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Pokemon Battle Island Finale!

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Jay star, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover


    The Plot

    One year ago almost to the day, a group of pokemon trainer’s were invited by a Mr Regal Bryant to participate in a pokemon battle tournament. This tournament was different to most other’s as it was highly publicised thanks to the financial backing of the exceedingly rich Mr Bryant, the tournament was also special in the fact it had the participants brought into its very unique environment. The tournament was held on one of two island which had been discovered by Mr Bryant himself on one of his many sailing adventures, which he thought at the time was a wonderful discovery which he could only have profited from. One of the islands definitely helped swell Mr Bryant’s pocket’s because on this island, the smaller island, he built a hotel, a stadium and a large mall and at the base of the hotel there was a small pokemon centre, hospital as well as a restaurant to make sure its guest’s were all well looked after. The mall stood tall with three floors and it was full of shops for the guests and competitors to get their hair done, buy some new clothes for them or their pokemon and shops that specialised in items for pokemon training and health. The second island which was much larger was home to many varieties of pokemon, you scarcely could even glance at the island, which was only a short bridge walk away from the hotel entrance, without seeing some form of pokemon swimming, swinging or flying by. It was on this island which possessed every environment in such a secluded and small area, every place a pokemon could possibly lived was on this island from a hot sandy dessert to the ice covered top mountain, to the large waterfall and long twisting lake, to the tree packed forest and the wide open field covered with flowers. It was the perfect place for pokemon to live, and that they did in abundance.

    As part of the crew Mr Regal Bryant invited to the island to help with its development was an extremely large group of builders and landscape designers, they all worked to level out the ground on the smaller island. He also had a group of pokemon researchers and scientists who all came to the island to investigate if the opening of the hotel, mall and tournament would cause excessive damage to the wild life of the island. A group of pokemon archaeologists were brought in to research the island with the pokemon professionals, these groups of explorers were all accompanied by a group of pokemon rangers who ensured their safety.

    Now after Mr Regal Bryant had finished with his developments of the hotel, mall and eventually the stadium where he planned to host his own prestigious tournament where he would trainers from around the globe all to come to his islands accompanied by only one of their pokemon. He had decided with his advisors he needed something else to set his tournament out from the crowed and his cliché was that he would have the trainers bring just one pokemon with them and use that pokemon to catch themselves a team on the island that played neighbour to the resort half of his “Battle Island”

    The opening of the Battle Island Tournament was postponed once due to the mysterious disappearance of five people from their hotel rooms, though a small boat also disappeared and it was suspected the group must of gotten tired of the island and their investigations and had left, what was strange about it was they were scheduled to leave the next morning anyway. Among this group of people was Pokemon archaeologist Professor Lin Yang along with her husband who was one of the three missing scientists, Professor Lee Yang. The other missing scientists were Professor Roland Fletcher and Professor Penny Thatcher and one pokemon ranger Marcus Holloway.

    Not long after his tournament had eventually started had a mysterious tragedy struck, something dark had been living on the island so full of pokemon, only this wasn’t a pokemon that anyone had ever seen before including the pokemon specialists that Mr Bryant had called in to his own island. The pokemon was tremendously powerful and fiercely dangerous, its shapeless form would fly through the air spintering tree branches, shattering rocks and causing chaos wherever it went. The trainers who were invited to the tournament all tried their part to defeat the shadow, some even attempted to catch it but what pokemon could be powerful enough to catch something that crumples metal with its body of smoke. The only chance the trainers had of damaging it was when it seemed to condense itself into the form of a pokemon, but even then there seemed to be no limit to the pokemon it could become, transforming from Alakazam to Zapdos it battled against the competitors of the Battle Island Tournament and each of them fell to its ability and power.

    The trainers noticed that once the shadow engaged in battle with pokemon was when it took the form of one, though there didn’t seem to be a pattern of the type or form of the pokemon the shadow was taking, though this information was small it was all they knew about the terror that plagued the island and the tournament.


    This is where you come in

    You are one of the last 32 competitors, half of which are NPC’s, left in the tournament or one of the people who have been knocked out already if you so choose. It is our job to finish this tournament and to discover what this shadow creature is and what it wants, more mysteries and difficulties will appear as we play through the very last incarnation of POKEMON BATTLE ISLAND[/B} so if you haven’t participated in any yet and have always wanted too I implore you to take this chance as it will be your very last chance to take part in this RPG.

    Now this resurrection of Pokemon Battle Island is starting part way in so we have all been on the island for a short while and have made it to the last 16 places, so it is expected that we each have more than one pokemon by this time, you can choose between two to four pokemon with you which includes the one you brought with you to the island as well as one to three you have caught since being on the island so do understand the more pokemon you have the less attached to you the new ones will be.


    *- Follow all Serebii rpg forum rules.
    *- Follow all of MY rules.
    *- I am the only one who can accept or deny sign-ups so don’t just randomly join in rpg unless you are in the accepted list.
    *- Be respectful to each other.
    *-No excessive swearing.
    *- No god modding unless given permission and the player you are god modding has posted in the discussion thread.
    *- Any arguments about subjects to do with the rpg will be brought to my attention by pm and I will pass my judgment.
    *-If you want to make a post which will greatly affect the plot, ask me for permission by pm.
    *- You are allowed one starter pokemon each and one uber pokemon each (such as Gible, Dratini or Larvitar) and to get them you have to ask for my permission
    *- You cannot evolve your pokemon or have it learn a new move without checking with me first.
    *- If you want your pokemon to learn a move it doesn’t learn by levelling, you must post the training for that move in the rpg and depending on the move it will take a certain amount of training, check with me when you think youve done enough.
    *- Evolving a pokemon takes time and experience, don’t catch a Corphish in one post and two posts later evolve it to Crawdaunt, you have to check with me first.
    *- Reservations held for one week
    *- Three strikes and your out.


    Description: (at least four lines when posted)

    Personality: (at least four lines when posted)

    History: (at least four lines when posted)

    The pokemon you brought to the island
    Nickname: (if applicable)
    Personality: (at least two lines when posted)
    Moves: (Total of six, must be learnt by level 40, you can change two of the total six moves for special moves (tm, hm, breeding or tutor moves)

    The pokemon you caught on the island
    (one – three)
    Nickname: (if applicable)
    Personality: (at least two lines when posted)
    Moves: (Total of five, must be learnt by level 30, you can change two of the total five moves for a special move (tm, hm, breeding or tutor moves)

    RPG Sample: (Just a short paragraph to show me what your RPing style is)


    My Sign up
    Name: Jamie Tanaka
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Description: He has deep bottle green coloured eyes and when people first look at him they always seem to think his eyes are slightly too big but the more they see his face the more they realise it’s just the brightness of the colour. Jamie Tanaka isn’t Asian as his name may suggest to people, he has slightly pale smooth skin with a slight sakura pink tint to his cheeks, and his hair is a bright golden blonde since he died it away from his natural auburn colour hair. He stands at 5’ 6” and has a slightly broad build though far from being overweight, his fore arms are toned without being muscular. He wears a white short-sleeved t-shirt and over that he has a sleevless green jacket a slightly darker shade than his eyes, he compliments his dark red baggy trousers with a black belt with a gold belt buckle, his fingerless gloves match the colour of his trousers and his red converse shoes.

    Personality: A kind well natured demure nature exudes from Jamie which makes him very approachable to other people, his kind smile which is almost always on his face and his gentle green eyes make people feel they can confide in him. He loves making friends whether they are pokemon or people, though he is a gentle person he has a very short temper which can make him switch the likeliness of a Jigglypuff to the of a rampaging Tauros. This is because emotions seem to run high with Jamie and he can go from happy to sad to angry to ecstatic in a matter of minutes. He is almost always comparing himself to others and wondering if others are judging him by what he is doing or saying, he tries to not let it get to him but sometimes it causes him to be quiet.

    History: He started his pokemon journey only 2 years ago thinking that he wasn’t ready to travel without by himself until then, it was then that he also decided he needed a change of scenery as well as wanting to prove to his family, friends and himself that he could manage to go on a pokemon journey. Though he was born in the Kanto region and raised there he set sail for Sinnoh when he decided it was time for him to leave, his best friend Robert accompanied him and he was waved off by his Mother Yvonne Tanaka and his step father Gin Tanaka, his mother was pregnant with him when his father had died in a tragic car accident and she met Gin while attending therapy for her grief, Jamie never knew what it was that Gin was attending therapy for. While in Sinnoh Jamie and Rob became friends with Professor Rowan and his assistant Dawn. She taught Jamie and Rob about pokemon contest’s and Jamie fell in love with the battling style, he collected ribbons while his best friend collected badges. He finished fourth in his first grand festival visit with his starting pokemon Ivysaur, Just before coming to the Pokemon battle island tournament his Ivysaur was in a battle against an extremely strong Drapion and was badly poisoned. Thinking it best that his first pokemon have a nice long well deserved rest he sent him back to his parents house where his mother would look after him for a while. It was then that Jamie decided to take with him his Hippopotas pokemon which was one of the last captures he made while in Sinnoh.

    The pokemon you brought to the island
    Species: Hippopotas
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Hippopotas is a generally kind hearted pokemon though sometimes dopey, he is very adamant about things that he doesn’t want to do but if he is nagged enough then he will probably get around to doing it. Though he is often lazy this seems mainly to be when he is in battle or if Jamie is getting him to walk around with him because when it comes to playing around Hippopotas can become a bit hyper.
    Moves: Super power (MT), Water pulse (TM), Yawn, Dig, Crunch, Earthquake

    The pokemon you caught on the island
    Species: Torkoal
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Despite what you might think Torkoal is anything but lazy, he likes to work hard at training or battling or anything he does. He also sees himself as a sort of “father” figure of the group, trying to keep everyone in line and under control, especially Shroomish and Sneasel whose small arguments really seem to irritate Torkoal often causing him to blaze them, which giving their types leaves quite an impression.
    Moves: Solar Beam (TM), Skull Bash (EM), Fire Spin, Rapid Spin, Withdraw

    Species: Shroomish
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Shroomish in some respects is much like his trainer, very kind and friendly but has an extremely short temper, he feels insecure about his size which is an almost immediate trigger to get him angry and no one pushes his buttons like Sneasel.
    Moves: Energy Ball (TM), Synthesis (MT), Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Headbutt

    Species: Sneasel
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sneasel is a rude pokemon which hardly ever listens to Jamie, the only reason she stays with him is because he did capture her, which earns him some respect in her eyes and also because she knows that she will get to see a lot more action with him than without him. Being a misbehaving bad girl pokemon she loves to pick on Shroomish for his size and for the fact that he always does what his trainer tells him, viewing him as a “Teachers pet” pokemon she loves nothing more than to show him his place.
    Moves: Assist (EM), Brick Break (TM), Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Icy Wind

    Species: Luvdisc
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Luvdisc is the youngest Pokémon on Jamie’s team; she is very playful and seems to know nothing of danger or that people and Pokémon aren’t all friends. Thinking that everyone and everything she meets is her friend she likes to use her attacks in more of a pretty and performance way rather than in an offensive way.
    Moves: Agility, Attract, Sweet kiss, Aqua jet, Aqua ring,

    /01/Jay star - Jamie Tanaka ;449; ;324; ;285; ;215;
    /02/Silver Seoul - Alexander Nicolas Sparks ;309; ;278; ;304;
    /03/alteredegox - Sophi Tesaya ;281; ;084; ;152; ;019;
    /04/Shadowfaith - Riley Jay (RJ) Summers ;077; ;116; ;017;
    /05/Double-oh-Platypus - Alice Jerkens ;025;
    /06/holy lucario - Syren Kuwaga ;180; ;391; ;439;
    /07/Blivsey - Kyle Alan Turner ;091; ;277; ;156;
    /08/Manaphy Mare - RESERVED
    /09/Skeith - Shaggy Skelton ;033; ;352; ;441;
    /10/Lufiji - RESERVED
    /11/Stabberz - Ven Ephah ;248; ;329; ;007;
    /12/treespyro - Stella Ekland ;315; ;204; ;300; ;396;
    /13/Hyuu - Revi Kiyoni ;066; ;041; ;170;
    /14/Razor Shiftry - RESERVED
    /15/Skillfulness - Kim Staar ;058; ;123; ;312;
    /16/TheSequelReturns - Azusa Yamagishi ;355; ;114; ;427; ;422-e;
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2010
  2. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    I'd like to be the first to reserve a spot, if you're taking reservations. I'll have a sign-up posted later this afternoon (my time.) ^^
  3. alteredegoX

    alteredegoX Sophi so silleh~

    Name: Sophi Tesaya

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female, but biologically male

    Description: Despite being born male, Sophi retains zero physical features of a boy and looks completely feminine. She is rather thin, but not too thin, with a slightly athletic build. She once had long bright red hair that reaches just below her shoulders, but since being on the island has had the majority bitten off, but she has now cut it shorter still and dyed it green. She usually wears either a plain pink or black tank top with baggy dark blue jeans, over which she wears a light blue hooded zip up jacket. On her right wrist she wears a bracelet with many different coloured gems. Being born male, she is of course flat in the chest but this is the only physical features that would be proof she is not biologically female, she even wears a small amount of make-up to further hide it, most noticeably is the red eye shadow of which comes her little joke of being a Banette whenever people ask her why she wears the red eye shadow. Her voice is also feminine sounding too. Over her hands she wears a pair of fingerless gloves of which are completely black with a different symbol on each, on her right hand is the symbol that represents 'female' and the left glove has the symbol that represents 'male'.

    Personality: Sophi is a very friendly girl and very caring over anybody she befriends. She hates to hold a grudge and even when she argues with somebody, she will always apologise and even if the other does not accept, she knows that she has made up for it even though the other person hasn't. She is always very lazy and whenever she has a break she can usually be found just lying anywhere she finds comfortable and if not, she'll lay the closest place she can. Once she has adjusted to somebody and gotten over being so shy, she can be a very playful girl and seems to find a lot of fun in even doing the simplest tasks, treating anything as if it was a game, even a serious battle.

    History: Sophi grew up in a friendly household with a loving mother and older sister. Neither of them seemed to be bothered by the feminine behaviour in childhood and even so much as to encourage it. It went so far that by age 12, Sophi was renamed to have that name and transferred schools so she could attend as a girl, though of course she still had to be careful. Even as she got older, she seemed herself to completely forget she was born male and for a year, followed her sister on a short Pokémon journey in Johto, during which she found and caught her Ralts that seemed to have an interest in Sophi, the cause of which 5 years later, Sophi still did not know about. Even at that time, Sophi was never a trainer as Ralts was more of a friend to her than anything, and it was only when she was 16 that she started training Pokémon, but the Ralts was too timid and rarely thought anything bigger than her. As such, Ralts was her most loved, but her weakest Pokémon. When she returned from her journey, she had plastered two dozen badges from gyms on her wall, having sped through Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh with her team, flying on the back of her Pidgeot. Before coming to the island, she left behind the Pokémon she had, including her ‘ultimate defence’ Corsola which was her first choice for bringing to the Island.

    The Pokémon you brought to the island

    Species: Kirlia

    Nickname: Gardi-Tera

    Gender: “Female”

    Personality: Kirlia is a very feminine and girly Pokémon, despite her true male gender, making her very much a Pokémon version of Sophi in more ways than just her attitude. She evolved on the island from a very clingy Ralts to the confident battler of a Kirlia. She loves showing off her dance moves in battle to impress other trainers.

    Moves: Magical Leaf, Teleport, Shadow Sneak, Psychic, Future Sight, Double Team

    The Pokémon you caught on the island

    Species: Doduo

    Nickname: Do-Tore

    Gender: 1 Male head, 1 Female head

    Personality: Doduo’s heads utterly defy most Pokémon researchers logic to be two completely separate genders. Even so, they react better to each other than any normal Doduo which has led to wondering if the different gender heads is a positive form of change. The male head is rash and hot-headed, acting only on impulse, whilst the female head is much calmer and prefers not to attack on her own.

    Moves: Acupressure (only female head can use), Uproar (only male head can use), Pursuit, Brave Bird, Tri Attack

    Species: Mantyke

    Nickname: Tyke-Tera

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Mantyke is a very playful Pokémon and is still only a young baby. She hatched from an egg whilst Sophi was fighting an adult Mantine and the Pokémon imprinted upon Sophi rather than her actual mother, therefor the Mantyke loves to be outside of it's ball to be with Sophi. Due to the nature of their connection, she had inherited Sophi's lazy nature.

    Moves: Wing Attack, Bubblebeam, Waterfall, Dive, Agility

    Species: Rattata

    Nickname: Ra-Tear

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Ra-Tear utterly hates Sophi, and the feeling is generally mutual after the rat had bitten off a huge chunk of Sophi’s hair. However, he understands Sophi is a good trainer and although doesn’t like Sophi, he will follow her orders precisely. He is also very proud for being a Rattata to use Bubble Beam.

    Moves: Flame Wheel, Bubble Beam, Hyper Fang, Crunch, Assurance

    P.S: Ratatta has BubbleBeam (TM in 1st gen) because you allowed it in the original PBIR, if you don't want me to have it anymore, just say so and I'll remove ^^
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2010
  4. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    Reserving. Though I'm umming and ahhing over which Pokemon to have Growlithe or Ponyta...hmm...

    Name: Riley Jay Summers (RJ)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Description: Riley has short layered hair which only manages to cup her face. The ‘fringe is flicked to one side giving her a boyish look, but not enough so as she is completely devoid of her girlish features, in fact it makes her look quite charming. Her hair is dark red in colour which stands in stark contrast to her wide emerald green eyes which are graced by a pair of simple black framed glasses . Her skin is pale and her physique is rather thin and frail but still manages to keep its well built frame. Her preferred clothing consists of a tight fitting, white, button up shirt with silver cufflinks to add more spark to the otherwise plain shirt. A pair of dark, tight fitting blue jeans tuck into a pair of black cowboy boots with silver clasps and a pair of black studded leather belts wrap around her waste (creating a sort of criss cross on her behind) keeping the baggy trousers from hitting the ground. Over the white shirt she wears a plain black waistcoat which like the shirt is also tight fitting and almost strains to do up over her bosom, the garment is held closed by silver clasps and chains which run from the middle of her chest downwards, leaving to view an inkling of skin beneath the black shirt below. A blood red bandana is rides freely upon the fabric of the waistcoat and stands out vividly against the black clothing, matching her red hair perfectly.

    Riley is a fan of accessories and so to begin are the silver hoops that decorate the very top of her right ear and the silver ball that has been embedded into her tongue. Another addition to her appearance is the wide rimmed black cowboy hat she wears atop her head, shading her pale features from the harsh sunlight. Multiple chains hang from the belts around her waist and a pair of fingerless gloves grace her artistic hands as well as studded bracelets to match her belts. All in all, one would call her appearance a ‘Gothic Cowgirl’.

    Personality: Regardless of what her appearance may say, Riley is quite your up beat and friendly character. Like your typical young adult Riley is out there to live life to the full and have fun whilst doing it. She’s outgoing, determined and a bit of a sore looser when it comes down to it, but either way she sees it through with a smile on her face. She’s rather flamboyant and some would even go as far as saying she was quite annoying but Riley doesn’t seem to care what many people think of her so long as they keep they’re opinions to themselves and don’t confront her on the subject.

    When battling it’s easy to see that Riley’s go get em’ attitude and determination still hold strong as she fights each battle as if it were her last, her Pokemon tend to get power and energy from her energetic and mostly comforting words. It’s only when she looses a battle that her face falls and her obvious disappointment shows on her face, of course this is a momentary lapse in her demeanour and before long her grin is right back where it belongs and she congratulates her opponent with her usual congratulatory pat on the back and a photo to finish.

    One major thing to note about Riley is her obvious charm. She’s rather flirtatious and to others surprise she rarely notices it.

    History: Given her attire, it is rather simple to tell that Riley was born and raised in Solaceon Town amongst the many other ranch folk. She has a simple background, born to a loving and hardworking family who owned a local farm just outside the village, raised Militank for they’re fresh milk and even taught youngsters how to tame and ride Ponyta. Its no surprise that from a young age Riley had had to work hard to keep the family’s farm rolling and that every day after attending the local Pokemon school she would have to return home and feed the Pokemon for her parents. But all in all the youngster didn’t mind the chores, in her eyes it was better than going home and playing video games, at least she was building character.

    After graduating from the school Riley had decided that as much as she loved her family she just had to see the world for herself. She decided to become a Pokemon Trainer and though her parents had expected her to keep running the family farm, she declared that her younger sister Florence was more than capable and with the aid of her two younger brother ‘s Leo and Sunny the farm would do fine without her and so with her trusty steed Jake, she departed for Kanto, claiming that it best she started in a whole new region.

    One day as she was travelling across the vast plains of Kanto she encountered a group of poachers harassing a herd of Ponyta. The Wild horse being the Pokemon she had grown up with, she could not simply turn her back and leave, instead the cowgirl battled vigorously to secure the safety of the herd, it was when they’re strength was beginning to wane did help arrive in the form of Four Pokemon rangers that were charged with protecting the vast plains from the likes of these villains. In the end some of the poachers had managed to flee the scene, but for the most part they were arrested and Riley was thanked profoundly for her aid that day, it was then the Ranger known as Tommy explained that they had been low staffed for the past month and things were starting to get a little out of hand.
    It seemed only natural that Riley volunteer to aid them and it was with that that Riley became an Voluntary Pokemon Ranger and has worked with the group ever since in protected the wild Pokemon that populate the wilds of Kanto.

    It was only recently that she got an offer she just couldn’t refuse, having never finished her Pokemon Journey’s the letter that arrived stating that she had been chosen to start another adventure on ‘Battle Island’ was way too tempting. After much explanation to her comrades she declared that after the tournament there would be nothing that could keep her away from becoming an honorary Pokemon Ranger, she would be back, but this was something she just HAD to accomplish.

    The Pokemon you brought to the island
    Species: Ponyta
    Nickname: Jake
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jake is Riley’s trusty steed. He has been with her ever since her young years going through the Pokemon Academy. It is with this long lived bond that Jake is nothing but loyal to the young cowgirl, at her side through the good and the bad. Like his trainer he can get rather annoyed when a battle is lost but with Riley’s happiness the anger is lost and Jake returns to his stoic stance once again. Being overly protective of his young rider, Jake doesn’t trust other’s easily and as soon as something seems amiss he will put himself between the offender and Riley immediately, neighing and shooting warning sparks until the potential threat backs down.
    Moves: Flame Wheel, Stomp, Agility, Hypnosis, Will-o-Whisp, Quick Attack.

    The Pokemon you caught on the island
    Species: Horsea
    Nickname: Cody
    Gender: Male
    Personality: (at least two lines when posted)
    Moves: Bubblebeam, Twister, Outrage, Substitute, Smokescreen

    The Pokemon you caught on the island
    Species: Marowak
    Nickname: Lance
    Gender: Male
    Personality: (at least two lines when posted)
    Moves: Bonemerang, Rockslide, Sword Dance, Focus Energy, Rage

    The Pokemon you caught on the island
    Species: Haunter
    Nickname: Lucien
    Gender: Male
    Personality: (at least two lines when posted)
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Shadow Punch, Will-o-whisp
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2010
  5. Double-oh-Platypus

    Double-oh-Platypus Well-Known Member

    Name: Alice Jerkens
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Description: Alice's straight black hair comes down to her chest and is perfectly straight. She has sideswept bangs that frame her face nicely and sparkling green eyes that are a bit of a shocker due to her Asian ethnicity but seem to captivate anyone that gazes into them. She's quite short for her age as well, only peaking at about 5'2" but sees it as a good thing. She also has a slim, athletic build from her time that she spends swimming and soccer and tries to keep in shape often. She wears a rainbow-striped sun dress with a black and white bikini underneath. Alice's other clothes feature pink and white striped flip flops, a pink Lug bag that holds a pair of runners, shorts and t-shirt, and a pair of bright orange sunglasses. When it's cold outside she usually wears black athletic pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a white windbreaker as well as the runners that are packed in her bag.
    Personality: Despite giving off the girly appearance, Alice can be quite serious when it comes down to battling, swimming and running. She is bubbly and energetic most of the time and loves the sun, and gets quite crestfallen in the times that it rains. She loves to laugh and tries not to think badly of other people, despite how arrogant they may seem. She can also be quite flirty, but most of the time i's just to get what she wants. In a battle, Alice is confident (well, she's confident outside of battling too...) and gives off the feeling that she knows what she's doing even though she might not. She always gives it her best and never takes losing to harshly, unless it was something totally unfair. Alice is also well known for her constant mood-swings, though she isn't bi-polar. She simply has too much on her mind at one time. ^^
    History: Born and raised in Sunnyshore City, Alice grew up with a love for the sun and the sea. She would spend countless hours down in the sand with her friends and her brother Colin playing the game that Alice loved the most: soccer. It wasn't long until Alice was playing competitively on the Sunnyshore Strikers, the select team for girls under the age of fourteen.

    As the days of Alice's live dragged on she also became interested in Pokemon battles. On days when she wasn't swimming or playing soccer she would plop herself down in the stands of the gym and watch Volkner defeat any challenger that came his way, with the exception of the highly skilled trainers that managed to squeeze out a win. Alice highly admired Volkner and considered taking a job in his gym if not for the Battle Island invitation.

    When Alice was ten she received her first Pokemon from Volkner. Living so far away from Sandgem Town, it seemed ridiculous to travel across the region for one Pokemon and so Volkner gave her a Pichu that became Alice's life and soul and from there, they challenged gyms and collected badges until Battle Island took a hold of Alice's life.


    The Pokemon you brought to the island

    Species: Pikachu
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Pikachu is very much like Alice. He's rambunctious, flirtatious and quite confident. He, on the other hand, does not enjoy losing battles, though he does learn from them. Pikachu holds his own in a crisis and often knows what to do, though when he doesn't he can often think up a plan quickly.
    Moves: Volt Tackle (Special Move) and Iron Tail (TM), Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Double Team

    The Pokemon you caught on the island

    Species: Jigglypuff
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Unlike other Jigglypuff's, Alice's is a tough little guy that isn't afraid to lay down a punch. He's always the first to rush into a battle but is blissfully ignorant of many things going around in the world, sometimes leading to Alice wondering if he has short-term memory loss. He's caring, however, and loves Alice like any Pokemon should love his trainer with the right care.
    Moves: Bounce (Move Tutor) and Drain Punch (TM), Disable, Double-Slap, Sing

    I do have a question: is this Alice the one from the last PBIR or is she someone new? I'm not quite sure if the characters that are submitted this time around connected to the previous ones or not...
  6. Teebird

    Teebird Well-Known Member

    It's great to see this return! I'm definately signing up again! could I get a reservation? I should have it finished by tomorrow.

    EDIT: I had extra time, so I got it done much sooner than expected.
    Name: Syren Kuwaga (goes by Sy)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Description: Syrens facial features are very smooth and well rounded, almost blemish free, except on his forehead, which is covered by his black, almost dark blue hair that sticks out almost everywhere. His eyes are average size, and are an off-shade of light blue. His skin is pale, despite the fact that he enjoys being in the outdoors greatly. He’s average in size, his height being 5’9 and weighing in at 135.

    His clothes consist of a white long sleeve shirt fitting snugly against his skin with a dark red, almost brownish shirt with a white pocket in the middle over it. He has black pants covering his legs, and for shoes, he has white and black trainers.

    Personality: Although Syren is a male, he can seem feminine at times, due to the fact that he gets along better with females. He also prefers cutesier Pokemon, but he likes them to be able to pack a punch as well. He’s very friendly and calm, hardly ever getting worked up about anything. He is also very protective of his friends, and will take their side in just about anything. However, if two friends are in an argument together, he tries to please both sides, which often causes trouble.

    In battle, Syren is aggressive, usually always going for the best moves he has. He also tries to use strategy as well, though it doesn’t always work out and often tends to backfire on him. He is in-synch with almost all of his Pokemon, making the battle easier since he can communicate with them better. He hates to lose, but he’s always friendly and thanks the other trainer for taking the time to battle.

    History: Sy grew up in the bustling city of Goldenrod, Johto. He lived with his sister, since he got along better with her than his parents, though they often visited, and Sy and his sister would occasionally travel to Olivine for a visit.

    When he was eleven years old, his sisters Ampharos had an egg. Since Sy didn’t have a Pokemon yet, she decided to give it to him. A few months later, after caring for the egg very carefully, it hatched into a Mareep. However, this Mareep wasn’t like a normal Mareep. Mareep's skin was a darker shade of blue than the usual Mareep's. This was his first Pokemon, and because of this fact, he has a closer bond with Mareep than any other Pokemon he owns.

    He battled and trained very hard with Mareep, until one day, when he was fourteen, Mareep evolved into a Flaffy, and when it evolved, it's skin remained the same shade of blue. He went everywhere with Flaffy and never let him out of his sight. Eventually, about three years later, he received an Invitation to Battle Island. Once he got the invitation, he rushed to Olivine City to catch a boat there.


    The Pokemon you brought to the island.

    Species: Flaffy

    Nickname: Kiki

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Kiki is very social and hyper, and due to this, she stays outside her Pokeball. She also likes to pick fights, and do to this, she often get’s Sy in trouble. Though, despite that fact, she can be friendly if she sees that Sy approves of someone. She is also prone to giving off small electrical jolts when she is nervous.

    Moves: Iron Tail (Tm ), Charge, Signal Beam, Fire Punch (Move Tutor), Cotton Spore, Discharge

    Pokemon caught on the island:

    Species: Poliwhirl

    Nickname: Jurin

    Gender: Male

    Jurin Is very short tempered, and it doesn’t take much to set him off. He’s a very stubborn Pokemon as well, occasionally disobeying his trainers orders in battle and going with his instinct. He’s also very solitary, and thinks he’s better than everyone else only really communicating with Sy, and even then it’s barely anything.

    Moves: Bubblebeam, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Brick Break (Tm), Ice Beam (Tm)

    Species: Mime Jr.


    Gender: Male

    Personality: Vi is the baby of Sy’s team, and definitely isn’t a powerhouse. In battle, he usually uses defensive and status inducing moves, crippling the foe before giving a real attack. Outside of battle, Vi is occasionally outside of it’s Pokeball, often playing around with Kiki. Vi also loves to explore, and because of this, Sy always needs to keep an eye on him when he’s outside his Pokeball.

    Moves: Reflect, Light Screen, Copycat, Psybeam, Thunder Wave (Tm )
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    I gotta go find my old sign-up and beef it up. Please reserve me until then!!! :)
  8. Blivsey

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    Cutting straigt to the chase this time, eh? I'd like to save myself a spot if possible. Gotta dig out the old sign-up I had and dust it off first, though. Who remembers Kyle?

    EDIT: And here he is. Voltorb was kind of a boring team member, so I'm writing him out if that's all right. Couldn't find an old profile of Cyndaquil, so she's being made from what I can remember, the holes filled in with from-scratch material. Again making the note that a reference pic for his awkward hairstyle is here, and that "Knot Island" is the proper name for "One Island" in the Sevii Isles.



    Name: Kyle Alan Turner

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Description: Kyle is a full six feet, two inches tall (and his hair accounts for three inches on top of that) with a strongly, thick build from regular training of both his team and himself through swimming and tennis. His skin is very tanned from living actively on an island and an angular face with focused brown eyes and bright red-orange hair that seems to defy gravity, sticking up and forward and making his head appear almost twice as large. He's been growing a bit of a goatee during his time on the island with the same bright hair color. Due to the inevitable roughness inherent in both sports and Pokémon training, he often has noticeable bruises and occasional cuts and small scars. He typically wears a solid black t-shirt with an unbuttoned red shirt with a flame design over it. He also wears tan cargo shorts and brown trainers' shoes, as well as a belt to which he attaches his Pokédex, Pokéballs and a multitool. He carries all of his other supplies in a single-strap, olive green backpack.

    Personality: Kyle is a serious trainer and occasional tennis player, always gunning to improve in these areas. He has a strong drive to never back down and fight to the end, though at times this makes him a bit thickheaded and oblivious to when he has finally lost. When not training or in a match, though, he becomes much more relaxed and easygoing, always rolling with the punches, so to speak, and offering a positive, humored outlook, even if his jokes are more than a little rusty. He is technically gifted, which has allowed him his position maintaining the trading machines at the Pokémon Center on Knot Island. He tends to be impulsive and act before (or instead of) thinking, but his intentions are typically good-natured. He is usually very open to others, even if he does lack tact somewhat, and is readily willing to accept allies where he can find them. Kyle has been known to be a bit of a drinker, though he hasn't had any trouble on the island so far without drinking.

    History: Kyle was born in Mossdeep City in Hoenn, but has lived on Knot Island in the Sevii Islands region since he was four years old with his parents, Nicholas and Megan, and his younger twin siblings, Sarah and Jacob. He was raised up fairly normally for a child his age, going through standard schooling and going down to the beaches and park with friends whenever possible. He became involved in tennis early on in middle school, and continued to play actively until age thirteen, when his parents finally allowed him to travel to Kanto for a Pokémon journey. By mistakenly boarding the SS. Aqua rather than the Seagallop Ferry due to a lazy ticket conductor, he ended up in New Bark Town, instead.

    Deciding to accept with this change in events, Kyle registered for the Johto League and took a Chikorita as a starting Pokémon. Along his year-long journey through the league, he met many new Pokémon and his team grew, eventually even including a Metagross near the time when he actually entered the Silver Conference. Unfortunately, he only made it through to the top eight before losing to another trainer and being knocked out of the tournament. After this defeat, he headed back to his home on Knot Island. There, he continued with his schooling, while keeping his team active and frequenting the Trainer Tower on Quest Island, where he grew a bit of a reputation from his frequent and successful visits, and earning himself invitations to occasional tournaments, including occasional summer vacations to the various Battle Frontiers. After graduation from school, Kyle took up work maintaining the trading facilities at the major Pokémon Center on Knot Island, where he has worked for almost five years.

    Recently, he was invited to a tournament on "Pokémon Battle Island". Baited with both a challenge and food, Kyle has received time off of his work to participate. After joining the tournament, Kyle arrived on the island and his team quickly swelled to four members. Though he narrowly managed to tie his second round, he recovered and has been doing well in the tournament since, even managing to scrape into the rankings of the top sixteen competitors. He's been shaken up a bit by the unnatural events that have been occurring throughout the tournament, but is confident that he and his team can deal with it, despite Voltorb causing an unfortunate incident that Kyle prefers not to mention and getting itself removed from his team by order of the judges. He has, of course, reconciled with the officials and helps out at the hotel's Pokémon Center with the local Nurse Joy.

    Other: Kyle is highly lactose intolerant.


    Species: Cloyster

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Description: Kyle's Cloyster has a Focus Band tied around the large spike on the top-left of her shell with the ends dangling loose, and otherwise appears to be a normal Cloyster. She is contained in a Net Ball.

    Personality: Kyle's Cloyster is very withdrawn, and not just in the physical sense. She typically remains very silent, and even when provoked, gives one- or two-word responses most of the time. She does, however, show a great loyalty toward Kyle, and knows her own defensive strengths, and is ready to take an attack to defend a teammate. In battle, she is a very defensive Pokémon, preferring to wear the opponent down over time.

    Moves: Surf (HM3), Swift (Tutor), Protect, Aurora Beam, Toxic Spikes, Iron Defense

    History: Kyle's Cloyster was found as a Shellder when he was fishing off the south coast of Knot Island several years ago after the Shellder had drifted away from her colony with the current. Kyle caught her and added her to the team, where she became a valuable member.

    Other: N/A

    Species: Swellow

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Description: Kyle's Swellow has no right eye, and thus always keeps his scarred right eyelid shut. He has a Scope Lens attached over his working left eye, and otherwise appears to be a normal Swellow. He is contained in a Quick Ball.

    Personality: Kyle's Swellow is very humble, having learned his lesson about pride some time ago. He considers himself a very average battler, though Kyle's training has given him some of his confidence back. He remains calm and collected in most situations, and tries to remain on at least neutral terms with all those he meets, preferring not to take sides.

    Moves: Steel Wing (TM), U-Turn (TM), Double Team, Wing Attack, Quick Attack

    History: Kyle's Swellow was rebellious in his flock, to the point of eventually challenging its leader for its position soon after his evolution. In a horrible loss, his right eye was pecked out, leaving him humiliated and crippled. Not long after, the Battle Island Tournament began and he was captured by Kyle. He started out as one of the weaker members of the team, but since compensating with the Scope Lens that Kyle has given him, Swellow has proven to be a strong addition to Kyle's party.

    Other: Swellow is blind out of his right eye, giving him a poor sense of depth perception and making him wildly inaccurate without the Scope Lens.

    Species: Quilava

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Description: Quilava has a Muscle Band tied around her neck like an ascot, and otherwise appears no different than any other female of her species. She is contained in a normal Pokéball.

    Personality: Kyle thought that Quilava's immense appetite as a Cyndaquil had been a result of her being soon to evolve. Instead, Quilava has the same intense metabolism after evolution, and now redirects that energy into being overly eager and playful. She seems to have a distinct inability to sit still, in sharp contrast with the other, mellowed-out members of Kyle's team. Despite a bit of inexperience, a tendency to act in battle without direction and an appropriately hot temper for her element, Quilava proves time and again to be a hard hitter, earning her place on the team.

    Moves: Rollout (Tutor), Smokescreen, Flame Wheel, Swift, Quick Attack

    History: Quilava was received in a trade from another entrant early on in the tournament as a Cyndaquil, and evolved not long after. She has since proven to be a fierce fighter, if a bit overeager. She appears to have grown up on the island in a rather normal pack of her species.

    Other: N/A

    Species: Snorlax

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Description: Kyle's Snorlax carries a Soothe Bell on a band around its wrist, and otherwise looks like a normal Snorlax. He is contained in a Heavy Ball.

    Personality: Though by far the largest and most physically powerful member of Kyle's team, Snorlax is... childish. He tends to nap all the time when outside of his Pokéball, and if he is woken up, he is apt to fits of rage. When he chooses to wake up on his own, however, he acts very immature and typically only paws at the bell on his wrist, eats most of his body weight in whatever food is available, and then return to sleep. In battle, he has not yet learned to listen to Kyle, and seems to fight as though his trainer was not even present. This behavior of his may get Kyle eliminated from the finals if left unchecked....

    Moves: Rollout, Body Slam, Rest, Snore, Belly Drum

    History: The newest member of Kyle's team, Snorlax appears to have been wild on the island until its capture, and is known to have had at least one child, a Munchlax who is still wild on the island. Nothing much else is known about Snorlax.

    Other: N/A

    RPG Sample: [Please review my posts from the old version of this RP, collected for your convenience.]


    Name: Jennifer Renee Wright ("Jenna")

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Description: Jenna is abnormally short at only five feet, one inch tall. She boyishly short blond hair, a slightly weighted build, red-brown eyes and skin darker than her hair. She seems to wear various lavender sleeveless hoodies every day, with black tank tops underneath. She also has a tendency to wear jeans shorts, white long socks and lavender boots. She wears a pair of black wristbands and carries her supplies in a black backpack.

    Personality: Jenna don't take no sass, and you'd better get that straight here and now. She is almost brutally straightforward and honest with a dark, sarcastic humor, causing her to come off as rude at first glance. While she doesn't have a lot of tolerance, as long as you stay on her good side, she'll treat you right. She is highly defensive of her sister and seems to insist on doing things herself, which seems to make her personally stronger, though makes her look like a bit of an idiot and hurts her pride when she can't do something herself. She is intensely competitive, and is not above using her "hormonal advantage" to win at anything, though she only teases. Mostly.

    History: Jenna was born and raised in Alzea Town in Johto by her parents with her younger sisters, Lauren and Cathy Jo. She did well enough in school to pass until she left to go on a Trainer's Journey when she was fourteen. After competing in the Silver Conference, she returned home and finished standard schooling, and has since gone on to an apprenticeship as a technician maintaining the Olivine City Lighthouse. She was recently contacted by Cathy Jo and told of the tournament. She agreed to enter with her, though Lauren has elected to remain at home.

    Other: Jenna is, indeed, the older sister of the character below, Cathy Jo.

    Species: Flareon

    Nickname: Ember

    Gender: Female

    Description: Typical for a Flareon.

    Personality: Ember takes after her trainer, being very strong-willed, defensive and eager to prove herself. She, too, believes in honesty and straightforwardness being the best approaches, regardless of whether anybody gets hurt before a resolution comes about. However, Jenna has her on a tight leash, so to speak, and she knows when to back down and follow orders, though not always without protest.

    Species: Sandshrew

    Nickname: Sandpaw

    Gender: Male

    Description: Has a deep scar over his right jawline, but otherwise typical for a Sandshrew.

    Personality: Sandpaw is very skittish and fearful, having lived much of his life underground hiding from predators. Jenna keeps on trying to make him more social and a better battler, but Sandpaw's usual response to this advancement involves curling into a ball and hiding. When backed up into a corner, however, he displays real fighting prowess, making him a fair addition to Jenna's team, even if his attitude doesn't match well with hers.

    Name: Catherine Joanne Wright ("Cathy Jo")

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Description: Cathy Jo is about 5'4" and very skinny with a pale complexion and yellow eyes, looking even younger than her own age. She has long, wavy hair of a pale grey, with loose bangs on the left side and held by a black bow on the right. She seems to wear the same outfit almost everyday. This includes a pale blue coat with a black collar and cuffs. She also wears a white shirt with a hood underneath, with the hood resting outside of her jacket. She also tends to wear a black miniskirt, white knee-high socks and black shoes. She carries a tan tote bag with the Pokémon League logo embroidered on the side, in which she carries all of her training supplies.

    Personality: Cathy Jo is, for all intents and purposes, cute. She acts very feminine and tends to flirt with boys often. She has a bit of a nervous posture, but this can occasionally be a ruse: she is very clever and can outwit most people, particularly boys. When upset, though, she tends to break down fairly easily, though her Pokémon or big sis are usually there to help her back up. She has an extreme distaste for Bug Pokémon, though seems not to be bothered at all by other Pokémon, even Ghost types. Cathy Jo is always open to making new friends and tends to give people the benefit of the doubt until they break her trust, at which point she outright avoids them. She keeps all of her Pokémon in Friend Balls ordered from Kurt.

    History: Cathy Jo was born and raised in Alzea Town in Johto by her parents with her older sisters, Jenna and Lauren. She did exceptionally in school until she left to go on a Trainer's Journey when she was fourteen. A year has passed since then, and she has been accepted to compete in the Silver Conference. Since that is still several months away, she entered this tournament in the meantime, and Jenna agreed to come with her, though Lauren has elected to remain at home.

    Other: Cathy Jo is, indeed, the younger sister of the above character, Jenna.

    Species: Slowking

    Nickname: Sage

    Gender: Male

    Description: Typical for a Slowking.

    Personality: Sage is a fairly typical Slowking: very slow to act, but when he does, it is always calculated and decisive. He says more than his share of wise things, but unfortunately, none of the rest of the "Wright Company" is very apt to listen, causing him great frustration at times. In the end, though, he is the much-needed level head and guide to the rest of the group. Cathy Jo has taken an intense liking to Sage because he's supposedly cute, cuddly and pink.

    Species: Combee

    Nickname: Honey

    Gender: Female

    Description: Typical for a Combee.

    Personality: As suggested by the name, Honey is a sweet little Pokémon. She is rather young, which shows in her energetic and cheerful attitude, and is very clingy toward Cathy Jo and enjoys playing with him. She is almost overbearingly friendly, which some people seem to see as annoying and others think is a cute trait. Though not physically strong, she does try in battle and can wear opponents down over time with a combination of evasion and light attacks.

    Name: Simon Adrian West

    Gender: Male

    Age: 47

    Description: Simon is a large, slightly overweight man with messy dark blue hair and a bushy moustache. He is showing distinct signs of aging such as wrinkled skin and a slower walk. His eyes are impossible to see behind the sunglasses with circular lenses that he always wears, though they are always closed anyway. His outfits vary from day to day, just like anyone else, but he seems to always wear a particular windbreaker the same blue color as his hair with red cuffs and stripes down the arms.

    Personality: Simon is a fun guy to be around. He is always willing to make a crack about something or another, most often at his own disabilities. He takes a laid-back approach to training, accepting both victory and loss with a grin and allowing the Pokémon to fight however they please and take charge of themselves. He is always open to new people, perpetually in good spirits and is very good with children.

    History: A man born and raised in Rustboro City, Simon was blind from birth. His parents gave him a Spoink that he called 'Pearl' as a boy to act as a seeing guide, and he inevitably went on a Trainer's Journey as a boy, though he eventually settled down back home and went on to work as a teacher for other disabled students. After hearing about this tournament and figuring that it would take place during a break in the school year, Simon signed up and entered with Pearl, willing for a bit of "fun and excitement."

    Other: As previously mentioned, Simon is blind. Pearl generally helps guide him around with her Psychic abilities enough to walk around normally, but he still can't actually see anything. He also can't write at all or read non-braille.

    Species: Grumpig

    Nickname: Pearl

    Gender: Female

    Description: Typical for a Grumpig.

    Personality: Pearl is very loyal to Simon, and sees her job first and foremost to assist and protect him whenever she is able. She tends to approve of anything that Simon likes, but will become very defensive against anything that would hurt him. She takes things more seriously than Simon, but has learned from him to relax and take things slowly. She seems to be almost an extension of Simon rather than a separate personality, perhaps resulting from all the time that the two spend together and the constant psychic communication that goes on between the two of them.

    Other: Pearl is always kept out of her Pokéball, helps guide Simon around and takes care of many things such as operating certain devices such as a Pokénav since Simon cannot. Over time, the two have developed a psychic bond, and they can communicate to each other using telepathy now.

    Species: Vibrava

    Nickname: DeSand

    Gender: Male

    Description: DeSand wears a Dragon Fang as a pendant, and otherwise looks like a normal Vibrava.

    Personality: DeSand is highly competitive, and sometimes even goes looking for fights. Simon has tried to tell him to slow down, but it doesn't seem to work, so he just lets it go. He will get into competitions over anything, down to eating contests and challenges or who can balance on one leg the longest. This has made him a bit reckless, though he is a tough enough fighter to back it up. Sometimes.

    Name: "Nurse" Emily Rosanne Joy

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Description: Emily Joy is almost exactly what one would expect a Nurse Joy to look like: fair skin, gentle blue-eyes, pink hair in that ridiculous style with the loops... and, of course, the nurse outfit. She fits in at a nice 5'6" and slim-but-not-skinny. Regulations require her to look at her best during working hours, but when she gets a rare bit of time off, Joy prefers to wear plain shirts and jeans like any other woman, and is relatively unconcerned about her physical appearance, giving her a look as if she had let go of herself.

    Personality: Emily Joy is convinced that she has the single most difficult job in the tournament (and she may very well be right), which can make her rather snappy and bossy at times, though she has good, mother-like intentions in mind and manages to bury her moodiness under courtesy and hospitality when she's on the job (at least sixteen hours a day). When she can get her time to herself, like when the Center finally shuts down for the night, she tends to unwind in very lazy clothes and fall asleep watching television. She is a bit worn-down after having worked almost the whole tournament straight without a break, and is thankful when Kyle and Blissey can mind the equipment for her. Though a bit impatient, more than anything she is stressed out, and typically has others' best interests in mind.

    History: There are many conflicting stories on the true nature and origin of the Joy Nurses. However, the version of the story told by Emily Joy is as follows: she was born and raised in the metropolises of Isshu as one of five identical sisters, all of whom were expected to grow up and become nurses, managing Pokémon Centers. The five became very competitive, each one trying to stand out above the rest, and in the end, one left to become a trainer, one became a non-medical secretary, and the other three became traditional nurses. Emily was one of the three. She had been recently working as staff at a medical checkpoint at a Global Trade Network terminal, but received a notice that she would be paid well to temporarily serve as a nurse for a publicized tournament. As the engagement offered a better outlook than her current position, Joy took a leave of absence and has been working recently at the Pokémon Center. She has met several interesting trainers since then, but has formed a relationship of sorts with a competitor by the name of Kyle Turner.

    Other: Nurse Emily Joy works at the Pokémon Center located in the trainers' hotel lodgings, and lives in a room in the back of the facilities.

    Species: Blissey

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Description: Typical for a Blissey, though she also wears the standard "nurse hat" on duty.

    Personality: Nurse Joy's Blissey isn't unlike other Blissey working at Pokémon Centers throughout the world - she is very devoted to her job and genuinely cares about the well-being of others, particularly Pokémon. She takes everything seriously and becomes highly frustrated when she is distracted or deterred from a task, which can wear her down over time or cause others to see her as uptight. She isn't above good fun and relaxation, of course. Helping others just comes first and foremost.
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    Hey guys! Sorry I havent replied last couple of days but had to help my brother pack as he has to move to Liverpool for a few months, packing a house into a van and effectively a life takes 3 days and I just crashed in his place for the last couple of nights.

    Anyway I am here now and am CURRENTLY working on reading and passing judgment on your sign ups :p lol

    ALSO NOTE, I have added that I will need a roleplay sample from now on, for those who have already posted a sign up its not necessary because it was my mistake, though it would be appreciated if you could edit your first post to include one, just to let me see what your style is like ^^ Thanks and I will get back to work :D (though I enjoy it so much it isn’t exactly work lol)

    EDIT: Ok went over the posts ^^

    /01/Jay star - Jamie Tanaka ;256; ;183; ;133;
    /02/Silver Seoul - RESERVED
    /03/alteredegox - Sophi Tesaya ;281; ;084; ;152; ;019;
    /04/Shadowfaith - RESERVED
    /05/Double-oh-Platypus - Alice Jerkens ;025; ;039; - You interested in being second in command again Double-oh?? and are you ok with holy lucario having Pikachu as well??
    /06/holy lucario - Syren Kuwaga ;180; ;391; ;439; Are you ok with Double-oh-Platypus having a Pikachu as well??
    /07/Skillfulness - RESERVED
    /08/Blivsey - Kyle Alan Turner ;091; ;277; ;156; Damn >.< lol I was thinking about having Swellow but since you got there first :p lol I wont bother now lol (its fine by the way :D )

    Here is the new places listing, I also added a new rule ^^
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    Second in command? *starry eyes* Oh definitely :) Thanks for asking.

    And... I guess. I mean, I always prided Alice's Pikachu as being very unique. I guess I just assumed no one else would have one. I'll talk to him about it but it's not a major issue or anything.
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    Hmmm, I think I will put it to a vote as to wether we make it an official rule or not that you try not to have the same pokemon as other players, does everyone agree with that?
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    I totally didn't even notice that Double-Oh had a Pikachu. I'll just edit a few things and It won't be too hard to have another Pokemon fulfill Pika's roll just the same. That's my bad, and I totally apologize, hehe. ^^; I edited it, so hopefully a dark blue Flaffy is alright with you Jay. If not I can make a more subtle difference to set it apart, :p
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    Awe, thanks Lucario :) And it looks really cute in your sprite thing.

    I'm for the rule of no duplicate Pokemon. There's like, four hundred of the little monsters, enough for everyone, but if it doesn't happen that's fine too.
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    May I please reserve a space? Thank you, I should have my su up within a couple of days.
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    I do :3.

    Now here's my incomplete sign up Jay which I'm just posting for reference and to show my interest. Yes I'm not reviving Luke as I really didn't feel attached to him as a character and felt like keeping with the tradition of having a different character for each incarnation of the island. Oh and please tell me your thoughts on Rotom as I'm still sceptical about whether I'd be allowed to use it or not. I should have this done tomorrow (got work for now though).

    Name: Shaggy (Shagg) Skelton
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Theme Song: Grace Kelly

    Appearance: Shagg is a reasonably tall man with a lean build who by first glance most trainers will label as a Poke Maniac. Why? Well the most notable item of clothing Shagg has is his bright green jacket which has a hood shaped like a dragons head attached to the back. Fortunately, unlike Poke Maniac’s, Shagg doesn’t wear the hood up all the time, only occasionally such as when he’s serious… take that as you will, which gives you ample chance to look at his head, how lucky for you! Shagg as his name implies has long shaggy brown hair, which comes down to the back of his neck, the only place where it is short is around his fringe so that he can still see. Upon his face there are a pair of go-glasses that frame his dark hazel brown eyes. His skin is slightly pale and his face is heart shaped.

    As for the rest of his clothing, underneath his jacket he wears a variety of altering t-shirts with various humors on them such as a dark green one that has picture of a gangster looking Treeko on it with the phrase “What time is it?” above it. Of course Shagg also has more simple t-shirts too such as a black one with the Pokeball logo on it. As for leggings Shagg don’s a pair of blue jeans and hanging from the belt line of this is his Pokegear (which is grey). Finally upon his feet he wears a pair of black trainers.

    Personality: Bat **** Crazy. Is that enough? No? But it sums him up so well TTnTT.

    The best way to describe Shagg is with the phrase “Shagg’s Shagg” as he is rather eccentric. He is the sort of person who it seems it would be impossible to get down and seems to see the world as sunshine and rainbows. In a nutshell he’s a friendly optimist eager to please and doesn’t really seem to care if someone dislikes him or not. He has a few random quirks as well, for instance he is known to start singing songs at the drop of a hat, but the most noticeable of this should be the way he identifies Pokémon. You see Shagg never got a Pokedex unlike most trainers and the only information he really got on Pokémon was from Oaks show (which, as we all know, isn’t very helpful even before Mary starts giving her random descriptions) as a result Shagg usually names Pokémon after there most predominant features (e.g. Poilswine – angry fluff fluff). As a result of this Shagg doesn’t always refer to his Pokémon by their official nicknames .

    Shagg despite his odd persona isn’t as stupid as he looks. On the contrary he is quite the strategist and will, more often than not, pick out Pokémon for their abilities and quirks rather than what they are, he’ll often try and work these into battle strategies. Shagg is also a believer in dreams and will try and help people (and Pokémon) to fulfill them so long as they don’t conflict with his own (e.g. He won’t throw a match because someone wants to win). Oh and one final note, Shagg has a vendetta with a local murder (flock) of Murkrow (well the leader at least) after they tried to steal his glasses because they sparkled. Shagg refers to them as “Cocky little freaks” and frequently comes to blows with them.

    History: (Yeah I’m not really feeling a backstory this time around, so I may alter this as time goes on, hopefully this should suffice for the moment though).

    Shagg was brought up in that strange place known as Sootoplis City that framed the sky and made the world seem very small. From a young age Shagg wondered what lay beyond the city walls but wasn’t allowed to leave until he was ready to set out on his Pokémon journey (as was part of family tradition). As a result he’d often pester trainers or visitors who’d swim or fly in for any little detail of the outside world and would be awe struck what they’d tell him. Eventually the day came and with his first Pokémon, a Mudkip, Shagg left the city and never looked back. The new world was like a drug for Shagg and he spent many years exploring it, capturing Pokémon and challenging gyms along the way. He would eventually learn of battle island and decide to go there.


    The pokemon you brought to the island
    Species: Nidorino
    Nickname: Firth
    Gender: Male
    Theme Song: The Horror
    Description: Firth generally looks scared, has his ears flopped down and has a yellow scarf around his neck.
    Personality: Selected to come to the island as a Nidoran as part of Shagg’s master plan. You see everyone else would be bringing overly strong Pokémon to the island to compensate for the fact that they were going to have to capture an entirely new squad on the island. What none of them had taken into consideration was how they were going to capture the new Pokémon and Firth with his huge ears and good sense of smell would be ideal for tracking them.

    Firth himself is a rather timid Pokémon startled loud noises and easy unnerved, the only place where he really feels comfortable is by Shagg’s side and will frequently be seen there. Evolution for most Pokémon is a good thing but for Firth it couldn’t have been worse. Due to his cowardly nature Firth has difficulties channeling the aggression that came with it and desire to fight that came with it anywhere besides the battlefield. His fighting style matches that of a cornered mouse, he’ll always appear to be frightened and will attack fiercely till the opponent has stopped moving or backs off.

    Moves: Thunderbolt (TM), Ice Beam (TM), Double Kick, Fury Attack and Poison Jab (via Nidoran)

    The Pokémon you caught on the island

    Species: Kecleon
    Nickname: Calpol
    Gender: Male
    Description: Calpol is frequently seen with a Toxicroak like smile and his stripe is the same yellow as his frills.
    Theme Song: Running in the 90’s
    Personality: Calpol is a rather cunning Pokémon whom makes use of its ability to turn invisible frequently. Before being captured by Shagg, Calpol used this ability to sneak up on humans and Pokémon to steal food and other items it desired. This habit has not been lost upon capture as, while Shagg does provide it with food and board, Calpol still holds a certain fondness for shiny items and likes to horde them like any good kleptomaniac. Shinnies can prove to be a bit of distraction for Calpol in casual situations however should he have something the requires his immediate attention (e.g. the shadow) he will focus on that… and then come back later for the shiny in hopes its still there. Calpol also is a bit of a free runner.

    In battle Calpol can be considered more of an annoyer Pokémon however despite this simple role he is one of the biggest threats on Shagg’s team. Why? His fondness for going invisible carries over into his battle strategy and he’ll always be invisible when fighting a foe. This makes him tough to track and coupled with his status inflicting moves, he can be a real pain to fight.

    Moves: Water Pulse (TM), Double Team (TM), Shadow Streak, Lick and Thief (Naturally learned)

    Species: Chatot
    Nickname: Ecco, Poké-Shagg
    Gender: Female.
    Theme Song: Stone Cold Sober
    Description: Ecco has a ring round her left claw, other than that is a typical Chatot.
    Personality: Ecco wants to be famous, so much so that when Shagg found her she was pestering a team of cameramen, trying to get on TV. As such it is unsurprising that Ecoo is an attention ***** and loves to be the centre of attention whenever possible which makes her seem as though she’d be an ideal contest Pokémon and given the choice she sure would be however she doesn’t seem to mind battling as such as it allows her the attention she deserves. Ecco really doesn't mind how she gets attention and has developed two, annoying, personality traits which get her attention she desires. The first is copying anything she hears via the chatter move and repeating it constantly. She mostly does this with random words or songs that she likes on the radio (practically 80’s music such as Day O, Hyperactive and Electric Dreams), it is notable that she is a fan of music and will constantly pester Shagg to put on his radio. Her other personality trait is to copy people much like Mime Jr. and will often mimic Shagg as he is always around and is often the easiest thing to copy. Ecco hopes to use these talents to become famous someday and with an annoying sound thats blatantly ripping someone else off she certainly has a shot in the music industry. Finally outside of battle Ecco is also a bit of a coward and prefers to avoid fights though more often than not she'll be the cause of them by pestering someone or something too much. When these occur her perfered coruse of action is to hide behind Shagg and hurl insults at whatever shes ticked off (and by insults I generally mean the last thing she copied but in a harsher tone).

    Moves: Chatter, Roost, Uproar, Mimic and Sing

    RPG Sample: Previously on Battle Island… (Please note gory shadow setup)
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  16. Teebird

    Teebird Well-Known Member

    Thank you Double-Oh, I took the color from Typhlosion. :3 I'm also for the no duplicate Pokemon rule, it'd be fun to see creative and original Pokemon in everyone's teams.
  17. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Ah, yes, Skieth... I think Luke was the original owner of that Cyndaquil, wasn't he? Anyways, I liked the "no duplicates" rule. It was a good idea, and it keeps things fresh. But to clarify, is two people having different stages of the same family okay (i.e. Vigoroth vs. Slaking)? Can we use different branches of the same family (i.e. Bellossom vs. Vileplume or the different Eeveelutions)?

    Oh, and I put up a massive 4 NPCs and their Pokémon, though most of it was copy-paste work. Nurse Joy and Blissey have new profiles, though. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.
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  18. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Blivsey – So you made those characters for anyone to use for people who have been knocked out of the tournament, well I will write the sign up’s for some of them, and yes I may use some of the ones you’ve made, but we will see.

    Nurse Joy isn’t supposed to be moody lol, I wanted a cliché of a Nurse Joy with the added effect of snapping to become an extremely protective “Motherly” type character, I just have an idea of a certain scenario I want to occur later on in the rpg.

    Manaphy Mare - I will reserve you a place ^^

    Skeith – I see no problem with you having Rotom, and when you finish the sign up I will post my judgment lol

    Everyone – Ok so judgment passed on the making it a rule that no one has the same pokemon as another person, UNLESS the pokemon has multiple evolutions such as Gloom, Eevee or Kirlia.

    holy lucario - Nice signature, did you make it?

    /01/Jay star - Jamie Tanaka ;256; ;183; ;133;
    /02/Silver Seoul - RESERVED
    /03/alteredegox - Sophi Tesaya ;281; ;084; ;152; ;019;
    /04/Shadowfaith - RESERVED
    /05/Double-oh-Platypus - Alice Jerkens ;025; ;039;
    /06/holy lucario - Syren Kuwaga ;180; ;391; ;439;
    /07/Skillfulness - RESERVED
    /08/Blivsey - Kyle Alan Turner ;091; ;277; ;156;
    /08/Manaphy Mare - RESERVED
    /10/Skeith - RESERVED
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  19. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    Before I get going on my pokemon section, would it be fine if my character has a Moltres provided that it is the youngest and most inexperienced of his pokemon (I've been planning on it being a chick he recently hatched and serving a more togepi-like role)?
  20. Lufiji

    Lufiji Well-Known Member

    I thought I'd ask, are there any slots left in this RPG or have they all been taken? If there are still open slots could I possibly have a reserve please? And since you mentioned needing permission to have starter Pokémon on your team, if I do get a slot, could I have a Grovyle on my character's team?

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