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Pokemon Cross Generations

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by x2radical, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. x2radical

    x2radical Member

    enter a world where you can be a pokemon or trainer and make new friends or enemies. explore fight battle plus so much more just post in the comments who you want to play as.

    Available Trainers
    Prof. Oak
    Custom Trainers
    Any Gym Leader
    Any Elite Four Member
    The Champion
    Any Team Rocket Member

    Available Pokemon
    Wild Pokemon
    Gym Leader Pokemon
    Champion Pokemon
    Elite Four Pokemon
    Team Rocket Pokemon
    Prof. Oak Pokemon
  2. Tadej

    Tadej Member

    I would like to play as gym leader falkner
  3. x2radical

    x2radical Member

    ok you got it
  4. x2radical

    x2radical Member

    taken characters:
    gym leader falkner: Tadej
  5. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    This sounds kind of cool. I guess I'll sign up. One question; can you sign up as multiple characters? If so, I would like to be a
    Rocket Pokemon Chikorita (It doesn't have to be genuine Rocket Rattata, Zubat, etc. right?)
    Team Rocket Grunt
  6. x2radical

    x2radical Member

    it doesn't have to be generic and yes you can have multiple characters
  7. x2radical

    x2radical Member

    taken characters:
    gym leader falkner: Tadej
    Team Rocket's Chikorita: Keldjirachi91
    Team Rocket Grunt: Keldjirachi91
  8. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    Please read the RPG Rules. You need to have a plot that is at least 400 words long and a sign-up sheet with information like Name, Age, gender, Appearance and Personality, the last two of which each needing to be at least 100 words long. Also, you posted in the wrong section and should not be posting multiple times in a row.

    Please read the RPG Rules and SPPf Rules before posting again.


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