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Pokemon Cruelty

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I've started up one of my pokemon fanfictions about a Trainer who runs a shelter for abandoned and mistreated fighting pokemon, and a question wormed its way into my head:

If pokemon were real, do you think that there would be Pokemon Cruelty?

Yes, we've seen it to some degree in the anime, but I mean SEVERE animal cruelty. Do you think there would be Cage Breeding?

Personally, I think there would be. The world can never be a peaceful utopia, because cruelty is part of human nature. There will always be psychopaths, psychotics, and sadists--but that's a topic for another subforum.

I think that there would likely be underground deathmatch rings outside of a governing Pokemon body (as in The Pokemon League). There would be cage breeding to produce rare pokemon to be sold on the Black Market--in short, there'd be a real Team Rocket.

Then there would be cruel, heartless people who would misuse pokemon, budding serial killers that would torture and kill pokemon, and other people who are like that. Animal cruelty is a problem in our world, so it would stand to reason that, if our world was inhabited by Pokemon instead of animals, there would be Pokemon Cruelty.

What are your thoughts?



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It will be there, but I think such a person would beat earlier a dog then a Houndoom...
Of course, since there's already evidence of it happening in the games themselves. Team Rocket, for example, killed the Marowak in Pokemon Tower, cut the tails of Slowpoke, and made Magikarp evolve against their will. Not to mention both Team Rocket and Team Plasma being known to steal other people's Pokemon, which is in itself considered a crime.


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Yeah, check out the episode where Butch & Cassidy helt all the Pokémon in cages and stuff.
That trainer's Charmander that he beat up.
There are lots of things that contain cruelty.


I nearly cried when i watched the episode where that british bastard abandons his charmander :( so sad


pokeball is already a form of cruelty. makes all pokemon obeys you without question like a brainwash device once captured. especially legendaries.

weird that they were nasty to you when battling it, but when caught, they are like puppies.
Actually letting pokemon battle eachother is kinda cruel.

Like dog fights and **** ^^


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Pokeballs ARE cruelty. I say you catch it, then always have it out of your Pokeball, unless you are required to have it in your Pokeball.
I think if Pokemon were real, people would force them into backyard fights against each other like cockfights.

Oh, wait...They already do that.


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If child abuse and Animal abuse exist, of coarse there would be Pokemon abuse, but there will be a lot of people standing up agaisnt it, like they do to Child and Animal abuse.

And then Team Plasma shows up...
Actually, team plasma could be a possibility. I heard that there was this small group of terrorist killing people to save nature.
The entire plot to Black and White is based off of this.
You're right there.

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EDIT: I would have to say yes and no :3

~People can use hunting methods, which leads to killing, or being forced into abusive situations etc

~Pokemon can fight back in a multitude of ways
~No Pokemon is forced to join a human unless a Master Ball is used
~Non-Abusive people fighting for and with Pokemon
~They're smarter than real-world animals
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