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Pokemon Battle Academy!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Night Avenger, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Pokenatic92

    Pokenatic92 Im walking away now

    ooc: I find it a realy dumb reason to leave the rp cause of one member. if suicune posts liek that, then oh well, that's his way of rp'ing. but it is your opinion.
  2. Lily

    Lily you were the one.

    Second warning. There's a cafe, and the private messaging system, and perhaps even the sign up thread itself, if it still exists. >__>
  3. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    ...my apologies, lily-sama.

    i'll do better to keep these things (after all, one of my friends, under my suggestion, instigated the first post that made this stream of comments) in the cafe section next time.

    *bows head in shame*
  4. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    OOC: Like the "Goddess" quoted from a friend of mine, that knows that mod, said, please refrain from all conversational threads, we should of posted in OOC thread, it is our bad. So please take convo to OOC thread

  5. Elite 4

    Elite 4 Pokemon is for nerds

    Kevin looked up at the big and tall building in front of him. He was ready, ready for Pokemon Battle Academy. He pulled his tight jacket over him a little more and the swayed into the academy. He knocked at the door and no one answered at first, so he decieded he would just barge in. He swung open the doors and was amazed to see how wonderful the place looked on the inside. Hallway after hallway and stairs after stairs. A million ways to go! Up right in front of him was what looked like the Main Office where he would get introduced.

    "Hello...?" Kevin said, looking around for someone to come.

    No one came so he just a took a seat on the nice furnished chair next to him. It was a nice room. Tropheys, PokeBalls, and pictures everywhere. He tapped his foot on the ground and waited.
  6. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    ooc: Now all Trip events will be flashbacks. I am going to try again to save this RPG, everyone just continue from after the trip and you can remember events that happened.


    Finally, Finally, Lexy returned to the soft sand of Faraway beach. Students casually got off, and went to their dorms, greeting friends. Lexy did a huge stretch as she called out her pokemon. Donphan, Dewey, Megan, and her Misty, her Dratini, all came out of their balls.

    "Hi everyone!"

    Lexy said, as she sat on the beach. She was happy that her Phanpy finally evolved into a Donphan in the battle against Ayame. She looked at Megan, still a baby, but was learning about the world quite fast. Her Dratini, Misty, was reserved, void of emotions, as she peered out into the long Ocean. Dewey, finally evolved into a Dewgong as well. Her constant training, and EV training finally paid off. Dewey yawned and rested. Dewey became quite lazy, he was so energetic as a Seel, but now as a Dewgong, he became more powerful but sleepier.

    2nd OOC: I know this is short, but I am at the end of a free period, so I will edit it later when I have the chance. Yes my pokemon evolved, but Seel evolved during a fight against a gyrados, which will be addressed later. They were at arround their levels of evolution anyway.
  7. Pokenatic92

    Pokenatic92 Im walking away now

    ooc: before i post, will our pokemon have raised at least 5 levels from the entire trip due to battles in our flashbacks?
  8. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    OOC: Yes they grew up to 5-9 levels, depending on what you did, and it must be reasonable, like Gyrados are hefty awards of experiance, and it took down my Donphan, although Donphan weakened it.

    Also, for future reference, so this RPG won't get locked, please just quote the message and post reply in OOC thread, thankyou.
  9. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    Water sprayed its numerous droplets into the air, sparkling with a delightful shimmer as Hyperia leaped around in the ocean, her many teammates watching in awe of her grace, beauty and Coolness (her specialty).

    Sui grinned and outstretched his hand, flashing an open palm. "Let's show them our ultimate appeal! Hyperia, Twister Rage manuever!" The Dratini flipped backwards, rearing her head and releasing a powerful Twister that kicked up a heavy spray. Right before she touched the water, flame-shaped shockwaves created a gigantic pool of ziggidy-zaggedy ripples of Rage under the Twister. Cerberus shook his head in vehement disbelief, not even caring about the sand that got into his amber eyes when he did so - this Pokemon...she was a monstrous force, and the party did not even hold a finger to her, alone or as a group.

    edit tomorrow
  10. Pokenatic92

    Pokenatic92 Im walking away now

    How the field trip went
    Tiago battled about 4 trainers for the rest of the trip. The first trainer had a quilava and a zigzagoon. Pinch, Then CJ was able to clean them up. The second trainer, in which tiago lost had a tropius and a mightyena. Kinety was able to get by tropius but couldnt beat mightyena nor could cj. Tiago beat the last two barely. The other one had only a machoke, and the last one only had an ariados. in all CJ raised from level 13 to 18. Pinch raised from level 13 to 17. Kinety raised from level 10 to 13. Tiago was able to catch a Totodile at Lake of rage but hasn't named it yet. it is at level 11.

    Unloading from the ship

    Tiago grabbed his bag and headed towards the platform. It had been 2 weeks since he has steeped on Faraway Isle soil. He breathed in the cleansed air and looked as the pokemon began playing in the water. Tiago had battled hard in Johto. He experienced his first loss to an impenetrable Mightyena. Tiago decided to not go to his dorm just yet. He went towards the sandy shore and sat down and looked out into the horizon. He felt alone so he took out his 4 pokemon's pokeballs and released them. "Ok you guys lets have some fn before we start classes again. Um..totodile come here quickly." The other 3 pokemon began running around and playign with each other. Totodile was a bit confused that he was called over. "Ok totodile, I've been thinking of a name for you and I'm gonna call you Heroi. It means hero in portuguese. Now go on and play with the other Heroi." The totdile left and ran happily and played with the others. Tiago watched them play with a grin on his face on the sandy shore.
  11. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    THis RPG will restart, Mods feel free to lock it away, thankyou

    PokemonBreederChris, co leader. Permission from NA.
  12. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    can i join this?and how do i?do i just start writing my own charcter or something?
  13. robynblclark

    robynblclark uh...

    this one is going to be closed but they started making sign ups for the new one go to the sign up section and sign up there then you have to wait and see if they except you or not
  14. Azza

    Azza Banned

    Azza walked into the Domatery seeing a few Pokeballs lying on the table. Azza opened one and a Misdrevoius poped out. Azza felt good inside, and returned him. OOC:Azza starts off with Misdrevoius. Azza walked into his room, and he saw Gary. Azza ignored his challenge and went to sleep.
  15. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    @Azza: You can't just waltz in to this RPG like that and join. You have to post a sign-up in the signup thread, and you don't decide your pokemon the prof. does, Also do this in 2.0 this thread is dead.
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