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Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by emeraldellie, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Chocolate Pokemon

    Chocolate Pokemon Black&White=NoRacism

    I speculate there will be few Evolutions and Pre-Evolutions of existing Pokemon. My reason is this.

    First, there was Kanto, where the first batch was introduced.
    Then, there was Johto, which introduced many new Pokes including Evos and Pre-evos.
    Then, there was Hoenn, which contained many new Pokes, but a strikingly low amount of Evos and Pre-evos, there were no evolutions, and a measley two Pre-Evolutions.
    Then, along came Sinnoh, with a very large amount of Evolutions and Pre-Evolutions of existing Pokemon.
    I have a feeling Isshu is going to follow along the Hoenn lines.

    Although, I would like to see the Return of the Underground or Secret Bases, which I missed in HGSS. Up to 150 TMs would also be nice. I felt it sterange to stop at 92 and not 100, but it is obviously because of HMs. The region would also need a Moss and Ice Rock, and a Mt. Coronet related item for Nosepass and Magneton. I saw the idea of Coronet Sand on another forum. and, yes, I agree with the above about a longer plot.
  2. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    Hmm might as well put this here but i believe Pokabu will evolve to be a Fire/Electric type

    Ther's something about his tail and i'm a bit suspicious of the yello colouring on it's head hmmm
  3. SQUIRTLETamer08

    SQUIRTLETamer08 lower shiny ratio!

    I agree with the longer story, it is greatly needed. Adding Hoenn to the game wouldnt help, as in doing so would remove the depth of the region. Example kanto in g/s, even in hgss.

    Also I am glad to hear that a new pokemon will be revealed next month by coro coro. Wonder what it could be?
    My bets are on a pokemon which can be caught early in the game. ex pidgey, shinx?

    What do yall think?
  4. voidhawk

    voidhawk Blergh!

    Most lowly an early pokemon or something that will be common once the game is available
  5. Sandslash007

    Sandslash007 Champion Jan

    Absol is already a amazing Pokémon.
    So I dont think their comes a absol evolution ;028; ;359;
  6. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    I think the mascots of the region will be revealed. but thats just me.

    I also think the theme would be good and evil. One pokemon possesses the energy of good and the other evil? Types could be Psychic and evil one, Dark. But it will be weird if you catch the Pokemon of Evil...
  7. dannybouma

    dannybouma Member

    Yeah agree agree with @SQUIRTLETamer08, I would love to have Hoenn in the game and it would be awesome, But if it was like Kanto in g/s i don't want it.

    The Elite Four in Johto were so easy, I loved the Sinnoh leuge, the were strong but not over the top like Kanto. :)

    I do like the Battle frontier but i felt in Emerald that it was alot of the storyline which i didn't like. I really hope that this Hiun City will have heaps to do, i am just excited to get a region map!! Haha
    But yeah, i am hoping for many more NEW, ORIGINAL pokemon and not many Evo's

    also, please take Zubat and Tentacool out and put new ones in, I can't stand always running into them, they annoy me so much!! Haha
  8. Shinestar

    Shinestar Member

    I hope that when it comes out, you can find actually different pokemon in caves and sea's.

    Also, less HM's that spam my pokemons movepool would be nice..^^"
  9. AwesomeMudkip14

    AwesomeMudkip14 Well-Known Member

    I've just noticed this but we've never had a black gym leader or any other main character who isn't white
  10. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    Aso someone suggested before it would be great if there was a 5th move slot just for HM's or just hm only move slots which don't effect your usual 4 move limit
  11. SQUIRTLETamer08

    SQUIRTLETamer08 lower shiny ratio!

    While this is technically true, race doesnt have a role in pokemon. Rather in the pokemon world, there is a universal race. If anything the closest we got to a true race was Brock. But he really just has squinty eyes.

    heres hoping that by next coro-coro we have a region map!!!
  12. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Hm, I'm a bit tired of the HM slave thingo, then again, I'm not willing to sacrifice one move of EACH of my Pokemon just so I can get through Victory Road. That spot is usually reserved for the TM/Move Tutor move. So how about a 7th Pokemon slot for Pokemon such as say, Bibarel? Also, it's annoying needing Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, Whirlpool. Surf's fine because I usually go with the Water Starter~
  13. Kaasuti

    Kaasuti MegaKaasutizard

    I'm hoping that theres more new Pokemon, theres only three Pokemon that i think could do with one, those being Jynx, Dunsparce and Farfetched. I've always wanted to use Farfetched but it really isn't that great.

    I'm also hoping for a decent amount of fire Pokemon and dark type pokemon, there never been enough of them in previous games.
  14. The Mursu

    The Mursu <-- Epic coat!

    A steam pokemon typed Water/Fire would be nice, I wonder does Illusion make Zoroark take form of a random pokemon?
  15. Lumineon

    Lumineon Active Member

    As of Gen II, the mascot pokemon has had something increasingly in relation to the title, mostly by colour.

    Gold - Bird with golden 'fringe' and tail feathers
    Silver - Beast with Silvery white appearance
    Crystal (Clear Blue) - Bluish Beast with a gem shaped crown
    Ruby (red) - Red beast
    Sapphire (blue) - Blue beast
    Emerald (green) - Green beast
    Diamond - Beast with a diamond encrusted crest
    Pearl (Pink) - Pink beast with pearl encrusted shoulders [probably the best example]
    Platinum (White/silver metal) - Very strange title, as its a metal not gem, but girantina is predominantly white, even more so in normal forme

    Also, the stereotypial water pokemon is blue, so i doubt the black mascot will be secondary water. I think dark and normal macots are a given. That said, wheres the blue on palkia?
  16. AwesomeMudkip14

    AwesomeMudkip14 Well-Known Member

    The choice of people to travel with.
    Multiple save slots.
    Decisions that you can make throughout the game that affect the ending.
    The return of the wonder egg
    The chance to become a gym leader or evil team member.

    To sum it up, i want a more prolonged and complicated plot
  17. Xanron

    Xanron I'm on my way

    -_- If we had the option to be a gym leader we would stand around in a gym 24/7 and wait for people to battle us. We would also have 10000 unnecessary gym leaders.
  18. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    What do you mean...?
  19. Samain

    Samain Member

    The starters look incredibly cute. As for me I don't agree with those saying GF is getting less and less imaginative... Actually I think gen 3 and 4 were the worst for me (Torchic and Piplup look the same to me, and actually I believe turtwig was the worst starter ever. Next to Treecko, can't stand that guy.)
    Here, I guess some poke have been taken with a different eye, to me the grass starter evokes Charmander or Cindaquill, he looks classy and his evolution are going to look dangerous :p The bacon pokemon remember me of how the grass starter was usually treated, being the "cuter" of the three (appart from Bulbazaur, even if I find bulbazaur cute :p)
    And the water one has been the most original, we are getting what we never had with starters actually, a watter Mammal, even if his general appearance is Piplup-like (the size, etc.) to some, it is actually the same way for most starters... So I don't really see were is the problem :p
    He looks really ugly to me at first look, but he grew on me and it's definitly my first starter (bacon dude is cute as hell, but I guess he'll turn into a boar... right? So that's a no for me). Can't wait to see his evos! I'm guess he is going to end up tank-like, but a sleek one would be cool, never had a quick water starter, they are always based on defense or attack.
    I'd like to see it this way : Snaky gets the attack, Bacon is a defense tank, and our ugly otter turns into a fast one. (Even if based on their appearance, I guess it'll be : grass : quick, fire : attack, water : defense.
  20. syclone

    syclone the crazy guy

    if there were decisions that affected the ending, there could be no post-elite 4 part to the game and it would be stupid and overly plot-driven like final fantasy. never played ff and proud.

    also what i want is a wifi mode with servers like in wow or runescape or any other mmo, like after beating elite 4 u could choose to enter the game on wifi and a whole bunch of other real players would pop up and you could chat and host tourneys and stuff. that would be AWESOME!!! also you would have a customizable sprite that u used on wifi. would that be cool or what?
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