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Pokemon Black team help

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Metagross Master
-Leaf Blade
-Dragon Tail
-giga drain

-energy ball
-shadow ball

-shadow ball
-energy ball

-aerial ace
-sky attack
-quick attack

-wild charge
-poison jab
-signal beam
thunder wave


Obviously i need some help. I know i have 2 ghosts but there arent too many other waters that stuck out. i need help! and if any pokemon should be replace thanks. keep in mind this is balck version.


Ghost Fiend
- Leaf Blade
- Dragon Tail / Leech Seed
- Coil / Swords Dance
- Return

I think it would be easier if Serperior ran Leech Seed over Dragon Tail. That way you could drain health, and with Serperior's halfway decent defenses, it'll come in handy. Coil is great, and once you get post-game, Swords Dance is better. Serperior is better physical, drop Giga Drain for Return.

- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Calm Mind / Psychic

Just a basic special sweeper. This is what everyone goes with. Calm Mind or Psychic, both are good choices.

- Surf / Hydro Pump
- Shadow Ball
- Toxic / Psychic
- Energy Ball / Protect

Jellicent has decent defenses, so you could run a bit of a stall with this team. If you want a stall, go with Toxic and Protect. If you want to go sweeper, go Psychic and Energy Ball. Hydro Pump is an option if you want some extra power at the cost of a little more accuracy.

- Aerial Ace
- Facade
- U-Turn
- ???

I'm sorry, I'm not good with bird Pokemon, especially physical ones. Unfezant doesn't have a lot of physical moves it can learn, despite attack being it's higher stat. You'll want a professional like Aurawarrior (for example) to do this one for you.

- Thunder Wave
- Energy Ball
- Bug Buzz
- Thunder

I'd recommend special Gavantula. It's the best I know. You'll want a pro to do a physical one if you want.

That's the best I got. If you want to choose between Scrafty or Meinshao, I'd go Meinshao. Your team seems to be mostly special, so a physical sweeper could come in handy. Of course, though, if you want some additional defense other than Jellicent, Scrafty is a good choice.


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In terms of Attack boost, Swords Dance is superior, but Coil might be better on the account that it boosts Serperior's decent Defense even further, and also raises Accuracy, which is handy for Dragon Tail/Leech Seed.

Jolly Nature
~Aerial Ace
~Steel Wing
~Quick Attack/U-Turn

the best I can think of for it. It's like Swellow back then in 3rd Gen....both have a very limited option for moves.


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