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Pokemon Box


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Help! I want Box for the Pichuw/Surf, but i can't find it anywhere but eBay! Any help will be apreciated! Thanks in advance!



i think you got it with a colloseum mega pak thing, i have it myself, and thats where i got my gamecube..


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This would belong in Other Pokemon Games. As for Box, you can only get it via eBay/Amazon or any sites like that, or via Nintendo World in New York.


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You can only get it at a Pokemon Center store. There is one in Rockefeller, New York.


Generic Human #8192
i got a copy off nintendo.co.uk, but it was months ago so it's out of stock. as DJ-Will said, eBay's your only chance


I found one at my EB Games during October, so you might have a chance with EB Games if you have any where you live. Otherwise you could ask them about Pokemon Box, they might just know where you can get it. Btw, good luck with finding Pokemon Box.

Villain Celibi

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I bought mine on pokemoncenter.com a while ago. I guess others have said that they stopped selling it there, though. You might have luck contacting them, though, as they might have some stock of it somewhere.


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If you're from the USA, try the Pokemon Center.
If you're from Europe, try the Colosseum pak.
Or use eBay.