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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

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Ask yourself, though: does it really seem likely that in this franchise, they would introduce the concept of a super-powerful critter that is, literally, evil? That exists only to cause pain, suffering and chaos? And on the basis of a mere color/shade at that?

No, no. I didn't mean to say that they'd introduce a Pokemon that was pure evil through and through. More of a Pokemon that has been demonically twisted and driven to evil and chaos due to the version's evil team. I was actually agreeing more about the part where the poster said that Black and White represent the classic war between good and evil very well.

I changed my mind about Gray. My current guess is Crimson. Black/White/Crimson would be incredibly badass, don't you think?

And Masuda keeps going on about how this generation will be an inventive rebirth, whatever the hell that means. As long as it's darker and edgier, I'm down with it.

Crimson? I admit all we can do now is speculate, but that doesn't even sound logical whereas Gray made some sense at least.

Chrome FTW!

those will be the remakes in a decade or so, the names have never been 2 words except for remakes

lol remakes. <something>Black and the like are probably reserved for that though, like you said.

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I can't say much about the games only based on the names of them but since they are using the name Black & White i think it is most likely related to the balance of power between the two opposing forces of Yin-Yang but as they can't name the games as Yin & Yang they choose the colour names which close to them.

Also by the looks of the game names, it seems that the legendary pokemon of the Dark version might be related to Dark or Ghost types where as for Light it would be related to Psychic or Electric or Fire type.

Also if they create an issue in America or any other place regarding the names of this new games being related to racism, then i would consider them to be the most idiotic peoples in the whole world, seriously.

Edit:- I don't know if anyone mentioned this but it seems that "Junichi Masuda" has updated his blog with info about the games (but from google's translation it doesn't seem to be that important, but i think it would be better if someone who knows japanese can confirm what is written in it).
Link:- http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/blog/dir/
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I changed my mind about Gray. My current guess is Crimson. Black/White/Crimson would be incredibly badass, don't you think?

Pokemon Crimson does sound pretty rad, I would much prefer that over grey.


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Also if they create an issue in America or any other place regarding the names of this new games being related to racism, then i would consider them to be the most idiotic peoples in the whole world, seriously.

Yes, seriously, they are just colours!


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Odd names. I guess Nintendo didn't want to confuse people by going to far into the precious gems (Agate / Chalcedony anyone?), but really, unexpected.

Loving the contrasted logos though.


Nime names. I really wonder what does it mean Black and White, really interesting.

Also the pokemon logo seems different, but i already like it.


Personally I just think they are trying to get back to their roots and use colors for the names of the games instead of what they have been doing.

I think they also mean abandoning the idea of making the plot force you to fight the cover legendary, which they've done in every game since Ruby and Sapphire (except FRLG).

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Pokemon Black and White, huh? Interesting names. I honestly didn't expect Nintendo to start using colours for names again.

The logos look pretty awesome, too.


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I'm just curious as to what they're going to call the Third Game. Pokemon Gray or Pokemon Brown? Pfft.

They do sound weird, but it might not be grey, as Red Blue and Yellow are primary colours and if mixed it would be Red Blue and Purple xD
So Brown seems more likely but it sounds awful >.>


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The names are really the colors:

ブラック - burakku (black)
ホワイト - howaito (white)

I keep seeing this almost sort of...chessboard theme.

I'd really be stoked if the legendary Pokémon were based off of chess pieces...knight, bishop, rook...hmm.

I'll be getting White. I seem to never follow the crowd. I think White reminds me of the Room of Awakening...
Thriller said:
I think this is very uncreative of Gamefreak to use such names.

(Btw, this isn't going to cause racial problems. Black is a COLOR!)
YEAH! How unoriginal! Why don't you come up with your own ideas, Gamefreak??

They should have called them Pokemon Schnazelintafel and Porukiponopolis! That's much more creative.

HAHAHAHA sigged. On a related note, I actually really like the titles. I think they started to go overboard with the whole diamond and pearl thing.


Hopefully this doesn't mean too much change. It would be nice to get some new features but not to the point where we'd have to ask "is this really Pokemon?". White and black. I like how they've finally incorporated what appears to be good and evil to the game titles right off the bat instead of us having to guess. Not sure which version appeals to me yet, I probably won't decide until I see how the cover Pokemon look like.
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Black and White.
Dark and Light.
Taint and Pure.
Yin and Yang.

Lots of different names to come up with than just Black and White.

Still, black and white is not so bad for a Pokemon game name. I can get use to it.


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I still think it is possible it could be about evil vs good pokemon now I have no proof whatsoever but it was said that you;d think... this is pokemon? but they never have truly evil, so who knows until we know more..

I'll be getting white version as i almost always get the secondary version.


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Interesting. White and Black are quite unusual, but not so much. I may be leading towards White, but I still want both versions, whatever it might be in the future.


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oh oh! lets do that whole 'word association' thing and try analyze these games as much as possible. Now, red and blue had absolutely nothing to do with the games themselves, so that might also apply here.

That 'chessboard' theme is clever, but what does it represent? 2 sides? war? dividing among all pokemon?

I think that these new games will try to impose a new mechanic of good or bad on pokemon. Sorta like shadow pokemon, but on ds. That'd be cool :D


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I have to say, I think the names are great. I was really dreading the use of all these random gemstones, so a simplistic black and white is great in my opinion :)
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