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Pokemon Black 2 Team


Beyond Infinity
Well, here's my new team.

·Flare Blitz
·Brick Break
·Rock Slide
·Wild Charge

·Seed Bomb
·Shadow Claw

Cloud Nine
·Ice Beam
·Calm Mind

Magnezone- Gigabolt
·Flash Canon
·Signal Beam
·Thunder Wave

·Dragon Claw
·Fire Punch

·Dark Pulse
·HP Fighting
·Nasty Plot/ Grass Knot

Thanks for the rates! :)
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le quant-à-soi
Emboar is slow anyway so he doesn't mind the Speed drop that comes with Hammer Arm. For that reason I'd recommend going with Hammer Arm > Brick Break.

Go with Crunch > Shadow Claw on Simisage. It gets similar coverage, but Crunch can lead to your opponent's defence falling, which could be handy in battle and works as a pseudo temporary boost. Also, Dig or Brick Break > Acrobatics to hit Steel-types.

Golduck won't be able to do much damage with Mud Bomb anyway imo; I think you'd be better off going with Calm Mind for boosting and then you can use neutral hits against Electric-types.


Tsun Tsun~
Slight nitpick at Zhanton's rate; I'd run Brick Break > Crunch and keep Acrobatics as is. Simisage doesn't particularly need Dark coverage and Acrobatic's high base power makes it a much more useful move all around, also hitting Simisage's Bug Weakness as a bonus.

Magnezone can run Thunder Wave as it's last move as general team support.

I'd consider Fire Blast > Fire Punch on Flygon. You'll only really be using your Fire Move against Steel types who don't mind Earthquake and Fire Blast outdamages Fire Punch in most of these scenarios.
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Beyond Infinity
Thanks for the rates. I like Fire Punch better on Flygon because I have horrible.luck with accuracy.

I forgot about Calm Mind for Golduck. I switch it in.

I just switch Simisage's moves as I need them because they're all TM's.

Still need a sixth member. Again thank you. :)


Awesomeness Trainer
I would run a special poke as your last poke. How about a Galvantula? It has CompoundEyes, so Thunder has 91% accuracy, and has a decent movepool. Here is my set.

Timid Nature
-Giga Drain
-a good Hidden Power
-Signal Beam/Bug Buzz

Thunder is its best STAB. Giga Drain has a good power with good healing. Any HP not Steel, Poison/or other type that you have on the moveset will work for a HP type. Bug STAB is Bug STAB. Use Signal Beam until Bug Buzz.

Or you could use Zoroark. The Zorua gifted to you is almost ideal. Here is a set for it.

Hasty Nature
-Dark Pulse
-HP Fighting

Dark Pulse is STAB. If you want to use a different Dark move you want to use then use it. Flamethrower gets good coverage and is a great move in general. The Zorua comes with max power Hidden Power Fighting, which is great because you don't have to use the incredibly inaccurate Focus Blast. U-Turn is used so if you feel threatened by another poke, you can instantly switch out. It can easily disguise itself as Emboar, and against Psychic types, Psychic type moves will be fired against it, which is always nice.


Beyond Infinity
Thannks Kansas. I think I 'll use Galvantula. I've used it before, but I'd like to use it again. This was really helpful. :)

Aura Sensei™

User Title
lmao Agility is pointless on Galvantula since it has non existent bulk to set up an Agility. It's Speed is fine without a boost anyways. Run Volt Switch or Thunder Wave > Agility.

You're three-fold weak to Fire as well.


Well-Known Member
In all honesty, it seems largely redundant to use both Magnezone and Galvantula. They both function as an electric special attacker, and having them together compounds the aforementioned fire weakness. I'd recommend replacing one of them; which you keep and which you dump is up to you. But I'd replace it with a dark type. Zoroark's always a solid option for B2.

-Dark Pulse/Night Slash
-HP Fighting/Low Sweep
-Grass Knot/Return

Zoroark's one of those Pokemon that can go special or mixed, so it really comes down to personal preference which direction you choose to take it. I've always been partial to a fully special Zoroark, but the option to go mixed is there, what with the 30 attack IVs and respectable attack stat.


Beyond Infinity
Yeah, I was thinking about that awhile after I edited. They have nearly the same Moveset. I think I will actually go with Zoroark.