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Pokemon Conquest - Hero of Ransei

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Crash & Charm, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Sign up (spots are still available):
    Discussion thread

    Welcome to the Ransei region, this far off continent is the site of constant unrest. It has times of peace, but they never last for long. Part of this is because of the legend surrounding the region. The strongest ruler to unite Ransei is said to gain immense power, the power to create worlds. The power of legendary Pokémon. The power of gods.

    The people of Ransei are very gifted. They have the ability to give Pokémon orders via mind link. The more powerful the link between these warriors and their Pokémon the more fearsome team they become. Each warrior has a specialty. Some are skilled with poison Pokémon and some are skilled with dog Pokémon. Each warrior discovers his or her path early on.

    The region is divided into 18 different kingdoms. Each kingdom is unique and important. If one of the kingdoms were to be destroyed the entire region would suffer greatly. Each kingdom represents a different type of Pokémon. Ignis if Fire and Greenleaf is Grass. Warriors that specialize in the type tend to flock to the kingdom that connects with them. While not unheard of it is rare to find a steel warrior in the poison kingdom. Warriors are similar to their specialty in and of that they hate being in places that they feel weak.

    The people of Ransei are used to change. In just a few years the ruler of a kingdom could change 4-5 times. The only solidity they really have is the jobs they perform. Fontaine is made up of many fishermen, and other kingdoms each have an essential purpose. Most people have learned to ignore the current ruler and just to keep working on their assigned task. Every now and then a strong ruler will rise from one of the kingdoms and gain the favor of the people. They are sensational young rulers and they try to take over Ransei politically instead of violently.

    Now a days the rulers of Ransei have decided to lay aside legends and play in a series of games. Teams were made and it is a race to see which team can conquer the others. A representative from each kingdom was chosen and they are traveling around competing in battles and training. When a representative defeats another in combat they ‘Capture’ the other warriors holdings. If a representative has no holdings they can either join another representative or challenge someone else for their holdings. Warriors are obliged to accept any and all challenges.

    Limelight is located on the islands just above Illusio

    Player list

    Green team
    Aurora (Normal): Percival Clagett [Mogar]
    Ignis (Fire): Rajika Thakur [pokemon special]
    Greenleaf (Grass): Takuma Kieran [Tangeh]
    Fontaine (Water): Shoyu Reinelds [RealMrGame10]

    Blue team
    Pugilis (Fighting):
    Violight (Electric): Holly Sjarndt [Ironthunder1604]
    Chrysalia (Bug): Natalia Vala [Nythe]
    Illusio (Psychic): Vi Ishida [Indigo IV]

    Red team
    Cragspur (Rock): Magnolia Rose[Swampurtz]
    Viperia (Poison): Alexander 'Alec' Kishida [Schade]
    Yaksha (Dark): Lian Yaki [Slipomatic]

    Pink team
    Avia (Flying): Kimiko Windsworth [Symphony]
    Valora (Steel): Yu Ii [Swampurtz]
    Limelight (Fairy): Teruko[RapidashRocks524]

    Yellow team
    Spectra (Ghost):
    Nixtorm (Ice): Vash Storm [Crash & Charm]
    Dragnor (Dragon): Konaki Sakriss[Ironthunder1604]

    Terrera (Ground): K
    Combat mechanism: Waging war is going to be a matter of holdings. You may fight another player for their holdings. If you win the duel you gain the players kingdom and everything else they have conquered at this point. If you lose your holdings you still may fight as long as your team still has at least one kingdom collectively.

    Vm me if you plan on challenging someone. I will use a random number generator, taking into consideration previous holdings, type match ups, Signature move's, post frequency and experience in battle. If you have a type disadvantage then the generator will be adjusted accordingly.

    Vash Storm
    Nixtorm (Ice)
    Affected players: (none)

    Vash looked up from his file. The file detailed the rules of the competition, clarifying what was about to happen. He was on an air ballon, one that he had ridden countless times before. He should arrive in an hour. The reason he had looked up was a young boy, about 15, had walked up to him. She looked nervous and worried. Vash was quite the figure.

    "The captain has r...r.r..requested to see you my lord." Vash decided not to judge, he was 16, and not much older than the boy himself.

    "Alright, if the captain need's to see me, I better go. What is your name boy?"

    "Cobalt Grim" The boy had quite an exotic name Vash decided.

    "Well Cobalt, thank you for telling me, don't step in a hornets nest!"

    "Why would that happen, sir?" the boy asked

    Vash stood and stretched "Hornets bed down in inconvenient places, always in the way, so that you can step in them...now where's the captain?"

    "In the control room, sir" The boy said, rolling his eyes."You have been on this ship enough times to know that. I see you all the time, this is the first time we have talked." The boy was warming up to him, Vash thought with a smile.

    Vash turned and walked towards the control room. ​

    First task: Start in your respective kingdom and make your way towards the other players. All the players will be meeting in Terrera for the competition to officially begin. NO challenges will be given until the competition officially starts.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  2. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Lian Yaki
    Yaksha (Dark)
    Affected Players: None

    Lian grumbled as the small blimp she was forced to ride in rocked again in the air. The airs wasn't that friendly today in skies as it felt like she was riding a ship that was in the middle of a storm at sea. Her companion was doing much worse though, having been in the bathroom when the rough airs started making the blimp sway a lot. She made a note to get some sweetened ponigiri for Scythe to help him a bit. Sadly, if the return trip was going to be as bad as it was going to Terrera, she would definitely get one of the cooks back at where she was staying at to whip up the soup he really loved. She sighed as she looked back out the window, occasionally wincing when Scythe retched in the bathroom. She had to thank the pilot and the crew for the ability to keep the blimp on course. Granted she had seen the pokemon pulling the blimp along and had no real reason to believe that they would falter in turbulence like this.

    Still though, she had nothing to do because she was told not to even try practicing her combat on the trip there and back due to safety concerns. It was times like these she wished she had picked up some hobby that didn't involve using her katanas or scythe in some form. At least it wouldn't be long before she would arrive in Terrera, A glance back out the window already showed the beginnings of the vast desert to her right which meant it would be at least another ten to fifteen minutes before they would arrive at the place.
  3. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Konaki Sakriss
    Affected: None

    Konaki was restless aboard the airship. It was the first time he'd ever been aboard such a vehicle, and he was still getting used to the sensation of flight. Flight, he reasoned to himself, was best left to birds and bugs, and was not generally for humans, or the majority of Pokemon for that matter. Hearing a grunt, he turned to look at Dread, who was in a similar boat to Konaki. He'd fallen over again while trying to look out the window, and was now looking at Konaki as if to say, "Why are we on this thing again?". "Because", Konaki replied, "I did not fancy walking across the Terreran desert, and I get the feeling that you wouldn't have either." The Druddigon, partially satisfied by this answer, went back to balancing on the seats. A voice from the ship's loudhailer startled the pair of them into falling off their seats. "Terrera's coming into view. ETA is one hour." Recovering from the shock of the incident, Konaki went back to reading his book, while trying to ignore the swaying of the ship and almost wishing he'd hiked it instead.

    Holly Sjarndt
    Violight (Electric)
    Affected: None.

    Holly's hands flew over the control board of her airship, skilfully setting a course for Terrera. All her time spent studying the various workings of machinery was paying off now, as she finally began to take off in her very own airship, leaving behind her everyone she knew and loved, for adventures in places unknown...
    She was awakened from her momentary daydream by Deedee, who had polished off her lunch and had let out a miniature burp, before settling down to sleep on the dashboard. Laughing to herself, he turned to look to the horizon, as the ship's engine chugged along merrily. This was going to be fun, she thought to herself, before realizing that Deedee had eaten her lunch as well, and had now moved so that she was sleeping on Holly's lap, which, comfortable as it was, made it fairly hard for Holly to go and get something to eat from her bag, which was in her cabin. Sighing, she turned her attention back to the matter at hand, namely the flight to Terrera, which her display said would take an hour and a half. This was going to be a long flight...
  4. Symphony

    Symphony Seasons, they turn..

    Kimiko Windsworth
    Avia (Flying)
    Affected players: (none)

    Kimiko looked down at the ever growing smaller landscape. She was generously given an airship to make it to Terrera on time. She watched Terrace fly by the ship, his little wings fluttering in the breeze. Wow, I can't believe I'm so high up! And Ransei was this huge! The pilot of the ship confidently glided towards the desert region of Terrera.
    "We should be arrive in about an hour to an hour and a half, if the winds are with us." He said sternly. His Pokemon, a Staravia, was perched on the dashboard, watching his master guide the ship.
    "Okay! I can't wait! I'm going to meet so many new people and see so many new things and smells and..." Kimiko rambled off. Terrace, her Rufflet, flew into the airship and onto her shoulder. He let out a little squawk to let her know he was there.
    "Oh Terrace, this is will be a fun game! Let's make sure we come home with good news of victory so our family can rejoice! My brothers would be so proud of me!" Kimiko smiled. She pet her fluffy companion.
    "Starrrr," The Staravia on the dashboard pointed his beak towards some black approaching clouds.
    "Ah, don't worry Staravia, that's nothing really. Just a few black clouds won't bring a lot of rain," The pilot said calmly, "We'll be out of range anyway, since Terrera is a desert. It hardly rains there."
    "Oh goodie! I was worried for a moment. Remember, I don't want to be late, that would look horrible to the other representatives!" Kimiko said.
  5. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Natalia Vala
    Chrysaila (Bug)
    Affected players: none

    The rhythmic shaking suddenly stopped. Natalia pushed her head through the window of her carriage and checked her surroundings. She was hoping to see Terrera, her destination, but she had no such luck. On both sides of the dusty road all she could see was the vast forest seemingly going on forever.

    ‘All this green is bad for my eyes,’ she thought to herself. ‘Hopefully they don’t have such forests in Terrera.’

    She then turned towards the front of the carriage, where she saw the two Rapidash who were supposed to pull it just standing in the middle of the road loafing around.

    ‘Why aren’t we moving?’ she yelled at the driver, an old man called Maru who had been working for her family for decades. ‘Does this look like Terrera to you? No, we’re still in Chrisalia!’ Her face was already red with anger.

    ‘T-th-the P-p-p-pokemon...’ stuttered the driver nervously. ‘They need rest...’ he continued apologetically.

    ‘In that case they should get us to Terrera as fast as they can!’ Natalia demanded from the old man. ‘They can slack off there as long as they want. We’re late enough as it is. We can’t afford to stop every five minutes, just because those creatures don’t feel like working!’

    ‘But the Rapidash, they are exhausted,’ Maru tried to reason with her. ‘They need a break, otherwise they will collapse. If young lady had chosen a different mode of transport, such as-‘

    ‘Nonsense!’ she interrupted the driver. ‘A true lady must arrive by carriage. Have you learned nothing during all those years of working for us, Maru?’ She pronounced his name almost with disgust to show him how inferior he was to her, before continuing in an indifferent tone. ‘And if you can’t do your job and get the yellow things moving again, Saenathra would be more than willing to give them some incentive.’

    Loud hissing from inside the carriage confirmed her last statement. Maru was visibly unnerved by Natalia’s words, if something was to happen to master Vala's Rapidash, he would surely have to answer for it.

    ‘Y-y-yes, milady,’ he said hurriedly and looked down, knowing he was defeated. ‘We will depart at once.’ He almost whispered the last part.

    ‘Good,’ smirked Natalia and pulled her head back into the carriage, where she was safe from all the greenness. She turned to the Ariados lying at her feet. ‘See, this is how you deal with people. I really don’t know why we have to go all the way to Terrera to begin the tournament in the first place. We could have easily host it at our palace and we wouldn’t have to travel at all.’ She paused for a moment as the carriage started moving again. ‘I really don’t know why papa was so against it...’

    ‘Dos,’ said Saenathra and nudged her shin.

    ‘You’re right. It doesn’t matter anyway. We can show those nobodies who’s the strongest no matter where we are.’ Natalia almost smiled as she thought about how she would celebrate winning the tournament. She grabbed a red cushion on her left and put it behind her head to make herself more comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that she fell asleep only minutes later as the carriage continued her way towards the capital of Terrera.
  6. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Takuma Kieran
    Greenleaf (Grass)
    Affected: None

    Takuma stared out of the window of the airship, one hand supporting his head and the other drumming rhythmically on the table in front of him. Roman the foongus sat opposite him, surveying his trainer with a curious look. As Takuma looked down through the gaps in the clouds at the tiny villages of what he presumed must be Ignis, he thought back to his own home in Greenleaf. His entire family had been there to see him off - the smiling faces of his mother, his sisters, and most of all...

    "I know you'll make Greenleaf proud, son."

    ...His father.

    Takuma felt his heart pick up pace. He shifted his gaze to the little pokemon sitting across from him. "It shouldn't be too much longer." They were probably halfway there already. He'd been on an airship before, and could attest that they were pretty efficient for travel. "We've been training a long time for this, Roman. I know we're ready for whatever challenges lie ahead."

    "Foon!" Roman chirped back, waving his tiny arms enthusiastically in the air. Takuma cracked a smile, trying to suppress his nerves. For what was just a simple game between kingdoms, he felt that there was so much more on the line...

    "Foon! Foongus!" Roman repeated, snapping Takuma out of his negative thoughts.

    "I-I know, this isn't like me..." His pokemon knew him so well by this point. Their bond had gotten them this far, and he knew they had the abilities needed to take this extra step. "...Let's do this."
  7. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    TBH, I made this post extremely comedic on purpose.
    Yu Ii
    No affected Peps

    Yu was boarding his personal airship to Terrara. He eagerly bounced on and left his intimidating partner, Ripley, an Empoleon in the dust. Yu ran in, sliding to his knees, leaning back, and said in a shameless fashion, "Hello women of this fine vessel. The Charming Devil of the Ii, has arrived!"

    Yu then looked around, feeling abit foolish seeing no women, pardon the pilot, who had a small chuckle from his shameless action. She was somewhat older then Yu, about 23. She had long blonde hair and a Noibat who was per here's on her shoulder who looked at Yu with a scepticle fashion. Yu then was prepared to flirt with the pilot, until the Noibat gave off a loud screech. The philander backed off as the Noibat screeched at him.

    The pilot then said, "Hello milord, we should take about an hour to an hour and a half to Terrara. Just make yourseld comfy in a nearby seat."

    Yu then looked behind him. Ripley, his Empoleon finally got to him. Yu then sat down right behind the pilot, and looked out the window to the Valora lands. Out of what Yu can see, it's the basic grey buildings. Those bore him. He wished he could take a paint brush and Atleast add some other colors to the gray. However, he can't.

    Yu then looked at the Noibat, it gave a scornful look at him. Yu was somewhat intimidated. That's until Ripley intimidatingly looked at the Noivat, who then fled like a Purloin being chased by a Herdeir. The warlord almost laughed as the Pokemon flees away from Yu and Ripley.

    The pilot then initiated flight on the airship. Yu then looked back at the ground. He was mainly curious of who he'd meet. He bet countless attractive women. He waited for them to swoon, making him super excited for that. Possible Rivals, Allies, Freind's, and countless other hopes. He did here that some of the Warlords surrounding him, he only took care to really remember that the Avian and Limeanian one where females. He was excited to meet him. He almost overlooked the Dragnor and Nixtrom ones, both being men.

    The airship steadily lifted up then head southwest to Terrara. The Warlord daydreamed on who he'd meet, who he would be allies with, and offf course, the women.
  8. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    Teruko Nijini (Sorry I forgot the last name in my sign-up)
    Limelight (Fairy
    Affected: None

    Teruko ate some grapefruit and watched as Tsuki played with a little ball. Right now, the pair were on a boat headed to the mainland. Once they got to the mainland, Teruko would board an airship that would take them to Terrera, but the islands of Limelight were too small for an airship to land safely, so they had to sail to the mainland first. Teruko didn't mind, though. She loved the water as much as she loved her flowers back at the palace. To be honest, Teruko wished that they could take the boat all the way to Terrera. Teruko had never flown anywhere, and she was pretty nervous.

    "~Kchk~ Passengers, this is your captain speaking. We will be docking in Illusio in a few minutes. Please gather all your items and articles and get ready to go. ~Kchk~"

    Tsuki heard the announcement and ran over to the side of the boat. This would be Tsuki's first time seeing the mainland, and Teruko could tell that she was excited. Teruko herself had been to the mainland a couple of times, but she had never brought Tsuki along.

    "Bey!!!" Tsuki called her trainer over to see. "Wow, that's a great view of the Illusio Palace! I wonder what it's like to live in a floating castle. It would probably be pretty cool, but s-s-scary, too" Teruko wondered aloud. "Flah!" Tsu seemed to agree. "Come on, Tsuki, you'd better get your toys together now. We'll be leaving soon." Tsuki did as she was told as Teruko finished up her grapefruit. The Illusio palace wasn't the only scary thing right now, though...

    The boat was at the mainland in a few minuted, as the captain had promised. Teruko and Tsu hurried to get to the loading site for the airship, as that was scheduled to leave in ten minutes. The duo arrived with a minute to spare. Teruko handed her ticket over and boarded. They headed to their quarters.

    "~Kchk~ This is Captain Shizue speaking. While on the ship, no battling or fighting will commence, whether it be Pokemon or human. Thank you. We will be leaving for Terrera now. ~Kchk~" This was it. 3... 2... 1... The airship started rising

    In about a minute, they were up in the air and heading to Terrera. "This isn't so bad, right Tsu?" she said to the little Pokemon. Tsu chittered in reply. Suddenly, the airship gave a lurch.

    "~Kchk~ This is your captain again. The sky is being unforgiving this morning. But don't worry. Our specially trained crew has flown through much worse. We can keep flying, but it's going to get a little bumpy. Brace yourselves. ~Kchk~"

    "This feels just like when we're out in the ocean during a storm! We've gotten through many ocean storms, we can make it through this, easy!" Teruko may have felt that way, but Tsuki was another story. Teruko handed the little fairy a bag, saying "Just in case." Teruko got out a book. It was going to be at least an hour till they got to Terrera.
  9. RogueMG10

    RogueMG10 Lieker of Mudkipz

    Shoyu Reinelds
    Fontaine (Water)
    Affected: None-ish

    Shoyu stood at the helm of the ship, which cutting across the Fontaine straits to Terrera. A nervous young ship lackey, who seemed to be about 10 years old, asked, “Milord, a-are you sure this is safe? We were supposed to take an airship…”
    Shoyu laughed softly, a crystal, twinkling sound. “That’s true, isn’t it? Well, I suppose I decided that this way was more entertaining, that’s all. Don’t you worry about it, lad. If worst comes to worst, Al will make sure you’re safe. If he’s not asleep, that is.”
    Then he ran his fingers through the boy’s hair, who seemed quite reassured. “T-thank you, milord.”
    Then he ran off to the cabin. Shoyu shrugged, and grinned a little. His mind was too busy thinking about what lay ahead of him. I suppose that this will be… interesting. Honestly, I just want it to begin already. But, hey, who knows? Maybe I’ll meet someone nice, or some cute girls, even.
    As the ship navigated through the dangerous rapids, Shoyu looked ahead with uncharacteristic somberness, when he was simply thinking about how nice the sun looked against the ocean.
  10. pokemon special

    pokemon special No Angel

    Rajika Thakur
    Ignis (Fire)
    Affected: None

    The surreal feeling of travelling in an airship had finally started to wear off to Rajika, and instead of bouncing around looking at everything excitedly, she'd sat down and just stared out of one of the many windows on the airship. The view filled Rajika with awe – she'd never been so high before, and she'd never really pictured in her head what it'd be like to look at the ground from so high up. She stroked Idri absent-mindedly, the growlithe sitting peacefully on her lap.

    “Wow, it feels super weird to be away from Ignis!” Rajika spoke both to her pokemon and herself in equal measures. “Although I'm not actually sure we left yet. I mean the land doesn't look different yet or anything... So I guess I should say it feels super weird to be leaving Ignis?” Rajika let herself briefly ponder this, but she totally disregard it as not important. She realized quite a few people were staring at her. She turned to smile at them all, and they quickly broke eye contact, which confused her yet again. “Why'd they look at me if they don't wanna make eye contact?” She asked Idri, who just barked loudly in response. “Ugh... I just hope we get there soon.”
  11. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Terrera (Ground)
    Affected players: everyone​

    The air ships were landing, 17 in total. He walked over to the briefing hall, where the opening ceremonies would occur. He smiled as he spotted a couple of green looking champions filing into the room. This was going to be a piece of cake.

    The room was a large spacious arena, with a stage on the top with 18 chairs. He took his seat on the far left. He wanted to remain apart from champions. Their incompetence might rub off on him. He was paying attention thought. He spotted the Ice champion chatting up one of the assistants. He got slapped, and the girl promptly disappeared. This whole challenge was going to be a piece of cake. The ceremony was not due to start for another half hour, and the champions were encouraged to mingle and get to know each other. Some took to it, others simply sat down and observed the competition.
  12. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Konaki Sakriss
    Affected: None.

    Konaki dismounted from his airship rather unsteadily, followed by Dread, who came off by falling off the gangplank, into Konaki, sending him to dirt as well. Standing up and brushing the dust off of his gear, he looked around to see who else was disembarking. There were others, but no-one standing out as of yet. Remembering that this was a team thingy, he started to check their partner Pokemon out as potential allies or enemies. He was a bit disappointed, as nothing seemed to be too much of a problem. The Vanilluxe seemed a bit problematic though... He quickly moved indoors, avoiding communication with the other competitiors, before sighting someone across the room. The Terreran champion, he presumed. He seemed strong. Good, he thought, with a wry grin on his face, a challenge.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2015
  13. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Takuma Kieran
    Greenleaf (Grass)
    Affected: None

    Takuma exited his airship with his hands in his pockets and his foongus perched on his left shoulder. Roman liked being at a higher vantage point so that he could properly see the other competitors, and besides that, Takuma didn't want the little pokemon to get stepped on in the bustle of champions trying to gather their bearings. "Don't be intimidated by any of them, Roman," he muttered to his left. "You know better than anyone not to judge by appearance." Takuma had expected Roman to be the smallest pokemon by far, but was pleasantly surprised to see a fair number of smaller pokemon as well; the fairy-type champion's flabebe was a good example. All-in-all, Takuma liked what he saw. He'd have to study them on the battlefield to get a clear picture, of course, but he could already feel the gears turning in his head as he began weighing his options for strategies. "I'll have to strongly consider our options against the ice representative. I've heard vanilluxe are faster than they - "

    Roman flicked his trainer lightly on the side of the head. "Foon!" he scolded sternly, crossing his tiny arms.

    Right. Don't judge by appearance... he'd said that himself just moments ago. "I can't help but at least theorize..." He sighed. "I guess the excitement is getting to me." They still had a bit of time before the ceremony was to start, so Takuma filed inside of the building to wait.
  14. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Natalia Vala
    Chrysalia (Bug)
    Affected players: Konaki Sakriss

    Natalia woke up as the carriage suddenly stopped. She took a deep breath so she could start screaming at Maru for taking another break, but just as she was about to begin the shower of insults a voice came from outside.

    ‘We-we’ve arrived, milady.’

    Natalia was disappointed that she was unable to vent some her perpetual anger. Instead she kicked the carriage door open.

    ‘Finally, this took forever,’ she hissed at the old man. ‘Did you pull the carriage on your own?’

    As she stepped out, the first thing she saw was a bunch of airships from which people were exiting. Some of them had Pokemon with them, so she presumed they were her competition, if she could call them that. Judging by their appearances, they were all peasants, who should count themselves lucky just to breathe the same air as her.

    Natalia turned to Saenathra. ‘Look, the prey is here,’ she grinned. ‘I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun here!’ Her Ariados growled in agreement.

    A woman about her age approached her from her left. ‘Oh, so you decided to come with your own transport. If you would just follow me to the-’ At that point Natalia simply walked away towards the same door all the other champions were headed. She couldn’t believe the nerve of that girl, talking to her like they are equals. Agitated, she pushed a boy accompanied by a Druddigon out of her way as she marched through the door. He was just standing there in everyone’s way with a stupid grin on his face.

    On the other side of the door there were 18 chairs arranged in a row, one for each representative. A couple of them were already taken, but she was still able to sit in the middle, as one of her status should. Unsurprisingly, the chair was extremely uncomfortable.
  15. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Holly Sjarndt
    Affected: Nobody.

    Holly landed her airship in the yard rather comfortably, despite the crosswind. Disembarking with her bag in her hand and Deedee sleeping on her head, she looked around, overwhelmed by the new... everything, really. She'd never been anywhere outside of Violight, having been a worker's daughter, she never had too many holidays. She walked over, trying to avoid bumping into anyone and dropping her bag, before moving indoors, following the general flow of people. She saw a few people in there, but tried to avoid them. She was still bewildered by the place, to be honest. Taking a seat on the end of a row, she accidentally woke Deedee, who woke blearily, then squeaked rather loudly, confused by the new surroundings. 'Well, that makes two of us, Deedee...', Holly muttered to herself. This was going to be an interesting ... however long it was going to take.
  16. Symphony

    Symphony Seasons, they turn..

    Kimiko Windsworth
    Avia (Flying)
    Affected players: Holly Sjarndt and Natalia Vala

    Kimiko rushed off her airship, giving the captian a quick goodbye. Terrace fluttered to catch up and perched himself on her shoulder. She took in all the sights. It was a spacious area, with harsh sunlight coming through the nearby window. It also was quite a temperature change, since Avia is in a mountain. No more cold, windy mountain air. Just instead, hot and dry air. Kimiko took a minute to adjusted herself to her surroundings. She eargerly ran to where they were seating the champions.

    In the middle chair, there seemed to be a girl, looking around with disgust about her chair. Ah, it's one of those rich folks. Better stay away from her. Kimiko walked pasted her, scoffing. She decided to take her seat at the second last seat, near to a girl who had a very cute Dedenne on her shoulder. Kimiko plopped herself down in the seat and turned to the Violight Champion.

    "Hi there! Are you excited? I'm pretty excited myself! This is all so overwhelming! I hope I stand a good chance against the others. There are a lot of tough Pokemon, don't you think?" Kimiko rambled off and bambarded the girl with questions. Terrace let out a small "Ruff" to let her know to slow down. The girl next to her looked even more overwhelmed with all these questions.
  17. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Lian Yaki
    Yaksha (Dark)
    Affected Players: None

    Lian sighed with a relief when her blimp had landed, more so for the fact it meant no more retching noises coming from the bathroom. She exited off the ship with Scythe stumbling shakily behind her, still green around the face. He looked absolutely miserable and she didn't really blame him, but because they didn't have much time to go grab a ponigiri, he would have to settle with the mints that were used to freshen his breath a bit. As they walked into building where everyone was supposed to report to, she took stock of the weaponry of what “champions” were wearing or what weapons were visible. To her disappointment, there weren't any weapons that stood out to her as ones to worry about, aside a few of the large bladed ones and perhaps the ones that relied a bit on very close quarter combat. Some of the champions were mingling and she didn't feel like speaking at all. After all, one could learn things through how one spoke and expressed themselves. Even what she normally did would probably label her as cold and calculate with her remaining aloof and distant.

    Perhaps the lack of inspiring weapons, granted hers wasn't that original, would be made up for with some rather interesting strategies or lack of. She sighed internally as her track of thoughts were only of fighting were the only thing she could think about. She definitely needed a new hobby or perhaps some guy who could best her in combat to woo her over. She had to suppress the urge to smirk at the thought of someone besting her in combat. It was very unlikely anyone would be able to keep up with her in combat. Maybe should toy with one of her opponents, let them think she wasn't strong. This time she couldn't hold back the sigh that escaped her as she once again was thinking of only fighting. She wanted this meeting to be over and heading back home where she could relieve herself of boredom and get some training in... It was going to be a long day for her it seemed, with how little she had to do with expending her energy.
  18. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    Yu Ii
    Affected Players: Kimiko Windsworth (Symphony)

    Yu daydreamed as the flight to Terrara from his bland Country finished. The Pilot kindly said, "Milord, we've arrived to Terrara."

    Yu then snapped out of his daydreams and said,"Thank you, my dearest Goddess. I suppose I shall meet you again? If the winds blow to our favor."

    The Pilot blushed and then smiled as Yu got off with his Empoleon partner. The Terrara landscape was a nice brown and red. Even though the colors didn't appeal to Yu then he would have hoped. They where better then constant use of Grey.

    The Warlord decided to wait on his attempts at being his philandering self until he conquered Terrara with his future allies. The warlord eventually reached the foretold meeting point and saw a good portion of the Warlords arrive. Yu look amongst them, and walked up to the first woman he saw. She had nice orange hair, and what the Valorian Warlord guessed, was extremely cheery and bubbly. He casual walked over and sat a chair or two right of her. The grey haired Warlord watched her Rufflet happily fly around the area, which was confirmation to Yu she was one of his allies.

    'What was her name....' Yu thought, 'Candy? Kindy? Kimmy? Kimiko? I know it starts with a K...'

    Ripley finally joined Yu. The Ii's Devil looked about at the other warlords around him. The different ones where kinda interesting. All the warlords of each kingdom will arrive, all with their own single strengths, weaknesses, and battle styles.

    Yu then yawned and listened in to Kimiko conversate with the Violight Warlord and generally kept to himself, atleast having the right mind to flirt with every girl who crossed his path.
  19. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    Teruko Nijini
    Limelight (Fairy)
    Affected: Swampertz, Symphony

    The airship landed an hour and a half later. As Teruko walked off, her stomach gave a loud growl. Tsu started giggling at her companion, but was interrupted by another growl, this time from Tsu's stomach. Teruko laughed and said, "Looks like we'd better eat! All I had this morning was that grapefruit, and you haven't had anything!" Probably a good thing Tsuki hasn't eaten, or that bag wouldn't be empty..., Teruko thought. Before going to the palace, they stopped at a food stand and got a pack of sushi and a purple ponigiri. Eating their food, the two headed toward the castle.

    The two walked into the palace door. She saw a row of chairs and guessed that was where the warlords were supposed to sit. Teruko sat her stuff down in a chair next to a shorter woman with pale skin and large, round eyes, but then decided to mingle and meet the other warlords. Teruko hoped she would find Yu Ii, champion of Valora, and Kimiko Windsworth, champion of Avia. These were supposed to be her team members. Suddenly, a Rufflet flew past her, getting feathers all over Tsuki. Teruko whirled around, realizing that the shorter woman was Kimiko. Teruko looked around for any sign of Yu Ii, when her eyes fell upon someone. This person had short gray hair and a blue yukata on. There was an Empoleon next to him. That must be Yu, she thought. Teruko looked at his face, quickly wishing she hadn't. Before she realized it, Teruko was lost in his eyes. Teruko finally managed to look away after what seemed like an hour, but was really a few seconds. She used to think nothing of boys, but now... Teruko couldn't believe it. She had fallen in love.
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  20. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Vash Storm
    Nixtorm (Ice)
    Affected players: Konaki Sakriss [Ironthunder1604]

    Vash stood from his chair stretching extravagantly, yawning. it had been a longer flight than expected, but they had managed to arrive on time. He disembarked and walked off the ship, waiving to the captain and the boy that he had met. He tossed out Lux, and patted her gently. "Come on," he said "The crowds are waiting" He entered the observation hall, and yawned again. Wow, he was oddly tired. Lux shot a little spurt of Blizzard at his neck. The move woke him up quite nicely, and also sent snow shivering down his spine. He took off his jacket. It was way too warm here, better the cold of the homeland then the heat of the desert.

    He walked into the briefing hall. It was a large open air arena with stadium seating "I know why they held it here," he said. "This place is massive"

    A thin toothpick like boy stood out to him. He looked to be about 17, 18 and was scrawny and heck. He wore a large gantlet on his hand, and a robe. He looked a lot like a teenaged soothsayer. A good blend of the old ways, and newer traditions Was that the Dragnor champion? If so, then Vash had gotten lucky. Ice and dragon can be a formidable combination.

    He walked over the the boy. He visibly flinched when Lux floated nearby. Yup, defiantly a dragon user. "Hello, I am Vash." He introduced Lux as well, then withdrew her sensing the boy was in unease. "And who are you?" Vash asked politely

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