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Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread


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New game means a new thread for Recent Happenings.

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Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
  • Follow the rules. Ignorance may result to your post being deleted or infractions.
That's abit too much, you could have phrased it more nicely.

Anyway, I arrived to Veilstone city and then I switched to Dawn's Platinum outfit.
I went to the gym and solved the puzzle, defeated the trainers and took a break before facing the gym leader. Since I mostly played Platinum I didnt even remember this puzzle cuz its for DP, which is nice


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That's abit too much, you could have phrased it more nicely.
Was meant more as a joke. C&P directly from the SwSh RH thread. Either way, happy Opening Day for BD and SP guys!


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Started off my journey picking Chimchar as my starter. Got my Pokedex from Professor Rowan before starting my quest to fill, but not before letting my in-game mother know what I am embarking on. It can sometimes feel a bit weird how the altered move sets can be for some Pokemon, Kircketot isn’t is annoying thanks to Bide remaining ”snapped”.


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Won the master class cute ribbon <3333
My Roselia ate alot of sweet puffins but it's cuteness wasn't maxed and it couldnt eat anymore.
I also placed lots of pink and purples stickers on the capsule, but its appeal score wasn't high :/
I won cuz of the dancing and move scores..


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The beginning segment sucks for stat resetting. You can't even save after you entered Lake Verity.
You also have to go through a lot of dialogue. You cannot even check it's stats during battle.
Then more dialogue after the battle before you can check to see if you want what you got.

It's just so annoying.

Edit: Got through this with a Relaxed Turtwig. I already got to Jubilife.
Once I get the Mystery Gift and the Manaphy Egg afterwards, I'll start my Diamond file, so that I can claim it when I can.
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I just tried putting together a Poffin. Doing this via joystick is going to be disastrous towards Joy-Con drift...


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Decided to get the game at GameStop. I decided to soft reset for a female Chimchar since the first one I ever got was a girl. I managed to get one on the third try but after I saved I realized it had a Timid personality, so I'll have to try getting a mint later.

Anyway, I made it up to receiving the parcel from Barry's mom, but I'm planning on holding off for now and continue playing tomorrow morning


Eh, ragazzo!
I saved recently, but I got a software closed error. This was in Jubilife TV Station after defeating Roark.


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Grand Underground is worth the hassle if you’re mon hunting since they’re all essentially guaranteed to have at least one egg move when caught.


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I still can't figure out how to interact with anyone online in Grand Underground though.


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yeah i figured out that underground pokemon have some egg moves. found fire punch machop, ice punch bunneary.

tried starting the game for first time but got error starting it. 2nd try was successful. did a bit of training with piplup outside starting town to lvl9 and continued the journey to reach the underground. explored all the rooms there in the first map available. didnt fint trapinch line but i did find houdoom, buizel and most importantly Ralts trace. the ralts had naive nature but its not the perfect combo ie my gen6 or 7 bred eggs with nest ball and 5 perfect ivs. it will do for now after i find good EV grinding area. currently made it down the bike path, chose to copy dawn minus the everstone lvl 28 prinplup and some early route team including staravia and 4 others for ok coverage. missed the first ralts as it teleported away turn 2. 2nd ralts i found didnt teleport and caught on turn 3. still hoping to get more underground areas for gligar and trapinch. got a scyther so atleast false swipe is accessible.

the underground is fun but very annoying for them chasing you down when you want to leave the room...


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
12 hours on this game and not even in the 5th gym.
Won two Master contests <3
Also, found Togepi underground and hes super cute when following you


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day 2 of playing, and i’m having a great time despite what issues i have, but we’ve all heard enough about those i’m sure lol.

i started with Chimchar because i love the little monkey :) i felt a little traitorous to my original playthrough of diamond for not picking Piplup, but there are too many other fun water mons to choose from! other than that, i’m just trying to take it slow and soak it all in :3 only at gym 2 right now!

just because i don’t know where to put this minor annoyance and i didn’t want to start a thread just for this, but anyone else having some audio bugs? sometimes my sound effects just dissapear :/

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I’m currently in Eterna City and just started to go Underground. The most amazing thing happened just now. I was digging for treasure and on my first try I found an Abomasnow Statue! It is a normal colored one but still that’s not bad for the first time digging for stuff 8n the game. Also found a Skull Fossil.


Had a fun time when playing it earlier. It was relaxing and really nostalgic picking up these games again. I admit, I wasn't sure I was going to buy. I am not a real fan of the EXP function in the new games, but eventually caved in. Playing now, I realize the EXP is not so bad, but it does feel weird knowing I won't need to grind much. This is both a good and bad for me. Still, I think the EXP share is handled a bit better, especially since you can open up your Pokemon storage anywhere and switch Pokemon out whenever needed.

As for where I am, I just past Valley Windworks and going to my second Gym. Funny thing is, I thought this game would be one the easy side, but nearly lost to a Pickachu Trainer. That was a fun battle though. I also think the art is nice.


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I just picked up a copy of brilliant diamond. i'm considering chimchar...i need to know if monferno learns fighting moves early which might be good against team galactic dark and normal types