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Pokemon Center NY

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Nerdy Trainer
I will be going to the pokemon center in NYC this weekend (DEC 3rd) and I am curious if there is anything going on there that anyone knows about. I have been to the website and there is nothing recent (pikachu float in parade was the most recent bit of info posted). Does anyone know if the wonderspot is anything other than an egg? I got a chancey there last year.

I appreciate any input but it's ok if nobody knows. thanks gang!;137;


Rising Trainer
It's currently known as the Nintendo World store, though most of the stuff from the original Pokemon Center is still there.

Go to www.nintendoworldstore.com to find out more stuff... sadly you missed the Lugia/Ho-oh event there in October.


gee that's swell
Aww they changed it?That sucks.It used to be just pokemon center.I've always wanted to go there.Well have fun.


Amante de Jolteon
Hey, the Nintendo Center is nothing to knock off; there's a center specifically for DS owners and upstairs you can view historic games/systems (as well as every version of GBA SP available including the Japanese Mew). There's a place where you can play SSBM with other visitors there as well as other Gamecube games. They have monthly tournaments and they still sell a plethora of merchandise.


Nerdy Trainer
Thanks ProtoManEXE88, that really helps. I appreciate it kindly. I'm leaving tomorrow at 8am. Should be in NYC by 10. I hope they still hvae the wonderspot...i want a new egg!
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Nerdy Trainer
I'm back

That was the first time that I was there since it made the switch to nintendo world. It was awesome. Tons of games to play on GC, GBA, and DS. Lots of pokemon figures...no porygon tho...*sigh*. They have also replaced the mystery gift egg giver (wonderspot?) with a bank of projection screens. I asked a guy working there and he said that they now only have downloads for special events. No more eggs. He said the next one would probably be Diamond/pearl. I hope it's sooner tho. I had an awesome time and can't wait to go back.


Well-Known Member
Wow! That place looks amazing! I wish I could fly to the US just to go there!


Man, this sucks. You guys over at the states have pokemon parades and stuff while we here in Australia have nothing...so sad *sob*
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