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Pokemon Channel!


Murkrow Trainer
Okay, so I didn't see a thread here about Pokemon Channel.. and I looked hard, so if there is one, I am so so soooo sorry. D:

But here goes.. My brother sold my Pokemon Channel game, and it broke my heart. D: I miss Delibird harassing me through my glass door to come get the mail, Pikachu getting cross with me for various reasons, and answering those quizzes to get the cards of pokemon. ^.^

What was your favorite part?



Omg i still have this game and play it alot and it was all so much fun but if i had to choose a favorite part of it mine would have to be the shopping squirtle channel or the smeargle art sale channel how he always made my art sound like it was worth millions ok poke dollars oh and the camp site i loved going there and watching the pichu bros anime in one giant episode dang there is just so many great things with this game in my opinion


Well-Known Member
Look, it wasn't a great game but something about it... theres something special there.
I loved the Pichu Bros part and the Pokemon Mini games being available.


Murkrow Trainer
"They're the Pichu brothers, but I'm sure you knew that.
Cause these two are known most far and wide!"

xD Loved that song!

Haha I wish I had the game again!!

Shadow XD001

Well-Known Member
Oh man, I wish my game didn't break. One day I just found a huge scratch in it. Pokémon Channel was a very fun game.

Opal Pikachu13

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This was one of my favorite games on Gamecube! I like the Shop N Squirtle Channel, the Pokemon Mini games, growing berries for Pikachu and another Pokemon that shows up depending on what color you grew, collecting the Pokemon Nice Cards, and the Pichu Bros anime channels were great, especially the full version channel, the full Japanese version channel, and the Hosted by Kasumi version channel. I still play this from time to time, it's still great to me! :)
i used to play this, but it had alot of glitches.
Pikachu's (or squish, that was his nickname. hey, i got this game when i was 7!) head would be large for a second then small for another.
my gamecube was really messed up, plus it was the gamecube where super smash bros melee was included and the gamecube and controller was silver.


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I got absolutely everything on this, now I just use it for getting Channel Jirachi's onto R/S/E/FR/LG


Pokemon channel? I have never heard of it it kinda seems like fun though hahahaha.

What game system is it for?
im not sure how i get the jirachis off it so i dont use it

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
I used to play it but don't have it anymore.
I still have Pokemon Channel and I play it a lot. I love everything about it. Pichu Bros (and Meowths Party song), PNF (news, sleeping Psyduck), Quiz Wobbuffet, Pikachu being super angry when I turn the TV off, and much more.

I've bought it in 2005 and I still play it almost every day.