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Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by emeraldellie, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Mewtwo_soul

    Mewtwo_soul Servant of Mewtwo #1

    I'm surprised people are still stuck on the details of the "evolutions" (Fake or not) just because they dare not look deeper into the concept.

    Personally the reason I wouldn't mind is the complex design and basis. For instance starting with Tsutaja (or rja) the design to me seems to be Biblical in reference (Adam and Eve in Genesis snake with legs gets demoted to crawling) the horns could be an obvious mythological/biblical reference to Satin, the third evo looks to me like it may be part Dragon (Similar eyes to Zekrom) which could also be further reference to the BOR in the bible. (Christianity references in Pokemon not so farfetched as you'd think such as Rayquaza/Groudon/Kyogre) also based off of Judiasm/Hebrew/etc. However, details in the design themselves reference the BOR. That and the fact it seems it could be potentially be Grass/Dragon makes me want it to be real. (I don't mind a stat nerf such as low health as long as we get said combo) It could even be Electric from the look of it.

    Pokabu's is interesting fake or not, it seems to be based off of "war pig" or a colloseum type evolution thing going on. (Look at the tail of the second form compared to the third a fist shaped tail and then a mace tail.) It even seems to have armour/armor. The only problem that makes me not believe it is that the first stage's tail doesn't make much sense with the concept. Pink tail? No reference to fighitng or col. type fighting? Then again some starters start out way different in concept to their evolutions. (Blastoise with cannons compared ot Wartortle.) Also, I just like the fact it seems to have Gaunlets. (Looks like a "Chinese/Kor" myth. It also has the infinite sign possibly referring to the Romans or another quaint group I'm forgetting.

    Mijumaru: Personally with that line it seems to be heading to Water/Rock what I've wanted. The third stage may not make full scale sense, but then again Charmeleon grows wings and becomes an actual Dragon instead of being a Salamander/lizard (Salamander in the sense of the mythological fire beast not the actual creature). Although, it can be argued that no Pokemon has transitioned this way, I'd have to disagree considering Mudkip evolution line. quadpedal to start out and from how its stance is in the pixelated form it seems bipedal. The only thing that's real odd is how the shell symbol doesn't remain (then again this happens in many stage 2 to stage 3 starter evolutions) -Yes it changes into spikes/etc. not the point though.- the facial hair is also odd... Then again, I don't know everything about mythology so maybe it is indeed another reference to a myth or mythos creature.

    Either way if it happens, I would like the outcome. Even though Fire/Fighting would kind of suck to happen again. Also if it is indeed Grass/Dragon, Fire/Fighting, Water/Rock I don't know why in the demo Miju would have the higher attack stat, and supposively from information given or seen Pokabu has "low defense points but high HP" and Tsutaja has low HP. Although Tsutaja doesn't really change anything but, Pokabu's stats just seem oddly distributed in any case. If they turn out real. (Although I'm still not betting on it... I still want Tsutaja to end up Grass/Dragon)
  2. Aesir

    Aesir Breeder

    I'm starting to get the feeling that there may be quite a bit of time travelling in these games, you know like the screenshots of the same locations but looking high tech and rustic at different times, plus some of what I guess are cutscenes (like N as a child) which wouldn't make much sense otherwise

    I am very interested in how this will translate into the anime (especially the aesthetic of the towns, and if black city/white forest will both appear, despite seemingly being the same place)
  3. I Don't care. Firstly, I doubt it, secondly, I was just too happy that they might be fakes to care.

    Oh OK. Cool. I stand corrected.

    Fire/Fighting would sick so badly if it happened again. Water/Rock has been used LOADS before. And Grass/Dragon defeats the whole point of Fire>Grass>Water>Fire, because of the Dragon typing. So unless all three are made Dragons, I doubt that a starter will ever have a Part Dragon typing. True, it would be cool but if would make everyone get Tsutaja which I don't think is fair. Mind you, double Ice Weakness... Hmm... I think another Pokemon should have that typing, just so I can feel all happy when I freeze it into oblivion.

    Ok then, item number one: I want lots of mention of most main series games in either B/W or games to come.
    Firstly, I'd like to battle the four Professors. That would be brilliant. You'd fight them all after the elite four. Like Heatran I suppose. I actually want a couple of these side stories. They're pretty good actually.

    Arargi calls you to say that as she trusts you and you're strong and all of that (just to make you feel awesome) she wants you (as well as Cheren and Belle) to come and visit her for something urgent. She says to also bring your strongest Pokemon.
    When you get to her lab you see the five professors huddled around an egg. when they see you, they disperse, and Arargi says it's a momentus find. She says it's an ultra rare legendary (A Normal/Ghost type), and the first one out of the three of you to defeat all the professors may have the egg. You face them in any Random Order, with Arargi last.





    Tsatuja final evo
    Pokabu final evo
    Mijimaru final evo
    Chilarmy final evo
    Mamepato final evo
    Kibago final evo- probably Ononokusu

    That's the references for the main series, although there should be more (a couple of school kids who "worship" Oak, The Daycare Man and Lady say that they've met Elm lots of times due to his fascination with eggs, After you beat Plasma a Main character say that they are worse than team Aqua and Magma put together, and Team Plasma's boss, as he is about to resurrect Reshi/Zekky says that after doing this we will then control Time, Space, and maybe reality afterwards thanks to Dialga, Palkia and Arceus.)

    Moving on, then somewhere there is a mention of Mystery dungeon. Maybe a Character similar to Dusknoir (This could possibly be "N")? Nice, but it's an illusion and he's actually underneath a real evil guy. How about he steals your starter? He uses it to battle you along with his other Pokemon and you beat him and he "accidentally" drops the Pokeball while running off. Then there could be a Grovyle- a bad character at first, who turns out to be acting for the best actually.

    Next, we move on to Ranger. This is easier. You can easily put in some Rangers who are in Isshu doing their daily job. One of them mentions Hastings, the other the Ranger Union, etc...

    Next moving on to Collosseum and XD. These are tricky to do, but can be done. You can have some of the trainer classes from Collosseum and XD in Isshu, and these can all mention moving to Isshu from Orre, or at least some of them.

    Finally, SSBB. I want a triple battle with Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard. I also think it would be fantastic that all the starters have a move that says "An attack that does massive damage. It only works when three Pokemon with the Abilities Overgrow, Blaze and Torrent are in battle."
    So basically Triple finish. It's normal type.
    Secondly, the moves Aura sight and Aura Storm. Aura Storm is a Special elemental beam, like Hydro Pump, Overheat and Leaf Storm. Only Lucario will be able to learn it. Aura sight is a move that Guarantees a critical hit the next turn, and the move is also guaranteed to strike first and never miss. But the turn after that, it's back to normal.

    Trainer Customisation- You can choose your trainer class at the start, and then edit hair colour, clothes etc...

    Pokemon Acessories- These need to be revamped. I think we need new acessories, ones suited to individual Pokemon that don't look stupid and disproportionate when Pokemon wear them. Or at least if you use the same acessory, there's a button that says "fit to Pokemon". And I also want these acessories to be visible in battle. After all, Ash's Treecko has its grass thing all the time! This would help to make Pokemon seem like different characters with different personalities, because at the moment the only thing making them seem different is Level, Gender and Nature.

    Hms- There should be a little animation type thing for all of these. For example, when a Scyther uses cut, it should show the Cut tree in a really cool bit of art from a different perspective to overworld in proper neat deatil, as if a caterpie was watching from behind or in front. It should show the animation of scyther chopping up the tree. The same for Fly and Surf and stuff. You getting on the Pokemon, it flying above the clouds. The Pokemon jumping into the sea, you jumping on the Pokemon. These should also be able to be switched off in the options menu, just like the "battle scene" option.

    NOT making HMs use up a valuable move slot
    Basically, there should be a new "HM" slot for a designated HM move. In this slot there will be a move already there, such as "Water Field Move" and when the Pokemon gets to a certain Level or you obtain a certain badge, all of the Water Pokemon you own obtain "Water Field Move 2". From then on any Pokemon you catch should have the Move the rest of the Pokemon have. They should also make more obstacles like in Ranger.

    I'm going to refer to Field Moves as "FM"s with the initial for the type in front
    NFM BASE - Roar - this will do the opposite to Sweet Scent, acting like a Repel.
    NFM 1 - Headbutt
    NFM 2 - Strength
    NFM 3 - Ride (Basically using the Pokemon to ride on instead of a bike. My idea is that you should be able to cycle AND ride on Pokemon.)

    Making each trainer an individual- Because Let's face it, since when have two people that weren't twins looked that alike just because they were interested in the same thing. They'd look different. So I want different hair, different eye colour, and different colour clothes. Recolours are easy. Gamefreak know this.

    Different "paths" after the Elite 4- This is something I have wanted for ages. To do my idea, I want a nice, REALLY long side quest. You go to the aeroport post E4, and there is a Pilot there who said he crash landed and that his plane lost loads of parts all over Ishhu. You then run around madly looking for parts, and during this, loads of side quests appear, one for each part (lets say there's about seven parts). Rare Pokemon appear on each of these side quests (all non-legendaries). These Pokemon return to the spot where you met them for a chance to catch them on a certain day of the week (like Drifloon). And each week a new one appears.
    You also unlock stuff from each of these Missions. One of them, for example, is a Daycare Mission. You then unlock the ability to be a Daycare Breeder for a little while, until you chose to stop. These Mini-game things are like a whole new adventure story, and you can start with new Pokemon entirely if you wish, entering breeding contests etc...
    Another of the seven adventures takes place with a Musical Person, for example, and you can become a Co-ordinator. You dress the Pokemon up, they do the musical, and then you fight the Musical head guy, which you cannot do if you are just a regular trainer. There are also extra accessories only available in this game mode.
    To stop these entirely new adventures, you simply return to the person you met on your earlier mission, the person who allows you to "become" the new type of trainer. They will ask you if you want to revert and you can say Yes or No. You can then return to you adventure game any time you wish.

    There's actually Pokemon in this place!- Hoenn put in Pokemon cries on some routes, and that was pretty cool. But I think that quite regularly in the grass, Pokemon overworlds should jump up, walk around a little then pop back down again, all the while whilst making their cry.

    Things to return from HGSS
    Pokemon Folowing you like in HGSS- That was a really cool improvement, and I also think that any acessories that you do put on Pokemon should be visible in overworld situations. Also if you have a Pokemon that can swim following you from behind when you surf, it should be able to. For example, if you had a Poliwag in the first slot and goldeen in the second slot and goldeen knew Surf, then you'd swim on the Goldeen with the Poliwag following from behind. This feature can be turned on and off at will.

    The touch screen- So all the cool touch screen USE, especially the two key items. I also want a new battle thing happening here. Probably won't happen in B/W, especially seeing as we have already seen the move selection, but I think there should be no move selection. Instead, you should be able to keep all the moves you already have. Each move has a certain symbol on the touch screen, like in Guardian Signs with the Pokemon. When you do the certain symbol, it does the move. Each symbol is different enough that there isn't a mistake

    Araragi- There's not a lot of speculation on her. She has a Chiramii and is the first female professor. But I do have two things to say. All professors have a specific thing they research. I think that Araragi will research diet. I hope that you get to face her in battle as well.

    Makomo- Not a great deal on her either. I just want to say here that I like the new Wifi things.

    Rivals- I said back in THIS post, before the Rivals had been announced, that I wanted three rivals and I wanted an Antagonist, a Nice guy/girl and a "Geek". I kind of got that. I haven't got the Nice Guy/Girl, instead I got Belle. But I did get Cheren, who can be seen as a Geek.

    She doesn't seem like the typical nice guy/girl, simply because "she's unreliable". However, I doubt she's evil and she seems like a nice trainer. I still think her party when you battle her will be the same sort of thing as what I mentioned in the post. Cute or "Girly" Pokemon. There will be two or three cute Pokemon, which she will not evolve fully, such as Happiny, Jigglypuff, Pachirisu. Then she'll have the Girlish Pokemon that are fully evolved, such as Blissey, Rapidash and the Starter. (Which in my case will most likely be Pokabu, although might be Tsatuja.) Her Pokemon will be very good at Defence (Minus the Starter) and will love to heal themselves.

    I LOVE this guy. He seems so cool. He's the slightly geeky friend you have who's good with knowledge, and is also the cool, clever master battler who is a gym challenger. I reckon his team will consist of attacking, non uber Pokemon such as Kangaskan, Bibarel, Magmortar, Electivire, the Starter (Will be Tsatuja in my case/Mijumaru maybe) and Togekiss.

    I have thought a lot about "N". I hope he isn't involved with Team Plasma, but I have to admit that the evidence is a bit overwhelming. We'll see. His team will probably consist of some Pokemon that emanate "cool" or are really strong like Garchomp, Wooguru, Meguroko's evolution, Lucario, Blaziken, etc...

    Tsutaja [Snivy- Snake and Ivy] (Grass) ---> [Elevy- Electric and Ivy] Bigger Version (Like the picture) (Grass/Electric) ---> [Cobrunda- Cobra and thunda] Big Green Cobra with muscly legs and arms. Cobra-like pattern on chest. (Grass/Electric)
    Pokabu [Piglit/Ashlit- Pig and lit and Ash and lit] (Fire) ---> [Floink- Flame and Oink] Two legs. Looks a little like Grumpig, except thinner. And orange of course. (Fire) ---> [Boarferno- Boar and Inferno] A Bulky, four legged Boar. (Fire/Ground)
    Mijumaru [Soakub- soak and cub] (Water) ---> [Aquotter- Aqua and Otter] Two legs. Like the Picture we saw. (Water/Fighting) ---> [Ottorent/Dojotter- Otter and torrent and Dojo and otter] Thin, tall otter with boxing gloves the shape of the shell on Mijumaru (Water/Fighting)

    Other Pokemon
    Chiramii [Chillarmy-Chinchilla and army] (Normal)---> [Mililla [Military and chinchilla] A bigger version of Chiramii. Possible has an army helmet. (Normal/Fire) OR (More likely) ---> [Charmchilla- Charm and Chinchilla] (Normal)
    Munna [Luna- Lunar] (Psychic)---> Musharna [Tapipsy- Taipr and Psychic] (Psychic)
    Giaru [Cogear- Cog and Gear] (Steel) -With PLUS Ability at Level 25-> [Posichine- Positive and Machine] Basically five Gears stuck together to make a Plus Sign. They're Red and they make a Sort of Fire pattern. The middle gear is yellow. (Steel/Fire)
    Giaru [Cogear- Cog and Gear] (Steel) -With MINUS Ability at Level 25-> [Negachine- Negative and Machine] Three Gears Tuck Together to make a Minus Sign. It's Blue and the gears are slightly wavy. There are droplets coming off it. (Steel/Water)
    Shimama [Zebzap- Zebra and zap] (Electric)---> [Zebolt- Zebra and Bolt] Kind of like how Rapidash contrasts with Ponyta. Bigger, larger mane, and the white and black parts on shimama coat are much more like stripes. Has a slightly dark look about it (Dark/Electric)
    Meguroko [Sandile- Sand and Crocodile] (Dark/Ground)---> [Croquake- Crocodile and Quake] I get the feeling that gamefreak are getting into Ancient Egypt a bit more, so I think that this Pokemon will look a bit like Sobek. (Dark/Ground)
    Mamepato [Cherpidge- Chirpy and Pigeon] (Flying/Normal)---> Hatooboo [Skygeon- sky and pigeon] Like the difference between Starly and Staravia basically. Bigger, more fierce looking, larger beak, as it it's going to be a vicious predator (Normal/Flying)---> [Perewing- Peregrine and Wing] Peregrine with same colours as Mamepato. (Normal/Flying)
    Darumakka [Ashuma- Ash and Daruma] (Fire) --->Hihidaruma [Darumape- Daruma doll and ape] (Fire)---> [Orangash- Orang-utan and ash] Looks like an orang-utan with Daruma doll characteristics. (Fire)
    Minezumi- [Meerook- Meerkat and Lookout] (Normal) ---> Miruhoggu [Precodent- Precaution and rodent] bigger version pretty much. (Normal)
    Shikijika- [Deason- Deer and season] (Normal) ---> Here I think there will be four evolutions. There will be four types of Deer it evolves into. For Winter, it will be Ice/Normal and will be a Reindeer. Spring will be a Muntjac deer and will be Grass/Normal. Summer will be a Fallow deer and will be Fire/Normal. Finally, the Autumn deer will be a Red deer and will be Ghost/Normal.
    Moguryu [Murth- M and earth] (Ground)---> Doryuuzu [Metole- Metal and Mole] (Ground/Steel)
    Desukaan-[Sarcummy - Sarchophagus and Mummy] (Ghost/Rock)
    [Acitula- Acid and Tarantula] (Bug/Poison)---> Denchura [Stataran- Static and Tarantula] (Bug/Electric)
    Rankurrusu [Dustculus- Dust and Homonculus] (Psychic)
    [???] (Rock)---> Gigaisu [Gaiagem- Gaia and Gem] (Rock)---> [???] (Rock)
    Gochierisu [Psygoth- Psychic and Goth] (Psychic)
    Koromori [Luvbat- Love and bat] (Psychic/Flying) ---> [Batart- Bat and Heart] Bigger version with a meaner demeanour and two eyes. The Hearts go somewhere else on its body (Psychic/Flying)
    Kibago [Tuskid- Tusk and Kid] (Dragon) ---> Onokusu [Tuskagon- Tusk and Dragon] (Dragon/Rock or Dragon/Bug) ---> Ononokusu [Mantagon- Mantis and Dragon] Kibago's eventual evolution. (Bug/Dragon or Rock/Dragon)
    Wooguru [Wargle- War and Eagle] (Normal/Flying) I think it's the Evolution of something, just what I don't know yet. Something like Spearow.
    Emonga [Airrel- Air and Squirrel] (Electric/Flying) Might evolve, I hope so.
    Mamabou [Nurfish- Nurse and Fish] (Water) May have a Prevo, but I'm not sure if it will and I don't think it's Luvdisc.
    [Cygrey- Cygnet and grey, the colour of Cygnets] (Water/Flying) ---> Swana [Swagrace- Swan and Grace] (Water/Flying)
    Kurumiru [Sileaf- Silk and Leaf] (Bug/Grass)---> [Brancoon- Branch and Cocoon] (Bug/Grass)---> [Tornaree- Tornado and Tree] (Grass/Flying)
    Basuaro [Bassea- Bass and Sea- basically changing around the two words Sea Bass] (Water) ---> [Sokuter- Sokudo, meaning Speed and Water] Gyrados has Attack, Milotic Defence, so this guy is Speed based Sea Serpent (Water)
    Tabuune [Lamybe- Lamb (I THINK that's what it's based on) and Maybe, what its name means] (Normal) ---> [Ewerhaps- Ewe, name for a female sheep and Perhaps, another word for maybe] Basically a bigger Two legs Sheep. (Normal)
    Yanappu [Monccoli- Monkey and Broccoli] (Grass) ---> [Vegerilla- Vegetable and Gorilla A Green Gorilla with lots of Vegetables. Flying type because of Acrobat, which is most likely a flying move. (Grass/Flying) OR (Grass)

    Prevos/Evos of existing Pokemon
    Musasaur [Musa- the Latin name for Bananas and Dinosaur] (Grass) ---> Tropius (Grass/Flying) ---> Bropichios [Brachiosaur, Tropic] (Grass/Dragon)
    Mantythe [Mantis and Scythe] Bug ---> Scyther (Bug/Flying) ---> Scizor (Bug/Steel)
    Roojoey [Kangaroo and Joey, the name for baby kangaroos] - Normal ---> Kangaskan (Normal)
    Pachirisu (Electric) ---> [Kashourisu- Kashou, meaning burn, and risu, meaning squirrel) Somewthing similar to the contasts between Pikachu and Raichu; bulked out, bigger tail, a slightly wiked smile, large bucked teeth. As well as this, the blue stripes on it are red and more like waves in shape, making them look like flames. There are however, two stripes on either side of this tripe that is yellow and zigzagged, like electricity (Electric/Fire).
    Plusle ---Use the "Number Stone" with the PLUS ability---> [Multile- Multiply and Plusle] A Raichu Clone with a Short tail like Plusle and Minun and a Multiply sign on the end. Its cheeks, also bigger, have Multiply signs as well. It's a slightly darker yellow to Plusle. The Tail, Cheeks and Ears are a Much Darker Red.
    Minun ---Use the "Number Stone" with the MINUS ability---> [Dividun- Divide and Minun] The Same Pokemon as the Plusle Evo, But with Divide signs instead of Multiply signs. As well as this the Tail, Ears and Cheeks are a Navy blue colour.
    Chatot (Flying/Normal)---> Chatoucan [Chat and toucan] Has two of those musicals notes on either side of his head. Is a Toucan. Looks more like a Raptor than Chatot. Flying/Fighting
    Eevee (Normal) ---> Bouldeon (Rock)
    Eevee (Normal) ---> Windeon (Flying)
    Eevee (Normal) ---> Quakeon (Ground)
    Eevee (Normal) ---> Ironeon (Steel)

    Completly new Pokemon
    A Grass/Fighting Puma - Legendary
    A Fire/Dark Panther - Legendary
    A Water/Psychic Tiger - Legendary
    A Dragon/Ice Dragon. The Crimson/Gray mascot - Legendary
    A Normal/Ghost Pokemon - Legendary
    A Fire/Rock Fossil line (Sabre toothed Tigers)
    An Ice/Rock Fossil line (Mammoths)
    A Steel/Rock Fossil (A Wholly Rhinoceros)
    Dolsea [Dolphin and sea] A Little cute dolphin (Water) ---> Dolfocean [Dolphin and Ocean] (Water)
    Magnikat [Magnitude and Meerkat] Basically a Meerkat Pokemon. (Ground/Normal) ---> Monground [Mongoose and Ground] (Ground/Normal)
    Scorchion [Scorch and Scorpion] (Bug/Fire)
    Firimp [Fire and Shrimp]A Pistol Shrimp. (Fire/Water)
    Peppilli [Pepper and Chilli] a Chilli pepper (Grass/Fire) ---> Capsiorch [Capscium (The family of chillis) and torch] (Grass/Fire)
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2010
  4. Sakrey

    Sakrey Caring Career

    You do know that this city's design will change, depending in which game you're playing it ? Nothing to do with time travelling and the city changing over time.
    The White version will feature the modern one whereas in the Black version it will be the traditional one.

    As for the cut scene showing N as a child, it just could be some sort of flashback/memories.
  5. Mewtwo_soul

    Mewtwo_soul Servant of Mewtwo #1

    It isn't like the Triangle hasn't been broken before. Gen IV per say. What I mean is: Fire>Grass>Water. This is true. However this is also true of that triangle Fighting=/=Ground>Steel <Fighting. Also the triangle is mainly for the first forms anyway. Which still works as Tsutaja (or ra) is still Grass only so far.)
    Double Weakness wouldn't be too bad to make it more balanced. It could be a new tradition just like the suggested "Gyms don't follow a specific motif on elements" this time idea. (Speculation still but the point is still there.) Although 4X ice doesn't mean Ice will make it terrible. I mean Garchomp, Salamence, Rayquaza, etc. are in Ubers.

    Also, IIRC it's been shown that Tsutaja is already the most popular starter of the three. (Supposively Pokabu is #2 followed by Miju) which is actually quite surprising.


    A few more ideas:
    -Random gym (You can revisit this gym which has all kind of odd set ups and temas.)
    -EV modifier something give you specific amount of EVs or allows you to transfer other kind of EV points into another one. (ATK becomes SPA to it.)
  6. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping that N gets a great as a story as Silver, but I would like all that backstory stuff revealed during regular gameplay. I think there's a good chance that Plasma's head honcho is related to N, maybe even Dento. Could be the classic child favouritism thing. But even then I don't expect Dento could be evil or let his father become like he is. But then again he claims to have the ability to see the combatibility between people and pokemon, almost a parallel to Plasma's motive of splitting up people and pokemon.
  7. Chardan

    Chardan Well-Known Member

    Other way round actually, with Black City and more modern looks in Black (and Reshiram), and White Forest and more natural towns in White (and Zekrom).
  8. KanNKeller

    KanNKeller Well-Known Member

    Still confusion on the "leaked" evos? I thought they were confirmed fake.... hmm... oh well.


    Japanese Pokabu = English Porkaboom
  9. Glue

    Glue Snorunt = cool ^o^

    I knew they were fake I mean after all the fakes you could just tell, but I really liked them (Especially Tsutarja's 3rd) and I had a glimmer of hope inside of me hoping that they were real... until one hour later, my dreams were crushed.
  10. Sakrey

    Sakrey Caring Career

    My bad! I watched the video where it was confirmed and I got a bit confused with the logo's background color :(
    Thanks for correcting my statement.
  11. KickAsh

    KickAsh halted development

    N and Dento look totally related, but I doubt they will be. Which is disappointing, because if they WERE both related, and shared the Plasma head as a dad, that would be a really cool and complex plot. And we all know Pokemon needs that, and I think Game Freak knows that too: the Celebi event with the time-travel and Giovanni as Silver's dad had actual depth. Could that be a hint of what is to come? Hopefully.

    But I think there is a good chance N is related to the Plasma head. Team Plasma is knight-themed, and the boy being crowned...could that be N? Kings...knights...the same theme!
  12. GunG12aVe

    GunG12aVe New Member

    i think that instead of making new starter pokemon that always seem to be fire/ water/ grass and, who in this generation of pokemon looks stupid, they should have made it that u can create your own starter pokemon. You would have points to put into stats making them # out of 5 stars. The higher the stars in a stat the more points you need to lv the stat up. you also can use those points to determine what the type of pokemon it would be (so dark/ghost wouldnt be as strong as a pure normal stat wise, that would be unfair). certain types would take points to do and some other types would increase amount of points given (encourage weaker types to be used if goin for stats). The ability of the pokemon would also take points to have (again, certain abilities would add/decrease points)
    Then after you are done with the stats and type (only 1 type at the first stage, but after evolving it would gain its secondary), there will be actually making the looks of the pokemon. It (in my eyes) would be something like spore in a way, starting with a base type (like humanoid, insectoid, dog-like, fish-like, so on), and adding eyes, nose, and appendages afterward. Also, it would depend on the pokemon type and stats to determine exactly what type of piece can be used for the pokemon (cant add wings if a pure fighter, or cant add ice shards if fire, and so on).
    "tiers" of moves that the pokemon could learn. say tier 1 moves until lv 15, tier 2 for 16-30, tier 3 for 31-50, tier 4 for 51-70, then tier 5 until lv 100, and you can only have 2/3 per tier. what type of moves one can learn would be derived from the type, stats, and what is on the pokemon (can learn steel wing only if there is a fin/wing on the pokemon, brick break if an arm, so on).
    This could also be interesting in that people could upload their beginning pokemon into a database online, where they can show them off (obviously there would be monitering, so there wont be 5000 types of penis pokemon). They could also download the pokemon from said database.

    also hope story will be better and not have some team-rocket knockoff. i also hope there will be alot more post-game things to do.
  13. mayaman2

    mayaman2 Wargle: The avenger


    #1. Haven't you been reading? The games have changes depending on your version.
    #2. Maybe they're flashbacks.

    How could you be so wrong?
  14. Mahnmut

    Mahnmut Medic Trainer

    This got to be the stupidest thing I ever read in here...
  15. KickAsh

    KickAsh halted development

    No, just no. Not only would this ruin the franchise, but it is just a terrible idea.
    Also, penis Pokemon? What goes through your head?
  16. Geekachu

    Geekachu _____________

    Customizing starters would just, would just be terrible. :|

    Japanese Pokabu = English... PIGNITE!

  17. Mewtwo_soul

    Mewtwo_soul Servant of Mewtwo #1

    I see a few problems with this. You already made a statement on the "penis Pokemon" happening in the event of a "create a Pokemon" which would obviously happen. Which is why Game Freak will never add such an option. The tier moves thing wouldn't really work because although GF acknowleges there is a metagame/competitive aspect they don't really know what is what in general power balance. So most moves would end up the same amount of points/etc. On that note they wouldn't limit the moves based on what appendages said Pokemon has. No starter aspect is ever going to change from tradition.

    What's wrong with this generations Pokemon starters? I mean it isn't like a Monkey, a Frogasaur, a chic, and a Bananasaur is exactly intelligent if you want to break it down on older generations.

    @ other users: He's meaning how most downloadable games have some smart alecs who turn everything into a "penis." or shaped like one. From create-a-stage to whatever. However, yes, I agree the idea doesn't work too well.
  18. MightTales

    MightTales Hound Trainer

    1.I wonder if the fossil team plasma is stealing going to be a pokemon cause it looks interesting
    2.Why does N have a pokemon in trailer?...it could be a wild pokemon idk
    3.What does that new pokemon seen in a musical look like pic or link plz?
  19. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    If that fossil is anything then it is most likely Zekrom it looks just like it.
  20. PurplePoctopus

    PurplePoctopus Silver Fangirl

    Um... grammar. Use it. If it's a fossil, most likely, it'll be one of the fossil pokemon.

    GRAMMAR! Um... He doesn't like people and pokemon interacting, but he could be a Hitler/Voldemort with the hypocrisy.

    It's on the Serebii homepage. Stop being lazy, and THINK. :D
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