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Pokemon Battle Frontier

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You are Judged
Recently, there is a new manga called Pokemon Battle Frontier, which had a character called Rald...which sort of aroused my curiosity. It takes place in the same location as the BF saga...the battle frontier. It's about a boy called Enta, who is the discple of the Hoenn Champion... Rald. Rald's strongest pokemon is none other than Sceptile... I was think that PERHARPS Rald is the nickname of Emerald. But... Rald has a Gyrados and Charizard..
and he is much older...looks a lot like Ruby too o_O

Maybe..jus maybe..it is a few years after the BF saga... to think that Emerald is the Hoenn Champion now...Unbelievable..
Nope, its not Special, but there are some other mangas running on seperate arcs too, like Pokemon DP Adventure, which has absolutely nothing to do with Special. This sounds interesting though...


Beyond repair
It's an one-volume manga, not related to Special in any way.

I own it.

It's pretty good. It's just a pity it shows only 4 of 7 Frontier Brains. The other three (namely Noland/Datsura, Greta/Kogomi and Brandon/Jindai) appear only as shadows in the group shot.

But it has a pretty good art. That guy, Shigekatsu Ihara is the same guy who was doing Movie 8 manga and now he's doing DP Adventure (which was recently released by Viz). He's a good manga-ka. I like his art a lot.


Turnabout Pokemon
And again, I say, not all the mangas take place in the same universe.

So, no, Rald isn't Ruby OR Emerald from PokeSupe.
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