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pokemon BLUE fake card

Discussion in 'Fake Card Discussion' started by hellfighter, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. hellfighter

    hellfighter Well-Known Member

    These are more my pokemon cards that i made.

    Pokemon blue card.jpg
  2. Vast

    Vast Snivy is Epic too!

    Wrong font, wrong alignment, messy, jpg

  3. virizionx86

    virizionx86 Better than Breloom.

    To be fair, not everybody posts fake cards for aesthetic criticism. Some people may not have the right fonts installed on their computer and have to use substitutes instead of having to pay for the real ones, some people may use online trading card creators because they're lazy, and some may post their fake cards for mechanical evaluation (whether or not something is overpowered) and not care about looks at all.

    Obviously this card isn't serious, which can't really be given leeway based on the conditions I mentioned above.

    That being said, the "Pokemon" being mentioned isn't an existing Pokemon nor a Fakemon, just the box for Pokemon Blue. The ridiculously high HP, along with the attacks (which are actually not too broken in today's metagame), are evidence of bad design. Spelling errors can be somewhat excused, as spelling has no impact on the creativity of a person. But the weakness and resistance are every type for the sake of putting something there, which is also bad design. Also, Pokemon is (C) 2012 as of today.

    I don't agree on all the criteria that Vast used to rate your card, but unfortunately, I'll have to give a 1/10 as well for the reasons I posted. Even if I were to interpret it as a parody card, it's just hard for me to really do so, as it doesn't actually poke fun at any aspect of the Pokemon TCG or franchise in any way.
  4. Legendarys

    Legendarys Anonymous

    I think it's pretty friggen amazing! 8.5/10
  5. Omnite

    Omnite Mysterious Fossil

    I thought it was funny, 8/10
    Loosen up a bit, no it doesn't, it pokes fun at Pokémon Blue.
  6. virizionx86

    virizionx86 Better than Breloom.

    Fair enough, whether or not something appears to poke fun at anything depends on the opinion of the individual.

    But there's a difference between a well-made parody and a not-so-well-made one. Unfortunately, I just can't see as much effort put into this card as I would've liked, that's all.
  7. Legendarys

    Legendarys Anonymous

    Maybe make everything fit better.....overall, good job
  8. chess-z

    chess-z flora femme

    God job. I like the joke.
  9. I_AM_BIB

    I_AM_BIB The One and Only BiB

    Waste of Effort? <:O No way dude!
  10. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    Bleh..Maybe you had fun doing this. And congratulations. But I...dont get it. This invisible joke is concerning to me. Because this screams no effort. Even for a super overpowered or joke card. 2/10 Qwaa ;195;
  11. DCKiyoshi

    DCKiyoshi Active Member

    meh its cool 7/10

    STEELTALONZRUEL The Titan spammer

    1/10. Reasons stated in the first guy's post.
    Also, how on earth did you get to pokemoncardmaker after it was shut down last year? I'm coding a new one, but it's not even finished nor has it been released to the general public, so I have NO IDEA how you could've made that.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  13. Legendarys

    Legendarys Anonymous

    Maybe just work on making everything fit better, but great job anyways! 7/10

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