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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. master54100

    master54100 Well-Known Member

    1. following the trend it was plausible
    2. what do you think it means then
    3.what do you play it for? and if they had finesse in the story's it might be acceptable that you could enjoy a game where the antagonist is attempting to create an entire universe but that's lacking and an epic story lacking finesse is a failed story and i doubt they intend to up the story quality so unless they do they should drop it back to a basic story that works. the only games that pull of a story on that magnitude are ones like mass effect and god of war where its a full length game includes voices and chat options other than "yes no".
  2. sam_h12

    sam_h12 WHERE IS PIDGEOT?!

    How can it have the same "feel" as games that were made for the GameBoy?

    It's also kinda cool that they're still on the DS. As long as they change the battles and overworld so it actually looks updated, which i hope to god they do. I hated DP cos yeah it looked updated but some stuff, especially battles, just looked shoddy. eg Surf.
    I hope the region is huge. But filled with stuff to do, unlike DP. Another reason I hated it.

    Black and White....I love it. So simple. I'd like to think they'll be a "prequel" if you like to all the other games. But the creators are never as imaginative as that...but I'm really hoping it'll be a two fingers up to 3rd and 4th gen, which just weren't pokemon at all.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2010
  3. Ally

    Ally Well-Known Member

    i wondor what will be revealed on pokemon sunday now? cause i was expecting the titles of the games...

    hopefully the mascots so me and my friend can rock, paper, scissors over which one we want like we always do haha
  4. Inoue

    Inoue Active Member

    It would be so cool if 2 of the starters become the new game mascots (like in (Fire)Red and Blue/(Leaf)Green) instead of legendaries again. Although I really like the 3rd and 4th generation designs, I do think alot of the designs are a bit over the top, to the point they lose their animal-like identity. Maybe GameFreak can go "back to basics" design-wise.
  5. mad_stalin

    mad_stalin Member

    pokemon asian:D
  6. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    Weren't HGSS revealed a few days before Pokemon Sunday were meant to? they were, and on Pokemon Sunday they showed Gameplay...so maybe they will be showing gameplay again?...

    I'm expecting the protagonists to be revealed, maybe the Professor and region/regions name...
  7. lucky_u

    lucky_u Well-Known Member

    Black and white? They won't have problem about copyrights this time.
    (Sorry if you don't get the joke)
    Anyway, looks like they really run out of gems to name Pokemon games.
    (The same question wanders around me when they name Diamond and Pearl)
    I could already guess names of third game and remakes, but Gamefreak always have good ways of giving out surprises.
  8. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids

    I think the names are fine. I don't really see how it's racist unless you view it as racist.

    They might be simple names, but that doesn't matter. I don't play the games based solely on the name quality.
  9. GolemGuy

    GolemGuy Better Than Thou

    I predict that as per usual, most 8 year old boys are going to get Pokemon Black and brag about their Lv. 83 fire starters and Zoroarks. Which nessecitates me getting Pokemon White.

    ...Which is good, considering Sableye is proably suited much for Black than White, thus putting Mawile, if it's in, in White, likely.
  10. Inoue

    Inoue Active Member

    I'm definitely going to pick the white version. "Pokemon: White Version" sounds really nice and 'clean'.
  11. daveshan

    daveshan My little friend

    Black and white? Seriously, this is turning into Power Rangers. They're just throwing names out there and re-hashing the same formula without any immagination.

    Bah, I'm not going to buy until the third one comes out. Pokemon: Grey.
  12. Jigglypuff5000

    Jigglypuff5000 Well-Known Member

    They'll be playable on normal DS', yes, but they'll undoubtedly launch with the 3DS later this year in Japan, and thus have extra features with it in play.
  13. sam_h12

    sam_h12 WHERE IS PIDGEOT?!

    the 3rd could literally be anything; we haven't played the games yet. black and white could symbolise a painting, and in that painting is a (Pokemon)Rose...literally anything.
    i think grey would be LEAST likely, mainly cos it won't sell...who likes the colour grey? besides it's way too predictable.
  14. Ivysaur_

    Ivysaur_ Pokémon Breeder

    The Nintendo 3DS was a april fools prank.
    Also I think Chrome would be a good 3rd game name, like someone suggested above
  15. Inoue

    Inoue Active Member

    Grey... "Pokemon Purple", that would be nice (as purple is my favorite color).
  16. Evilo

    Evilo BEAUTIFUL!

    You kids always find things to complain about. I think the sames are short and simple. I like that about them. As it's been said, it's not like Red, Blue, and Yellow were the most creative names. Also, Light, Dark, Polar, and all those other odd things being suggested aren't colors. And if they call it Onyx, it would be wrong of them to not put the pokemon Onix on the cover. LOL. These brand new gen V games with an ONIX on the cover. That sounds appealing.

    Joking aside, I have high hopes in these new games and quite frankly, I don't like the idea of judging these games based off of their NAMES. I'm sure gamefreak/Nintendo has a completely logical reason for entitling them with such simple names. let's just wait and see!
  17. TheTwobizzle

    TheTwobizzle Banned

    If Black/White are coming out in autumn of '10, They are for the DS(i) and not the 3DS. Since the 3DS is gonna be released in 1st quarter of 2011 (If I'm not mistaken).
  18. jellsprout

    jellsprout Well-Known Member

    Nintendo is genius. People are now forced to buy both versions, because otherwise they'll appear racist. Best marketing strategy ever..
  19. TheTwobizzle

    TheTwobizzle Banned

    Yeah, that would be nice. The starters as the gamemascots, not that I care about who's the mascot though. I always buy both the games (and maybe the 3rd).
  20. herculehastings

    herculehastings Active Member

    I think it only makes logical sense for the third game to be Grey if the first 2 are Black and White. Anything else loses the connection in my opinion.

    I must say I was rather shocked to see Black and White as the fifth generation game names. I must admit I was expecting a glitzier colour set. Black and white just don't sound like they're going to make good cover designs. But I suppose this means there's going to be a Dark legendary and a Light legendary? Who knows.
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