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Pokemon:Battle Frontier*PG13 - R Rated/LSUs allowed*


Get the Point?
Mewfour:*walks on stage and begins to speak Alfred Hitchcock style* Hello....Today we have a very scary rpg...An rpg that could possibly horrify you, it could possibly scare you...It could come and get you... If you feel a slight tingle on the back of your neck, it could possibly be the early signs of a stroke. If so, I would recommend calling the hospital, or finding a place to lie down, or possibly getting someone to aid you. *sighs and closes eyes. Opens them* I have just wet myself.


Blazer:You just ruined it, Mew King....

Pika:For once, I agree with you Blazer. Ya just ruined the introduction for this rpg and the atmosphere, Mew King.

Mew King:There is only one way I can reply to your statement and that is by telling you the answer to all questions. It is............42

Blazer:*slaps his hand on his forehead*

Pika:*picks up a sign and writes something on it*HEY MEW KING!! LOOK ITS THE NUMBER PI!!! *throws the sign out of the auditorium*

Mew King:OOOOO PI!!!!!!!!!!! *chases after it*

Mewfour:Well it is time for the rpg to commence*sighs and closes eyes. Opens them again* I have wet myself for a second time.

OOC:I felt the introduction was necessary for this is my 15th rpg and almost a year and a month since I started doing pokemon rpgs. Enjoy! Also, posts need to be lengthy, but I will not put a set minimum or maximum.


The S.S. Tidal had just left its docking point at Lilycove City, carrying 386 passengers. All set for one destination; the battle paradise known Battle Frontier. As the boat began to speed towards the island, a certain young champion had just exited his room.


Chris yawned as he left his room on the ship, heading towards the deck of the ship. The young Kanto Champion scratched the back of his head as he found the starboard side of the ship and began to look out onto the ocean from the small pointed platform. Suddenly his backpack began to move and the zipper began to open. A small light orange head popped out, soda and a small taco in hand.

(Hey happy boy! So how much longer until this piece of **** reaches the Battle thingy?) Blazer, the charmander, asked as he took a bite out of the mexican wrap of meat and cheese.

"We still got 24 hours and I told you to stop calling me "happy boy". " The trainer responded as he patted the flame-tailed dino's head. Suddenly both turned as they heard the loud painful roar of something coming from the top deck.

The Kanto champion ran towards the small elevator shaft near his bedroom and wondered what was going on. As the elevator reached the top floor, a small beep was heard and the doors opened. Chris stepped out of the elevator and let out a gasp as he saw what was going on. Two trainers were in the middle of a battle and from what it looked like, the one with the Swampert was winning.

"Who is that guy?" The Kanto champ thought as he pushed through the crowd and came closer to the battle.

Mew King

It's black magic!
I walked around the ship looking for a few specific people. I’ve heard of the Battle Frontier before, but I never expected this many people. However, I had this good hunch that not everyone will make it out of here alive. I estimate that about half of everyone here will die. My Pikachu, Pika, looked at me with a worried expression. He knew it too.

My quest proved fruitless. As I searched I saw that already a few of the trainers that I think will die are already fruitlessly fighting their fruitless hearts out. As I continued searching, I saw one of the three I was looking for watching a battle of one of the other three that I was looking for. They were on the deck directly above me. To avoid attracting too much attention, I put my hood up, made sure my left hand was concealed, and headed for the stairs. It’s not everyday you see the Johto Champion jump, grab onto a railing above him with his robotically assisted hand, and pull himself up.

As I approached the kid that I was looking for, yet another image swept through my mind. It was of my girlfriend’s last moments. I couldn’t stop it! It was awful! I keep on getting the same image of me being held back by two Tyranitars as the evil one ripped out her heart and ate it. It was making me look over what I did. Was it my fault that she died? My psychologist said no, but then why do I feel so much guilt? Is there a deeper and more spiritual meaning for this? Just as quickly as I drifted off, I suddenly then drifted back into reality.

I then approached the kid that wasn’t battling and asked him, “Are you Chris Ashford the Kanto League Champion?”


Get the Point?
Chris watched as the winning trainer began to walk towards the bottom deck. Judging by how the brown haired teen had battled, the young Kanto Champion was feeling a strong urge traveling through his body. So Chris charged after the the teenage and tugged on his shirt. "Umm hiya. Will you battle me? I saw your last battle and for some odd reason, i can't wait to fight ya!" The kanto champ said, a huge grin on his face.

dragon helper

"Hmmm. He's going at it again? Wow, that is quite some energy he has there. Maybe I should challenge him after this guy...." Hiro got up going to throw his lunch away.
"Actually maybe not. I should have a little fun with the other people on board."
Hiro walked around looking for someone to battle while avoiding the crowd that was slowly growing around the new challenge.


It's electric!
"Wow, some of these guys are really strong. Maybe one of them knows who those guys were who killed my father," Seth was thinking to himself as he watched the two teenagers battling.

"Ba, Bagon," said a small, blue PokeMon with gray coming from its head to protect it when it used Headbutt.

"Oh, Scorch, I almost forgot about you. You must be starving. Come on, let's go down to the gally and grab ourselves a bite to eat."

Seth then scooped the little Bagon into his arms and started for the stairs that led to the lower deck.As he walked by, Seth almost got hit by the two PokeMon battling.

"HEY! Watch it! You almost hit me."

Mew King

It's black magic!
It was obvious that I was invisible to them. So, I put my hood back on and walked away. I walked until I reached the end and just went underneath to the engine room. In there I just started practicing my sword fighting with my blade. The blade was a clean and very shiny blade that I got from that Mew religion. As I practiced my swinging, a young kid walked up to me. I could sense that he was powerful but still weak at heart. He challenged me to a battle because he wants to see how powerful I truly am.

“Pika, fight for me!” I ordered.

“Go, Flygon!” the boy shouted while throwing a Poké Ball.

Just then, I got another flashback.


"Man, I can't wait for all of those new trainers to get here..." Chad said, leaning back in a chair in his office at the Battle Frontier. He finished organizing some stuff for the next Frontier Coordinating Contest and got up. He exited the office and looked out at the coast. "Yeah, it's only a matter of time before there's gonna be people all over the place. I hope the Brains are ready for this stuff... and Scott? He's gonna be swamped!"

He took out a Pokeball and released his Milotic. "Hey, Milotic, I want you to go out and see where that ferry is... I'd better go and alert the others before they arrive. But make sure you keep concealed as best you can." She dove into the water and swam off. After a few minutes, she came upon a large ferry and she poked her head out the water and sure enough, there were battles raging all over the vessel.


It's electric!
Seth eventually picked his way to the gally still holding Scorch. The two of them sat down and started eating the food the chef had prepared.

"Eww, my fish is still cold. Scorch, use Ember to heat this up," Seth stated.

Scorch shot little red flames from his mouth and the fish got heated up. Seth and Scorch then chowed down and stuffed their faces. The two relaxed and watched all the other passengers come and go. Suddenly, a little girl came skipping up to him. She then politely asked to see Seth's PokeMon.

" All right. Go Pablo, Wendy, and Bermuda!" Seth shouted as he threw three red and white balls in the air. Out of the three balls popped Pablo the Crawdaunt, Wendy the Sneasle, and Bermuda the Tropius. Bermuda instantly was frightened by the little girl and tried to hide behind Seth.

"Oh, Bermuda, what am I going to do with you?" Seth chuckled to himself.


Milotic dove back into the water after taking a few looks around the ferry and darted back to the shore of the Battle Frontier. She told Chad what she had seen, and Chad sat down on the pier and layed back. "So they're only, like, an hour away? Great..." Chad said, leaning up against the wall. "Well, the Brains are in for it now... maybe I'll have some decent competition this time around..."

Brock Harrison

Zephyr Trainer
A young man looked at the two champions, one of Kanto and the other of Hoenn, with a hint of interest on his countenance. His blonde hair and blue vest wavered in the sea breeze as he looked into the sky with a smile.

"When I first saw him...I'd never expect that he was the champion of the Kanto league," he mused. The teenager, Luke Aerotos, had not battled the child during the semi-finals, but he recognized his appearance when he received the trophy for the Indigo league. "So he was one of the final four in the championship along with myself."

Luke brushed a strand of hair from his eyes as he looked on at the two combatants as they released their Pokémon. "He must possess a lot of inner strength..." he thought to himself

He could not identify the other trainer, but he assumed that he, too, was quite strong. The fire in his eyes, the stance in preparation for battle, yep, it was evident that he was a strong trainer.

Another smile crept on Luke's face as he clutched the glimmering crystal around his neck. "Battling against either of them should be awesome once we make it to the Frontier..."


Get the Point?
Chris smirked as he drew out his pokeball, the red/white ball clicking as it left his belt. He knew this was going to be a good fight from what he saw of the other boy's match and he knew he might have to.

"OK Scythe! LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!!!" Chris shouted as he chucked the pokeball onto the field. The half red/white poke split at the center, almost splitting completely in half, and let out a burst of red energy onto the ground. The energy began to take shape and finally the pokemon's identity was revealed. The crimson red preying mantis smirked as he smashed his two metal claws together, ready to face his opponent.

(I hope we can have an honorable battle. Though I warn you, I will not faulter under any circumstances..)The mantis announced as he got into his battle stance, one claw behind him and one claw in front. His legs were positioned in so that they from a 130 degree angle and his wings were in ready position.

"OK Scythe use Agility then smash him with metal claw." Chris commanded as his pokemon dashed into battle


OOC: Because I am the only team Rocket member, and I happen to be an executive can I control a few minor team rocket grunts cause... umm... ya

Remi walked into his large office as he first heard of action on the battle frontier. He arrived just in time to see someone with a nidoking and a swampert beating some other trainer that was unimportant to Remi at the time. "He is good, we will have to be more cautious than I once thought on this mission," Remi said as he turned around facing 5 B Rank members that were standing behind him.

Before Remi could continue to instruct his men he saw something very interesting. He saw the Hoen and Kanto champions. He looked at his men with a smirk in his eye, and they instantly knew what to do. The members ran out as the two A Rank members came rushing in. "Yes sir, what do you need?" John said as he stood crouching on the floor while looking at the screen. The 5 B Ranks had gone to take command of the others that were training outside of the office.

"See those two trainers?" Remi started as he pointed his finger to the two champions. "They are the Hoen and Kanto champions, and we will need alot more than just the 8 of us in the high ranks to take all of the trainers down," Remi said as he turned off the large screen with a black remote control that he put back into a drawer behind his massive desk.

"But how is this related to team rocket?" Alex asked as his perplexed, 25 year old; look stunned Remi. Alex looked to John who only gave a nudge towards Remi so that Alex wouldn't be caught for not listening.

"My first action as the executive of this branch of team rocket is to take over the battle fronteir. There may be trainers from all around the world coming to this event, and if we can take there pokemon imagine what benefits we will all get. I know this is a leap for me because I just took the poistion of executive, but I do beleive this is the best course of action. An opportunity like this does not come around every lifetime, and if we have to think about what is better for the rocket organization in general. With all of the skilled pokemon that are going to be present this could get very interesting and beneficial for the Rocket division C," Remi said through the microphone that connected to the speakers that were spread all around the Rocket HQ. Every member heard the conversation and were invigorated as they shouted for joy at their new leaders' first decision.

Remi stepped out of his office with the two A Ranks, John and Alex standing behind him. The 5 B Rank came from above and stood next to everyone. These were the strongest battlers that Team Rocket had, and if they couldn't win then Remi was certain that they would be destroyed. After seing that all of the high rank members formed a pack around him he raised his sword as the other Rocket members began to cheer wildly.

"I leave Tom in charge now. There will be nothing but the normal routine, and if I come back to find otherwise, well lets just say you don't want to go there," Remi said as him and his band of Rockets walked out the door of the warehouse where the normal base was situated. They moved to the tool shed that was next door which was the staff's secret lair.

Remi and others sat down around a circullar table as they just starred into one another's eyes solomenly. "You people stay here and monitor my progress, I will go. Do not leave this cove or you will all pay dearly understand?" Remi said as the others nodded in agreemnt. "I have faith in you," Remi finished as he threw the pokeball with Alakazam out.

"I will tell you if I need assistance, but for now I think I will be fine alone," Remi said as he turned to his alakazam. Him and Lopez headed outside. Not a word was spoken between the other members, and with that Remi found himself and his pokemon at the battle fronteir. The first, up close, glimpse he got of the place made it seem more appealing to him. He knew that some of the other storng trainers were not there yet, so he decided to mingle with the people already on the island.

Remi was not in his rocket executives uniform, and he even had all of his inventions away just so he would not be recognized. He looked around, but didn't talk to anyone at all. He just kept pacing all around the site waiting for the others to arrive. He knew that the Coordinating Champion had to be here already, and maybe some trainers that he had not recognized as well.

Mew King

It's black magic!
“Karen, wait!” I screamed out.

“I have to go! Flygon, fly my closer to him! Dave, I’ll take care of him! You destroy the generator!” Karen told me while jumping on her Flygon

“NO! I’m coming too! Look at what he did to all of us!” I shouted while jumping on Wyverus.

“If you are going to follow me, then hurry up!” Karen said while flying head on towards him!

We flew towards the evil
one as fast as we could. Karen arrived first and ran up to him with a knife ready to lunge at him. He grabbed her by the neck and raised her up. I arrived there soon after, jumped off of my Pokémon, and pointed a gun at him. The evil one simply snapped his fingers. Two Dark Balls flew in and landed next to me. Two Tyranitars came out and grabbed my arms and kept me from moving.

“Now, I will show your boyfriend what happens when people try to kill me!” the evil
one said.

“Please, don’t hurt David!” Karen pleaded.

“I won’t hurt you…” he began to say as he pulled his hand back.


“I’m going to hurt you!” he finished while thrusting his hand into her chest.

It was very strong, because he was able to pull out her heart. Karen gazed at it for a second with a horrified look and then collapsed.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” I shouted.

“Hmph!” the evil
one muttered while eating her heart like an apple.


“Now, to deal with you!” the evil
one stated.

“NO!” I shouted while I gained enough strength to break free.

I jumped onto Wyverus’s back and took off. I knew that I had to destroy the base! Then, I don’t think he would bother me again…

When I awoke from my flashback, I saw Pika standing on top of the Flygon victorious. I gave a slight smile as I walked over to Pika.

“You know…you have talent that shouldn’t be wasted trying to prove your worth on someone like me. Go battle other people, then visit me!” I told the kid.

“Okay! Return Flygon!” the kid said as he called back his Flygon. He ran off probably to battle again.

“I have high doubts that he will survive…” I muttered as I went back to my sword training.


A strange thing....strength is. It is not ruled by the regular laws that other virtues are, such as pateince, or truthfullness.

A fifteen year old girl with bright red hair that flowed down her back in two ponytails sniffed, looking down at the battle below her. The Houndoom and the Sycther.....The hell hound espically caught her attenion.

That was......she knew who's pokemon that was.

Ari sniffed again. She knew that trainer's face anywhere, the spiky hair, the eyes. This guy had beaten her...once...for the title of Hoenn Champ.

Something she disliked, but looked down upon all the same. Looking around, she noticed nuemerous other trainers itching to battle Brandon, and she snorted. Idiots, the whole lot of them. Beside her, Retzi, her female Blaziken, crossed her arms over her fluffy chest and shifted her weight to one powerful leg.

<Is that who I think it is?> The Blaziken asked, and Ari nodded. Ari had come to learn to understand her pokemon through their friendship and bodily language. They could talk clearly now....

"Mmm. He looks as cocky as ever."

<Angry?> Retzi asked lightly.

"What do you think?" Ari spat back, and the Blaziken shrugged.

<Funny, I thought you were grateful he beat you. Being THE champ gets you quite a bit of attenion. You still get attenion anyway though, thrid runner up isnt bad for a first timer.>

"He was a first timer too." Ari pointed out, sighing. "And it was almost a draw."

<Heh. Yeah. I remember that.>

The sea breezes ruffled Blaziken's feathers slightly, and tossed Ari's red pigtails playfully. They stood atop the upper deck of the S.S. Tidal, watching the battle below. People had begun to gather round, but their balcony still remained deserted.

"I get sick just looking at him. Plus, seems like he's going to the Battle Frontier too. Good. Gives me another chance to beat him to a pulp." Ari grumbled, and Retzi chuckled.

<Violent, violent.....> She clucked her tounge dissaprovingly and Ari was strongly reminded of a mother hen. <Wanna stay up here? Or go down and try to break up the desparate crowd?>

Ari watched the battle below with blank gray eyes. "Stay here. Besides....I keep getting this feeling......like someone's....watching me." The girl trailed off, and shivered, zipping her black hoodie up.

Blaziken watched her trainer with hawk-like amber eyes.
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Get the Point?
"Scythe, change of plans, Aerial Ace then follow up with full speed rock smash!" Chris shouted as his crimson colored metal mantis seemed to disappear. Houndoom looked around, trying to make sense of where his opponent had gone until his nose started to pick something up. The demon dog pokemon jumped to the side, taking only a medium amount of forced used in the attack.

(Dammit.....)The houndoom growled as he began to fade out as the mantis pokemon tried to smash his claw in the dog. Scythe stared around confused, only to be smashed in the butt by Houndoom's faint attack.

(I hope your ready for more...)Howey smirked as he prepared to launch himself into battle again

(Round 2...)Scythe said, a tone of anger in his voice


Ari flipped through her pokedex interestedly, stopping to look at Houndoom and Scizor's information. Scizor's were rare, Houndooms not much so. Here though, Scythe had a disadvangtage, a four times weakness to fire. In the middle of her musings, Ari looked up and out across the ocean. It was tranquil, peaceful, quiet. It was so nice...she almost felt herself.....

There was a sharp prick at the back of her neck, as if something had been shot into the vertebrate of her spine.


The Blaziken looked at the Kanto Champion, and back to the Hoenn Champion. Her pokemon instincts screamed a warning to her, but of what? What threat could two little boys possibly pose to others?

Retzi turned to her trainer, but she wasn't sitting on the edge of the balcony's rail anymore. Indeed, the girl seemed to have passed out and had fallen forward, down toward the deck below, where the battle was commencing. Retzi swore, and hurled herself over the railing.

The Blaziken sped down toward the center of the battle, the Scizor and Houndoom fighting viciously. She looked for an opening in their battle, and saw it as they drew back to strike again. Her powerful legs came in contact with the wood deck, making the boards shatter and crack in a slight circle right between the two pokemon, and she sprang up again, catching her trainer in mid air and speeding back to the top deck. All in one jump.

Several people below gasped with fright, some murmuring to each other. What had happened?

On the deck above, Retzi held her fainted trainer in her arms, looking down at the battle below. She opened her golden beak and let out a cry down to the battle.

"BLAAZIIIIIIKEN! KEN!!" (Sorry about that!)

Something was poking into her arm, and she looked down. Something was protruding from the back of her trainers neck, something tipped with feathers.

Retzi reached around and with her claws, extracted the thing from her trainer's skin.

It was.....

A tranquilizer dart.

Retzi looked up, scowling around to see if she could spot what had shot this at her trainer.

There was no one.

Or so she thought.
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Get the Point?
Chris's head immediatly turned towards the Blaziken as it smashed into the deck and shot up to catch its trainer. The Kanto Champion stared in disbelief at the scene, wondering what the hell could've happened. Scythe had brought down its claws into a rest position and turned its head to the humanoid fowl pokemon.

"What the hell....?"The Kanto champion exclaimed as he walked towards the Blaziken.

(Master...Look at the female human's neck...There seems to be a needle protruding from it..)Scythe noted, eyeing the small needle.

"TIME OUT!!" Chris shouted as he ran up to the girl, wondering what the hell the needle could be. The champion's eyes widened as he recognized the small needle and immediatly pulled it out. "Is this a tranquilizer shot? Who the hell would fire one of these at this girl...?" Chris thought as he held the small thing in his hand.

(Master...what is wrong?)The metal mantis asked as he stared at the small tranquilizer bullet.

"There was enough stuff in here to knock out a tauros..." The trainer thought as he eyed the size of the shot.

Brock Harrison

Zephyr Trainer
While gazing at the current battle between two champions, Luke noticed a female trainer and her Blaziken on the opposite deck from the corner of his eye. From the way she was staring at Houndoom's trainer, it looked like she had her own spat with him.

"This may get as interesting as the Pokémon battle," Luke mused with a faint smile.

Another eerie sound could be heard on his side of the deck as the slow but steady creeking of wood could be heard. The sound of cautious footsteps...

From the shadows, slinked a suspicious character dressed in black, which was all that LUke could determine. Without warning, the figure took a tube from his coat and stuck a dart into the opening. The young firefighter's eyes widened as the unknown person aimed the tube at the same young trainer he saw descending toward the center of the current battle. Before Luke had a chance to stop the attack, it had hit its target and the suspect vanished back into the darkness.

Without warning, the trainer's Blaziken took her trainer into its arms and ascended back onto the upper deck.

"She's obviously gonna need some help! Pidgeot!" he cried, tossing a Pokéball from his belt. The clumsy bird Pokémon emerged from its container and stretched its wings to its full span. Luke grabbed his first aid kit from his firefighting gear and jumped onto his Pokémon, crossing the deck in an shaky manner to the other side. With a screech, Pidgeot landed on the other side and crashed to the floor. With a sigh, Luke jumped off and slowly approached the Blaziken with its unconscious trainer.

"If you wouldn't mind, my feathered friend," Luke addressed the Blaziken with a concerned countenance, "I'd like to help your master." He held the kit in his hands to show that he meant no harm.

dragon helper

Hiro immedietly shifted his view to the firey human like bird. He had a pokeball grasped firmly in his hand but decided against going up to help the girl.
"Looks like that kids got it under control." He slowly stepped back and watched what was happening from far away. He was still thinking if he should help or look for the person that did it,but at that moment Hiro noticed that the crowd was getting a bit stirred and was crowding up around the girl.
"Oh well i guess ill have to help." Hiro unleashed a tall red lizard like pokemon with blue wings and a long tail ending with a ball of fire.
"Alright charizard time for some crowd control." The lizard flew up to the girl and the guy trying to help.
"Ok people please dont crowd around give the guy some room to help." The tall creature let out an angry stare at the people and reluctantly the crowd slowly went away.


Get the Point?
Chris tried to find out where the shot had come from, but could only hear the slight **** of the gun as another bullet was shot off. Scythe had immediatly taken block stance in front of his master, only to see the tranquilizer bullet shoot right into the Hoenn League champion's forehead. That's when Chris noticed the dark outline on the upper deck holding what looked like a gun in hand.

"That must be the guy..." Chris thought as he began to think of a way to knock that guy out before he could escape. Suddenly the idea came to him as he announced his orders. "SCYTHE USE METAL CLAW ON THE SHADY CHARACTER ON THE TOP DECK NEXT TO THE PERVERTED PART OF THE SHIP!!!" the trainer shouted, blushing a little bit since his opponent was near the hentai/porno part of the ship.

(PERVERTED PART OF THE SHIP?!?!? THANK GOD!!!) Blazer screamed as he ran towards where the guy was, leaving a confused and possibly disturbed pokemon and his trainer. Regaining his focus, the metal mantis immediatly took to the air and brought his now silvery glowing claw down on the man's head, immediatly KOing the *******.