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Pokemon Big Brother V. 2


Belly Slide
Gherkin for being antisocial.


The Technology PKMN
Johnny for getting infuriated over praying when nobody is stopping him.


My name is Quiliver.
Team Leader: Squidley
Co-Leader: Cosmic Mole
Freighya the ;470; (Kawaiiconcept)
Koph the ;050; (Flydol and Claygon)
Faith the ;169; (Infernobat)
Unforgiven the
(Pokemon Special)
Violetta the ;429; (Pokemon Special)
Lumpy the
(Geeky Treecko)
André the
(Monster Guy) (Eliminated Day 3)
Ryōta the ;462; (Sasukat) (Eliminated Day 2)
Drake the ;077; (Kalosbw13) (Eliminated Day 1)
*Back at the Fighting Kingdom Castle*
*Johnny leaves*
*Back at the fire fields*
;250;- Alright, if you came here to train with Squidley, you have trained well and are now excused to rest up in the hot springs, while me and Squidley have a chat. Enjoy!
*The group leaves Phoenix and Squidley to be*
;250;- Are you sure you are ready?
;007;- Yes, I am. I know Osbourne will be there and I am prepared to do what needs to be done.
???- Squidley?
;250;- NERO! How is Spice doing? Is she awake yet?
:571:- No. Fortunately that poison had entered her bloodstream before so her body has a slight defense against it, but at that time so little had entered her bloodstream and it was removed so quickly that her body did not properly build up an immunity for it. So, she is stable, but still not awake.
:571:- Apparently her and Gilligan discovered an abandoned building, where they found Floyd. That is when he poisoned Spice.
;250;- While you two catch up, I need to finish planning out my attack against Osbourne and the Fighting Kingdom
*Phoenix leaves*
:571:- FIght...Osbourne?
*Squidley explains the situation*
:571:- Really? He is working with a Beheeyem named Xavier? Interesting. Well, I may have proof that the Beheeyem is up to ill intentions.
;007;- Howso?
:571:- I have this letter written to Xavier from Doctor Wise. If those two are co-horts then we know Xavier is up to something evil. We have to stop them.
;007;- Most certainly.
Day 4.2: Rest and Relaxation
- They stayed away as they did not feel worthy of relaxation and communication
;169;- Promptly advised Unforgiven that they are apart of the group and have therefore earned a spot among the group
- Happily told Unforgiven that they could slide down his back if it would make them feel more happy
;470;- Volunteered to teach Unforgiven how to properly maintain their fur
;429;- She began to befriend Unforgiven by introducing them to her vast array of artifacts
;050;- Kept trying to identify the collector, but with no footprints he was unable to identify the Pokemon


Doing Their Best
Voting Koph for not taking the time for some R & R.


My name is Quiliver.
Team Leaders: Osbourne & Squidley
Khan the
Lieutenant Burr the ;464; (Marshtompman)
Asukara the
Gherkin the
(Geeky Treecko)
Eminent the ;196; (Hydrangea)
Freighya the ;470; (Kawaiiconcept)
Faith the ;169; (Infernobat)
Unforgiven the
(Pokemon Special)
Violetta the ;429; (Pokemon Special)
Lumpy the
(Geeky Treecko)
Koph the ;050; (Flydol and Claygon) (Eliminated Day 4)
Johnny the ;049; (Gryoine) (Eliminated Day 4)
André the
(Monster Guy) (Eliminated Day 3)
Lucky the :619: (Mug) (Eliminated Day 3)
Ryōta the ;462; (Sasukat) (Eliminated Day 2)
Hiram the ;289; (Sigh!) (Eliminated Day 2)
Drake the ;077; (Kalosbw13) (Eliminated Day 1)
Jackario the ;448; (John Trainer) (Eliminated Day 1)
*Back at the Fire Fields*
;050; just stays there as Nero, Squidley, Phoenix and the group leave.
*At the Fire Kingdom castle*
;250;- Squidley. We are ready. Are you prepared to meet Osbourne on the battlefield?
;007;- Yes, I am.
:571:- Can I join?
;250;- Of course! The more the merrier...now...Troops? MOVE OUT!
*Squidley and the Fire Kingdom begin to march*
*At the Fighting Kingdom castle*
:647:- Alright! Let’s go out there!
:639:- Absolutely not! All the new recruits did is fight a Tauros, cook and eat.
:647:- That is all the training they needed.
:639:- How is that training?
:647:- The Tauros fight to test their agility and ability to think on their feet, cooking was them learning to work together and eating was to give them a little bit of a break.
:639:- Hmph…
;056;- So, it’s set? We ready to go?
:606:- Not until I join your party.
;056;- Xavier?
:606:- I would like to accompany you. This is the first major battle since the Nation became divided, and I would like to be there for it.
:639:- I trust Osbourne enough to join you. I will stay here and guard the castle.
:639:- Excellent! Let’s go!
*Korvas, Osbourne and Xavier set out for the battle*
*Somewhere in some Kingdom*
;293;- Crap, I am late! I need to get over to the Electric Kingdom to interview Gizmo!
;183;(Camera Man)- Um...Ms. Diana?
;293;- Yes?
;183;- I am hearing the Fire and Fighting Kingdoms are meeting for war.
;293;- WHAT? W...W...We have to get over there to report the news! Let’s go!
*Diana and her camera man quickly rush over to the location*
*At the unknown location*
;056;- Squidley…
;007;- Osbourne…
;056;- I hate that it has to be like this.
;007;- As do I…
:571:- Xavier…
:606:- Do I know you?
:571:- My name is Nero…
:606:- Oooooh...Nero. Yeah, I know about you. Pleasure to finally meet you on the battlefield.
;250;- Young Korvas. It’s a shame this is where we have to meet…
:647:- May the strong survive.
Day 5: The War Has Begun
;464;- Leads Team Osbourne against Team Squidley and tells his team to hold no prisoners
;429;- Her violent nature begins to show as she leads her team against Team Osbourne
- He tries to think what Flounder would do, so he fires off a Sludge Bomb at the other team
;470;- She retaliated by attacking with a Leaf Storm, but tried not to ruin her complexion
- He treated his team like his children in the orphanage and told them to stop fighting
- He jumps in between the two teams and begs for peace
;196;- She began to help Khan in convincing everyone to stop fighting
;169;- He suggested to Khan that he shouldn’t interrupt a war like this as there will not be peace.
- Said they could only redeem themself if peace is created
- Shouted “NO ALLIANCES!” and suggested they continue to fight but only use 3 moves each.