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Pokemon Colosseum Groudon Drawing

I based this off the boxart from Pokemon colosseum, of couse I used other references as well as a bit of imagination and head-math to draw the rest of it xD

Damn, that smiley´s beggining o be as overused as lol, moving on...

Read the description plz, and click on the link to see it bigger




Beautiful shading, as always Mex. It almost looks as if it was 3-dimesional, looking at the 'depth' of the lines on Groudon's hands and head. It is truly spectacular on what you can do with only a pencil.

The head is totally okay, but what troubles me is the expression on Groudon's face. It's mouth is open, but I don't seem to see any expression or energy soming from it, the jaw doesn't look fully open to express much. But I understand that you referenced from the Colosseum box cover, where Groudon's mouth is open.

Another thing is that it's arms look too static, or very still, like a very detailed Groudon doll. It makes it look expressionless, just sticking out it's arms like that (it's not to offend, just pointing it out). I suggest that you should make a sketch of it's pose before starting on the details.
I also see disproportion on it's arms, It looks somewhat smaller compare with the body, and the claws look too short. I recommend that you should use more than one image for reference, like the official artwork such as this from the Bulbagarden Archives.

And yes, I would like too see this colorised. ;)
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The shading detail and tone is brilliant as always. Not much to say here other than 0__0 and 'why can't i shade like that?'

Anatomy wise there's a few issues, but Kiogrey has already poited them all out i think. Mainly concerning the arms and hands, which i'm pretty sure should be just plain bigger.

I love how you've just coloured the eye and imo you shouldn't colour the rest beause it looks great as it is. :0


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Wow. Normally pencil drawings are boring. Yours actually looks like its standing out. Or maybe its because most pencil drawings I see are of people, and portraits bore me lol.


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Groundon has always been my favorite legendary. As always, you shading skill is probably the best, unlike many artist I saw around here. I love how you did with it eye. I can't really see any mistake in it. Great job my friend.

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Wow, I love art where you can just tell where the light is coming from, like this one right here, spectacular
Thank you so much for your comments guys, and thankfully they weren´t very vague like what I usually see around here xD

I´ll take all that you´ve said in mind and I hope to post something else in the near future. Until next time



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Another nice copy of the groudon Picture. I actually admire the painter who have made this because amazing sharpness and the clarity is maintained in whole picture and thats why it looks great.

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That looks so awesome. Brilliant shading.
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Very Wonderful, is like a Masterpiece that should be on the wall in a Pokemon Louve man.