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Pokemon Cries!!!


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Oh yeah, now I remember. Staraptor is my favorite cry. It just sounds so... beast.


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They are all awesome for the most part, but to me, the mewtwo and parasect sound very similar


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Espeon's cry is what made it my favourite Eeveelution. So graceful! >w< On cries alone, Vaporeon comes a close second.
Also, Ninetales, Growlithe, Seadra, Articuno, Totodile + evolutions, Furret, Azumarril!, Skarmory, Miltank (moo...XD), Raikou!, Suicune, Lugia, Swampert, Skitty + Delcatty, Aron, MANECTRIC!,

Hypno and Drowzee are kinda cool in a creepy way.

Ones I don't like:
Dewgong. Doesn't match its sprite at all.
Skuntank and Stunfisk. For obvious reasons.
Krabby. Just pretty boring.
Voltorb, mainly because of tricking me in Team Rocket's bases...
Zubat, Patrat and Geodude, for having to hear them all.the.time.
Starly. It just grates on my ears. >.<
Electabuzz, same reason as Starly. Ninjask too.
Sunflora. Creepy.
Slakoth line. T____T
Donphan. Ugh.
Lunatone. It sounds off-key...


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I personally like Giratina's cry. I feel it fits well with the concept of an extremely violent distortion world pokemon.


I like Articuno's cry and Milotic's cry. Froslass sounds a bit creepy to me, as I had cold shivers down my spine when I first heard it lol


i like charizards cry, which is the same as ryhorns


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ooh ooh... Stoutland's cry... sounds so unoriginal!
and Lillipup's cry makes it sound like it should be in Paris Hilton's purse.
Ah... pokemon cries, my favorite part in pokemon games :D

You know, I don't know if pokemon have cries until gen 4 because I don't know I can slide the volume on

Gen 1 and gen2 cries just meh, bad quality, why they keep them?
Gen 3 is better, but still bad but I like Milotic, Regice, and Rayquaza
Gen 4 is my favorite era of cries, lot of BA cries like Froslass, Regigigas, Gallade, Magnezone, Abomasnow, Drifblim, and many more
I'm disappointed with gen 5, not as BA as gen 4 but some are good like Gothitelle, Reshiram, and other


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Victini's cry sounds like a monkey.

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Ugh, Kricketune, the bane of my ears... I seriously want to bash my head into a wall multiple times just from hearing its cry.

Besides that, I think the fourth generation had the best and most unique cries. I distinctly remember a bunch of them, like Frosslass and the Sinnoh Eevee evolutions and even Skuntank's. My overall favourite would have to be Togekiss's cry, though. I don't know why, but I just like how it sounds. c:


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My favourite pokemon cries would be those of Giratina, Porygon-Z, Milotic (its kinda menacing), Froslass and Dialga....

Some wierd cries i rememeber are those of Jynx, Lotad and Kricketune.
Milotic's cry is music...