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Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

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I think it would be really cool if the region is set on the island where Kochi/Tamamatsu/Matsuyama/Tokushima are located. I find its skinniness in the middle interesting and it would make for a place with plenty of land to traverse while still having an abundance of water. Sort of like what Hoenn was, but with more opportunities for various climates and such.

Just a thought.


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I'm kind of new here. So, hey!

IMO, the first one is not a bird, and not a dinosaur or lizard. I think it's the water type and can you guys see the more round part as the face? The pointy part does not look like the mouth to me. I see it as the back of it's head.

But it can very well be a lizard grass type. I can't bet on it.

The top one, I think it's the grass type. I don't see it being a bird either. I think it's a pig with two leaves in the head. I really don't think it's anything else. I really believe is the grass type.

The one in the right to me is the fire type, but I can see it as a platypus, but it can be a bear as well.

So to me the order is Water in the Left, Grass in the Top, Fire in the Right.
Let's hope Coro Coro leaks tomorrow.


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This pic is NOT mine nor do I claim it to be mine!


But, as this is a wishlist I found this pic online and thought it was the most amazing fan pic so far! I like all the ideas of it and think the grass type looks amazing!!!

Yes this is def. one of the best fan attempts at the starters. I have already seen the grass one, but the fire and water attempts are new to me. I must say the grass gecko and water platypus are def. wokring for me. The fire rabbit not so much.

gotta love fan attempts of trying to see what the starters could look like.


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so i went on ranberths channel on youtube. he basically uploaded a video saying..bleh, dont wanna go into details. i'll just throw you a link. wellll http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKMgVxmVZq4
he's basically acting like a know it all. ALTHOUGH it does seem kinda like he put a lot of thought into it. >.>


Coming Ta Town

I could see something like this with leaf-wings and a few other fancy features, but wouldn't that be kinda Tropius-like?

Not really. Tropius is like a Brontosaurus with a random leaf fan. I imagine this as bipedal and slender with feather arms.


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I HATE RANBERTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That arrogant liar...

lawlz. :3
i think he only sees what he wants to see, but then again, that whole triangle formation and comparing it to hg and ss is pretty spot-on. he might, just might be on to something.


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I hate that starter with the curly tail and a ball at the tip. I mean, come on! Can't you guys be more origianl? Have we not seen enough curly tails and balls at the tip? I do hope it does not turn out to be the grass starter. Because if it is, I am very sure it will have twigs on its head just like turtwig - again, not so original. My ideas:
Leftmost one: Grass - bug/bird. Please be bird!!
Centre one: Fire - Pig/calf. It will be cool if it was a pig and evolve into something like a minotaur in its final level.
Rightmost one: Water - Polar bear/ Hippo. I mean we had torkoal and then the turtwig line. We can very easily have hippopotas and then a hippo water line with abysmal speed, but awesome attack and defense.

At any rate it seems the fire starter will not have flame coming out any part of its body - like torchick - which is a nice change.

i wish we had the corocoro leaks already!!


Poke Knight

FANART again

I really like the right design in this one also shows what a bird design for the left one could look like!!!
I looked for designs in the images that people have not thought of yet and found a few.

The grass starter that everyone sees as a lizard or bird looks like it could be a water type to me. The "feet" are really sharp and look more like fins than actual feet. I'm also guessing it won't be a grass lizard pokemon because Treeko looks pretty similar already. I drew a mermaid though it could be some other type of fish. The "tail" of the middle starter reminds me of a dandelion and the stater looks very rabbit-like. I don't think it would be a pig since there's already grumpig and spoink who have the pig+orb motif. The last pokemon has had a varied amount of guesses, otter, duck, platypus, but I think it has the possibility of being another mammal. Originally I speculated it to be a polar bear-like pokemon, but seeing that I already drew a water pokemon, I drew for a fire pokemon. I chose to draw the fire starter as a smilodon cub. The ruff around it's neck would be like a fur cape and it would have a tribal/ancient look. The significance being the creation of fire. A caveman pokemon? lol. So there's my guesses. Sorry for the coloring and lack of designs. I spent only five minutes drawing and coming up for a design for each one. XD


lower shiny ratio!
O_O How did I never think of that? I went everywhere from a beaver to a platypus to a capybara and polar bear never even crossed my mind.

Ok now, let's discuss the starter's dual types.

Grass: Well this could be anything really, he could end up being part-flying but being a reptile it's hard to really put a pin down, since the only one to ever split type was Turtwig (Not counting Bulbasaur, he was always half poison).

Fire: I'm still not sure what he is. I see it as a donkey personally, so I'm expecting ground or rock, but if it's a bird... Well flying would be obvious. Which I like, because we need another Fire/Flying type that's not legendary.

Water: If it turns out to be a platypus, Water/Poison for sure. The polar bear suggestion obviously means ice. If it's some other form of marine mammal (beaver, capybara, etc) it could be a variety of things.

While i agree that we need new/uncommon type combinations, I politely disagree with your choices. Most of the fans wish to see a second type triangle, dark/psychic/fighting, along with the usual grass/fire/water. If this occured the game would be given a whole new level of competition between the starters as each get a secondary type, yet it does not give it a disadvantage against the other starters.
Here is a set of examples as to what I mean:

Fire/Psychic-(wild boar)

While we have no clue to as what animals the starters will be based off of, this typing would be interesting, fun, and unique for a new generation of pokemon. Either way, sure can't wait.

gosh, you say repetetive like it's a reason they wont do it.

...and we got shiny pichu as well as spiky-eared pichu for HGSS.

As far as I know, the whole pikachu repetition thing is really that a new "Pikachu" species is just created for each generation. Remember when a common name for Marril was Pikablue? I doubt it's just because they are repetitive. There's no other different species of pokemon species that look similar other than the generations of Pika-lookalikes. :3


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It should be Fire's turn again to get a quadrupedal starter. Grass has had 3 out of 4, were Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Turtwig's respective families walked on all fours. Water has only had Mudkip, but to swim it is better for the starters to have TWO feet in favor of a pair of arms. With Fire on the other hand, only Cyndaquil/Quilava have four legs, so it would be reasonable that we get some cool Fire starter like (in final stage) something reminiscent of a Dingo!


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And I thought the bird idea was pretty crackpot...


ha ha someone has to make an epic name for that thing so it never dies from this pivotal moment in gaming history lol master chief anyone? ^_^ he's so adorably ugly..... (not the chief lol *plasma sword to face* but that little slug.... grass.... poison....? thing?)


Swampert FTW
lawlz. :3
i think he only sees what he wants to see, but then again, that whole triangle formation and comparing it to hg and ss is pretty spot-on. he might, just might be on to something.

Yeah, he might be on crack :3 But I agree, he MIGHT just MIGHT have atleast a tiny bit of a POINT :)O).
Anyways, where are the corocoro leaks? ;-: Need... Them... Now... Or else the history shall repeat itself in modern style, the nuclear way, WORLD WAR III, Jews are not the topic, the war will be about... POKEMON this time around... And this will not be a flamewar, it will be WORLD WAR III, you can quate me on this. Or I'll just send myself into space lol
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