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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

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Yeah, there will probably be a triple battle leader, so that'll be neat.

Hopefully there's another Double Battle leader, too. Always surprised Liza & Tate were the only ones.


le quant-à-soi
There could even be a triple battle E4 position
And suddenly either:
a) the Elite Four becomes the Elite Six or
b) you only fight two battles.
Let's keep the triple battles to the Gym Leaders and away from the Elite Four/Six.


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Just because someone sends out three Pokemon doesn't mean there needs to be three people.


prof. happycat! ICHC
elite 4

that would be sweet..... multitasking to the max! a little difficult to keep up with everything tho, even with triple battles now....

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Hey, maybe when they introduce quadruple battles next generation, you can battle the entire Elite Four at the same time.

That would save a lot of time, but that would require each of them to only use one Pokemon which would be unfair.
I'm only ohping that some of the art was beta, mostly on tsutarja(?)'s evo. It is reeeeeeally ugly. It went from a snake to a birdfaced-snake.


Basilisk/cockatrice pokémon?

Espeon POWER!

Coral Eye Trainer
Hey, maybe when they introduce quadruple battles next generation, you can battle the entire Elite Four at the same time.
If that happened i'd say it would be a special battle after the proper elite 4, kinda like Flint and Volkner.
Though what if they got a special mechanic and they each had full teams of 5 pokemon?
20 vs 6 quadrouple battle, a true test of our might D:


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I like the new region and the new features added to the game except triple battles that was not my favorite form of battling anyways but I don't like how the Pokemon designs are going imo. There is a couple of new Pokemon that I like but for the most part I've been disappointed in the new designs. I guess I'm just too attached to Kanto/Johto designs to give new things a try. As for the double double battles that would be a horrible idea but hey anything can happen.


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I hope that was sarcasm. Who would want to say double double battles?

The game could limit you to only using four Pokemon as well.

Yes it was I thought that was obvious lol. Anyways I want to try these triple battles out before making any major judgments but I think that I will like them.


ONE question. Why does triple battle mean THREE trainers?!

Having a triple battle in the elite four (no I don't like the idea) doesn't mean it would be the Elite Six. Just one member would send out 3 pokemon. NOT that complicated.

Same with the gym, there doesn't have to be triplets, or series of triple trainers. Each trainer could just sent out three pokemon. -_- It's kind of weird that three people would battle ONE person. I can see the entire 'three people' happening for the evil team, with those weak little minions teaming up on you, but if they do it in a gym or something I can only see it as ONE gym leader claiming to be a master strategist fighting you.

Personally I like that idea much better. And maybe a special mode, where after you beat the Elite Four like 5 to 10 times you can select to challenge it on a triple battle mode where it's nothing but triple battles. It would also be a pretty cool challenge.

Haha. Despite me still being wary about triple battles, the ideas are pretty cool. I just want fair experience.


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You know, I've always been just a little surprised there was never an option to make every battle a double battle.

Adding in that (and a triple battle rule, why not) would be interesting. (though obviously if a trainer only had 1 Pokemon, it would default to 1 vs 1 and so on)
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