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Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by emeraldellie, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    This thread is the worst thread on the forum and is a complete detriment to everything intelligent. But, since I suppose there's no getting rid of it anytime soon, we can at least make some ground rules for the thread.

    1) All SPPf general rules apply. Obvious enough, no double-posting, spamming, mini-modding, or any stupid stuff like that.
    2) No flaming. Do not flame people for their ideas or anything like that, or you'll get in big trouble. Remember, the report button exists for a reason, and if there's something REALLY out of hand, pm a moderator of the section or an active supermod/admin.
    3) Make substantial posts. This includes, but is not limited to:
    -No quoting a post just to say "I agree." If you agree with someone else and want to discuss their idea, elaborate. Just saying you agree with them is spam.
    -No one-liners or posts without any substance. We're not going to do a strict 3 sentences quota like HgSs, but if your post doesn't really contribute anything, you'll probably be infracted.
    -Don't post the same ideas over and over again. Post your idea once and be done with it. You can discuss things further, but if no one replied to your idea the first time, they won't reply to it again. Note that if a new thread is started and you posted in the old thread, you may bring up the same idea again, but other than that, don't do it.
    4) Don't post false rumors. If you have a picture you think might be real, first check and see it hasn't already been proven false, like the many fake starters, fake farfetch'd/delibird evo, etc. If you don't see that it's already been proven false, then post the source where you found the image before posting it.

    Speculate away, but do so intelligently if you don't want to be infracted
  2. Rokroad

    Rokroad Hot Drops

    Being able to customize your character should be in the game.
    Pokémon should follow you again, but this would be a given option.
  3. S.Bustathedog

    S.Bustathedog What's this for? ^

    Is this a wish list as well? Just wondering why you made a new one when the old one was ok.

    Well as the title is speculation, I don't think they will add a new evolution method. If they do then it will be overkill on that note, if they do add one then it might be something along the lines of "you battle this type of pokemon and you evolve".

    Edit; Above poster, on the other hand if they add in customizable characters then there won't be enough room on the cartridge for a bigger game and the other "stuff"
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2010
  4. Ememew

    Ememew Emerald Mew

    Some new methods for split-evolving they could use in Gen 5:

    1) How about . . . Version-Based Evolution?

    Something found in both games that, if in Black Version evolves into one thing, but becomes something else in White Version. In-game a character could say the evolution is based on the trainer's aura or something.
    There are already other version-exclusives, so it wouldn't be "too hard" to get. You'd just have to trade with someone to get the one that evolves in the other game.

    What would you get in the 3rd game? They could make it the Black evolution if your ID# is odd, and the White evolution if it is even.

    2) Location evolution more on the lines of Burmy (but becoming a split evo, not just a different form). If in a cave/dessert becomes Pokemon A, while Surfing/in snow becomes Pokemon B, on a normal route/forest becomes Pokemon C, in cities/buildings/elsewhere becomes Pokemon D.

    As precedent, they've had leveling up on a specific route create split-evos for Leafeon and Glaceon, and have had the female Burmy split into different Wormadam forms based on the surrounding area it last battled in.
  5. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    No, there'll still be plenty of space. It's been gone over many times in the B&W Confirmed Info thread, but the sprites requires for customization takes a very small fraction of memory compared to all the other stuff in the games. In addition, a DS game card has a capacity of 512 MB, but HGSS, for instance, used only 128 MB. There's plenty of unused space they can utilise.
  6. Chardan

    Chardan Well-Known Member

    Okay then, here a form of Pokemon I'd like to see. I was thinking of natural enemies, like Zangoose and Seviper, when I considered a Hyena and a Cheetah. These animals often play off agains one another in the wild, with the Cheetah being one of the smaller cats and the Hyena having similar strength.
  7. Master of Fossils

    Master of Fossils Fo Shizzle

    Interesting idea. I'm looking forward to some interesting evolution methods especially for older pokes. (assuming some will get new evolutions)

    Another idea: victory road is getting boring, and since we all want different enviorments, why not make a victory jungle with a large variety of rainforest based pokes? Plus with a large jungle a tropius evo will be almost a shoe-in. (In case you can't tell thats the evo I want the most. That and quillfish.)
  8. KurowaSan

    KurowaSan Croissant Kamen \o/

    As we now have a proper speculation thread and after reading the rules for this thread, I'm gonna quote myself to re-post my theory for the new region:

    It would follow Gen III in the fashion that Hoenn is based on the Kyuushuu-Okinawa region.

    Talking about the geographical data of Japan, Chuugoku-Shikoku is a little bigger in area, but a little less populated than Kyuushuu. And it's a lot smaller in area, but a lot more more populated than Hokkaidou (which Sinnoh is based on).

    Here is how it would fit:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Chuugoku region is often separated this way, in a reference of the Yin/Yang:

    • The San'in region, the northern or shady side of the Chuugoku mountain range
      It consists of the Shimane, Tottori and the north part of Yamaguchi prefectures.

    • The San'yo region, the southern and sunny side of the mountains.
      It consists of Okayama, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures.

    The Yin/Yang itself could be a possible reference of the Black & White of the game titles, as it represents a balance between seemingly contrary forces and describes how they are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. It's NOT a good vs evil conflict. And it's represented by this symbol, the Taijitu:


    There’s a screen in which we can see a two-tiered bridge. There is a very famous two-tiered bridge in the Chuugoku-Shikoku region, the Seto Bridge, that is 13.1km (or 8.1 miles) long:

    [​IMG] [IMG200]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b7/GreatSetoBridge2.jpg[/IMG200]​


    --Shimane Prefecture--

    Home of the Izumo-taisha in Izumo, near the capital Matsue. It is one of the most ancient and important shrines (considered to be the 2nd most important) in Japan and where Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun and one of the principal Shinto deities, is enshrined.

    Susanoo, the god of sea and storms, the brother of Amaterasu who slayed the dragon Yamato no Orochi in japanese mithology, is also enshrined close to Matsue, in Yakumo.

    The capital, Matsue, sits between Lake Shinji (which curiously is the name of Lake Verity in the japanese version) and Nakaumi - a salt water lake with a volcanic island, the Daikon Island, with lave tubes - along the banks of the Ohashi river connecting the two. Due to the prominence of the lakes, the river and canals in the city-scape and scenery it is sometimes called the "water city".

    In the city of Ota, there was the Iwami Ginzan, a silver mine, and nowadays it’s a World Heritage Site.

    There is also an archipelago on the coast of Shimane called the Oki Islands.

    My thoughts:

    A big and important shrine should obviously be on the game and maybe using the mythology of Amaterasu or Susanoo and Orochi as a part of the game.

    I’d like to see some sort of Orochi legendary. Maybe a Psychic-type Gym could fit the city, as of the importance of the Shinto shrines in this area.
    The silver mine could be used as a mine/cave dungeon.

    --Tottori Prefecture--

    Near Tottori city, capital of the prefecture, there are the Tottori Sand Dunes, considered to be the only desert in Japan. The prefecture coast is famous for the bluefin tuna. Also, the highest mountain in Chuugoku is in this prefecture, the Daisen, which is a volcanic mountain.

    Bordering the prefecture and the second highest of the Chuugoku Mountains is the Mount Hyono (which means literally Ice Mountain).

    My thoughts:

    A desert area near a city with a Ground-type Gym.

    The Daisen could be the Victory Road, while Mount Hyono could be an Ice-type cave.

    --Yamaguchi Prefecture--

    It is home to the Akiyoshi Plateau, where you can find the Akiyoshi Cave, a wide, spacious and full of passages. A common visiting place.

    In Iwakuni city, there's a beautiful bridge with five linked wooden arches leading to a castle. Kintai Bridge is one of the Japan's three famous bridges.

    The immediate surroundings are noted for their cherry blossom and it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.

    North of Yamaguchi prefecture, on the Japan Sea, stands Oumijima, known as the Sea Alps, as there are sharp stone columns thrusting out of the ocean and sheer cliffs with ocean caves.

    The Yamaguchi prefecture is really close to the Kyuushuu region (Hoenn’s real world counterpart) and it is only separated by a stretch of water called the Kanmon Straits. On the Chuugoku side of the straits is the city of Shimonoseki.

    Accessible via ferry from Shimonoseki stands Ganryuujima, an island famous for the duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojirou (the samurai that the Japanese names of Jessie and James – Musashi and Kojirou – are based on).

    My thoughts:

    The Akiyoshi plateau is a possible place for a Safari Zone in a game. And there should be a cave area.

    A city based on Shimonoseki, with a tall tower or lighthouse, could lead on lots of connections with Hoenn and possibly hint at a future remake of Gen III games.

    --Hiroshima Prefecture--

    Hiroshima city is the capital of the prefecture. A world famous city for being the target of the first atomic bomb during World War II. It's a metropolis, quickly and strongly rebuilt after the bomb incident, but also has museums and ruins, like the Genbaku Dome in the Peace Memorial Park, left to show the scars of the past.

    The city is often linked with the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), thanks to many famous yakuza movies taking place in Hiroshima.

    The Itsukushima shrine on the island of Miyajima stands in the Inland Sea, really close to Hiroshima, and the tides makes it looks like it’s floating sometimes.

    My thoughts:

    Hiroshima is a very likely candidate for being the city represented in the screen with the big city surrounded with water.


    The historic ruins in Hiroshima could be a place where you find Ghost Pokémon. Also, as it is as big city and often linked to the yakuza, so it’s a good guess for the headquarters of the evil team, or even to have the awaited Dark-type Gym.

    There should be an area based on Miyajima, with Stantler in it, as there are lots of deers roaming freely through the island.

    --Okayama Prefecture--

    The capital of the Okayama prefecture is Okayama city, linked through the Marine Liner, the train that rides on the Seto Bridge aforementioned, to Takamatsu, the capital of Kagawa, in Shikoku.

    It's famous as the setting of the japanese fable Momotarou, about a boy that appeared from within a peach and later would befriend a dog, a pheasant and a monkey on a quest to the Oni (demon/ogre) island. This island is associated with Megijima, an Inland Sea island near Takamatsu. The caves at the top of the island is said to be where the Oni lived.

    My thoughts:

    I could see some Pecha Berry trees around here.

    The Seto Bridge linking the two landmasses could be a Cycling Road or something similar.

    I think it is an interesting idea to have a Fire-type Gym, with a gym leader with a name like Momoko/Momoka (as momo is peach in Japanese) having a Torchic, Monferno and Houndoom (to reference the Pheasant, Monkey and Dog from the fable).


    --Kagawa Prefecture--

    The capital, Takamatsu, is the one mentioned above. It is where one of the most famous and most beautiful historical parks in Japan can be found, the Ritsurin Park.

    My thoughts:

    As for the island near Takamatsu mentioned before, there could be a cave and maybe some event in which you should take 3 specific Pokémon in your party. Could that be the use for the shiny beasts from Movie 13?

    The park could be the forest you run into early in the game.

    --Ehime Prefecture--

    Famous for its citric fruits and responsible for a substantial fraction of Shikoku's electricity, specially from Ikata's nuclear power plant and wind farms.

    The capital, Matsuyama, is famous for the hot springs, of which there is the Dogo Onsen, the oldest hot spring bath house in Japan.

    My thoughts:

    A city with a nearby power plant filled with Electric-type Pokémon.

    --Kochi Prefecture--

    The prefecture has a generally small commercial scale and its industries are generally based upon utilizing the natural resources found within the prefecture.

    Sakamoto Ryoma is a really famous samurai born in Kochi and was a leader of the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period in Japan. A Meiji Restoration hero.

    On the coast village of Usa, in Kosa, stands the world famous Usa Marine Biological Institute, one of the oldest and largest marine biology research centers in Japan.

    My thoughts:

    The starting town could be around here on the southern tip of the region, being the home of the protagonist and the professor's lab.

    I was thinking of having the town of Shimanto as the starting town and Kochi as the professor's lab town, but as seen in the starting town screen, there is a big shadow on the top part, possibly being the lab.


    --Tokushima Prefecture--

    The Iya Valley is a scenic area known for its dramatic mountain valleys and old vine bridges. There lies the second-highest peak on Shikoku, the Mount Tsurugi.

    My thoughts:

    Cianwood City in Johto is based on Naruto, a city on the northeastern tip of Shikoku that is part of the Tokushima prefecture.

    I really don't know how could they handle that. Put a natural barrier to separate what is Johto and what is the new region.

    So, this is how I picture the region. Remember, this is SPECULATION:


    Sorry for the lack of a proper map and links to articles and photos, I got lazy.
  9. Chardan

    Chardan Well-Known Member

    Okay then, here a form of Pokemon I'd like to see. I was thinking of nature enemies, like Zangoose and Seviper, when I considered a Hyena and a Cheetah. These animals often play off agains one another in the wild, with the Cheetah being one of the smaller cats and the Hyena having similar strength.
  10. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    I like that idea of a few location-based evolutions, but they should limit such Pokemon, or the idea will soon run stale. An overall more focus on location would be a realistic touch imo, for example introducing environmental effects which power up moves and/or induce different effects based on the location.

    Also, I'm curious as to why the previous thread was locked?
  11. Blazenuva

    Blazenuva Well-Known Member

    My list of what I want.

    1. A Dark-type gym.
    2. A Bug-type legendary (hopefully an Electric/Bug combination)
    3. Hatred based evolutions. (I cannot stress this enough, having this could open up a bunch of potential doors for new pokemon)
    4. New Dragon type combinations. (Leaf/Dragon, Ice/Dragon, etc....)
    5. A Ghost type Eeveelution.
    6. A polar bear pokemon (Ice/Fight)
    7. A pure flying type.
    8. A Mantine evo
    8. A Combee male evo
  12. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    I think Victory Road will remain, since it's a staple of the series and all, but the Victory Jungle sounds like a good idea too. This should also tie in with my hope that this new region is diverse and interesting. And I'm right behind you about that Qwilfish evo, poor thing needs more love.
  13. KurowaSan

    KurowaSan Croissant Kamen \o/

    3. I think that kind of goes against the very concept of Pokémon. The trainer/pokémon bond that makes both grow together and such.
    9. The thing about only female Combee evolving is a nice touch relating to real world bees, where males don't have much importance in hierarchy. I don't think there will ever be an male Combee evo.
  14. Ememew

    Ememew Emerald Mew

    Well, they've had Camouflage, Nature Power, and Secret Power dealing with the battle's environment, so it seems like they could have more to do with this (beyond location-evolve). Abilities? Advantages for certain types?

    Longer post-Elite 4 story. The Battle Frontier is nice, but a storyline after the credits roll would be better.

    Or at the very least, extend the Team Whatever plot after the last gym. I find it annoying that you can't fight the 8th gym until you beat Team Whatever's plot (with random excuses too, from the Gym being inexplicably locked in R/S/E if you went there before awakening Groudon/Kyogre to a power outage and a Ragecandy salesman who wants you to sight-see). The plot continued into the 8th Gym with Giovanni, but you still had the locked gym first.

    After fighting Team Whatever, having just a gym match and the E4 to go seems anticlimactic.
  15. Blazenuva

    Blazenuva Well-Known Member

    There is some major potential for them to redesign Victory Road here.

    Example, once you collect all 8 badges, you meet at a gate with all 8 gym leaders. They give you their blessings and they give you one final challenge before you battle against the Elite 4. A multi stage path with 8 different zones.
  16. Cartman

    Cartman Well-Known Member

    what if you could upload your own homemade pokemon and submit it to nintendo, and if they approve it, they send it to every black and white player out there.
  17. KurowaSan

    KurowaSan Croissant Kamen \o/

    It would never work, as it would be quite impossible for the game to remain balanced and updated for every player.

    But as far as game development goes, I strongly believe most of them do search for feedback and ideas discussing and lurking through their fanbase.
  18. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    Some how it offended someone somewhere. It wasn't up to someone's standard. It smelled funny. It was too big/too small/too cinnamon. The wrong person created it. It was racist.

    Go ahead and pick one of those or make up your own.


    For once, I'd like to see some dedication to making each version separate from the other. More than just having version-exclusive Pokemon or a different Bad Guy team, there needs to be a different plot, different starting experience, different path to complete the game, different characters, different everything. Different, different, different.
  19. Wordy

    Wordy #FlorrieSlayage2014

    I do hope this follows the rules. Quoted from the old thread.

    I'd rather not see too many evolutions or pre-evolutions, first off. We don't need all three-stage evolutionary lines, please focus on the main meat of the game- the new Pokemon! Treat it like Hoenn. It only had, what, Azurill and Wynaut? And more pure Steel types, please. Mawile and Registeel= not enough.

    We need a Dark type gym by now, desperately. We've had three generations of the Dark type, but no gym. I presume this is because of how evil teams use it- but that hasn't stopped the Poison Gymleaders!

    Having played through HG/SS I also want most of the maingame Pokemon to be from the B/W region. We saw too many Kanto Pokemon in Johto; you are unable to get Houndour before beating the E4, but you can get Growlithe, Vulpix and Magmar. It's not fair on the new gen's Pokemon. I also hope the version exclusives complement each other in terms of look, type and placing. They've been good so far, but you never know.

    If there is a BF, I'd love to see a Battle Arena, Pike or Pyramid. Out of the Gen IV facilities, my fave was the Castle. Factory and Tower are givens no matter what so I won't even bother to ask.

    The returning Pokemon... it is easy to tell which ones from Kanto and Johto will be probably definitely returning due to Nat. Dex patterns and whatnot. Hoenn is slightly harder, because so far we only have Sinnoh to go on, and even then it depends on whether or not the DP Dex or the PlatDex is the 'real' one. I personally think it's the PlatDex, but hey.

    From Gen IV, I'd love to see the Snover line and the Drifloon line. Also, Spiritomb, Stunky, Bronzor, and Combee. They're all really neat. Actually, I kinda like all the Gen IV Pokemon, but I think that would be too much optimism. I definitely don't want wild starters, though.

    And definitely not a Dragon-type final starter evo. Think of how unbalanced the trio would be. By this I mean Fire->Fire->Fire/Dragon, or something similarly ridiculous. And no Dark/Psychic/Fighting either. It's not very effective when the triangle is reversed, not not effective at all.

    And no customizable trainers. You can do this on next-unimaginative-console battling game. The trainer is just a blank slate. They don't need a lot of work put into their appearance. They'd have to make overworld and in-battle sprites as well. Too much memory would be taken up by that.

    Is this OK?
  20. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    The previous thread was locked because it was created hastily and didn't have specific rules set up in the first post. We figured it would be unfair to infract people for one-liners, quoting posts and saying "I agree" and other similar spammy things if we didn't specifically prohibit them, so a new thread was made specifically prohibiting those. Now carry on, no more posts that arent about speculation :U
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