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Pokemon Battle Dimension


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You can also look on the Comic's site: http://mimowx.googlepages.com/home
With much more information etc.

.: Info
The comic is about a girl called "Daylene" that just became an Elite 4 member. Because Lance is moving to Johto to join their Elite 4, the Kanto Elite 4 opened a "Test". Trainer from the whole wide world could battle and let them see their strength. Daylene was the only one who made it to the end and so she became the new Elite 4. But Lance has other plans.. What will it be? ( Sorry if it's a bit unclear..)

.: Comic Pages
Chapter 1: Find Jaimy! VS Zula!
Page 1: A New Elite 4 Member!
Page 2: Lorelei Defeated? Off To Viridian!
Page 3: Gardevoir's Psychic Connection!
Page 4: A Flamethrower Solution!
Page 5: Lorelei's Help! Mizu Enters!
Page 6: Showdown! Aipom VS Poochyena!
Page 7: The Meeting
Page 8: The Arrival on Cinnabar Island!

Chapter 2: Rescue Operation!
Page 1: The Rescue Battle! Part 1
Page 2:The Rescue Battle! Part 2
Page 3:Unexpected Company
Page 4: Mewtwo Appears! Zula Arrested!
Page 5: League Rangers
Page 6: Mizu's Gift

.: Specials
Christmas Special '07

.: Characters
Main Characters

League Rangers

Lt. Surge

.: Credits
Look here.

.: Pokemon Checker
This is a little fun part of the site. You can see here wich Pokemon appeared in the comic. I will not give full information, I'll only show some sprites of Pokemon who appeared. The sprites are in the order of the comic pages.
WARNING! This page may contain spoilers.

These Pokemon have appeared in the comic so far.
Current: 17 Pokemon



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So far, this is a good comic!

Plot: Having the lead character being really experienced and joining the Elite Four is very different (in a good way) from the traditional Pokémon fancomics involving a beginning trainer and that Lance wants to get rid of Daylene is really interesting too! I am curious what his motives are and why he declared Daylene an E4 member when he wants to get rid of her!

Grammar, spelling + punctuation: I've spotted only a few minor mistakes (on page 6, Mizu should be capitalized and 'tought' is 'taught') but otherwise very good!

Graphics: Nice job with the effects and making the Pokémon overworld sprites in different perspectives to suit the scenes! Although there is a major flaw: Gardevoir was tiny in the first few pages but enlarged to a more proper size in the later pages but you didn't go back to fix the earlier pages.


Page of Heart
It's very good, since it's starting when someone is JUST beating the Elite Four. However, the main problem is that sometimes you don't use the common "First textbox over second" rule. You missed that a few times. But other than that it's amazingly good.


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Very nice comic. Nice graphics except one thing. If a Pokemon is bigger than a trainer, such as a Charizard and a Gardevoir, make the Pokemon bigger by adjusting its size. And also type out words. Dont say E4 say The Elite 4. Numbers don't have to be typed out.
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@ Neko: Yep :D
@ Copygoo: You're right, I'll pay attention for that
@ Capt.Miko: Yeah.. I know what you mean, and Neko told me that also, but it's already in progress.. And sometimes I type E4 because i don't have enough space left for the text boxes xD


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Sorry for the Double Post, but otherwise I couldn't make an "update".

Alright, Page 7 is added and Mizu's Character Profile is added too.. Watch! xD


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Hi although I like your comic I see a lot of similarities almost as if you copied Matt Silver's Kanto Dimension.
1. Your speech bubble clorours are exaclty the same.
2. Your Title Pokemon Battle Dimension is suspicously very similar to Pokemon Kanto Dimension.


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Hey yeah, I see what you mean.
OnT: Your comics good, but there's not much of a storyline, and like said above, there are quite alot of spelling/grammar mistakes


Matt Silver

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Hi although I like your comic I see a lot of similarities almost as if you copied Matt Silver's Kanto Dimension.
1. Your speech bubble clorours are exaclty the same.
2. Your Title Pokemon Battle Dimension is suspicously very similar to Pokemon Kanto Dimension.

It's happened before, but this is not the case.
1. That's cause my colours are awesome
2. Dimension is a catchy "buzzword". :p

I like it. It's nice and original, and you have some decent skills in spriting. My only gripes would be the size of the frames, which are kinda big IMO and the grammar is a little off (As stated earlier). But... they're only small things.

Keep it up. :D
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I'm looking foward to a gym leader showdown! :D

Now I'm curious as to why those gym leaders are after the Time Traveler and what Blaine could be plotting with giving Daylene a 'warm welcome'!


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Damn.. Sorry for the lack of updates.. >_<
But I'll make it up with ya..

Alright, The last page of Chapter 1 is in the first post.. Also the Chapter 2 cover and the first page of Chapter 2.

And I'm updating my Cast pages. Giving them a better look and a better overview.

And! (Yes it's true, more news xD) I've made the Cast page of Blaine, the Cinnabar Island Gymleader. Also, you see more new pokemon of Daylene and Mizu.

Hope this is enough.. :)

Damn it's realy tough to post something here on SerebiiForums.. It's soooow slow.. I could almost sleep xD

And tomorrow another update.. Then it's Sunday! Ehh.. I dunno if it's Sunday already in America and etc. But here in the Netherlands it's still Saturday .. Omg.. What was the subject? 0_0 x'D

~Mimey // Magician_Ruwla


Congrats! You Fail!
Wow this comic is really improving. Keep it up. I will keep an eye on this one.


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Yes I get your points.. That will all change when they move to a New region..
And there is a reason that the storyline is weird.. You'll see that in the next comic..
Yea, The name is similar to Kanto Dimension.. I thought,, Dimension is more gripping..

Btw.. Page 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are added in the first post.
Also.. there is a new character.. Ruby..
The profiles of Daylene, Mizu and Blaine are updated.

If you wanna read more about the new Region.. read it here: http://mimowx.googlepages.com/home

There is also a screenshot of a new town; Neal Town..


Oh and here is a preview of a new Daylene:

The lower one is the new version

Mega Heroes

I'm gonna Brawl!
This is a very Great Comic! I have a question: If those guys want Celebi, why don't they better attempt to capture Dialga (Time Creator) or Arceus (Creator of the Creator of Time)