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Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread


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I finally beat Brilliant Diamond again last night! Due to me accidentally knocking a glass of water over late last year, all of my Pokemon not in Home were lost, and that unfortunately included my Shield and Brilliant Diamond teams. However, I finally got my BD team back, and then I captured the legendaries needed for the Home research tasks! I was so upset about losing my team, so this really helps me feel better.

My team was named after Sailor Moon characters! Originally I had an Electivire instead of a Luxray, but I didn't want to deal with getting that a second time, so when I put my Pokemon in Home today, my team was:
1. Level 82 male Empoleon, "Mamoru" (Tuxedo Mask)
2. Level 80 female Luxray, "Makoto" (Sailor Jupiter)
3. Level 80 female Roserade, "Minako" (Sailor Venus)
4. Level 78 female Lopunny, "Usagi" (Sailor Moon)
5. Level 78 female Houndoom, "Rei" (Sailor Mars)
6. Level 79 Froslass, "Ami" (Sailor Mercury)

Lopunny wasn't great, though that's not surprising. Still, it's a cute Pokemon and I'm glad I used it for a team once! I also didn't expect Houndoom to be so useful, since I've never used one of them before this, either.


Did a lot of team member swapping before reaching the Pokemon League island. Had to decide between keeping Staraptor or switching it for some other Flying type like Pelipper. Had a hard time deciding if Pelipper's Water qualities would be more useful than Staraptor's Close Combat. Anyways I eventually kept Staraptor and spent several hours leveling up Gabite and finally got it to evolve to Garchomp. Also leveled up Torterra and Luxray to about Lv 60.


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
I just beat Cynthia mainly by swapping between my Drapion, Roserade and Weavile, using Weavile's Pressure ability to burn up its PP until it was down to only Swords Dance. It ran out of PP for the other moves right immediately after I ran out of Revives! :D Weavile then took the win with its Ice Beam!
Final team was
Heirophant the Roserade
HermitPurple the Drapion
CrazyDiamond the Infernape
StarPlatinum the Jirachi
Daft Punk the Luxray (because there's always musician references with JoJo characters)
Charlie the Weavile (because I always name Weaviles after my cat)
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I just beat Cynthia mainly by swapping between my Drapion, Roserade and Weavile, using Weavile's Pressure ability to burn up its PP until it was down to only Swords Dance. It ran out of PP for the other moves right immediately after I ran out of Revives! :D

Using Pressure is smart!! I did something like that when fighting her Milotic in Shining Pearl about a week ago- nothing I had was doing much to the it, so I threw my Gastrodon with Storm Drain in and whittled down its PP until all it could use was Mirror Coat, then I put my Infernape in and used Power-Up Punch on it two or three times to KO it. She threw out her Garchomp next and it took some damage from Stealth Rock, my Infernape used Mach Punch, and when she KO'd it, I threw in Abomasnow for Ice Shard to finish it off. I didn't expect the Milotic to cause me so much trouble and Garchomp to not affect me too bad, but the Milotic fight alone took me like 10-15 minutes.

Winning through war of attrition works, folks :cool:

Captain Jigglypuff

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The way I took out Milotic was having a Damp Quagsire absorb a hit from Milotic and then using Toxic to Badly Poison it before the Flame Orb went into effect. Marvel Scale might have been activated but being badly poisoned guarantees HP loss increasing every turn so no matter how many times Cynthia restored HP, Milotic was still going to faint from Toxic.


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
What helped with the Garchomp was that my Roserade had both Poison Point and Dazzling Gleam. Unfortunately Poison Point only took effect once and Cynthia burned a Full Restore a moment later. Drapion's Knock Off was super useful through the whole thing because of all the items the Elite Four and Cynthia had their teams hold. Garchomp's speed is ridiculous though. What really made me smile is that, once Garchomp was down to only Swords Dance, Weavile Ice Beamed it to death despite being TEN LEVELS LOWER.

Phil Rohan

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This afternoon I defeated the Pokémon League in BD, with a team of Infernape, Staraptor, Floatzel, Weavile, Electivire and Tangrowth. This was slightly more difficult than anticipated - I was not expecting Cynthia's Garchomp to be faster than my Weavile. Pokédex upon entering the Hall of Fame was 421 pokémon seen and owned, including all 151 in the Sinnoh pokédex. I've now been going around exploring all the new areas I've unlocked, and catching some new pokémon.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
I finally had my Shiny Arceus encounter. Like every capture I wanted it in a Pokeball, however because of how long this took to get the encounter I tried for a long time to get it in the pokeball but had to give up and use my Master ball on it when it had 1 struggle left in it before knocking itself out.
This was back in July….

Since capturing Shiny Arceus, I set my sights on Shing Dialga……it’s now October and I’m still searching

6 days later and the search is still on going
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Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
Yeah I did about 40 SRs trying to get shiny Darkrai last night. My main goal for the post game is just to SR for the event mythicals. The change to the shiny charm made shiny hunting way more of a chore. I'd rather hunt box legends in Dynamax Adventures since the odds are so much better.


Funky Kong Supremacy
Got a sudden urge to play BDSP and my first encounter in the Underground was a Shiny Treecko! Unfortunately it's Brave but I can change its Nature later on.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
I was sending out some Pokémon via the GWS to see what’s out there. Sent out a few Ralts breedjects I had and something weird happened to me. I got my own Pokémon back! Someone sent me a Ralts I had sent out no more than 10 minutes prior to that. To top that off I got matched with the same person twice in a row who sent me a couple Wooper.

Phil Rohan

Well-Known Member
Yesterday I rematched the Elite 4 with their second teams - it was hard work, but had the joy of Cynthia, clearly expecting a second Dragon Claw from my Dialga, switching her Togekiss into a Flash Cannon, which knocked it out. I also caught Heatran, so have now finished the national pokédex, barring some mythicals.


I was back on Sinnoh for the spring break. Mom decided to stay back in Paldea to get the garden in order, so I was staying with gramps and granny in Solaceon Town. I was munching on some home made Nanab bread and almond coffee while I was telling them my adventures at school.

"So, what are you going to do now, honey?", gran-gran asks.

I told them I'll be following up on the letter that Prof. Oak sent me about a rock and thanksgiving. Seems weird, but he's the esteemed professor, so what can you do? I changed to my summer outfit, bid goodbye to my grandparents, and set out for Victory Road.

After meeting with Prof. Oak at a white rock at the end of Route 224, and giving thanks to my mom while inscribing it at the white rock, a rocky path mysteriously filled with flowers suddenly rose from the sea. The professor gave a shout of surprise, but after spending months trapped in a nightmare, I just thought it could be worse.

Bidding Prof. Oak good-bye, I followed the newly formed Seabreak Path into an island similarly filled with numerous flowers. Girding myself for another long slog, I started looking for a special, shiny Shaymin.

The sun has now set, but I'm still biking around and keeping my eyes peeled. Then, it happened.

My heart was filled with excitement and thanksgiving at such a quick find. It really is the gratitude Pokémon.


Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Started another BD game with another “user” I created on my Switch and I chose Chimchar. I’m currently in Sandgem Town after meeting Prof Rowan and Lucas.

Phil Rohan

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Fun fact I discovered recently: If you use Knock Off on a Pokémon holding a Focus Sash, and you inflict enough damage to OHKO the target, then the Focus Sash will trigger, preventing the target from fainting, before it gets removed.

Thomas Parker

New Member
I'm really enjoying Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl! The nostalgic graphics and revamped gameplay mechanics are fantastic. The addition of online features and the Grand Underground has made the game even more engaging.


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
I am starting my hard mode shiny hunting by going back to Sinnoh and shiny hunting the four pack of Mythicals: Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus and Phione. Others will include Zygarde from Dynamax Adventures, Mew and Jirachi in Go, and Type Null and Poipole from the Alola games.