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Pokemon Challenge Idea - Looking for Suggestions, Opinions, and Criticism


Your Casual Pokémon player. Tis fun.

A group of friends and I are planning on challenging ourselves on playing all Pokémon gens in the wait for Gen VII coming next year (Hopefully). We are a bunch of casuals and haven't played all the gens, or played multiple games in just one gen. This is a fun little idea we had so we can play/replay the games. Now I am looking for your opinion on this idea, or if there is something like it already so we can follow on existing rules.

The challenge would go as follows:
- We begin in Gen I; beat the gyms, level a group of Pokémon up to level 70.
- Once we got our group, we battle each other in a mini-tournament.
- After one of us is declared a victor, that is when we move to the next gen.
- I was thinking that the winner of the mini-tournament will choose the starter of the loser below him/her on the next gen. (We are 4 people, so 1st place chooses for 2nd place, and 2nd for 3rd, and 3rd for 4th)
- Repeat, moving up gens.

Some Discussions we've had:
- Gen III is currently not available on the 3DS eShop. So, we were thinking if some of us cannot acquire a GBA/Game should we go with ORAS? (Some of my friends either don't have a GBA anymore or don't own the games, but may be willing to buy if they have the money by the time we reach this gen.)

- I was thinking of a wildcard rule: (If Possible) If you lose as second place: Upload your losing team to PokeBank, and be able to use it for an instant challenge if you lose a final battle on a future mini-tournament. This way you have a second chance to overthrow the winner. But you can only do it once through the whole challenge. If you use it on the final battle of Gen VII, you'll be limited on only using 5 Pokémon.

-Should we go with the last game(s) in a generation, or use any of the games in a generation. Yet we will be limited in moves or features of the older games in a generation. For example, some legendaries not being available in a set of games, or certain moves that don't exist in the other game cannot be used. I think it is fair to use any game inside a gen, but I'd like to hear your opinions.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you.