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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

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Misty Lover17

Water Trainer
Cool, a Sheep Pokemon. I have been waiting for this since Johto.


Fire trainer
An image has cropped up on 2ch showcasing what may be two new Pokémon. A sheep and a strange Dark/Steel Pokémon.

We're unsure on the authenticity of this but Liam (Archaic) and I think it's fake due to parts of the screenshots seeming to have been lifted off of other screenshots


The Sheep Pokémon is called Aparuka (アパルカ). It is Grass/Flying-type and is 1.3m tall and 50kg in mass.
The bottom Pokémon is called Naoie (ナオイエ). It is Dark/Steel-type. It is 1.4m tall and 80kg in mass

Interesting...hasn't the sheep pkmn been mentioned in some rumours some time ago?

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
Shame that. That Dark/Steel one looked pretty good. The sheep looked a bit goofy, but so do a hundred other Pokemon. Oh well, time and tide.


It was obvious, CoroCoro shouldn't be leaked now. The quality is too good compared to the last CoroCoro leak.
I'm expecting/hoping for leaks 2 weeks today.

Normally we get leaks on the 11th, so take 4 days off of that and it's the 7th :)

It's for that reason (among other leaks) that I'm leaving several sites starting on Aug 1st and won't be coming back till Black arrives in the mail. I want some surprises when I play the game.

And so I won't get in trouble for getting off topic, I'll say that I'm loving virtually everything I've seen so far! I can't wait to play! :D


Well-Known Member
Aww, I wanted a Grass/Flying Alpaca :( Ow well. Pretty convincing fakes, altogether, though.

Vear will be here in like 12 hours anyway. So we can all smile together on the rainbow.

Yep ... I've been reading Engrish all day.


Rev up those fryers
Interesting...hasn't the sheep pkmn been mentioned in some rumours some time ago?

I know they've proven fake already, but I just wanna point out that what you're thinking of is something from the NOA rumors that mentioned a fire sheep. But Korobooshi Kojiro came forward and admitted that he made it all up.

Shame those two are fake, though. I've always wanted a Dark/Steel type. That's a really convincing fake, too.


Aww, those fakes looked really good. It's difficult to find fakemon with that level of Pokemon-ism; most just suck. The "scan" looked quite authentic as well.

Oh well...you never know, maybe there is a flying sheep and a dark ninja in Black and White...
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