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pokemon big brother

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<-- Ain't it cute?
i vote denna (sorry kingraichu) for trying to take moos milk and squashing carlos and meowth.

The Fad

Hey does anyone know what the number for Weedle is?

The Fad

Okay heres the random thing I was planning

Inside Story Trap Door

Okay, Everyone its your favorite Faddy Fadenis ready to tackle the trapdoor in the pokemon big brother house...We are already inside the trapdoor and searching around with flashlights...Hold on we're seeing something

;013;: Do you have any 3's?
;013;: No, go fish

It is remarkable! Too weedles engaging in a recreational card game! Fasinating!

;013;: Who's there?
;013;: It's just the wind, man
;013;: I'm getting my stick
;013;: No, don't get the stick there's no one there....
;013;: You can't tell but a see an ugly freak staring at me

Say what? Who the hell you think you are bug!!!

;013;: Oh HELL No You did NOT just insult me...
;013;: Back off Steve you aren't going to win

We would just like an interview

;013;: Interview? Here's what I say to your interview!!! *Censored*

Oh my god....The weedle has just exposed himself to us...Please don't put the camera on him

;013;: Steve, Please Your acting immature You have had too many drinks
;013;: This IS my home I want you out of here before I call the authorities

That brings us to our next question....When did you move in here?

;013;: We were hired as spikes to puncture *****es like you!!!
;013;: Please....PLEASE Watch your language
;013;: Can it, Bob now I want your little crew out of here before I show you what this little horn on my head feels like

Cameraman: Look, man I'm backing off *climbs out of trapdoor*

Cameraman #2: Yeah me too, There's no toilet down here *climbs out too*

OH FINE I guess I'll have to finish the interview, You people are scared of a bunch of worthless weedles!!!

;013;: Hold it, Steve Don't say another word *gets up* Now....WHO SAYS WEEDLES ARE WEAK *jumps on Fad*

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<-- Ain't it cute?
fad. that.... was.... a mixture of pathetic and pure comedy genius. :/


Hail to da king baby
God forbid...


I Crush Everything
I actually do own a laptop. It just kinda didn't fit in my suitcase.

Plus, a laptop isn't worth jack without wireless.

;055;: Wait a minute... Everybody stop! We've come dangerously close to a tribe of cannibal natives.

;106;: How do we get past them?

;055;: We're going to have to somehow get around their camp. Now, remain quiet as you can, and for heavens' sakes, don't be seen!

;149;: *sniffs air* What is that smell? Is that... food? *looks ahead, and notices the natives roasting food on a spit*

;474;: Mind your distance, Denna, or you might be the food.

;149;: DINNER!!! *leaps out into the natives' camp*

;055;: Denna, no!

It’s day five.

;055;: got attacked by the cannibal natives after Denna gave her away
;106;: tried to hit on a female native, but almost got skewered with a pitchfork and ran away screaming like a little girl
;241;: got chased off by a couple of natives who had somehow got in the possession of a cattle brand
;474;: saved Denna from some attacking natives
;052;: added to the intensity of the scene by playing his guitar
;215;: added to the intensity of the scene by playing along with meowth with his lute
;430;: reached for his weapons to stop the natives, but couldn't find them
;213;: stole Pimpkrow's weapons, and tossed them into a pitfall trap
;487;: used the Almighty as a shield to protect himself from the natives
;493;: used the Fallen as a shield to protect himself from the natives
;143;: blundered through the woods, lost
;327;: had wandered off from the natives' village and came across a canyon
;391;: tried to think of ways to get himself and Spinny across the canyon
;096;: scooted around on his rear wearing a crab like a brassier
;067;: watched Jube walk around the pit like a pinball
;265;: kept working on his invention
;326;: used his spider sense to help Buffo with his invention
:025n172:: began to think of ways to beat Licks, and get his babes back
;208;: didn't make plans, because he thought Pikastud would be easy to defeat

Vote and give Justification!


De Ibwis Twigga!
Hitmonlee for trying to hit on a Female Native.... and the proceeding to almost get KILLED by said native.


<-- Ain't it cute?
hittmonlee for hitting on a cannibal native, almost getting killed, and screaming like a little girl. regardless of how funny that is, im still voting for him.

The Fad

I vote out Shucky for taking Pimpkrow's weapons


1. That mother****er is going to kill you three times over
2. The natives are going to have a slaughter going cause Pimpkrow cant stop the war
3. Your a bloody dumbass


Whose Golduck?

I vote off Shuckle for tossing weapons in to the pit
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