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Pokemon: Chosen Heroes, Rewritten!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Z-man, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Z-man

    Z-man Pokemon equality!!!

    EDIT: Rated PG-13 for some use of mild language, violence and people are strongly cautioned.

    “Gather round, everyone! An important annocement is about to take place!” Called the mayor’s assistant, while everyone in the town was rushing around the mayor’s office.
    “Oh, this is so exiting isn’t it?” asked Katie to her new husband, Doryan.
    “Yes, this is real exiting…” replied Doryan, Sarcastically.
    “Oh come on, It’s not that bad.”
    “Yes it is! The baby could be born any minute!”
    “Calm down. The doc told us the baby will be born October. It’s August. Worry in two months time.”
    “Yes, dear…” muttered Doryan
    “Shhh! It’s starting!”
    “Ahem,” Shouted the mayor, “I have some important news. Some of the parents here will be lucky. The Poke-sprits will be born this year. Sadly, Dark types are not a poke-spirit this year.”
    The Mayor’s Umbreon became sad because of this news. If it wasn’t, It would have been mentioned when the mayor said; “Ahem”
    “The types this year are water, fire, electric, ice and fighting.”
    “WOOOOOOOOOO!” Shouted Doryan, as soon as he heard water.
    “Anyway,” Continued the Mayor, “the Pokémon this year are Empoleon, Infenape, Ampherous, Frosslass and Primape.That is all. Pray to God that you are one of the lucky parents.”
    When everyone left the mayor’s office, every parent that was about to have a child prayed that they would have a special child. But what they didn’t know was their children’s destiny was if they had that special child.
    “Heh heh heh. So the children are born this year, eh? Better get one of the minions to find those children in ten years time, and get rid of them. Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Exclaimed Sephiroth, The evil in space that the chosen Heroes (Poke-spirits if you haven’t already caught on.) must stop.
    “Oh God, Please let us be one of the lucky parents that have a special child.” Prayed Katie.
    “What are you doing?” asked Doryan
    “Well you don’t need to,” explained Doryan
    “I was a legend, remember? Hell, I beat the ‘Hero of Time’ At a sword contest! I got his sword, remember?”
    “Well, I guess your right…” Agreed Katie.
    “Good, now let’s go home. Look’s like a storm’s brewing.”
    “I thought you liked water!” Laughed Katie
    “First of all, I do and Second of all, Lighting. I hate lighting.”
    “Ok. Let’s go home and get some dinner.”
    “Great! What are we having?” Asked Doryan.
    Katie slapped Doryan.
    “Ow! Ok, I’ll make dinner. Sheesh.”
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011
  2. Z-man

    Z-man Pokemon equality!!!

    Yeah, this isn't happening.
    I don't know who controls these threads anymore, but they might as well delete/close this
  3. TheBlackDuelist

    TheBlackDuelist Well-Known Member

    Holy mega bump lol. I guess since you've given up on this you don't want people to review it?
  4. Z-man

    Z-man Pokemon equality!!!

    I don't mind if people do, but this was made 3 years ago.
    I haven't done anything to contribute to it, and even then I knew this wasn't very good.

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