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pokemon cries

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i'm not dead...srsly
So, i've been hearing people blabber on about their opinions on what pokemon cries sound like in the fact section, so i decided to make a thread dedicated to what people might believe the cries from any pokemon sound like. Be as creative as possible.
My 1st is giratina. I think it's cry says: GEEEEEET OUUUUUUUUT!!!!!!!!


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pokemon dont say pika. that is the fakey show. they say there cries!


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i like giratina's,empoleon's,sucuine's and mew's


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"Use proper grammar and spelling so others will take you seriously", forum rule :/

On topic: Manaphy's, Suicune's, and Bidoof's cries are nice.
But has anyone ever really even been so far as to want to go do look more like?

Skutank's cry is horrible. I only heard it yesterday or someting.

It made me want to throw my ds out the window
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i'm not dead...srsly
regigigas sounds like it's saying "Geetee-effffoO0OoO0Oo!"


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All the cries (barring Kanto and Johto pokemon) are nice if you ask me.

My personal favorite would have to be Kyogre though.

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To me, the cries before the 3rd gen had a unique (somewhat schizophrenic) touch that seems to be lacking in the majority of the 4th gen cries (barring certain legendaries). For one, who would've thought of giving Parasect such a distinctive (although reused) cry? Or Magneton, whose cry is actually somewhat like a melody? Lugia's cry sounds untouchable (if the developers ever think of 'remixing' Pokemon cries to suit the current sound capabilities of the handhelds). It's spot-on, despite the sound quality.

The 3rd gen brought a 'much-needed' improvement to sound, but most Pokemon cries seem to be merely grunts, chirps, low rumbles etc. They're definitely not as inspired as the ones from the first and second gens. The ones I thought that were truly pleasant to hear (as well as taking advantage of GBA's sound capabilities) were Manectric's and Sharpedo's, among others. Whereas one can 'easily' distinguish cries between Pokemon in the first and second generations (unless they were reused), it takes a much harder effort to distinguish cries of Hoenn Pokemon.

Thankfully, the DS, along with the fourth generation, brought an abundance of Pokemon cries and sound effects, thanks to the DS's far superior audio. Even the more natural sounding cries, like Turtwig and...that's about it, sound cute and fun to listen to now and then when fiddling around with the Pokedex. What's awesome though is the sheer amount of awesome...and somewhat provocative...sound effects incorporated into the Pokemon's cries. Tangrowth's sounds juicy and slimy, Porygon-Z's warped and otherworldly, Lopunny's...arousing, and the list goes on. The most impressive ones, as always, are the legendary cries. Regigigas' cry has an electronica touch to it, Darkrai's a very deep (you can tell when you slow down its cry) shifting cry and Heatran's akin to an edgy steaming kettle.


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i always liked hippopotas', croagunk, and toxicroak's cry.

Hippopotas : tetututetutenenenenenee
Croagunk : bugohehehehehehhehe
Toxicroak : nekotehenekenekehe

they always make me play with the cry feature in the pokedex.


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I like the lake trio and Cresselia's cry. The weirdest is Skuntank for farting about 7 times in it's cry, and Numel sounds like saying "RUFFLE-SUFFLE!".


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You gotta love Arceus' it sounds so powerful. Kyogre's sounds awesome too.

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It sounds very fitting for a magnet/compass Pokemon. Magnozone's is just as fitting as it's name suggusts.


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Skunktank's cry is definately the worst cry there is seriously it sounds like its fArting plus it has its leg up, its like WTF!


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Lopunny's sounds like ''Oh, baaaaaaby, I love you to!''

Ralts:Hay ho!

Combee sounds wierd, like ''We want some honey, but we ain't got some''
Then vespiquen is like ''Aren't I always right?!'' o_O

I think the should remix the 1st and 2nd gen cries because they all sound like beeps.


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The only cry they have that actually sounds realistic is Pikachu in Yellow version. "Pika!"
Sounds raspy but still good =)

Also, for some reason, Chansey and Pidgeot cries sound somewhat the same thing to me =/
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shaymin is the only pokemon to change cries completely. I can identifyl most pokemon without looking at them based on their cry, and I find kyogre's to be beastly. One of the best cries ever. I just wish in the anime they made it sound more whale like and high pitched than a roar.
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