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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    Blue = red in popularity imo.

    Yeah, Ruby had more sales than Sapphire but that was probably because of it being the "primary" game and because of Groudon, not because of the colour. Though I prefer Sapphire =P

    However, if there are decent cover legendaries in both versions, heck even if the Black one isn't as good but represents Black and darkness properly, I'd be inclined to think it'd to better sales-wise.

    If your "new thing" consists of playing as an evil guy, then forget it.

    lol, you're right to an extent (note: drawing circles, not an actual game like Ranger), but I wouldn't.

    Oh, did I mention how awesome a game Ranger is?

    Because they've stuck to their formula.
  2. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    Set in the past? Games in black-and-white?

    At least the first one's possible.
  3. Oshakpop

    Oshakpop Eeveelution Master

    From PokeBeach, sorry for being off-topic, but I though everyone might like to know.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2010
  4. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    It doesn't prove anything in and of itself. If we were to sit here and list every name ever trademarked by the rightsholder of a property and then not used, we'd be here forever. It's standard business practice, particularly with a franchise as widespread and as lucrative as Pokémon, and doesn't mean a thing on its own.

    If we could divine the future just from sifting through trademark databases, we wouldn't need speculation threads.
  5. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I like how the logo for White is on a black background and the logo for Black is on a white background. Contrast, it makes everything look really futuristic, to me at least. I want to buy the games for that reason alone. I guess that's what they expect out of fans, right? Good marketing strategy.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2010
  6. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Simply from the names and the logo, I get the feeling (and it is no more then that) that this generation is going to be maturer. Not maturer as in blood, gore, violence, swearing and evil, but as in classier, and a little less childish.
  7. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    I doubt it will be set in the past, cause then we wouldn't have Pokeballs, and Pokedex, Contests and Pokethlon etc...things that are recent and new.
    Perhaps it has something to do with time, maybe there's a part in the game you travel back in time, that would be cool.

    I'm pretty sure Gray will be the 3rd game, but at the same time Black, White, Crimson also fits...
  8. Fissure1

    Fissure1 Well-Known Member

    The starter pokemon can now be Celebi, he will be non-tradable and will follow you around like pikachu, and you can use time travel to go between time periods

    i am full of such good idea's tonight, i really need to come here more
  9. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    Speaking on the base of color theory when one uses the concept of Warm/Cool colors they don't use representation, they use the emotions a person gets when looking at a color or being around it.
    Warm Colors tend to attract a person it shows action, and energy like the color red, orange or yellow.
    Cool Colors relax, calm, sooth a person like your blues, purples, greens.

    True, Black and White can represent a number of things with other fields, but in color theory which is what most people seem to relate the Pokemon box color names to Warm/Cool, Black and White can be neither based on the color theory on how people react when being around certain colors or seeing it without any added representation or altering.
  10. Celebitwo

    Celebitwo Celebi Clone

    If they get in trouble for using the colour black they can get in trouble for using white, which is why I dont think it will happen as it balances out. Racism works both ways
  11. Fissure1

    Fissure1 Well-Known Member

    Jynx was only because people saw her as a racist portrayal of a black woman, or something to that extent
  12. CodeG

    CodeG Member

    Stop being overly sensitive.

    BLACK is not a racial color. WHITE is not a racial color. (technically they're no colors and all the colors but lets ignore that).

    They're just freakin' colors. There is no reason why they should ever consider changing the names.

    They will NOT get in trouble for using the color black.
  13. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    Yeah, but those were just flashblacks. Flashbacks are almost always depicted in black-and-white/sepia; all I'm saying is that the main game won't be.

    And yeah, the logos look really cool!

    However much in the past the game is set in, it will always be modern enough to have Pokeballs, a Pokedex and several other vital things. Contests/Pokeathlon may be there, or they may not, but they could easily be replaced.

    You're sure that it'll be Gray? Wow.

    And I'm asking this because I'm unclear about the topic, how does Crimson fit in with Black and White?

    You're right about warm/cool colours in art in the first part of your post, but here, the issue deals more with if the colour appears hot or cool rather than the emotion it conveys. For example, a heated body (white hot) radiates warmth while being white in colour, indicating that it's hot, "scorching hot", if you will. Darkness, shadows, night-time, all which are close to black have a cool and calm sense to them.
  14. Sponge

    Sponge Well-Known Member

    I like the names Black & White, the names don't need to be super creative it's what's in the game that counts.....and besides if they went with even more fancy gems people might look at the titles and go "wha?" which they don't want. I think the names are perfectly fine.

    As for racism, that's such a daft argument. My schoolbag is black I suppose the makers of it were racist? I had hoped people wouldn't be this silly to bring something like this up. Pokemon is a happy thing, don't bring racism into it unecessarily :(

    It's funny how people are taking up so many conclusions from the names alone...since they're just names they share absolutely nothing about what the games will be like.
  15. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Nice simple names no need for jewelary anymore :D
  16. Fissure1

    Fissure1 Well-Known Member

    Pokemon Necklace and Pokemon Bracelet want a word with you.

    Remember everyone, there are two secrets to success:

    1. Don't tell all your secrets
  17. SnorlaxRules

    SnorlaxRules Well-Known Member

    I dont know why but 'black and white' seems a bit of an anticlimax, but then again there aren't many more you could go for
    gone in the 'normal' colours, these are the four that most people think of orange and purple wouldn't have cut the ice
    Are all gone as precious substances as well as Jade thanks to rip-offs, there aren't many well know substances left Opal and, theres nothing well known left (dont quote me on that)
    Then they have used
    as concepts in other pokemon games, all thats left, really, without getting too obscure is black and white, which i guess is why they have gone for them, but still, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White seem a bit :/ I'm sure they'll grow on me though
  18. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    How does Platinum fit with Diamond And Pearl? how does Crystal fit with Gold And Silver?....
  19. SnorlaxRules

    SnorlaxRules Well-Known Member

    The thrid game i think will probably be one extreme or another so it'll be either grey or rainbow, although rainbow connotes Ho-oh so it probably wont be that
  20. lilboiibubblez

    lilboiibubblez Active Member

    Well the way I see it (and maybe he sees it this way also) is when individuals decide to be all artsy with their photographs, paintings and what have you, they use only black, white and all red objects are red. I hope you understand what I mean.
    That's where I make the connection.
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