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Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

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...and we got shiny pichu as well as spiky-eared pichu for HGSS.

As far as I know, the whole pikachu repetition thing is really that a new "Pikachu" species is just created for each generation. Remember when a common name for Marril was Pikablue? I doubt it's just because they are repetitive. There's no other different species of pokemon species that look similar other than the generations of Pika-lookalikes. :3

Pidgey & evos
Tailow & evo
Starly & evos

probably the same thing, a pattern. im just saying that something being reptitive doesnt mean it wont happen.

another less obvious repeat could be Gabite's line and Trapinch's line. ground dragon final evolutions, even though very few people saw a doubling of that type coming. we always have reptilian grass starters, along with bipedal fire starters, with most of the rest of the fires being quadrupeds.

and for an example more akin to the scenario, i would say either Flareon and Vulpix, or Lapras and Gastrodon. similar designs and types, yet both exist. im just saying a repeat doesnt mean it cant happen.


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Yeah, he might be on crack :3 But I agree, he MIGHT just MIGHT have atleast a tiny bit of a POINT :)O).

its kinda scary too, cuz he has quite a few subscribers and what not. o_O
now to be on topic, if it is in a pyramid pattern as the sociopath ranberth suggests thenn we may just need to re think the grass(left) fire(middle) water(right) thing in general. i mean do we even know officially the silhouettes werent put in random order for the lulz by gamefreak? are we all perhaps speculating to deep into this? and who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? all this and more when the silhouettes finlly get revealed, so stay tuned to thisthreadisstartingtoscarethecrapouttame. o_O


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As long as we're wishlisting, am I the only one who thinks Lapras is severely overdue for an evolved form? Not a lot of single form Pokemon left from gen 1 that haven't already gotten an evo. I'm inclined to think Lapras is the only one? A couple gen 1 got an evo to match a gen 2 pre-evo (Magmar and Electabuzz), and a couple got an evo (Gligar and Yanma).

At least a pre-evolved form? They did a lot of babies in gen 2, and a couple in gen 4. Babies are just for completion and looks, really, and a lot require special methods to obtain, but they're there anyway.

But Lapras still doesn't have an evo nor a pre-evo 3 generations later. We are in gen 4 with gen 5 being speculated on, and a ton of other single form Pokemon have recieved either one or the other, some even both. I ask ypu is it not about time already?


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its kinda scary too, cuz he has quite a few subscribers and what not. o_O
How many subs does he have? Do people actually watch that shame? o_O
BACK ON TOPIC: Where are the corocoro leaks? I'M DYING HERE, and I know ya'll want me dead but I am not dying 'till I see the leaks! *gets a bottle of vodka* *drinks all of it* *pases out* *wakes up in a basement* *reaziles that pedophiles kidnapped me" "after an outrages evening runs to the hospital to get everything fixed that pedohiples messed up* *sends himself into space* *gets back with corocoro leaks from other dimension that has future portal in it* *starting to post the leaks* *10 min until the leaks are posted* *dies* *realizes that it was all a dream, but the leaks are still rendering* o_O WTF!?!
TRULY BACK ON TOPIC: Man the fanfarts here is awesome, where do people get all the skills?
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THIS.....is \epic in so many different ways and really proves these starters could be ANYTHING!!! :) I love it!! :p

my thoughts exactly!!!!! ha ha its so ugly and kind of adorable at the same time I can't stop laughing and loving it ^_^ I want to name it master chief so badly lol a quirky lulz name should follow his quirky lulz style lol

Really really REALLY starting to dig the idea of a platypus pokemon from the fan pics up now ^_^ please be that or a polar bear lol

C'mon grass starter show papa a bird ^_^ grass flying FTW! =D

And fire..... psychic lol i can haz pyrokenisis? ^_^

The Ticketmeister

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So while I endorse an awesome idea of an archaeopteryx-leaf-bird, that's not how I interpreted the silhouettes-

I'm guessing:
-A bird with a leafy headdress thing
-A fiery bunny-pig
-An otter/other kind of muselid
And how I envisioned them:

And just in general for this Chessboard generation(it IS Black and white, yes?), I want improved forms of existing Pokemon(Farfetch'd, Skarmory) rather than hideous evolutions.


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i felt inspired by Slugger:


shame im not as good of an artist... and that it doesnt resemble anything... sorry, im on a new medication... dont think its working


lower shiny ratio!
Just thought that for those that are interested in other fan made attempts at what the starters could look like, pokebeach.com has a good amount of art. Always fun seeing fans' interpretations of what the starters could look like.


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Serebii is better then PokeBeach, PokeBeach is an enemy to us, serebiians. This is Cold War! Serebii (USSR) vs PokeBeach (USA)!
@KGB13 Me too! I am about to KA-BOOM! here O_O


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Slow down there. PokeBeach has been faster than Serebii in reporting news numerous times. Plus, this whole war thing is retarted. Why can't people like both?
Because Serebii PWNS PokeBeach


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hmm im not sure well see leaks tonight lol

NO!!!!!!!! *send myself into space again*
Anyways the leaks are almost rendered (check my previous posts in this page)
Guys, Black version is just underground of Johto and White is sky part of Johto... All the same Kanto/Johto Pokes... DAMN!
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