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Pokemon Chronicles

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AmeldaS said:
To be more precise, It will start this Thursday at 10:00 p.m. !!!
Wow, this thursday? definitely gonna see it. Thanks for the info.

It's curious that we got them before the US, uh? o.o


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I pick C because in England they sell the Pokemon Chronicles in Woolworths,plus i watch it on Toonami.I found out that they sell it because I saw it on a shelf in Woolworths.


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In Spain they're airing the Chronicles since the 23rd of december...but I'm so stupid that I missed the Raikou special -_-''
Well, I'm happy that finally I can see them in my languange


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I dont know if this question has been asked before or what but is Chronicles coming to the US or not? Seems they are showing them in all the other countries. They should come to the US. I really want to see them.


They'll reach you eventually.

The last DVD is out in Britain tomorrow, so Contender will probably be considering releasing the episodes overseas soon.

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I got mine yesterday in HMV for what I think was £14.99.
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Awsome. Something really cool I get to miss because of my damn Satalite. -.-
Luckly, I'm gonna buy it soon and I don't care how bad the Raikou Special Dub is. I can't wait. ^.^


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Never. Chronicles has aired all its episodes.
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