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Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I didn’t choose Piplup. I picked Chimchar as my starter and I didn’t have a Mantyke. Besides I’m playing the game by the rules and it isn’t unfair as I literally only had one Pokémon left when she sent out Garchomp and it took a really long time to get Garchomp only have Swords Dance and Poison Jab. About twenty minutes. The only Pokémon I had that was immune to EQ was too under leveled to fight Garchomp and went down with Dragon Claw and Poison Jab a lot and Quagsire got extremely lucky that Milotic didn’t one shot it and it was able to use Toxic on Milotic before the Flame Orb Burn effect could happen.

Again, I'm not berating you and I'm not saying you should use the pokémon I picked or the strategy I'm using or anything. I was just saying what I'm doing to counter her.

So you had one pokémon left and she only had Garchomp left? You have two hundred Revives/Full Restores and she has.. two, maybe three? Personally, I think that is unfair because there's a massive unbalance going into the battle between the two opponents when you're using way more items then Cynthia in order to stall her out - but by the rules of the game, yeah, fair play.

However, I'm about 99% sure that a lot of people would be screaming high and low if a NPC spammed 100 Revives on the player.


Just got my first ever shiny patch after a chain of 0 while hunting Anticipation Eevee. After it and Plus Mareep, hunting for Infiltrator Hoppip, I ended up with ANOTHER shiny patch after a chain of 0 hiding behind a tree. This is NOT how chaining works. I'll take them but can my luck just focus on my Hidden Ability breeders?


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Been busy working in the underground. Done some treasure hunting... still love it! Also caught some new team members.

Apollo the Houndoom (named after one of Higgins dogs from the 80s/90s Magnum PI show)
Daisy the Murkrow
Cirrus the Swablu (named after fair weather clouds)
Hilda the Lickitung
Jim the Ralts
Bernie the Psyduck (named after Elliot's mom from SVU and OC)

Caught in other areas

Shelly the Shellos
Spike the Pachirisu (named after the vampire of the same name from Buffy and Angel)
Jessica the Buneary (named after Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
Dana Scully the Wurmple

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
That's crazy overlevelled (which might not be of concern to you, but I play with a levelcap). It's why I've been frustrated with the game as of late.. it removes any challenge. I constantly have to run around with a squad of just two - maybe three or the team gets overlevelled way too fast.

It's definitely overlevelled for sure. This is why I'm not a fan of mandatory xp share being on. Like, I get if some people enjoy it, but I just wish it was optional to have on. I've blown through most of the game easily already. I probably won't have a challenge until Cynthia. When I play Shining Pearl I'll definitely play the game differently. I'll be using a way different party. The party that I'm using during this Brilliant Diamond run is very similiar to the party that I used during my original Diamond playthrough. I'm using this particular party for nostalgia reasons I guess haha.


Today I defeated the Pokémon League and got the national Pokédex.
Sorry for the bad quality. Just took a picture with the phone as my technology knowledge isn't flawless.


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Today I defeated the Pokémon League and got the national Pokédex.
Sorry for the bad quality. Just took a picture with the phone as my technology knowledge isn't flawless.
That’s actually a great picture you took of your team (Chimecho, Mismagius, Gastrodon, Infernape, Ampharos and Honchkrow). It’s not a bad quality picture at all.


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I'm doing a JJBA themed playthrough. My trainer name is Jotaro Kujo, the rival is Dio Brando, and my headcanon is that Professor Rowan is Grandpa Joseph. :eek:
Infernape: CrazyDiamond
Jirachi: StarPlatinum
Weavile: Vanilla Ice
Vespiquen: Killer Queen
Roserade: Heirophant
Luxray: Daft Punk (because of the theme of naming characters after musicians, plus the old meme about "they're up all night to get Luxray"

And of course, Dialga will be ZA WARUDO.

I may make some changes, I'm considering either Toxicroak or Drapion to be HermitPurple.
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Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
In SP I easily took out Wake only using Luxray and Roselia. Gyrados was easy to dispose of with a single Spark and Quagsire with a Magical Leaf. Floatzel also fell very easily to a single Magical Leaf which I chose by mistake as Roselia had just learned Giga Drain and I wanted to use it against Floatzel. Then I went back to Veilstone to battle Maylene and Staravia’s Aerial Ace took out Machoke and Meditite while Lucario was taken out by Kadabra after one Psyshock and Psycho Cut which surprised me as they did more damage than I had thought they would and Lucario used Metal Claw which barely hurt Kadabra and it was only one level higher than Lucario.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
And we're done:

I didn't have the highest of hopes for the Pokemon League, because this team took a very long time to get going. Frank the Torterra and Cecil the Luxray carried the weight for most of the playthrough and the other four didn't start getting good until near the end of mid-game, but they did eventually get there and by the time I got to the Elite Four they were all on equal footing. Once we were finished the team was all at level 64.
While I did stumble here and there against the Elite Four, I managed to beat each one on the first try. Flint and to a lesser extent Lucian were the only really challenging ones, and with Flint it was mostly because of his Lopunny. I only had three faints across the five battles, so it went pretty smoothly.
Then we get to Cynthia. Notorious, no, imfamous among Pokemon fans for being the hardest Champion ever. An unstoppable force of nature, an all-powerful goddess with six cataclysmic behemoths at her disposal, the ultimate challenge. I got to her and...........it actually wasn't that hard. Most of her team went down in one or two hits with little to no issues, the only one that took a bit of effort to knock out was Milotic, but its Flame Orb did some of the work for me so it wasn't exactly a challenge. As for Garchomp, I sent out Dratsie the Floatzel expecting to get demolished, it set up Swords Dance, Dratsie got it down to half health with an Ice Beam, then she got hit with a Dragon Claw and survived with one HP left (the combined friendship/affection mechanic is broken and I love it!), then one more Ice Beam and that was it.

The Sinnoh Squad
Frank the Torterra - Overgrow Ability - Crunch, Leech Seed, Giga Drain and Earthquake
Mindwipe the Crobat - Inner Focus Ability - Sludge Bomb, Fly, Cross Poison and Bite (I'll replace Bite with Leech Life once he's at the right level)
Serenity the Gardevoir - Trace Ability - Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Life Dew and Psychic
Dratsie the Floatzel - Swift Swim Ability - Crunch, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail and Waterfall
Nova the Rapidash - Flash Fire Ability - Smart Strike (which I may replace with something else), Fire Blast, Megahorn and Flamethrower
Cecil the Luxray - Intimidate Ability - Discharge, Crunch, Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave

(Though I didn't realise until it was too late that this screenshot makes it look like Nova is about to set Frank's tree on fire...)
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I've decided to do some breeding to add to my Pokedex. I'm mainly going after the babies and the Eeveelutions.

At this point, I'm just about done with the Eeveelutions. Only Umbreon is left there.


Lazy Summer
Started with getting an Aipom from the honey tree outside Eterna City. Then came another few hours in the Underground. I was trying to find a Shiny Stone early to evolve DewDrop into Roserade. No luck and i'm not sure if it's a Post-game Underground thing or not. I did manage to find a Magby though. My plan was to add Drifloon to my team, but after catching a couple Magby i got two Magmarizer's. So i can get a Magmortar as soon as i get Magmar. After training Athena against the Fishermen on route 205, she burnt down Gardenia's gym and the Team Galactic building easily. Being 11-12 levels over a bunch of Wurmple will do that. Tried to go into the Haunted House, but once you get the bike they force you to go South. Avoided all the trainers on Cycling Road to help level up my Shieldon after it's revived.

Waiting outside the Oreburgh Museum for a good natured Shieldon

Alaska - Prinplup lvl 26
Athena - Magby lvl 25
Ginger - Kricketune lvl 26
Dewdrop - Roselia lvl 26
Sword - Shieldon lvl 1
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Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I defeated Fantina. Took a bit of effort but I managed to do it. I caught a Drifloon earlier today and trained up to level 26 so far and it actually helped in a small way to take out Gengar who had a tiny bit of health before KO Drifloon before it could use a move but managed to KO Gengar using the Aftermath ability.


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Did some Underground to get some more Fossils. In the process, I got enough Mysterious Shards to finish getting all three Regis. Took some work, but I got them.

I then went to Snowpoint and got Regigigas. Now to continue in the Underground and get more Mysterious Shards to finish the rest of the Legends while getting Fossils.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
Now I'm in post-game, my two main goals are A) getting the squad all up to level 100 (they're each at level 71 at time of writing) and B) hatching the Phione egg I recently got from the Daycare, which is taking a while. I eventually want to do all of the Gym rematch, but I want the squad to all be around level 75 to 80 before I attempt it.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Just defeated Byron. Thinking about doing the Iron Island sidequest to get the Riolu Egg next.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I defeated the Pokemon League! My final team was the following.


I trained up my Floatzel and made him faster than Cynthia's Garchomp. I wasn't going to deal with the headache that her Garchomp can cause. To combat this I taught Floatzel Ice Beam as well. That took care of the Garchomp problem.

Snorlax played a big role in this win as well. He's bulky, and I taught him some very good moves like Earthquake. Needless to say her Lucario didn't have much of a chance. Snorlax can tank Aura Sphere. My Roserade knows Dazzling Gleam and fought off Spiritomb well. Her Spirtomb missed a move, so I did luck out and take him out with 2 Dazzling Gleams. I also 1 shotted Gastrodon with Giga Drain. The Milotic fight can be annoying. Electivire really came in handy, though. Infernape one shotted Roserade. I never even had to use Staraptar in this battle. He was waiting in the wings, though. Just incase.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I finally made it to Hearthome City a few weeks ago. I tried out all of the features that are available there and they all have their pros & cons:
  • Amity Square/Following Pokémon- It’s fun seeing the pokémon following you in a similar style as HGSS & I like the items the pokémon occasionally pick up, but I’m not a big fan of how it speeds up a pokémon’s happiness, especially after I found out that EV berries don’t work on a pokémon if their friendship is maxed out. I now feel forced at times to use herb items to lower their happiness, which makes me feel like a bad trainer since I always prided myself on forming strong bonds with my pokémon like Ash does in the anime
  • Super Contests- They’re a fun shake up from the original games, and I love the stickers you get for winning a contest. However, the rhythm games get especially harder once you reach the Ultra Rank and I’m still not used to them
  • Poffins- 100 times harder than the original games or the curry mini game in SWSH. I eventually got the hang of stirring the pot after watching a few tutorial videos, but it seems like they completely changed the flavors of most of the berries so it’s hard to tell what kinds of poffins I’ll end up with
I also battled Barry a few days after arriving in the city and while he wasn’t much of a threat, he was the first in-game trainer to actually beat my Manaphy, so he definitely earned my respect in that match. Plus, I decided to finally add the Gligar I caught at the beginning of the month to my team since most of my other pokémon are now level 22.

I’m now growing all of the berries I’ve been getting from my following pokémon, but I’m not sure what to do with my team because of Home connectivity & Legends: Arceus. I did obtain a few pokémon I was thinking of adding as my reserves through catching or trading like Chingling & Probopass, but I’m trying to decide how to handle Legends as far as role playing/narrative purposes since I may use it to add the next member of my team (especially if they add Hisuian forms to BDSP). The only two pokémon I know for certain I’m adding are my Porygon2 from SWSH & my Electivire from Soul Silver once we get Home connectivity and my pokémon reach their levels, but I’m unsure about everything else.

Current Team:
  • Megumi (Monferno)- lv. 22
  • Mirai (Roselia)- lv. 22
  • Kenzo (Manaphy)- lv. 22
  • Charap (Chatot)- lv. 23
  • Taku (Cranidos)- lv. 16
  • Seiko (Gligar)- lv. 22
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Got my second badge recently.

My team:


Made it to Hearthome City.

Tried out one of the contests via tutorial, the rhythm based one, and didn't do as bad as I thought I would.

Took on my rival yet again, beat him easily.
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