turned a corner to find himself bumping into a rather large Machoke. Having no idea what had just happened, he tried walking forward again through natural instinct but unfortunately the Machoke merely stood there, eyeing down Ben and his Pokemon in a fit full of rage. It grunted, a small gush of wind blowing out of its nose.

    'Yeah...' Ben started to tell his Pokemon 'we'd better run...NOW!'

    Ben gathered up Emily in his arms and started to run at breakneck speed away from the Machoke. Sophia hopped onto his shoulder whilst Richard flew overhead. As the noise proceeded through the narrow cave passageway, many Pokemon started to stir, including Geodude, Machop and Zubat. Proceeding at a rather fast speed, Emily started to bawl tears in Ben's arms, Ben trying to comfort it with a 'sshhh, sshhh...' but he obviously was burdened by the fact that there was a ridiculously powerful Pokemon following him at a rather contempt speed.

    Ahead, Ben saw that there was a small gap in the way of their path., which Ben would have to traverse with temporary flight. With two Pokemon relying on him pulling this off succesfully, Ben was beginning to regret it, but as well as not having much time to choose his actions he technically had no choice. Getting a prepared run up, Ben ran full pelt towards the hole and took off from his left leg. The burden of carrying Emily surely held back his jumping distance, but nontheless, he managed to pull it off succesfully, but landed on the floor on his front, Emily and Sophia sliding off him elsewhere. Hopelessly looking back, he saw the Machoke advancing. Being a Superpower Pokemon, it would surely clear the jump, and Ben started to whimper at his failure and imminent doom.

    However, due to an incredible stroke of luck, the Machoke was too busy focusing on Ben and his Pokemon and didn't spot the Geodude sleeping on the floor in front of him before his foot connected with it. The force caused him to trip forwards straight towards the hole, and only saved himself from falling down to his sure death by grabbing onto the edge of the cliff.

    Ben, noticing this and despite the fact that this Pokemon had an intent to kill him, suddenly realized that he needed to help this Pokemon - after all, it was merely defending its territory. Crawling over to it, he grabbed onto the Machoke's wrist. Machoke would've resented this but, if he did, he would fall to his death, so he instead accepted it. However, what with the Machoke weighing a fair bit, Ben could not lift it up by himself. He called over Richard to aid him, and it pulled on its back to lift it up, and it started to slowly rise out of the hole, but suddenly Ben and Richard found their energy depleting and their grip slipping. Sweat started to form on Ben's forehead - his Pokemon were built for contests, not this. What made it more intense was that the life of a Pokemon was on the line.

    Suddenly the Machoke, realizing it was being aided, attempted to pull itself up, plunging its fists onto the top of the ground above. The edge of the ground started to break away but, with Ben aiding the Machoke, he managed to pull it up and safely onto the ground just before the edge broke away.

    After the ordeal was surely over, Ben and the Machoke got up to their feet. They both looked at each other before the Machoke nodded at Ben, forgiving him for his accidental disturbance before.

    'I'm sorry,' Ben told it 'But we were travelling and got lost. We merely wish to find the way out of this cave.'

    Suprisingly, the Machoke pointed to a cave exit a few hundred meters away. Ben looked quizically at the Machoke before realizing that its original intent upon chasing Ben was to get them to flee out of the cave exit - not to intentionally cause any physical harm...well, not much, anyway. Ben thanked the Machoke before him, Sophia and Richard departed, and Ben sighed that Emily remained asleep as he picked it up before leaving for Mahogany Town...
  3. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    Goldenrod City, a true metropolis: so thought Lexy, as she peered out the window of the small red Trolley, as it quietly approached the Gym. This city was Truly Golden. The soon-to-retire Normal Master, Whitney, was the second gym leader that the Battle Academy eight, would visit. As the trolley came to a halt, the Goldenrod Gym, and all its beauty was in site. Gary, the chaperone, of this trip, felt moved uncomfortably nervous, to Lexy’s observations.

    Did something happen between Prof. Oak, and Whitney?

    The students got off the bus, almost like the Military’s color guard. Prof. Gary was sweating profusely. As the group approached the front doors of the Gym, two of Whitney’s subordinates, both expressing their youth as teens, appeared. With a smile, they addressed themselves, as Carla, and Stephanie, and guided the group into the Giant Gym’s doors. As they entered, Lexy smiled.

    This place is beautiful!

    -thought Lexy, as she lazily wondered in the room. Megan, her newest partner: a Chikorita, growled happily in Lexy’s arms. The fresh fragrant of the gym made this little Grass Pokemon purr with delight. Lexy laughed as she saw Megan taking in the scents, she stroked Megan as they walked.

    "Megan, I can tell you are enjoying this, this aroma can easily knock someone into a daze……It smells so perfect…..The best smell I have ever taken in.”

    Lexy took in a deep breath to absorb the gyms many soothing aromas. Lexy heard Prof. Gary dictate something, but her mind was too incased by the beauty of the gym. As Lexy dazed off; she was awakened by a sharp jab of Prof. Oak’s finger trying to get her attention.

    "This is a business, after all, and I can't have my students make Grumpigs out of themselves. Now get out in an orderly fashion -Whitney is still cold at me for last year's mishap.....All that milk wasted....So, behave my students, and we will be invited to her ranch. It's a shame though we are only allowed to bring home one pint each of this milk..."

    Prof Oak spoke, mainly focusing on Torch and Santiago. The professor then regrettably said:

    "Miltank are also sensitive, so don't spook them!"

    Lexy found Sui, and walked next to him, for the rest of the Freshman 8 were to busy bickering or, were too aroused by the aromas. After five steps into the mighty labyrinth, Lexy noticed that they were in a giant indoor garden, attendants walked around ever so often tending to the cute, and beautiful Pokemon, as well as some flowers. On the perimeter of this giant garden, obstacles, that seemed to be part of a giant household existed. As the group went past the Kitchen door, fresh scents of cinnamon, and nicely warm toasted rolls filled the air. Most all of the freshmen eight, dropped their Jaws, creating a pond beneath them. Sui enjoyed the smell but did not drool over it, Lexy, and the other girls as well, kept sanity over their taste buds. The plants kept getting denser and denser as the group went towards the center. Lexy noticed Sui’s face get bright, he had figured out what this world famous gym was about. Cloudy on his shoulder, chirped a serene madrigal as they approached a center room, full of exotic plants around the perimeter. It was the Arena. Old Whitney leaned against a wooden cane, with a carved miltank head on the top of the cane. Besides the ancient Gym leader, stood a young woman, predominantly in her twenties. The new Gym leader had long sharp black hair, a perfect hourglass shape. Many of the Male students again dropped their jaws, at the sight of this woman’s beauty. Lexy looked over to Sui whom excitingly gasped at the arena’s magnificence. Whitney spoke:

    "Oak...You spineless git, you still haven't paid me back..."

    Whitney’s tone was of the cruel older person tone, which felt like nails on a chalk board. The professor rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, although he was embarrassed, he maintained a composer not to embarrass his students, or him. Whitney’s students, as well as the freshmen eight, whispered gossip amongst themselves. This discussion stopped with a quick glare from Prof. Oak.

    "Well...we've just had a large group of students lately so we nee-"

    "-You cost me $20,000 - don't make any excuses!" Whitney gave a sharp glare at Oak, with a grumble still left in her speech. Gary dropped his head, and shunned himself from the crowd.

    He is so pathetic!

    -Thought Lexy, as Prof. Gary introduced his top students of his freshmen class.

    "Students, this is one of the best trainers of Normal Pokemon in the world, Whitney...she manages the Goldenrod Gym franchise and is training Miss Ayame, who is 23 years old and becoming a powerful leader herself. She and I will demonstrate how the cuteness of Pokemon can influence a battle greatly-"

    Ayame cut Prof. Oak off, with a cute smile, making him sweat. She spoke with a serene, soft bubbly tone.

    "Well, Professor Oak...I was thinking I'd use--”

    She flipped her hair; it seemed as if she came from heaven.

    "--That trainer for my demonstration."

    She pointed at Sui, who became shocked and tripped over his own feet. Lexy caught him before he fell; Sui just nodded, at the sex-appealing maiden, who was the successor of Goldenrod Gym. The other freshmen eight gave him dirty stares, the men that are. The girls talked amongst themselves, as Sui was chosen. Lexy blushed a little, and was a little jealous that Sui fell under the spell of this enchantress. Sui stumbled to the Arena, shyly. Battling a professional trainer was an honor for Battle Academy students. He nervously shook Ayame’s hand, but Ayame smirked at the boy, and brushed her bosom against Sui, who was quite shocked and couldn’t think so. Cloudy made a “Humph!” sound, as she was returned to her ball.

    Sui, unfocused, brought out Needler, and fought with all his might. But was ultimately defeated by the deceiving Jigglypuff. Shaking her hand at a distance now, Sui, said sarcastically:

    "Nice match, cutie,"

    "You too."

    Said Ayame, blowing a kiss as she went back to pick another student.

    Ayame then cleared her thought, cutely, as she lectured about the appearance of a Pokemon can greatly affect the outcomes of battle. She spoke, with occasional glances to Whitney, Whitney gave nods as Ayame looked. The inexperienced of a gym leader, was still a little evident in Ayame’s eyes. Sui had Ga-Ga eyes at Ayame, until Lexy elbowed him to awake from his fantasy. Ayame saw that and looked at Lexy.

    “Now, who would like to be my last match of the day?”

    Ayame spoke in a giggling tone. Students rose their hands energetically and jumped up and down to let them battle with her. She signaled Lexy out.

    “Little girl, how would you like to battle?”

    “Umb….Me? No, No thanks…”

    “Come on, I saw it in your eyes, you want to take revenge on me for flirting with your boy friend, right?”

    “What? Sui? My boyfriend? N-No, we are just friends that is all….”

    Lexy blushed.

    “That’s not what your face is telling me, Hahaha, of course a petite woman like you could never compete with people like me, I just have the better looks.”

    “What? I can have a guy if I wanted one!”

    “Really? Well then show me.”

    “N-I can’t!”

    “Fine then, why don’t you just go back to kiddy school then?”

    “…….Fine! I’ll battle! You’ll be sorry though!”

    Lexy stepped onto the field, and ignored small snickers from the male crowd. She called out Phanpy. As Phanpy stepped out, Ayame’s eyes gave an expression of cuteness.

    “Ewwww! That Phanpy is Sooooo Ugly. I wonder If you picked him up? Ugly girl, ugly pokemon!”

    “Megan, please stay on the sidelines…”


    Meg hovered over to Mia, and landed on her head. Chika only knew two humans: Lexy and Mia.

    “Now, Cutesy! I don’t care if you mock me, but no one mocks my pokemon!”

    “What ever, I’ll use! Miltank! Well my weaker one…”

    “It doesn’t matter, lets go Phanpy.”

    Phanpy tutted an angry tone from his trunk.

    Miltank did a curtsey as the large pokemon entered the field.

    OOC: I couldn’t think of an argument and will do it later, also the battle since I have to go.
  4. robynblclark

    robynblclark uh...

    "All right, all right. Well if your curious I'm Revi"

    "I'm Sakura"she replied"Hey Whitney I'm going to get some milk now see you later"

    "Okay bye Sakura"said Whitney

    Sakura got her milk and sat down. The fields where nice and there were tons of miltank there. Sakura used to come here more often. It would always relax her especially when she had a rough day.
    She let out her pokemon they seemed to like it here too. She took out some pokemon dishes and poured some milk in each of them. They happily drank the milk. They seemed to have the best milk in Goldenrod.
    Her pokemon seemed to be in a playful mood. She let them run around but made them stay away from the miltank. They seemed to understand. They mainly stayed close to her.

    "You guys having fun?"she asked

    They all responded with a nod. She got up her silver-white hair started blowing around. She put her hair up so it would stay out of her face and it would be easier to watch her pokemon. When she put it up it was to late Ember sneezed and the flames burst from her back frightening a miltank.
    She returned her pokemon. She ran over to the frightened miltank.

    "There, there girl it's ok"said Sakura soothingly

    It calmed down a little as she kept trying to comfort it. Soon it was completely calm. She patted her and went back to get the rest her milk. She didn't want someone else to take it.
    She picked it up and went back in the gym. She was welcomed with many pleasent aromas.
  5. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    “Well, I guess we could go get more milk.” Stated Torch looking at his Magby Blaze.

    “Magby Mag Mag.” Blaze replied, he didn’t look like he wanted anymore milk. He wanted to battle.

    “Again?” asked Torch.

    “Magby!” replied Blaze, meaning yes. He made his head go up and down. Blaze loved to battle.

    “Sigh, ONE more, then I get to take a break.” Torch replied. He wanted to rest but it didn’t look like Blaze was going to allow his to do anything. “Eh, okay.” Replied Torch. He liked battling too.

    The two walked around the ranch, looking for a trainer. They spotted a kid that looked about 12.Torch walked up to him.

    “Wanna battle?” Torch asked looking to satisfy Blaze.

    “Well, I’m good. And besides, I’m 14, you look 12.” stated the “kid”.

    “Wait, you look 12!” said Torch. Just to provoke him.

    “You’ll pay for that! Go Wartortle!” yelled the “kid” as he threw the two-tone ball.

    Out from the battle came a blue turtle like creature. The name, Wartortle. Torch was worried, Blaze was happy, he ran up next to the turtle like pokemon.

    “Use Bite!” the trainer ordered.

    “Dodge it and use Smog all around!” Torch commanded.

    Wartortle came at Blaze with teeth ready. Blaze jumped and used Smog. The black cloud came from Blaze’s mouth and clouded Wartortle. The turtle pokemon began coughing.

    “Use Tail Whip to whip away the smoke!” the trainer ordered.

    The tailbeat of the Wartortle was so rapid it blew the smoke away and cleared the path.

    “Use Ember!” ordered Torch.

    The red and white flames shot at the Wartortle with intensity. The attack hit head on. But it didn’t seem to have any effect. Torch was shocked.

    “Use Rapid Spin!” ordered the trainer. The fire in his eyes was apparent. He was good.

    Wartortle climbed into it’s shell and spun at Blaze, hitting him and sending him flying.

    “That’s enough!” yelled Torch. He knew Blaze was in bad shape.

    “NO!I’M HAVING FUN!USE WATER GUN WARTORTLE!” commanded the trainer. He had lost it, he was intent on taking Blaze out.

    “DODGE!” Torch screamed as loud as possible.

    Blaze was too hurt to move. The powerful stream of water pounded Blaze into the ground. Blaze instantly fainted. Torch ran to his pokemon.

    “BLAZE!” yelled Torch holding him injured pokemon in his arms.

    Blaze was fainted and in bad shape. Torch used two potions on him and returned him to his pokeball.

    “How dare you do that…HOW DARE YOU!” Torch yelled at the deranged trainer.

    “I find suffering fun, the more you squirm the more I feel better.Bye…baby.” said the trainer, he walked away.

    Torch ran to the nearest Pokemon Center and found Nurse Joy.

    “Help me Nurse Joy! Some mean teen attacked my Magby! Help!” yelled Torch.

    “It was him again, he calls himself Outcast. He’s ruthless. He’s hospitalized 20 pokemon this week. Bring your pokemon back, I’ll help it.” said Nurse Joy.

    She took it back to the operation room. Torch sat in the hall, worrying for his pokemon.
  6. Pokenatic92

    Pokenatic92 Im walking away now

    Tiago didn't find the gym to his liking and got bored really quick. He managed to escape from the gym without Whitney or Prof. Oak seeing him. He went outside and saw Torch run inside the pokemon center in a hurry carrying Blaze. Tiago saw a trainer snickering as he recalled a wartortle. "That guy seems tough. If I tried to battle him, I think CJ would end up in the same shape." With that Tiago continues up the road until he reached the Bug Park. He ahd gone there before but never battled. H ewaked through the entrance gates and passed the door. "Ok this would be a great time to train CJ and Kinety." Tiago searched high and low for a trainer. He managed to find a Bug Catching Trainer. He was about 13 years of age so it seemed like a fair fight. Tiago walked up to the trainer and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, do you wanna battle?" The trainer turned around and put his net away. "I'll be glad to. You got any specific rules." Tiago knew he had to train two pokemon. "A double battle ok?" The trainer responds with. "Sure."

    The Battle
    The bug trainer took out two pokeballs from his bag and threw them into the air. "Go Venotnat and Ledyba!" The two balls released a venonat of average size and an excited Ledyba. Tiago grabbed two pokeballs as well and sent them into the air. "Go CJ and Kinety." With a burst of red light, out came CJ in battle stance and Kinety in battle ready stance as well.

    "Venonat use Foresight and Ledyba use Supersonic on the tyrogue" ordered the trainer

    Tiago respondedb "CJ use Tackle on the Ledyba and Kinety use Growl on venonat. "

    Ledyba began to emit unseeable supersonic waves directly at CJ. CJ dodged the waves and charged at the Ledyba. CJ gained speed until he reached Ledyba, in which he lunged forward and used tackle. Ledyba went fly backwards. Meanwhile, Venonat's eyes began to glow red as he used foresight to prevent and evasivness increases. Kinety then released a growl that lowered Venonat's attacks.

    "Ok Ledyba, use Tackle on Numel. and Venonat use Disable on CJ" responded the trainer

    "Ok CJ use tackle onn venonat. and Kinety you do the same just on Ledyba" ordered Tiago

    CJ began rushing faster and faster towards Venonat. CJ then lunged to sue Tackle. Venonat quickly used Disable and CJ couldn't sue Tackle, his only move which made him fall to the floor. Kinety and Ledyba began to charge at each other. They both Lunged at the same time to use tackle. Both hit each other at full force each flying back in different directions. After both landed it was clear that both were knocked out.

    "Return Ledyba...ok Venonat we have this in the bag. Use another Tackle." ordered the trainer

    "Return Kinety, you fought well, Ok CJ we are attackless for a few turns so try your best to dodge venonats attacks." commanded Tiago

    Venonat began to charge quickly towards CJ. All CJ could do was look on until the right moment. Venonat pounced in using Tackle. CJ jumped up and kicked Venonat as it went by. venonat wasn't able to brake in time and ran into the wall.

    "Venonat try your best and use another tackle, then if you miss use another." commanded the trainer

    "CJ sit tight and wait for the dodge again" repsponded Tiago

    Venonat got up from the fall. It began to charge again towards CJ. It pounced again to sue Tackle. CJ was able to jump out of the way. Venonat was able to u-turn quikly and shot up again and sued Tackle again. CJ was unable to dodge and was sent flying.

    "Ok Venonat....one more Tackle. " commanded the trainer

    "Ok CJ try your best, tthis is our last chance...Try to use Tackle." ordered Tiago

    Venonat began to charge again. CJ tried and Tried and finalyl was able to charge towards Venonat also. Both gained speed and lunged at each other. Both collided in mid-air as did Kinety and ledyba. Both landed on their feet this time on opposite sides. Both just stood there..until venonat fainted and fell to the ground.

    "Yay, CJ you won!" Tiago saw the trainer go up and pick his venonat up. Tiago walked over towards him. "great match. hope we get to do it again when we're stronger." The trainer looked up and grinned "Ya just come by here again, I'll be here" Tiago returned CJ to his pokeball and headed towards the pokecenter. he arrived a little later and ran towards the desk. "Nurse Joy..can you heal my pokemon again?" Nurse Joy took out a pokeball tray and Tiago inserted his three pokeballs. After 10 seconds in the healing machine, the nurse took it out and gave the pokeballs to Tiago. "They are all healed." Tiago took the pokeballs and put them on the holder. He thenr emembered Torch and Blaze. "Um, Nurse Joy, can you show me to where Torch is at" The nurse led him to the hall where Tiago saw Torch in bad shape. Tiago took a seat next to him. "Torch, hows Blaze doing?"
  7. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    "He's in bad shape." replied Torch.

    Torch's head was hanging.He was depressed that Blaze was beaten up so badly.He was in bad shape.

    "Is he gonna be able to walk around?" asked Tiago

    "He'll be able to walk regularly in a while." replied Torch.

    "Can he battle?" asked Tiago.

    At this Torch looked further to the ground.A tear ran down his face.

    "Battling is his favorite thing, but Nurse Joy said, he may never battle again.." said Torch sadly.The happiness that was always on his face was gone.

    "WHAT!?!" said Tiago in shock.

    "Yeah, that water gun actually struck so hard that it actually caused internal damage.And he suffered a bite attack to his right arm hurting it badly.I don't think he'll ever battle...ever." said Torch, he was even more sad now.

    Tiago looked at him, shocked that such a battle loving pokemon, so energetic, could never battle again.

    "He should be out in a hour, but he has to be taken care of 24/7." Torch stated.

    A view of Blaze is shown, has bandages on his arms(full arms) and a large bandage on his leg.He really may never battle again.Not in this condition.
  8. robynblclark

    robynblclark uh...

    Sakura was looking through the window. She had just seen what that kid done to the kid from BAI with the Magby. She gasped at how ruthless he was. He really need to be tought a lesson.
    She went outside and let out Serino. He hopped on her shoulder. She walked over to the boy. He looked like a twelve year old from here.

    "Hey kid how about a battle"she asked

    "Oh another one huh, alright this should be easy"he said

    "I'm not so sure about that you 12 year old"she said angrily

    "I'm 14"he said angrily"Go Wartortle"

    "Oh I'm sorry did I upset you"she said"go Serino"

    The Eevee hopped off her shoulder. He hadn't battled since Sakura left and was full of energy. The Wartortle had a ruthless look in his eyes. Serino payed no attention to it.

    "Wartortle use bite"he shouted

    "Serino dodge and use quick attack"said Sakura

    Serino used quick attack and easily dodged the attack. It knocked back the wartortle a few inches.

    "Use water gun"yelled the trainer

    "Dodge with quick attack and then tackle it from behind"shouted Sakura

    Again the fox dodged the attacked. It used tackle knocking down the pokemon. It was definately angered and so was the trainer.

    "Wartortle use rapid spin"said the kid

    "Dodge it Serino"shouted Sakura

    It was too late the attack had hit before he had a chance to dodge. Both pokemon were weakening.

    "Swift" shouted Sakura

    "Water gun"shouted the trainer at the same time

    Both attacks collided there was a small explosion. When the dust was gone both pokemon were out cold.

    "Serino!" shouted Sakura as she ran over to her pokemon

    He was hurt badly she had tears in her eyes. She used a potion on him and picked him up. She ran to the pokemon center not paying attention to the other kid. She burst through the doors of the center.

    "Nurse Joy can you help my Eevee"she asked

    "Why yes but what happened?"she asked

    "I battled some mean teen 14 year old looks twelve"she said

    "Ah the one who calls himself the outcast he hospitalized around 20 pokemon in this week alone"said Nurse Joy

    "This time it was a tie"said Sakura"but will you please help Serino"

    "Yes but I'm surprised someone actually got a tie with him I'll help him right away"she replied still a bit shocked

    Sakura seen the kid with the Magby waiting on his pokemon. he was talking to another guy appearently not paying ay attention to her. She sat down worried about Serino as much as he was about his Magby.

    (I can change it if you'd like)
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2006
  9. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    Miriam was walking down the street.

    "Boring!" she thought. Nothing to do!!!"

    Miriam's growlith looked up at her. Flare was the only pokemon she had chose to walk along side her for the other were to big.

    "I wonder if anything will happen?" she thought. Maybe I should look for someone to battle..."

    Miriam looked over and saw a person with a chicorita walking next to her.

    "Excuse me..." she said to the girl. "But, um.... would you like to battle???... Please........"

    "Sure!" I've been looking for a way to train my chika! By the way, my name's Flora! I come from Cherrygrove city!!" said Flora.

    "Okay let's battle then!" What about a single battle, using 3 pokemon!"

    "Sounds fine with me! Go Chika!

    "Go Flare!"

    Miriam commanded an Ember, but Flora's Chicorita dodged it. Flora called out a Razor Leaf that hit Flare but did minimul damage. Again Miriam commanded an ember from her Growlith. Chika's health neared 0. Chika attacked Flare with a tackle, but then Flare got rid of the rest of Chika's HP with a tackle.

    Go Polly!!" Flora said calling out her poliwag. "Use bubble!"

    The bubbles just hit Flare and Flare then had a single health point left.

    "Hurry! Use tackle!" said Miriam. As Flare used the rest of it's HP to attack Polly Flora had quickly used bubble and although the tackle hlt Polly Flare got knocked out from the bubble attack.

    "Go Odd Ball!!" Use Absorb!

    That absorbed up Polly's last health points, Flora then sent out a Oddish also.

    "Opal! Use Poison powder!"

    Opal then poisoned Odd Ball, Odd Ball then used Absorb again, which didn't do much damage. Opal used Stun Spore which rendered Odd Ball imobal. The poison then took out Odd Ball.

    "Oh man..... Go Sandy!.......Use scratch! Sandy!"

    Sandy's scratch was a critical hit. Opal was at 20 hp, while Sandy was at 40.
    Odd Ball used absorb which took 15 Hp off Odd Balls health. Use a scratch! It took 15 points off Opal.

    Hmmmmmm... use stun spore!

    Dodge it Sandy then use scratch again. Sandy's scratch fainted Opal.

    "Wow... I won..... what... I WON!!!! YEAH WOOOHOOO!!!!!"

    "Don't get to over excited!" my Opal was only on level 5.... I just caught it." You know what... I'll give you my phone # and then we'll have a rematch when my Opal is on a higher level!"

    "Well.. Um.. I go to an academy and all, it'll be to hard! I was only on a field trip!"

    "Well..... next time you're on a field trip, call me!!!!"

    "Okay! Bye!......".........

    OCC: OK I know it sucked!!!! But this took me a half an hour to write!!! If you absulutely hate it I'll get rid of it, but seriosly it took me 30 minutes to write this.....
  10. Hyuu

    Hyuu Under the sea

    I have unfortunate news, Night Avenger.

    PokemonBreederChris, clowsui, and myself must formally announce our resignation from this RPG. Although quite a magnificent idea and has fine potential to grow even more, we have discussed about our decision already.

    There will be several reasons for our departure, the most prominent being Suicune’s post still not being improved. By Tuesday night, if Suicune did not improve his post, than the people this post concerned would leave. It is Monday and there seems to be little sight of improvement, much to our combined dismay. It is also very grating for his lead position in the academy while his post, which seems to be conducted within varied amounts of five minutes to seven, are absolutely nothing to a post that has been spent a full fifteen minutes on (I am specifically referring to battles, here.) While he has improved some, his posts are still annoying to read and will be the main reason for our departure.

    Another is time restraint. Schedule problems. First six weeks of school are about to pass and the teachers are about to get serious now. Specifically, for me, football season is starting so the band is on a weekly episodic to play the same music over and over weekly… meaning, I’m not getting home until 10 at least, and when I do, I’m tired at best. I collapsed onto my bed the second game. But that’s my scenario. Clowsui’s and PokemonBreederChris’ are surely different.

    Among those two are the most prominent reasons I can list. We have pretty much fortified ourselves around this decision, so with this, must say last partings from this RPG.

    May you prosper well, Battle Academy and it's participants,

    ~Hyuu, PokemonBreederChris, clowsui
  11. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    OCC: I'm joining their thing too, but I'll remain here also. I would like to see how the RPG's differ!!!!!!
    (Edited) Never mind, I can't join the other one! I can't print out the parent form, because my printer doesn't work! Sorry!
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2006
  12. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    OOC:WHAT!?!You can't just quit!You guys are the main members!I said I'd improve, and that was after my battle, PKC told me to lose and I did.I wasn't gonna post until I got better but Pokentic asked me something.Clowsui is the new co-owner and now he's leaving?I think that's not the smartest idea, but whatever.You'll be missed.I can't believe you're leaving.Now this will be dead.
  13. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    OCC: *sniffle* WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! You guys have left us. The place will fall apart now, I feel it. Well we'll make it better! We promice!!!! Plus I tried to get on to your guys's forum and that sheet you have to sign..... well I can't sign it printer is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least here you didn't have to fill out a form for being under 13, I mean seriously I'M 12!!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!! Please come back..... Or post here as well as your new one.....
  14. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    Just to let you know, Suicune, and Ashes can access the forum now, I hit manual, so I had to hand click everything, it was automated, something changed.....
  15. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    our new RPG is already in the works...hopefully it'll be out by this week.

    oh, suicune - i still don't see that compromise. i still don't see more than "one line" reactions. i don't see anything but an ash clone in your character. right, where's the improvement again? PHAILURE TO REDEEM.
  16. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    Thanks, I'll try it again!
  17. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    I can't get on it now, 'cause I already posted a sign up and now I can't redo my sign up so..... any help with that?
  18. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    just sign in with your password from your old sign up, so it would be Ashes as the name, and your password
  19. ashes

    ashes *dances*

    Oh, I see! It works now!!! Thanks!
  20. Lily

    Lily you were the one.

    ^ This isn't roleplaying. It's conversation. Next time, let's roleplay, please.
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