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Pokemon Conquest - Hero of Ransei

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Crash & Charm, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Holly Sjarnt
    Affected: Kimiko Windsworth

    Holly sat there, with the Rufflet girl bombarding her with questions. Rufflet, she noted. Likely the Avia champion, should be a breeze for Deedee. When she paused to take a breath, Holly responded. 'Can you just... slow down a second please? I'm still trying to get to grips with all this myself at the moment. Plus, you'll wake Deedee, and she'll be grumpy for a few hours...'
    'Oh, sorry. I'm just a little excited, you see?' responded the girl. 'My name's Kimiko, by the way'. Ok, so, Kimiko. Avia champion, talkative, partnered with Rufflet. 'Mine's Holly. Pleased to meet you! Are you often this talkative?'

    Konaki Sakriss
    Affected: Vash Storm

    Konaki flinched, feeling a cold aura on the back of his neck. An Ice type was near. Turning around, this was confirmed by the sight of a Vanilluxe, stood next to a boy. A threat. Ice vs Dragon, Konaki knew how that would end. Often, badly for the Dragon. 'Hello, I am Vash', the boy said, 'and this is Lux. And who are you?'
    'Name's Konaki. Nice to meet the competition, if that's what you are.' Konaki hoped this guy was on his team. Ice/Dragon was a good combination, plus it removed a threat from the playing field. After this, Fairy and Steel were the only real obstacles. Although, the Electric girl seemed to pack a fairy too...
    Shaking his head to rid himself of the thoughts, he found a seat and sat down, ready for the briefing, gesturing at Vash to take the seat next to him. Dread sat by his feet.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  2. Symphony

    Symphony Seasons, they turn..

    Kimiko Windsworth
    Avia (Flying)
    Affected players: Holly Sjarndt (Ironthunder1604), Yu Ii (Swampurtz), and Teruko Nijini (RapidashRocks524)

    "Mine's Holly. Pleased to meet you! Are you often this talkative?" the girl asked. Her Dedenne rubbed it's cheek against her cheek. She blinked a few times. By this time, Kimiko noticed the presence of a new Champion. He was a white-hair boy, maybe a bit older than her, sitting next to her. His Empoleon caught up with him with short breaths and gave him this look. I'll chat with him later! He must be the Valora Champion.

    "Oh, yes, I love meeting new people. My brothers think my 'talkativeness' is annoying though. Whatever, you gotta have sibling rivalry, right? Are you excited for this competition?" Kimiko asked. Terrace re-perched himself on her shoulder, after flying around. He seemed to greet the Fairy Champion, who was on their team. "Good work Terrace, I hope you made our allies feel welcomed!"

    "Ruff!" He replied happily. Kimiko then turned back to Holly, waiting for a reply.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  3. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    Yu Ii
    Affected People: Kimiko Windsworth (Symphony) and Teruko Nijini (RapidashRocks 524)

    Yu casually leaned back in his chair, his back resting against the back of the chair, and the front feet of said chair up in the air along with his feet. He was asking for danger. The Valorian Warlord looked about, the room was beginning to fill with Warlords of all kinds. Yu itched the back of his neck, then noticed Kimiko stare at him. Yu jittered abit from startle ment, but was luckily able to keep his chair stable. The Avian Warlord turned around to talk to the Violight Warlord. Yu just shook his head and sighed. Ripley scepticly looked at Kimiko, and kept an eye on her.

    Yu looked about, then noticed a girl looking at him, she was memorized looking at him. Yu tightened the strap around his Yukata as he looked back at her. He knew she was pretty, and he happily waved to her and said, "Hi there. You are..." Yu looked near her to see a Flabebe curiously looking about, continuing, "Teruko? The Limelight Warlord? I'm Yu, the Ii's current Devil."

    Yu, as most know was the cousin of the Red Devil, Naomasa, one of Tokugawa Ieyasu's strongest Warriors, under his sensai, Honda Tadakatsu. The cousins did have a feirce rivalry, despite their age difference. Even though the age difference was great between Naomasa and Yu. However, the Charmer eventually beat the Red Devil in combat during a tourtament not to long ago. It's not Id Yu even cared, but he has the new title of the Ii's Devil, the Charmer Devil of the Ii.

    Yu smiled to Teruko, waiting for her response.
  4. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    Teruko Nijini
    Limelight (Fairy)
    Affected: Swampertz, Symphony

    Teruko finally stopped looking at Yu's eyes, realizing he was talking to her. "Ye-yes, I am. Pl-pleased to meet you! This is Tsuki!" She said, gesturing to her Flabebe. It took almost all of Teruko's willpower to stop herself from blushing. "Ha-have you met many other champions? I just got here a f-few minutes ago. If I'm not m-mistaken, that is Kimiko Windsworth, champion of Avia, r-right?" Teruko pointed out the shorter woman with the Rufflet. "No and yes. I have not talked to really any other warlords, but I do know that that's Kimiko." Teruko wanted to scream at her cheeks to stop flushing. Oh gosh, I hope he doesn't notice... She would have to get a handle on this crush she had if she was going to be able to communicate with her teammate. Teruko looked over at Kimiko. She was busy in conversation with what looked like the Violight champion, but it looked like Kimiko was doing most of the talking. Teruko tried to catch Kimiko's eye. Since Kimiko and Yu were Teruko's teammates, they should try to get to know each other and become friends. Teruko also hoped that if there was another person there, she wouldn't be so nervous around Yu.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
  5. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Holly Sjarndt
    Affected: Kimiko Windsworth, Natalia Vala.

    Kimiko was rambling on still. Holly paid slight attention, picking up on the important details. Brothers, sibling rivalry, they thought he was too 'talkative'. Gee, wonder where they got that idea from. Finally, she stopped talking long enough for Holly to answer the latest of her questions. 'Yeah, I'm excited, just nervous, to be honest. Never been to anything like this before... Never left Violight before, in all honesty'.
    Holly started to consider team-mates for this. She presumed that the teams would be on the geographical locations of the team. Meaning, Violight was likely to be partnered with Chrysalia, Pugilis or even potentially Greenleaf, although that was unlikely. Greenleaf often ended up allied with the other three southwest nations. Meaning, Violight was probably with Chrysalia and Pugilis. The lack of Fighting types indicated that the Pugilis champion was either not going to show, or more likely, that they were late. Then there was the Chrysalia candidate. Female, partnered with Ariados, Bug/Poison. Sat in the middle, and from her posture, clearly thought herself to be above everyone else in the room. Just great.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2015
  6. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Natalia Vala
    Chrisalia (Bug)
    Affected people: Holly Sjarndt

    The room was getting crowded as more and more champions came through the door. Some of them were still standing, while others had already sat down. There were some that were apparently unaware this was a competition with high stakes not a social event and were busy complimenting each other’s clothes or whatever commoners do at such an occasion.

    Natalia had no intention of joining them and fortunately they were smart enough to leave her out of their silly chitchat. She looked around to count the number of champions present and was astounded there were still some missing. Maybe they just didn’t have the courage to face her. Natalia smirked at the thought.

    She noticed that one of the champions was staring at her. It wasn’t even a young man admiring her beauty. It was a girl in bright clothes who appeared a couple of years younger than her. She had a little Dedenne with her which made Natalia remember something vague about forming teams with other kingdoms. Could it be that she was stuck on the same team as this girl who was basically still a child? She hoped not, although it won’t make much difference in the end. She will win either way.

    ‘Hey, you there!’ Natalia pointed at the girl ‘Is there a reason that you are glaring at me like this?’
  7. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Holly Sjarndt
    Affected: Natalia Vala.

    'Hey, you there!' said the girl with the Ariados, pointing at her. 'Is there a reason that you are glaring at me like this?' Great, so her only team-mate she could be sure of was pushy, and clearly more than a little uppity. 'Oh, nothing. You're the Chrysalia rep, right? Nice to meet you. Seems we'll probably end up on the same team here.' The girl visibly withered. Ah well, at least her team-mate was looking forwards to being on the same team as her as she was. The only bright side was that she wouldn't end up fighting the Ariados. Bug/Poison was not a type she wanted Deedee going up against. Plus, the girl seemed more experienced than her. As good as Holly thought she was, she knew that this lot were the best of the best. She knew she didn't really have much of a hope of winning alone. Sensing her drifting towards depression, Deedee squeaked happily, then nuzzled into her arms, trying to sleep more comfortably. Smiling now, Holly looked at her. She knew the Dedenne was bored of the wait. And was probably getting kinda hungry by now. 'Can't be too much longer till we can get some food, eh, Deedee?' she whispered softly to her partner.
  8. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Natalia Vala
    Chrisalia (Bug)
    Affected people: Holly Sjarndt

    The girl in bright clothes didn’t seem too pleased about the way Natalia addressed her, didn’t comment on it, she just answered her question. ‘Oh, nothing. You’re the Chrysalia rep, right? Nice to meet you. Seems we’ll probably end up on the same team here,’ she replied pretty cheerfully. Natalia felt something die inside of her.

    To give the girl credit, she didn’t stutter or anything. Natalia was disappointed, but it seemed people here weren’t as easily intimidated as the spineless cowards she was used to dealing with back home. They were chosen as champions, after all. Even so, the girl seemed somewhat dispirited, which didn’t bode well for the tournament. She needs some training, otherwise she will be completely useless in the competition.

    ‘If we actually do end up on the same team, you’re gonna need a lot of practice before the tournament begins,’ Natalia said to the girl who was at this point playing with her Pokemon. ‘That’s why I’m willing to train you, so you don’t embarrass yourself or our team once the battles start.’ Natali could hardly believe what was coming out of her mouth. She had just volunteered to teach this child battling techniques. Desperate times really do call for desperate measures.
  9. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    Magnolia Rose and Yu Ii
    Affected People: Teruko Ninjini

    Magnolia rebraided flowers in her hair. Magnolia, Rose ,Orchid, then Dandellion, another Rose followed by another Orchid, then a final Orchid. The flower loving Lady smelled the blissful scent of the flowers in her hair as the Airship landed in Terrara. Magnolia then stood up and thanked the Pilot for his work and headed to the meeting area for the Warlords, knowing she was a tad late. The scenery had one problem to Magnolia, barely any flowers, which irked the Rock type Warlord. She looked back seeing her Partner, Takukara, a Cradily struggling to follow Magnolia, which made her playfully yell, "Taku-chin! Speed it up."

    The Pokemon speed itself up Abit to follow his partner. Magnolia then entered into the meeting place to see the majority of the Warlords already arrive. Magnolia looked amoungst them, seeing different members, a Silvered haired male relaxing in his chair with an Empoleon, talking with a pinked dressed woman with a Flabebe. Magnolia guessed the male was either the Fountain or Valora warlord and the fale was the Limelight one.

    Magnolia turned her gaze, seeing two women, one with a Dendenne, the other an Ariados. Both where easy for Magnolia to guess their Kingdom. The girl had no idea on who to talk to, so many people. It was overwhelming to Magnolia. She then looked over to see a peppy girl socializing with everyone, having a Rufflet percherd on her shoulder. Magnolia sighed. The first words entering her brain where: Who should I talk to?!

    Magnolia then sat a few chairs down from the silver haired boy she first spied, looking at the flowers that decorated her hair, making sure they where finely placed. Magnolia looked over to see the boy looking at her. He then said to her, "Hey pretty, Wanna sit closer to this devil?"

    She looked at him, thinking, "Either this kid is an idiot, or strong." Magnolia replied, "Or I can sit where I want. I'm not a girl to swoon at the first boy to call me pretty."

    He then replied, "I'm Yu Ii, cousin to the Red Devil himself. So who are you, pretty?"

    Magnolia looked at Yu, about to punch him across the face, saying, "Don't call me pretty, darling, or any petty crap that a philandering boy like you would say. I'm Magnolia."

    Magnolia seemed to no longer want to conversate with Yu, and pretty much ignored him as she fixed her hair, adjusting the different flowers in it. Yu looked down, thinking, "Have I changed so much since Uijayasu-Sama died? I know that he wants me to be his heir till Lady Hayakawa is older. Exactly what I plan... Then I can continue as a Rōnin. With all this pain...

    Yu looked down, and thought, "She rejected me... Whatever I do, keep calm, it's alright Yu."

    Magnolia looked over at Teruko then said, "Who are you?"
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2015
  10. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    Teruko Nijini
    Limelight (Fairy)
    Affected people: Swampurtz- Magnolia Rose and Yu Ii

    Yu had gone over to talk to the new champion. Judging by her Cradily, she was probably the Cragspur or the Greenleaf champion. She had flowers in her hair, so probably the Greenleaf champion. Teruko got out a book and pretended to be reading, but actually listened in on Yu's conversation with the champion.

    "Hey pretty, Wanna sit closer to this devil?" "Or I can sit where I want. I'm not a girl to swoon at the first boy to call me pretty." "I'm Yu Ii, cousin to the Red Devil himself. So who are you, pretty?""Don't call me pretty, darling, or any petty crap that a philandering boy like you would say. I'm Magnolia."

    So her name was Magnolia. Teruko still couldn't tell what kingdom she was from. "She rejected Yu! Thank Arceus! I still have a chance!" Teruko saw Tsuki look at her, surprised, and Teruko realized she said it out loud. "How loud did I say it?" she quickly asked the little fairy. Tsu chittered, seemingly saying "you're okay, no one else heard."

    Both Yu and Magnolia put their heads down. Teruko wondered vaguely what to do, when Magnolia started talking to her "Who are you?" she said. "Hi! I'm Teruko. I'm the warlord of Limelight! What's your name?" Teruko asked, pretending not to have heard Magnolia's earlier conversation. "I noticed you have a Cradily. Are you from Greenleaf or Cragspur? Also, those flowers are very pretty! I have a garden back home with all kinds of flowers." Teruko remembered Kimiko's "conversation" with the Violight warlord and decided to wait for Magnolia's answer.
  11. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Holly Sjarndt
    Affected: Natalia Vala

    'You're gonna need a lot of training before this tournament begins', said the uppish Chrysalia girl. ‘That’s why I’m willing to train you, so you don’t embarrass yourself or our team once the battles start.’ Holly was slightly startled by the offer. 'OK, thanks! We'll start whenever you're ready, ok? Maybe after this meeting and when we actually know the teams?' Inwardly, Holly was laughing slightly. So, Miss Chrysalia underestimates me... Very well. Let's see how much by. In her lap, Deedee rolled over in her sleep, proceeding to fall off her lap and onto the floor with a terrified squeak. Laughing, Holly picked the little Dedenne up before returning her attention to the Chrysalian champion. She needed more information about what she could see being her only ally in the tournament. 'What's your name, by the way? Mine's Holly. Holly Sjarndt.'
  12. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Vash Storm
    Nixtorm (Ice)
    Affected players: EVERYONE

    "Hello everyone" an announcer said. A substantial crowd had gathered, filling the stadium. Vash still thought it was far too hot to be outside. Just as he had the thought, the giant shades activated and enclosed the stadium. It was dark for a second then the Flood lights turned on, bathing the area in Bright white radiance.

    The announcer spoke again, this time clearing his throat again. He introduced each of the Champions, when Vash's name was called he simply waved a hand, not bothering to rise from his seat. There would be plenty of standing later. "There are 18 champions gathered here. Details of the tournament will be distributed to players after the opening ceremonies, for now the next hour you are going to be tested. These are important tests known as qualifiers. Every champion needs to obtain a certain score to be admitted into the tournament. The person that scores the highest will gain a significant advantage, which will be revealed later." The crowd cheered and Vash wondered what tests they would be put through.

    He groaned as a maze rose from the ground. Inside were many different challenges to overcome, obstacles, and even a couple of pokemon to fight. There were 18 flags scattered.

    The announcer resumed his speech "You all are going to be given a color apoun entry into 'The Maze'. Your job is to find people with the same color. They will be your team mates in later rounds. You also need to find a flag. One flag per person. You will need to protect your flag from the wild pokemon, obstacles, and other champions. How quickly you find your team members, how well you deal with obstacles, and how ruthless you are when dealing with non-team members, will determine your score. If you do not have a flag you have a score of zero, and be eliminated from the tournament. One flag for every member of the team."

    Vash brushed his hands together and stood with the rest of the champions. They moved around the maze and he was given a small yellow Bracelet with a snowflake design printed in white running all around it. He rushed into the maze with the chime of a large brass bell. "This is going to be fun" He yelled, tossing out Lux and drawing his sword in the same, seamless motion.

    Okay, let the tournament begin. Everyone is going to get a flag, but you can totally fight each other for them. You are allowed to steal a flag for a team mate. Don't find your flags right away. Hand to hand combat is allowed, avoid drawing too much blood, and inflicting or receiving major injuries. I am leaving the obstacles and pokemon up to your creative talents, make it interesting and difficult, this is the first round meant to scare characters and to hit the ground running as far as action goes.
  13. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    Teruko Nijini
    Limelight (Fairy)
    Affected players:

    Teruko's conversation with Magnolia was interrupted, and Teruko was given a pink bracelet with a heart-and-wing pattern around it. As she and Tsu entered the maze, Tsu looked at Teruko with uncertainty. "Don't worry Tsuki, it can't go TOO bad, can it?" Tsu still looked pretty nervous, but that was to be expected. Even Teruko was a little nervous. They rounded a couple of corners, when they came across a Grimer. "Oh, no... Poison type... at least we have a speed advantage!" Tsu looked terrified, with eyes like a deer in headlights.

    "Use Lucky Chant, Tsuki!" Tsuki obeyed, and Teruko could immediately tell that Tsuki felt more confident. The Grimer appeared to be level 15. Good. It would be even between Tsu and the Grimer. Grimer hit Tsuki with a mud-slap. "You okay, Tsuki? Good, now hit him with..." Teruko thought for a minute. Lucky Chant was Tsu's only non-fairy or non-grass move, and Lucky Chant wouldn't help in fainting the Grimer. Both fairy and grass were weak to poison. Teruko made a decision. "Use Magical Leaf! Magical Leaf has to hit, and it's your most powerful move!" The Grimer now had 91% HP. The Grimer retaliated with a Sludge. That really hit Tsuki... she now had 70%. The Sludge had taken about 20%. Teruko would have to wait to use her warrior ability or a potion, though. She didn't want to waste them. "I think you can take one more hit, then I'll give you a potion! Use Magical Leaf again!" Grimer now had 80%. Good, that made a good dent. Grimer tried to hit with Sludge again, but it missed. Tsu looked happy about that. "Just keep using Magical Leaf, it's really the only move we have to use right now!" 70% for Grimer.

    This went on for about five minutes, and the Grimer had once gotten Tsu down to 20%, which was quickly taken care of by Teruko. The pair finally fainted Grimer with Tsu having 50%. "That was hard, wasn't it, Tsu?" Tsu nodded, and gestured for healing. "Here you go!" Teruko used Sweet Song, healing Tsu.
  14. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    Magnolia Rose and Yu Ii
    Affected People: Teruko Ninjini (RapidashRocks)

    Magnolia was about to Awnser Teruko right before the Announcer appeared and called upon each of the Warlords. The announcer eventually said, "Magnolia Rose, representative of Cragspur."

    Magnolia stood up, clicked her heels together then moved her right leg out, making a horizontal V with her right hand over her right eye and her left arm on her left hip, saying, "It's... Show Time!"

    Magnolia then bowed and sat down as the announcer continued. After a few names, the announcer said, "Yu Ii, Representative of Valora."

    Yu after having his name called, stood up and bowed, spying a small group of ladies in the stands, Yu blew a kiss to them, who sighed in a dreamy tense, and Yu then sat down.

    The announcer finished announcing the Warlords, then continued with explaining the Maze challenge. Yu then received a bangle with a pink stone and a metal gear symbol on it, as Magnolia received a bracelet with a rock symbol in it that head a red gem in color.

    <Magnolia's POV>

    Magnolia looked at the entrance to the Maze then said, "Taku-Chin, we gotta move fast. So we can get that flag!"

    The Cradily trilled and Magnolia smiled, the signal to start happened and Magnolia ran in at a quick speed, Takukara was moving at an adequate speed, the best scenario to explain of this would be the Turtle and the Hare. Magnolia quickly ran, throwing a Spore grenade at a Golem and a Boldore in her path as she and Takukara past by them. Magnolia kept a look out for others, as they where the biggest threats. She had to look for those with Red, as they are her teammates.

    Magnolia noticed some one in the distance, she whipped out her pistols, ready to battle whoever it was.

    <Yu's POV>

    Yu looked at the entrance and blew the hair in front of his eyes from his face. Yu had a plan, to find Kimiko and Teruko as fast as possible and their flags. Then out of the maze. Yu told the plan to his partner, to which the Empoleon agreed.

    As the signal to start was called, Yu moved with Ripley into the Maze, Blasting back any foes in his way and choosing to run. The warlord chose to run with his partner through this area, leaving energy for need moments.

    Upon running, Yu spied white hair, blue kimono, and flower based rock Warlord, Magnolia, she already spotted Yu, and was ready for a fight.

    "Engarde!" Yu heard Magnolia say as she shot several shots from her pistols at him. Yu blocked or dodged a few with his shields . Yu knew she had the upper hand, and he was unable to flee. Yu then commanded to Ripley to try and distract Magnolia with Hydro Pumps as he could get up close in combat with the Silver Haired Gunslinger.

    Ripley launched torrents of water at Magnolia, who adequately dodged the blasts and repelled with fire at Yu. Yu closed the distance with Magnolia considerably. Magnolia then grabbed a Paralyzer Grenade from her belt and chucked it at Yu, saying "Voici!"

    She threw it right at Yu, who jumped back a bit, caught in the outskirts of the explosion. Feeling a slight Jolt in his body.

    Takukara then joined Magnolia, who launched a Giga Drain at Ripley, severely damaging the Empoleon. Ripley then retaliated with a Drill peck but was thwarted back with Anceint Power.

    As Magnolia reloaded her pistols, Yu charged at her, his knife unsheathed, slashing at her. Magnolia moved back, almost dancing, avoiding the blade. Yu then was able to find her in a moment of weakness, where he could knock her to the ground until his right arm and both legs locked up in Jolting pain. Magnolia spun around him then knocked Yu to the ground, putting her foot on his chest saying, "And I win, pretty boy, Taku-chin, how you holding up?"

    Magnolia peered over to see Takukara, who defeated Yu's partner with easy. Magnolia then said, "Magnifique! Let's get going!"

    Magnolia and Taku then fled pretty quickly. With Yu and Ripley licking their wounds. Yu then tried to get up but the paralyzingly pain surged through him. Yu then grabbed his knife and crawled forward, stabbing the knife on the ground and moving forward. Ripley crawled, following Yu. After a few, Yu saw infront of him, someone dressed in Pink, he tried to see who it was, with her was a Flabebe, Teruko. Yu made his way to her.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
  15. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Holly Sjarndt

    Great, she thought, a maze. She was never a fan of these things, unless she had a map. She listed her priorities to herself. First, find a flag, and keep it. Fight when necesssary, otherwise run. Second, find her team-mates. She knew that she was probably landed with that uppish Chrysalia snob, and that the Pugilis rep didn't show. Strange, that Pugilis didn't show... As she returned her attention to the maze, she heard footsteps, running near her. Doing some quick calculations, she guessed that they were in the next passageway, and that the pathways didn't converge for a while. Glad, she kept moving, trying to find a flag, all the while with Deedee in her arms, knowing that Deedee wasn't quite suited to this. She glanced at her wristband once more. Blue, with a yellow lighting bolt through the center. She needed to find her team-mates, and fast, or else she didn't stand a chance in this place.
  16. Symphony

    Symphony Seasons, they turn..

    Kimiko Windsworth
    Affected: RapidashRocks

    Kimiko heard the announcer and stood up right away. The girl with the Dedenne, Holly, had moved on to anew conversation. "Alrigt Terrace, we have a slight advantage with your wings." Terrace letout a small cry of triumph. Kimiko noticed that a lot of the others had already left. Late starting already?! We need to move fast! I think I saw that Flabebe girl go this way...

    Kimiko ran into the maze and didn't stop running. Terrace was flying next to her. However, Kimiko tripped and fell on the ground. She looked to see she's stuck on a huge spiderweb. A Galvantula crawled out from a hidden hole. Uh no! Not an electric type! And an ugly bug, too!

    "Terrace, use Aerial Ace on this web! We have a huge problem here!" Kimiko shouted to her feathered companion. Terrace nodded and let out a 'Ruff' as he came down with kightning speed. The web was luckily cut, but the Galvantula was closing in on them. "Use Brave Bird on it!"

    Terrace folded in his wings and glowed with a light blue glow. He hit the Glvantula and took out a third of it's HP. Terrace's recoil damage took out a little chunck of HP. The Galvantula retaliated by using Signal Beam at the Rufflet.

    "Please dodge it Terrace!" Kimiko called out. She ran off of the web and was teying to get the remaining sticky part off her shoes. Terrace was hit by the beam and was brought to half health. Kimiko and Terrace ran as fast as they could from the Galvantula, clearly having a huge disadvantage. They ran into a fainted Grimer and Kimiko saw the girl with the Flabebe in front of her.

    "Hey! I saw you earlier talking to that boy, Yu was it? I remember the pilot telling me my teammates would be from Limelight and Valora. I'm guessing you're the representative from Limelight?" Kimiko's eyes land on her Flabebe. The little Pokemon was hurt badly, only having a bit of HP left. "Oh no, you're Pokemon is hurt badly. Here." Kimiko pulled out Potion and held it out to her. She always made aure to carry a potion in case of emergency. Even if she becomes my enemy, no Pokemon ahould be hurt that badly if she has to fight another Champion.
  17. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    OoC: I had already healed Flabebe with Sweet Song... so....

    Teruko Nijini
    Limelight (Fairy)
    Affected players: Kimiko Windsworth (Symphony), Yu Ii, and Magnolia Rose (Swampurtz)

    "Thanks, but no thanks, I've got it covered. Kimiko, right?"
    Teruko sang her Sweet Song, healing little Tsuki. "Yes, I'm from Limelight. We'd better get moving, in case another champion or Pokemon comes. We don't want to be caught off guard." Teruko saw Kimiko nod in agreement, and the two continued walking the path they were on, with Teruko in the lead.

    The pair came across a Sawk and a Throh, and fainted them quickly. A little while after that, Teruko could hear the sounds of pistols. "Oh, no! It sounds like the Magnolia girl is fighting someone! We might want to steer clear of that way." Teruko could hear Magnolia's voice, but couldn't make out what she was saying, then heard someone running closer to their path. Instantly, the two champions and their Pokemon ducked into the shadows, seeing Magnolia run past their path a little farther down. After making sure Magnolia was well away, Kimiko said "We'd better go see who she attacked. By the sounds of it, they aren't doing too well." They could hear grunts of pain.

    After a minute or so, the two saw someone trying to crawl forward by stabbing their knife in the ground. Teruko saw gray hair and a blue yukata, and was instantly running. "Yu! Yu!! Oh my Arceus! Are you okay?! This was Magnolia wasn't it!?" Yu let out a groan, "Oh, yeah! Don't worry, I've got you" Teruko sang her Sweet Song.
  18. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Lian Yaki
    Yaksha (Dark)
    Affected Players: None

    Lian grumbled as she walked along the maze that was brought forth. If there was one thing she hated, it was challenges like these. Fighting, no problem, killing, no problem, navigating a maze, completely hopeless. The only saving grace was that by taking a leisure walk through the maze, she had been able to avoid a few of the pokemon roaming the maze. Still though, she wouldn't be able to keep this tactic up for long with the fact that if she took too long, she would have her flag taken. Also, she had yet to find any of her team mates yet so if she ran into someone who had found another champion that was part of their team, she would be hard pressed to gain advantage. As she rounded another corner in her hopeless wanderings, she walked into a line of sight of an aggron. It roared and began attacking her in an attempt to skew her. She quickly hopped back to avoid the claws as it struck at her. The close walls meant that she wouldn't be able to use her scythe at all and her katanas were limited to forward strikes and up or down slashes due to their length. Things definitely had close quarter weapons in mind. She did several more quick hops back and order Scythe, “Use psycho cut and let's retreat.” He jumped forward and struck with his claws imbued with a pink glow aiming at aggron's head. Aggron roared and lifted its claws and blocked the attack with its arms. A few small cuts were made on the arms, but the small explosion caused by the disappation of the psychic energy created enough smoke for Lian to grab Scythe and start running, with Lian letting Scythe run on his own legs after clearing the smoke.

    She would have to rely heavily on Scythe to get through things this time it seemed. It also didn't help that Scythe wasn't running at one hundred percent due to getting airsick so he was probably low on actual combat energy and moral. She quietly said once she was sure they were clear of the rampaging aggron stomping around looking for her and Scythe, “We'll try to conserve your energy so that we can get our flag and get out. Neither of us are in any good position to fully combat. I guess I should have listened when the blacksmith said that I needed to carry a short weapon. Guess he was right.” She started walking quickly, hoping to find the flag and get out without incident, but it was most unlikely she wouldn't get out without having to battle someone.
  19. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Konaki Sakriss
    Affected: Nobody.

    A maze. Konaki wasn't used to artificial mazes like this, but he soon got the grip of it, and was running down corridors and springing off walls to keep speed around corners, his time in the woods paying off. Behind him, he heard Dread keeping somewhat close. The walls were narrow, meaning his broadsword would be next to useless for a physical confrontation, but he hadn't had the sword forever. He was ready to go hand to hand if necessary, just as he had against Dread the first time. And basically every week since.

    Hearing a burst of noises ahead, he snapped out of his train of thought and stopped suddenly, Dread skidding to a halt after him. There was a pokemon up ahead. "Dread, we got company. Let us greet them", he said, readying himself for an encounter. Then the Golem rounded the corner and turned to face them, staring at them as if it couldn't believe what it had seen. "Dread, you got this." All it took was an Iron Tail, and the boulderesque pokemon was launched down the corridor like a bowling ball, ricocheting off the sides. "Good job Dread, let's move!", said the boy, running down the corridor from which the Golem had come. This was going to be fun...
  20. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    DYu Ii and Magnolia Rose
    Affected Players: Teruko Nijini (Rapidash), Kimiko Windsworth (Symphony)

    Yu felt the pain go away from his body as Teruko's Sweet Song worked wonders healing Yu. The parlaysis stayed, but there was no more pain. The grey haired Warlord moved himself against the closest maze wall, sheathing his knife, saying, "Yeah, it was Magnolia, if her Paralyzer grenade didn't hit me, I wouldn't be paralyzed right now and on the ground. Either way, I thank you beautiful," Yu followed by smiling, then said, "But I'll be unable to move unless one of you two beautiful flowers has a curing berry or medicine for Paralyze. Unless you wanna carry me, either one is nice."

    Yu then looked down at his bangle, asking, "What color is your bracelets? If we all have the same, we are allies. Cause the only Kingdoms that Id see being my allies are Spectra, Nixtorm, and Dragnor, or you two."


    Magnolia continued running, the thought of beating down Yu was, thrilling to her. She reloaded her pistols while she ran with Takukara, keeping a look out for a Red Flag, until something caught her eyes, it was red, flag shaped, and pretty much called out to Magnolia, 'Bonjour Magnolia, you've won.'

    Surronding it, however where numerous Pokemon, and the silver headed gunslinger reached for Sleep Grenades, which she ran out of. Magnolia then sighed and commanded, "Taku-chin, Anceint Power!"

    Takukara then launched Anceint Power at a pair of Archeops, defeating them with sheer luck. Magnolia continued by ordering, "Now, Giga Drain on that Golem!"

    Takukara then launched a Giga Drain at the Golem, wounding it, to the Golem's luck, it survived with sturdy. The giant Rock Pokemon then slammed the Cradily with its fist wounding it, but the Cradily defeated it and a Lairon with two Giga Drains, healing off the damage.

    Magnolia and Takukara then swept through the rest of the opposing Pokemon with ease. The Gunslinger then jumped up, snagging the Red Flag, tying the end of the flag to her right leather holster. All Magnolia had to do was escape the Maze with her Flag. Magnolia then patted Takukara's back and said, "Now, let's get out, I think that we are the first. Also, let's see if that Yu kid is alright."

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