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Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by emeraldellie, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Jack5544-_

    Jack5544-_ Member

  2. Princess Milotic☆

    Princess Milotic☆ ZAHiR!? :O

  3. sam_h12

    sam_h12 WHERE IS PIDGEOT?!

    can someone translate these names so we can discuss?!
  4. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    Why would we want to discuss fake info?
  5. Hejiru

    Hejiru Rev up those fryers

    How do you know it's fake?
  6. JD

    JD .

    Not really it looks Grass/Poison with the weird spots and the ivy wrapped around its ankles. Man I'm dying to find out what type all the gyms are thats always the part I'm most anxious about and what Pokemon they'll end up using.
    Gym 1 Dento- Diversity
    Gym 2 Aloe- Steel
    Gym 3- Bug(The Honey Comb gym maybe?)
    Gym 4 - Electric( The one in Hiun City?
    Gym 5 - Ice( The Gym with the lady in front of it we saw in the Demo)
    Gym 6 - Flying(The one with the Cannons)
    Gym 7 - Fire
    Gym 8 - Psychic/Dark( The one with all the neon colors and the roller coaster it looks more like Psychic but it looks like it could be either one.)

    Elite Four
    Elite Four 1 - Grass
    Elite Four 2 - Poison
    Elite Four 3 - Dragon
    Elite Four 4 - Dark
    Champion - Diversity
  7. Princess Milotic☆

    Princess Milotic☆ ZAHiR!? :O

    Pssshhh... Obv the guy is just trying to sound like he knows everything..
  8. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Fake unless confirmed real!
    Plus, seriously, it seems that every second person in the world works in GameFreak. Seriously.
    And all he's done with the CoroCoro information is write down Pokemon that have been revealed but not through CoroCoro and then add it four extras - the blue octopus, the green thing in the day care video, possible Meguroku evo and something else. He's just taking the info we have and elaborating, really.
  9. Hejiru

    Hejiru Rev up those fryers

    Well when Coro leaks, we'll know for sure.
  10. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    And also, notice how 'John' says "at the end of this week on CoroCoro"...CoroCoro comes out next Wednesday, the 15th. Not this week. Unless he's referring to the leaks.
  11. Hejiru

    Hejiru Rev up those fryers

    I would assume he meant leaks.
  12. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    So, this means that 'John' and Gamefreak [wait, what, he didn't even state where he's from!] are aware of the leaks?
  13. Hejiru

    Hejiru Rev up those fryers

    He knows that Coro will leak early anyway.

    And considering that on GameFAQs Serebii said "Well we'll see when CoroCoro leaks." and didn't outright debunk them, I'd say they have a shot of being real.
  14. koolhk

    koolhk A fresh new start^_^

    Posted by Rusty Shackleford on Bulbagarden Forums:
    So, I went ahead a broke down the names...

    Shiidomi- "Shiido" seems to be "seed" probably, and "mi" I believe is simply the Japanese word for seed. I know "seed-seed" is kind of redundant, but hey, Moguryuu translates to "mole-mole". The Pokemon from the daycare commercial?

    Uzutako- Like others have said, probably "whirlpool octopus" basically, which makes me think it's the Pokemon from the Musical video...it does look like it could spin around or something.

    Sebekuro- I think it might very well be "sebek", the Egyptian crocodile dude...which explains the ending which could be short for "kurokodairu". A lot of people thought that other one in the Musical resembled Meguroco...so...this one? "Kuro" could also be dark, which would fit a Meguroco evolution as well.

    Takuootu- Don't know...sounds to me like "tackle". Our smiley-faced friend?

    Also this was posted by Unown Lord on Bulbagarden Forums:
    I think that the biggest indicator that this information is fake is that the type distribution is too neat, considering that so many of the revealed critters only have one type. Assuming that there aren't too many Formes with different types (let's say eight, which is a very generous estimation given that Shikjika's forms are all the same type), the provided statistics and simple algebra mean that there will be about 90 Pokémon with two types and only 66 with one type (essentially the reverse situation from Generation I). Does that really seem to be the case? Of the 31 Pokémon with confirmed types, only 10 of them have two types.

    It would be one thing if this person played a beta copy and managed to complete the Isshu Dex, but the only way he could know about the event Pokémon is if he also hacked the games. And what could qualify him to know what CoroCoro is going to reveal? He would have to work for the Pokémon Company for that.
  15. PurplePoctopus

    PurplePoctopus Silver Fangirl

    It's fake. Haven't you guys learned anything about believing everything that you hear?
  16. Well, about the starter evolutions. If those are the possible evs. I noticed that Pokabu's final evolution looks like Ganon from The Legend of Zelda serise.
  17. WafflesMaster

    WafflesMaster Big Brown Dumps

    I doubt someone at GameFreak who works on the game itself would be THAT great at English nor would he post on GameFAQs.
  18. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    Maybe he just didn't want to pick a side, which he didn't. It's pretty clear there's not enough evidence for either side, so he chose the middle.

    Having good English I can believe, but certainly not going out of their way to post on GameFAQs, or any board, really.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2010
  19. NannerNeck

    NannerNeck Leaf wings yo.

    So I found this info. This is going to be a HUGE post. So please. If you want to read all of this, go ahead. Post your opinions on it. If you don't want to bother, don't say anything.

    This is about 14 pages long in my open office file.

    This imformation is all spilt by the same person. His name is Hajime. (ハジメ ) He is from Japan and speaks in partially broken English. When he spoke in japanese to people in the thead I am about to post, he spoke with PERFECT fluentness. This is information copy-pasted of him answering multiple questions about Black/White. His first few posts may come off as Gibberish. But they are supposedly actual coding for the dialouge in the games. He claims he gets all of his information from his friend who is working on the game. Most likely working on the English translation since he has a small list of supposedly English Pokemon names. He says he is unable to post pictures for the obvious reasons that his friend would be in trouble. The things he posts he NEVER CONFIRMS or DENIES. He answers EVERY QUESTION easily and patiently. He only knows a small amount of information and tries to answer everything to the best of his ability. This person is very admirable, especially since the crowd he was dealing with was extremely rude to him at first. He continues to be patient with them.

    Keep in mind, I am not posting this to be like “LOL LOOK STARTERS ARE FAKE”
    I am posting this for the information inside of it and the speculation to come from it.

    YES. This information all came from 4chan.
    Before you go, “Oh well. That is an awful source I should only trust what appears on the front page of fan-made news sites”
    A lot of information comes from outside sources. (Those starter leaks anyone? The ones Everyone is claiming to be real right now? 2ch. A place a lot like 4chan.) There are reasons posted below saying why this was posted on 4chan. Read it all before tossing it off as nothing.

    Anyway. Let us begin. I will start with what he opens with in his first thread made. This was two nights ago as of 9-6-10. (Technically 1 since the information was posted at 3:30AM on 9-5-10.)

    He began by posting an image of the battle with N. This image: http://i51.*******.com/33jhm6g.jpg (I will be posting these as links to avoid pagestretching)

    This image's original file name is 対_ニコライ.png

    What does the Japanese text mean? It says Nikorai. Which is claimed to be N's real name.

    Now to begin. This is what he enters with after posting the image. Keep in mind this coding is 100% accurate and on point. It looks EXACTLY as it should.

    Posted at 03:29
    His second post starts the same way. This time seeming to name items and their descriptions.

    Posted at 03:30
    At this point we have one response to this thread.

    Posted at 03:30
    He continues:

    Posted at 03:30
    Posted at 03:31
    Posted at 03:33
    Just saying now, anything above this line I had to type out all myself. Small spelling/spacing mistakes are completely my fault if they are there. For I wasn't there for this thread and I only have a screencap. It probably isn't even all that was posted that night. Apparently things were questioned in that thread too that he responded to, but like I said I wasn't there for it. For what was posted last night however, I was there for the whole thing. Now I will continue posting what was said last night. Or technically, 2AM this morning.

    He once again posts the image of N with the Japanese file name shown above.

    Posted at 02:20
    People are excited about his return to speak with him. One person posts in Japanese asking if he speaks the language, trying to see if he is just speaking or if he actually knows it.

    He continues posting more game coding:

    Posted at 02:23
    Posted at 02:25
    A couple of people post that this is just a bunch of balogna. A couple are laughing at the “troll” and waiting for it to not be real. But he continues.

    Posted at 2:26
    He then posts explaining that that is all he has at the moment. Someone questions about the hold items he posted.

    Posted at 02:28
    Now I will post questions directed at him and his direct answers back to them.

    He first addresses the question about the hold items.

    Things in bold will be the questions. His answers are in normal text.

    Posted at 2:30
    Someone asked if the starters that were shown by Serebii were real. He answered that he had no idea who Serebii was and questioned that it wasn't the Gold/Silver legendary and if it was someone's name.

    Posted at 02:23
    Someone has at this point explained who Serebii is and the whole starter situation. He also posts the leaked images we see on the front page of every fan-made Pokemon news site today. He answers someone else's question first.

    Posted at 02:34
    Someone asks if he knows what any of the starters evolved forms look like.

    Posted at 02:37
    A couple people post that this is complete bollucks. They don't belive a word of course. Someone comes out of nowhere and starts posting all of this stuff? You people are nuts to believe it.
    Someone asks “is this guy for real?”. Another user answers.

    The screenshot posted is another quote from Hajime from the thread the night before. It says:

    Posted at 05:33
    Someone mentions that the coding is perfect and convincing. Others are still convinced of a troll and are arguing with others about it.

    Posted at 02:41
    Someone asks. “If I started writing broken english and said my friend worked for nintendo, everything I say is true? “

    Another person answered: “99% of people on don't know a thing about coding, so this is more legitimate than every other rumor posted here.”

    Another person has posted “ハジメさんは日本語を分かる??

    しゃべられるか? "
    Which roughly translates to:

    “Does Mr. Hajime know Japanese? Can you speak it?”

    He responds to the person.

    Posted at 02:49
    Someone claims that he is a troll and that the information is not real due to him not wanting to type in Japanese. Others are still arguing whether this is real or not while some are still asking questions.

    Someone responds to the person that was typing in Japanese before questioning if he could speak it or not: “I gotta say though, having spoken to other japanese folk with a medium level of english, the way he types is spot-on to that. “

    The person Typing in Japanese continues to pester Hajime with Japanese messages.

    He finally responds to the person.

    Posted at 02:57
    The text translates perfectly to “Kiss my ass”

    He continues to respond to others questions after this.

    Posted at 02:59
    The person he spoke to in Japanese responds, but still isn't completely convinced since it was a simple sentence. He backs off for now.

    Someone notices the filename I mentioned earlier.

    Someone asks about an Eeveelution.

    Posted at 03:04
    People start overwhelming him with questions and he takes a bit to respond. Also giving out his e-mail address so others can contact him.

    Someone claims he has been busted with the groud type Eevee claim.

    Posted at 03:32
    The arguments start rising higher and people start going at each other's necks about whether this is all real or not. Still others are asking questions. A couple of people start nagging him about his Japanese again and how he is refusing to speak it.

    Posted at 03:42
    Someone mentions after this post that the Japanese he posted has PERFECT Grammar. A lot of the arguing dies down. People are starting to belive him more. They ask more questions.

    Posted at 03:44

    Posted at 4:00
    Posted at 04:04
    Posted at 04:06
    Posted at 04:15
    Posted at 04:32
    Posted at 04:57

    Now someone has brought up some translations of Japanese text. The questions are slowing down drastically as people are running out of them.

    Posted at 05:35
    Posted at 05:37
    Hajime ends shortly after this is posted. He says that he will try to make a new thread with new information if he has any either tomorrow or the next day.

    Honestly I'm looking forward to what he will say.

    Everyone, take this entire thing as you will. Once again I am not trying to prove or disprove anything. Just posting this for informative purposes. When talking to this person, everything seems INCREDIBLY belivable. Most if not all of it makes sense. Either he is telling the truth, or he is the most incredible troll we have ever seen.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2010
  20. One thing I am looking forward to which I think hasn't been shown at all yet is to see how my old favorites look in the new Black/White dimension. I haven't seen any screens of the old pokemon. But I bet with the new animations, they will look pretty awesome.

    12 days until the Japan release, I will have to wait for the english version but I still am psyched for the game to be released overseas so I can start to see what's in it!
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